How To Become An Influential Blogger

How To Become An Influential Blogger

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to blogging. The blogging market is effectively saturated due to today’s high number of internet users and the proliferation of free, easy-to-use blogging software.

There is however a huge discrepancy between the number of bloggers and the number of bloggers who actually see a return on their time investment. However, some bloggers do manage to make a living from running a successful blog or blogs.

The secret to how they do this is that there is no big secret. Articles promising to show you how to gain a huge audience and earn income from blogging are largely useless; they promise quick fixes, as opposed to offering genuine advice on how to become an influential blogger.

The Importance of Influence for Gaining an Audience

Being online these days is about navigating complex channels of both organic and paid-for content. Experienced online consumers are becoming wise to the ways of digital marketing.

Studies have shown that, despite the proliferation of advertisements and savvy marketing, online consumers are still more likely to trust the influence of a friend when it comes to actually making a purchase. Many online consumers will actively seek out influential, personable advice, from which they can get new and advice.

This is where a good SEO bloggers come in. Influence both affects and can be measured by audience figures.

The more of an audience you have, the more influential you may consider yourself to be. And the more influential you are, the more your readership will grow via organic sharing between social media users.

How to Create a Blog and Grow in Influence

Creating a blog involves certain technical aspects, such as its design. It also means optimising your blog so it can be easily crawled by search engines.

SEO means making sure your blog is both visible and trustworthy. Pay close attention to the way in which your blog is structured, optimise meta tags, URLs and media descriptions to be keyword rich, and steer clear of flash, which will not be included in search data.

A strong social media presence will ensure that your blog, once it is built and search engine optimised, can be talked about by your audience. Conversations are the building blocks of influence; they both define and encourage it.

Promoting your blog in the online social sphere will not be quick, but it can be easy providing you have implemented the necessary functions – such as one-click sharing – to make sharing easy.

Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are the staples in the world of social media. They help spread the word, make you new contacts and gain readership. There are other sites where you can also engage your audience.

If your blog is visual then check out Pinterest or Flickr. If you have a tech or gaming blog then consider making review or “let’s play” videos on YouTube or live stream gameplay on Indeed, if your YouTube channel becomes popular then you may earn enough revenue to become a full-time video maker.

Many cross-platform promotional tools exist. Have you tweeted something? There is a tool to cross post your tweet to Facebook.

Uploaded a new YouTube video? Make sure you have enabled the auto tweet feature. Be careful not to overdo it though; nobody wants to see the same content on every social media site where you have a presence.

All social platforms can form the basis for reader engagement. Readers will feel valued if you respond to their comments. Opening up a dialogue and creating a forum for discussion will keep visitors coming back for more.

Responding to comments may be time-consuming, but at least initially, spending the time to drive discussion will pay off in the long-term. Just be sure to keep an eye out for spam and trolls; nobody wants to see a flame war.

The most important part of attracting attention to your blog is to produce great content. The most successful bloggers are those who have found a niche.

If you do your research well, and are able to define where best your blog might be able to carve out its own specialist nice, you will find your audience comes quickly.

Writing for an over-saturated market will result in lower audience figures unless you can find something really special to write about, which will entice your audience in.

Kira writes for Ingenuity Digital, an international SEO company based in the UK.

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  1. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    Just 1 week back read about how to interact with influence bloggers, and now how to become one among them.

    Bring or contacting with influential bloggers can take blog to next level..

    have to see how I can make it.


      • igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

        That’s right Jane, but before you even try to connect with influential bloggers make sure you have a room to entertain them means your own blog must be something to write home about. they can only be impress by your work and want to connect with you.

        • rakesh kumar says

          You just stole my whole words my dear friends, Meaningful comments are one such big tool every blogger have. Meaningful comments add value to that bloggers blog and it also help you to establish a meaningful rapport. Once blogger start noticing you, Each and every friend of those blogger also do the same.

  2. SamSam says

    Every newbie wants to become “”Influential Blogger”” but it’s hard to do because when you want to do something extraordinary then you need create unique ideas for your work.

  3. hitesh yadavhitesh yadav says

    hii jane i agree social media has a great importance in success of any blog . most of the bloggers just use facebook and twitter but according to me importance of youtube, flickr, google plus, pintresr can also not be neglected. they are also equally important.

