How Part Time Internet Marketing Led me to a Six Figure Website Sale

Six figure website sale

I used to work a day job for 40 hours plus per week, and I desperately wanted out of that situation. I had very little free time and almost zero energy for doing the things that I wanted to do in my life. My day job was like a life-sucking vampire that just drained all of my time and ambition.

Once I realized that this pattern of working full time was going to continue indefinitely unless I did something about it, I decided to get serious and take action.

Here is what I did to turn my situation around and finally purchase my freedom:

1) Made a decision to dedicate time to building a business.
2) Put in time every single day toward reaching business goals.
3) Focused on growing income.
4) Focused on lowering monthly expenses.
5) Cash out and live the dream on passive investment income!

Made a decision to dedicate time to building a business

There was a point in my life where I was playing video games one day and I asked myself: “Is this all there is? Really? Am I just going to keep working so that I can entertain myself by spending money on more stuff?”

I wanted more out of life. I wanted to create something. I wanted to build my own wealth.

So I made a decision and vowed to start my own business. I sold my video game systems on eBay and started researching the idea of an Internet Marketing career online.

The key for me was the idea that time is going to pass anyway. If it takes me five years to build a business that only profits a tiny bit, who cares? The alternative is to remain a corporate slave and not create any new wealth at all.

So I made the decision that I was going to become an entrepreneur, no matter what it took. I did not care how long the journey to profitability was. I was dedicated to creating a business.

If I failed, it would be a learning lesson, and my next attempt at building a business would be more likely to succeed.

This was the mindset that I used when I started my online business.

Put in time every single day toward reaching business goals

Think about the power behind the idea of daily progress.

Each day is an opportunity, a gift. And you get so many of them, 365 of them each year.

Just imagine that you put forth an effort each and every day to improve your business and expand it. Every single day!

After a year or two, this strategy cannot help but produce success. It is too powerful to fail.

Dedicate yourself to daily action. For my situation, this meant publishing new articles on my flagship website every single day.

If a day passed and I had done nothing to improve or grow my website, that was a failure.

If I published a new article or done some significant promotion for the site, that was a success.

Have a daily quota and stick to it. Persist with this quota for several months or even a few years and you will easily build a full time income online.

Focused on growing income

There are many distractions in the world of Internet marketing.

When building your online business, you need to ask yourself with each action that you are about to take:

“Is this action going to result in future income for me?”

If so, then take the action. If not, then why are you doing it? For what purpose?

Most income-producing actions with your online business will boil down to one of two things:

1) Publishing quality content on your web property.
2) Creating links to your website from other web properties.

In the majority of cases, both things will result in your producing new content.

Therefore, your daily quota should be one of content creation. “I will create three articles each day.” Or “I will write 3,000 words per day for my business.”

Having specific content creation goals all but insures your success – provided you stick to a daily publishing routine.

Focused on lowering monthly expenses

When I first started my website, I was still working 40 hours each week at a day job, and I had a certain amount of monthly living expenses.

I had bills to pay, like anyone else.

As my online income started to rise, I realized that my freedom from the day job had a price. And that price was based on how much money I spent each month in order to live.

I used to think that “frugality” was an unappealing concept for boring people. But I quickly realized that being frugal with my money was at least one half of my ticket to paradise.

As I focused on increasing my online income, I also focused on being frugal and reducing my monthly living expenses. Extraneous monthly bills (netflix, cable TV, etc.) were quickly pared down to nothing.

This focus on frugality allowed me to quit my day job much sooner and focus on building my business full time.

Within just six months of making that transition, I was offered a deal to sell my website for $200,000. Now I earn passive income from dividend investments while also building up more passive income streams online.

Thus, using frugality to cut my monthly expenses down was a key step in realizing my business goals. It allowed the financial breathing room to allow my business to flourish.

Cash out and live the dream on passive investment income

There are two possibilities when pursuing passive income streams via internet marketing:

1) Build a website that generates passive income for you.
2) Sell a successful website and then invest the money for passive income.

I prefer to use both techniques while also being frugal enough to stay financially flexible. If I absolutely had to, I could live on investment income from the sale of my website, though I would need a roommate to pull it off.

But why settle for just one passive income stream? Once you create one successful business, you have the formula deciphered for your next big project. The only secret is hard work and daily action toward your business goals.

Any questions? Please ask me in the comments!

Patrick Meninga is an entreprenuer and currently blogs over at Make Money With No Work. He recently sold his flagship website for six figures, and now makes a living as an investor and an Internet marketer.

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  1. SamuelSamuel says

    I was into gamin’ myself, and thought exactly the same. Gaming is just a waste of time for me and many others. I wanted to gain success so bad!

    Sounds good that you sold your website for that much! If you put time into it, then the results shall speak.

    I personally will build my blog and keep it, while I am making others in the future. We’ll see how it works out.

    • Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

      Well I really curious about how other people make money blogging, and I will check your proceed to learn more about that, Samuel.

  2. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    Wow, you did a great job, I really want to do the same like you did, I’m thinking about how to make much more money with less working, thanks for your post Patrick.

  3. PatrickPatrick says

    @ Samuel – glad to hear it, that you are aspiring to be more than just a gamer! Nothing against gaming of course, but I was dedicating my life to it, and it took up all my free time. Clearing that “addiction” away gave me the space and the time to create an amazing business.

    Good luck to you!

