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If you are an aspiring newbie or an established blogger, this blog will teach you the elements of successful problogging, along with guidelines to personal organization needed for blogging success.

If you are running any online business (not confined to blogging alone), this blog will help you to manage your time and schedule effectively. It will help you with goal setting and will make you an effective performer.

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My Short Blogging History

It all started as a stress reliever. Would you believe me? That’s the plain fact. When I had to go abroad, far away from my family and boy friend for my Ph. D. things were not the same as they were before.

I had some lonely time and a lot of home sick to cope up with. I started to hang out online and read to gain knowledge. It then struck to me that I was reading a lot of blogs. This was back in 2005.

I wanted to know why people are writing it and what are the benefits. After a bit of research, I started my own free blog at blogger in 2007, where I shared just about everything.

Writing was a great stress reliever for me. I did all sorts of amateurish stuff, from changing blog’s color each day to throwing BUNCHES of ad units on my blog. I had no idea what I was doing actually. I also started few other blogs on strange topics.

And then came a day when one of my blogs was deleted. I was shocked because it had quite much content (even though not focused on one thing). I contacted Blogger many times and got no reply.

By this time, I already knew the benefits of blogging and found myself very much interested and passionate about that stuff. So I decided to launch my “serious” self-hosted WordPress blog and then was born Find All Answers on August 11th, 2010, as a trio niche blog on blogging tips, relationships and self improvement.

When started, Find All Answers was a self help blog on Self Improvement and Relationships. Then, as I started learning about Blogging secrets and hardships, I absolutely wanted to share them here.

That’s how it became a three niche blog on Blogging Tips, Relationships, Self Improvement.

Later on, however there were quite some reasons that made me go for a more targeted blog. I then moved Find All Answers to Problogging Success, a blog that is focused on helping bloggers to achieve blogging success, the professional way.

About My Personal Life

Happy family

I am married to a smart, intelligent, and a very rational person. I am so proud to have him as my life partner. I have a 2+ year old son. We are a happy little family.

Jane As A Scientist

I did my Ph. D in the field of Medical Physics at Lancaster University, UK. I was working on a EU project titled “Brain, Respiratory And Cardiac Causalities In Anaesthesia” (BRACCIA).

I currently work as a Young Scientist, in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics/Medical Physics (Complex Systems) at the Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, Bharathidasan University, India.

Blogging Expertise

My topics of expertise includes (not limited to) General Blogging, SEO, Link Building, List Building, Social Media, Relationship, Self Improvement, Personal Development, Time Management, Goal Setting, Motivation and so on.

I have written guest posts on various blog. You can find my collection here – My Guest Posts

I write about tech tips and news (on social media, gadgets, games and stuff) at my tech blog Tech Buzz Online.

I am religious (oh yes) and share short sermons and Christian messages at Zion Revival Ministries (the stuff is all my dad’s who is the Pastor and Chief of Zion Revival Ministries, India; I’m just the conveyor – which means I do pay attention to sermons in the Church!).

I write about general wellness, frugal living, beauty tips and green living at my wellness blog Slick Wellness.

I write about anything and everything that comes to my mind at my personal blog Jane Sheeba dot com.

My Premium Ebooks

I’ve authored 3 E-books to help bloggers become successful in their blogging business.

1. Problogging Action Plan (winner of the Small Business Book Awards, 2012) – helps you identify your blogging goal and helps you devise a professional action plan to achieve that goal.

2. Guest Blogging Champion – helps bloggers achieve quicker blogging success through guest blogging in a systematic manner.

3. Can I Really Make Money Blogging? – self explanatory :)

My Kindle Store

My premium ebooks (mentioned above) are also available in Kindle. Apart from these books I’ve also authored some lite Kindle books which are available for $0.99. You can find my little Kindle collection here:

Jane’s Kindle collection

Connect With Me

You can connect with me in any of the following places.

TwitterFacebook ProfileFacebook PageLinkedInGoogle Plus – Blokube – Blog Interact.

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Name: Email: 0 subscribers We respect your privacy Email Marketingby GetResponse Jane Sheeba has an excellent understanding of blogging ~ Annabel Candy