  4. Koundeenya DhulipallaKoundeenya Dhulipalla says

    I really loved the idea. I completely agree with the line where you’ve mentioned the importance of social media in establishing a brand. But, I’m glad to see the suggestion, not to over post. Because, I hate it when someone, I follow, post the same thing on his Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other accounts. I know, promoting on social media is important but sometimes, it feels like something else. If rightly used, social media can help us a lot.


  5. babanature says

    Hello Jane,
    This post is truly a wonderful post to read. For a new (and even old) blogger promotion is a key factor for the growth of ones blogs and online business. but still, if your content is not good enough you might loose that one person. so what make a blogger is the ability to write good post and the power to reach out to its audience. thanks

  6. AshleyAshley says

    Great post. It really is important to engage your reader audience using social media. Not only will it help you attract new readers, but it will help build up your list of active followers that actually interact with you on a regular basis. However with that said, its important to realize just how much time can be spent trying to market through social media and you must make sure that you are spreading your time around as usefully as possible.

  7. NeeharikaNeeharika says

    So agree. I’m having the toughest time coming up with the basic language for my website…and I’ve been writing and editing for years. I also edit a monthly magazine and I am always so nervous when we close the issue. What could have been said better? Maybe we should have steered the writer in a different direction. It seems every time I look at copy there is something that can be changed or perfected. At some point though we have to let it go!

  8. AjayAjay says

    This is some nice recommendation for bloggers making an attempt to form a distinction. On my blog I write on Business, Writing, and customarily making an attempt to alter the globe. All my articles ar unmeaning if they don’t reach folks. Having associate important backing behind your blog is incredibly necessary. Thanks for the tips!

  9. JoyJoy says

    This is a big help for new bloggers like me. Like you, I love making and starting discussions with my readers, it makes me feel proud to see someone from around the world is reading my thoughts.

  10. Atish says

    In My opnion start helping the newbies or one who is in need. be kind to everyone. connect with like minded people and involve in discussions. Apart from this off site thins write every article as a masterpiece.

  11. Eric says

    Is becoming a influential blogger the same as being an expert blogger? Or are they two completely differences in your opinion? And to be able to do all that you shared you must have a nice network to really work with you get all that you suggest completed.

    I love hearing your thoughts!

  12. NirmalaNirmala says

    Very nice information for the newbie bloggers to build the blog. Hope these are the basic things for the bloggers to succeed in blogging. Yes, as you said the participation in social media sites would create new contacts and readers. Every word in your post has perfect and real meaning, so I’ll recommend to my blogging friends to go through this article. Thanks for sharing!

  13. MattMatt says

    Hey Jane Sheeba !
    Really great information to become an influential bloggers.
    Definitely it would be helpful for every blogger. this post is actually a guide for me.
    I really liked the concept of one-click sharing and all the discussion of social media and their effectiveness.

  14. Kulwant Nagi says

    Jane I loved the point where you mentioned about easy to use Blogging Softwares.

    This is one of the main point because of which number of bloggers are increasing and its becoming hard and hard to make identity in online word.
    Such bloggers always share crap things on their blogs and most of the time do copy pasting only. So for them “Influential” word is still a nightmare.

    Becoming a Influential blogger seriously need too much study as well as dedication. I would like to congrats you for doing this awesome task in blogosphere.

  15. RobertRobert says

    Thanks for the tips. Im an intermittent blogger, I read somewhere today that i should write 5 posts a day. Seems impossible, but you sure have written plenty, good job.
    But even my best written, most unique, well optimized posts sit unseen on my blog.
    I am starting to Share, Tweet, Ping, Onlywire my posts, but does little.
    So now I’m learning to write, a post, then another article to put out on the net somewhere, and another all pointing to my post. So wrting lots is unavoidable, I think, if I want someone to find my post.
    Thanks for the tips

  16. AaynaAayna says

    These days every blogger desire to turn into an influential blogger by a magic wand. But nobody glances at what goes into the making of an influential blogger. This post, directly pens down the tips for becoming an influential blogger. Great tips!! Thanks for the share.

  17. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    to be an in fluent blogger its really needs ones interest and again its post and keen of viewing there responses.Nothing in the world is going to pay us but its only our efforts to pay be true with the task.