  4. PatrickPatrick says

    @ Trung – If you want to do the same that I did, work hard on your website, put all of your energy into it for several months or even a year or two, and then you can “cash out” like I did! Good luck!

  5. MarkMark says

    I believe that doing a day job for 40 hours will really suck the life out of you. So I ventured into online marketing too. I think I will use these tips to help me go further and earn that 6 figures.

  6. Andreas says

    I recently made a 7 year plan and decided that I’ll try to work on building websites every day (if even for 30 minutes) and not give up too fast on a project, if it doesn’t produce results right away. Some things take longer to blossom up, but once they do…buuja! 😉
    I hope by the end of that ´7 years, my passive income is big enough to support me traveling…
    Andreas recently posted..Haarausfall bei KindernMy Profile

  7. PatrickPatrick says

    @ Andreas – wow, a seven year plan is epic! You should have no problem building a successful business in that time frame. Think big, create awesome resources for your websites. Good luck.

  8. Martin says

    Internet marketing is used by many to sell their services and products. By means of online advertising, SEO techniques and other tools, people use Internet marketing to bring more attention to their products. If online marketing appeals to you, or you are already involved and just want to enhance your efforts, then the tips in this piece will help you.One way to drastically increase the number of visitors coming to your site is to create a viral video.

  9. PatrickPatrick says

    @ Timo – Great question!

    I averaged writing 3 articles per day over the life of my site. I compose articles quickly so this is about an hour for me, generally less.

    However, that is not the whole story. The truth is, I had months where I published NOTHING, and other months where I published as many as 25 articles per day. My long term average though is 3 posts per day.

    Hope that helps.

  10. makarand says

    Hi Jane Sheeba… Great Article this is.. I found today… From so much days i really want to read more about money using internet… It is very simple and great article found.. thanks for igniting my dreams…

    also Thanks for this great guidance and eBook..

    …….Makarand Mane.. :-)

  11. Paul Taubman says

    Great advice! One thing I learned that I think is worth sharing…You can build a business full time, or you can build a business part-time. You cannot, however, build a business in your spare time. Ask yourself this question… If you looked at what you did in your own business, would a boss pay you for your time and effort? If not, you need to crank it up and get working on your business. Thanks for the info! Be Well. Paul.

  12. Mae says

    Hi, Patrick! I’m very much inspired by your article. Right now, I work for more than 40 hours a week to earn a decent income for my family and I’m almost always tired to do other things after work. I will do my best to follow what you have shared here and hopefully, I can achieve financial freedom and still find time for the sweet things in life. Thank you.

  13. CindyCindy says

    i didnt know that internet marketing can do such wonders . how can istart my own blogging . is there any way to boost that blog?

  14. PatrickPatrick says

    @ Paul – Yes I would agree. You have to treat blogging like a real business if you want to achieve great results. I worked really hard at times and published over 1 million words. Most people will never work hard enough to hit that kind of pay off, but it really was nothing too difficult. Just consistent, hard work…..

    @ Mae – you might try writing an article before work! It’s tough getting up early. Lot of bloggers do it though. You can get some good writing done when the house is still quiet. Good luck to you.

  15. ChetanChetan says

    Wow.. That’s simply great.. 6 figure income can solve lots of problems mate.. I will surely try out those tips. Thanks for sharing..

  16. BishwajeetBishwajeet says

    Frankly speaking I don’t have faith in your claims that you sold a website for 200k USD. Really?? Then, why are you blogging about MMO again. If someone sold a blog for 200k ,he would start some real business. But would love to have your website’s URL .

  17. PatrickPatrick says

    @ Bishwajeet – My dollar per hour after cashing out for $200,000 on that website is right around $900 an hour. Why would I seek to start an off-line business when I am doing so well with the authority website model?

    I am genuinely interested….are there other types of businesses that are easy to start, require very little prior knowledge about them, and allow for anywhere near $900 per hour? I admit that I worked darn hard on my website, but I knew nothing going into it, I learned it all as I went along, and I actually did cash out for 200K.

    This did not happen overnight….took me about 4 years. Do a little reading at my MMO site and you can learn how to do it too. Persistence and volume are both key…..

  18. BrainBrain says

    Starting own business related internet marketing is the best way to make money with our way. These given tips for own business are so useful for every business person. Creating own website or any application and sale it on internet is one type of great business. Thanks for your information.

  19. mattmatt says

    Hi Patrick, You have a nice story up there. Thanks for sharing your experience. Surely it will serve as inspiration to me and to others.

  20. Rizwan SultanRizwan Sultan says

    Hey Patrick,

    Very nice story you really take good step people didn’t try too change there way of living but if they try they achieved better earning opportunity.

  21. KennethThomasKennethThomas says

    Well I really curious about how other people make money blogging, and I will check your proceed to learn more about that kind of activity..

  22. santoshsantosh says

    Last month i sold my 1 year old blog ,,and was very happy with the price i got,,,but didnt realise that i have to now start from the scratch.

  23. MajaMaja says

    Hello Patrick
    The whole progress was because of your dedication to your work and because of love of learning. Be consistent on your way new opportunities are waiting for you.

  24. PrakashPrakash says

    these are nice steps for becoming successful in part time internet marketing.
    thanks for sharing it……….

  25. AzamAzam says

    It is one of the motivational article. If we feel some passion for blogging, we should not instantly leave the job. We should first do it as part time job as a lot of time is required to earn something from blogging.

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