Use Twitter To Boost Your Blog’s Search Engine Visibility

Use Twitter To Boost Your Blog's Search Engine Visibility

Twitter is one of the greatest platforms where millions of people assemble to ask, answer, share, sell, buy, chat, and so on – the possibilities of using Twitter for something is virtually endless.

Although Twitter is a catchy medium of communication and promotions, it cannot for sure replace blogging. However, Twitter can do much more than that, it can actually help to promote your blog. It can add value to your blog in the sea of search engine optimized millions of blogs in the blogosphere.

Yes, Twitter can do its best, if you know what you are doing!

Wait, do not jump into the conclusion that you can simply post your links to Twitter to increase your backlinks and exposure; no you are wrong. Tons of people are already doing that on Twitter and failing.

The links on Twitter are no-follow type, so your site simply won’t get any backlink juice when we talk about “strict” SEO. Nevertheless, links from social media do count and Google and other search engines take that as social proof for your site.

The math here is pretty straightforward – the more your content gets tweeted (or Google +1ed or Facebook Liked) it is an indication to the search engines and people that your content is noteworthy.

My point is, more social shares, or to be precise, more tweets won’t help you in off page optimization (strictly speaking). But still, you can use Twitter to boost your blog’s visibility in search engines.

Let me start from your Twitter Profile

… Coz this is where most people miss the point :)

  • Craft your Twitter profile wisely and clearly. Keeping it funny, engaging and interesting helps, given that the Twitter crowd likes it that way. Check out a cool collection of interesting and funny Twitter bios compiled by Ana Hoffman.
  • State your expertise.
  • Have a consistent branding picture which is the same as the one you use in your blog and other social media profiles.
  • Follow people relevant in your niche.
  • Use your niche keywords in your profile description.
  • Use a Twitter background that somehow matches your blog/website’s appearance.

Well these are the really basic stuff and applies to any newbie or advanced blogger.

Your Twitter followers

Make sure you do whatever is needed (ethically and in a non-spammy way) to increase the number of your followers. The more your followers are, the more are your chances of getting listed in a Google search.

Yes, Google does index search results from Twitter. And, the preference obviously goes to accounts with more followers and engagement.

Wait a minute, did I just say accounts with more followers? Well that’s only partly true but merely having large number of followers won’t do any good.

When it comes to increasing Twitter followers, quantity is good, but quality is much more important than that.

If you are using automating tools like Tweet Adder, its OK. But make sure you use the relevant rules/filters to get rid of dormant, bot or spammy accounts that you are following (and they will most probably unfollow you as well).



When you are tweeting your link, don’t just post ‘I found this interesting’. Make sure your tweet carries a short message (see below for why it can’t be long). The short message should have one or two of your targeted keywords.

And if you use hashtags in front of your keywords your tweets have a great chance to be easily listed in Twitter searches. For instance if your keyword is ‘seo’, instead of writing ‘seo tips for bloggers’ in your tweet, write ‘#seo tips for bloggers’.

Hashtaged words are considered keywords for Twitter search. If you can easily be listed on Twitter search your chances to be ranked high on search engines are high as well.

Tweeting (time, frequency and number of characters)

Tweet at the right time; not at a time that is convenient for you but at the right time when most of the world will be awake and will be on Twitter – well I mean, when your target audience is on Twitter.

Tweeting multiple times is fine, but don’t be annoying. Do not bombard your followers with tweets which all basically say the same thing or point to the same link.

Better yet, if you want to almost automate the process for you, Buffer is a great choice!

Make sure you read this post where you will get to know some real juicy stuff about using Buffer, straight from horse’s mouth > How to stop spamming your followers with Buffer.

The character count is important because Twitter implements a 140 character length policy for Tweets. If you fill all 140 characters with your link and message you don’t give room for people to retweet your tweets. So be telegraphic, get keywords in place and put up a shortlink (use a url shortening service like

The above mentioned tips regarding tweeting time, frequency of tweets and the number of characters in the tweets won’t directly affect your search engine visibility but will help increase social shares, which in turns helps boosting your search engine visibility.

Twitter can do wonders for your business. Just make sure that you are not using it too much and get addicted to it. Use it wisely and only to the optimum level to get the best for your blog.

How do you use Twitter to boost your blog’s search engine visibility? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Olawale Daniel is a world-class motivational speaker, and successful internet entrepreneur and digital media strategist with interest in African technology and start-ups. He’s working on his latest book titled “SUCCESS AHEAD – Don’t Quit”. You can learn more about Olawale Daniel here.

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  1. barb gbarb g says

    That is a lot of great information in your post, thanks! I didn’t even
    consider using seo things on my twitter account. It makes a lot
    of sense now.

  2. SEO services IndiaSEO services India says

    thats a good and informative article. i never knew you could use twitter in such a variety of ways to optimize your website.

  3. DanDan says

    I need to learn a lot about setting up a blog and SEO. Good SEO is not easy for beginners. So that’s why I’m on your website. I will come back often to learn from your expertise. Thanks.

  4. Amir_uk_Amir_uk_ says

    Twitter is one of the best social networking site.this site attract those who are very much interested in marketing business people interact with their friends exchange their info.