  18. StaceyStacey says

    I hope with this, I could gain more readers with my blog, currently, my maximum is around 10 readers, I think I get it now, thanks to you!

  19. Jason says

    start adopting trendy techniques like video blogging. take interview of famous bloggers and build good relationship with other bloggers. Comment on the daily happenings of the world.

  20. VeronicaVeronica says

    Thanks for the great tips here. I definitely agree with you on all your points. Plus influence is definitely more powerful than plain popularity.

  21. SamuelSamuel says

    If you are looking to be very influential in your niche, you really need to stay ahead of your competition…

    That means your social media promotion needs to be very consistent and worked hard on.

  22. Sarah ParkSarah Park says

    As a blogger, I always make sure to provide high quality articles more than anything else. This is my way of being recognized. I always interact also with other bloggers and establish a good working relationship with them.

  23. CalraCalra says

    Great insight here. I think all your points are accurate and besides it’s definitely better to be an influence than just a one night success story gone the next day.

  24. Chimezirim OdimbaChimezirim Odimba says

    “Writing for an over-saturated market will result in lower audience figures”

    Like you rightly pointed out later that will be unless you don’t have something that differentiates you. By the very nature of blogging itself, it is very easy to have one more voice provided you have a way of saying things to a particular audience in a way that resonates with them deeply. In fact, if you do, a seemingly saturated niche can become a big blessing.

    For example, you’ll have many more guest posting opportunities in such a niche.

  25. VianneyVianney says

    Hi Jane! Another awesome and informative post from you. I dream of being an influential blogger so I can touch other people’s blog through my blogs. :) Thanks a lot!

  26. Shahid BilalShahid Bilal says

    Jane I just started my blogging career last year and hope that this year I will be in the list of influential bloggers.

  27. ArianneArianne says

    Social media plays a very important role in gaining audience for your blog. I think most of bloggers would really want to be influential. And to be influential, the contents of a blog should really be interesting not only to you, but also to your potential audience. Backing is a good idea. Nice share! :)

  28. SIRISIRI says

    This post is awesome. I mean the the things that you have mentioned are really helpful. I am now trying to follow some of them and hope they bring me something in return. I do not expect for that as I am in the initial stage in blogging. But I would like to say Thank you for such a wonderful post that helps many newbies.

  29. Jules says

    It is true that the “The most important part of attracting attention to your blog is to produce great content.” Your content is your investment in business, people will purchase your product or service if they see how valuable it is to them.

  30. Gel MaineGel Maine says

    The very dream of every blogger to be as influential as we could. That is why we do our best to write quality contents and promote it to our audience. I agree that by using SEO and social media we can gain more exposure to be influential. The fact that the more you influence people the more successful you have in this chosen field.

    Thank you for your post Jane 😀

  31. Ruchika says

    You shared some really useful tips on being a influential blogger. As a matter of fact, the other posts related to blogging on your blog do directly or indirectly helps in achieving this and making your blog stand apart.

  32. Bibin says

    Growing audience is the hardest task ever i feel, Quality content will be there, if we select one of our passion as blogging, Now i breath in my blog, Always write about your interested niches.
    Well Written jane.

  33. SonaliSonali says

    Hello JaneSheeba,
    I read many article’s like How To Become expert in Blogger, How To Become learn many by Blogger etc article’s but I didn’t ever find anything related to Influential Blogger, JaneSheeba I really appreciate your thinking.

  34. manisha singh says

    Yes , every blogger want became influential blogger , but it gives up strategically.good quality post,connectivity with audience through social media etc.can make a influential blogger.

  35. AkmaOmarAkmaOmar says

    I think simple steps is make blog commenting… Also make useful blog posts when reader come back, they read quality article..

  36. SameerSameer says

    Excellent post, ever since making the move to WordPress, things have changed for the better. I’m seeing a terrific growth in blog comments and readership while building potential relationships.

    I’m hoping to publish my ebook by mid 2013 and I’m conducting surveys for that. It’ll be a premium book and I have my plans laid out, hope they click. So maybe the ebook will improve my chances of standing out.

    Great post. If I may Sameer, you should have tried asking that survey question in the post itself, so that you’d get more comments and also to see who is reading your full post and who isn’t. That way you can know who really your readers are. Just a polite suggestion, I saw this on Socialtriggers.

    Good luck!
    Jane Sheeba

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