Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate disclosure - I'm disclosing a top secret here

Part of the income of this blog comes from commissions on products for which I am an affiliate.

By being an affiliate to certain products, I recommend, or endorse them at

  • various blog posts and pages of this blog,
  • my newsletter,
  • in the form of ad banners.

My recommendation to a product or a service will be surely based on my own experience with the product. I either pay for the product and try it out or I get it free in order to write a review.

Or I might be even paid to write a sponsored review.

In any case, if I write a review I ALWAYS make it honest (even if the company or the owner of the product pays me to write a review).

That is, if I am happy about the product I say it out loud; if the product isn’t for me, I say that out loud too!

You can read some of my honest reviews here – Jane’s reviews.

My reviews or recommendations usually highlight the positives and shortcomings of any product or service so that you, as my loyal reader, can really see if that particular product/service is for you or not.

However, I seriously would like to advice you to do your own research before buying any product/service based on my (or any other person’s) recommendation.

And, only buy the product if you really really need it.

Make sure you don’t buy anything that you can’t afford or that can bankrupt your business.

How does this “affiliate” thing work?

Let’s say I write a review or casually recommend a product in one of my blog posts or pages (or in my newsletter).

I usually link to that product page with my affiliate link.

If you decide to click through my affiliate link and then make a purchase, I will earn a commission on your purchase.

You will not pay anything extra for my commission. It is the owner of the product who pays my commission from his/her earning on the product.

Interested in taking a peek over the tools I use for my blogging business? Check them out here.

Thank you!

If you decide to purchase any product or service through my affiliate link, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Affiliate commissions are one of the main streams of income for this blog. So I truly truly appreciate your business.

Thank you for sticking around and helping me to build a thriving online business.

And, if you need help with any of the products/services you purchased or if you have a question regarding the same feel free to contact me.