  5. Sarrah JonSarrah Jon says

    Jane, I couldn’t agree more with your idea that Twitter is now the most useful social media application to interact with other people so share almost everything that is “under the rain”.

    The advancement of Google algorithm thru the Panda and Penguin updates has made Twitter more valuable in website and business promotion. It can be used to connect with friends, colleagues, potential clients, present customers, and interact with people of the same interests.

  6. AishaAisha says

    wonderful tips you have shared….Do not post bulk of tweets at once as this will annoy your followers, clogging up their stream, but instead spread your tweets out over the day with a decent interval, I would suggest of about an hour or two interval is good.

  7. Valentine Belonwu says

    A very awesome post Jane, Twitter if used very well can really boost a boots traffic and search results. I also agree with the use hashtags. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


  8. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Major league twitter fan here Jane. I dig your tips 😉

    Tweet value. Engage. Simple and timeless strategy here, one few embrace fully. Getting more followers means little unless you engage these individuals. By chatting you prove that yes, you are a real person interested in others.

    Google focuses more on engagement these days. Stop in a few times daily to chat. Your blog will thank you for it 😉

    Thanks for sharing Jane!


  9. Vinay says

    Hi Jane,
    Nice post. Promotion is the important thing to increase business success, you described well in this article. Twitter is one of the greatest platforms to promote businesses. It helps to get back links and traffic. Interesting article and informative too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Taz Sobotka says

    Great insight! These techniques are very useful. I think it’s important for Twitter users to stick to techniques like these while also being authentic with their content. It’s also important for the user/business who is tweeting to be consistent with their vibe and message across their Social Media channels. Having a “consistent branding channel” creates a familiarity for frequent followers and creates connection.

    Great article Jane!

  11. Paul Lee says

    Thanks for this post, Jane. I will definitely start using some more hash tags in my tweets. I often tweet articles from my blog because I feel they’re relevant and because I want to gain more of a following.

  12. Rohit kothari says

    Very informative article you have shared.
    While going through the article, the best part I liked is the “Tweeting (time, frequency and number of characters)”.
    Thanks for the share mate.
    I appreciate your efforts.

  13. vijaysharmavijaysharma says

    Thanks Jane Sheeba for a very nice and informative posting. I am not sure using more than one Twitter account is accepted by many websites.

  14. Lisa says

    Great insights Jane with the hashtags and explaining the no follow too. It’ a site that I can sure get addicted to. I find Twitter helps to build relationships too. It’s where I’ve met many wonderful people.

  15. Adam Dukes says

    Some greats tips on how to effectively use Twitter. I am finding using the service justretweet is helping me find like-minded bloggers and spreading my message. I assume this is why some of my post are ranking on the first page with no backlinking.

  16. Gautham says

    Great ideas Jane for boosting search engine visibility through social media. Twitter social signals are very important in terms of ranking preceded by Google Plus one authority.

  17. Ash says

    Great summary of what you need to do on Twitter. I feel I am slowly getting the hang of it, but it’s nice to read someone else’s opinion and get some more great tips. I think I still need to fine tune what I am tweeting and when, but I use hashtags a lot, I use a lot of tools like Buffer (and I just posted on how to schedule tweets if you are interested).
    Hope to read more great stuff from you in the future

  18. Janmejai says

    thanks for the tips,still i don’t have enough followers and almost no Engagement,however due to my unique name i get easily in search engines.

  19. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane
    Very convincing my problem is I have no time for what I am already doing and none to add something else I am starting to hate the social media revolution Lee

  20. Mitch Parker says

    This is very informative, Jane. When I started blogging, most of my viewers/visitors were my friends in facebook and followers on twitter. It’s really effective. Most of them became my loyal audiences. Slowly, I’m getting a high PR. :-)

  21. Nauman says

    Great Information but my question is how the search engine will take searches from social networking sites and if they take then google will take all the searches from google+.

  22. Ivan Aliku says

    The hash tag has so far been very useful to my tweets. As for the time to post tweets, Yes! There’s surely this time when people tend to get very busy on twitter and having your content appear could really increase chances of click-through. Thanks for sharing

  23. Ana Hoffman says

    To be quite honest, my interest in Twitter has cooled off significantly lately – just have hard time cutting through the noise!

    Thanks so much for the shout, Jane!

  24. hirenhiren says

    nice article
    social media sites are always used full for websites and facebook and twitter are one of them. very informative post thanks for sharing.

  25. priya sharmapriya sharma says

    yeas agree with you twitter boosts the ranking but it’s difficult to get tweets when there is no trafic and no relevant followers.

  26. Alfred Beiley says

    I think you have to decide the purpose of your Twitter handle before you post your first tweet. Your aim is going to decide what kind of information you share, what kind of followers you want and who you plan on following and the voice you’ll be using.

  27. Savita Thakran says

    Great Post.. indeed its a necessity to figure out the purpose of your account and your target niche. I agree tweet timing and frequency is highly important to engage with your followers in an optimal way.

  28. Chirag Mishra says

    Nowadays social media playing an important role in internet marketing and twitter and Facebook are the most popular social media platform as per the user engagement. Nice tips!

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