Aweber Vs Mailchimp: Which is the best email autoresponder?

Aweber Vs Mailchimp: Which is the best email autoresponder?

Aweber vs Mailchimp? – Isn’t this the biggest question when it comes to choosing the best email autoresponder? That makes you read every Aweber review out there, right?

Email autoresponder plays a crucial role in every internet marketers’ business. It helps them to stay in regular touch with their customers. This doesn’t mean that email autoresponder has to be used to send canned spam mails (as it is done in a considerable number of businesses).

Email autoresponder in fact can be (and has to be) used to provide value to subscribers.

Building up your subscriber list is a continuous process that needs effective planning. Retaining those subscribers by providing quality content is another vital part of the story.

Don’t even think about doing it all by yourself (but sending quality emails) – it is not only tedious, but also technically challenging and time consuming. Email autoresponder is just for the purpose.

Here is a brief look on the features of both Aweber and Mailchimp to help you select the best email autoresponder for your blogging needs.

Why the “Aweber vs Mailchimp” question arises in the first place?

Well, you should be wondering. Why should someone think about comparing two services – one that has a free plan and one that is not free.

Well, Mailchimp has a free option. The free plan lets you have 2000 subscribers in your list and send them 12000 emails (note that a single email newsletter sent out to 2000 subscribers will count as 2000 and not as 1).

You can test out this free option for as long as you like (for as long as you use it in the limits). Very small business owners who have very small lists and who don’t send out newsletters very frequently can dwell on that option for quite a while, until their list grows big.

On the other hand, Aweber does not have the free plan but it does let you to try out its service for $1 for the first month. Aweber’s starter plan is $19 per month for 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. We’ll talk about pricing later.

But the point is, even though Mailchimp has a free plan I am sure any growing business will have to upgrade in due course – so if you are drawn towards Mailchimp just because it is free, you have to think beyond that. I’m saying this because most newbie bloggers choose Mailchimp for this very reason and end up upgrading quite soon.

Let’s break down the rest of the aspects in this post so you can choose either Aweber or Mailchimp after you complete reading this post.

The user interface (Aweber or Mailchimp?)

User interface is a crucial factor for any email autoresponder. If the UI is difficult to use or confusing there is no point in having all the fabulous features.

I don’t want to be spending hours together figuring out the best template for my emails. Or I don’t want to be spending hours on figuring out how to create a new newsletter email. I want things to be simple.

Both Aweber and Mailchimp guarantee that this will not be a problem. Both email autoresponders have a considerably efficient, yet simple user interface. Aweber, however, provides a more professional outlook for optin forms and emails.

It is not hard for you to customize your forms as much as you like – you could add in custom colors, custom text, change the width etc. for the optin forms and there are LOADS of templates.

It has a source view and preview tabs at the bottom of the page. You can add your own stamp and even digital signatures to your emails.

Mailchimp has a fun, intuitive, and graphical interface. You can set out equally professional designs through this interface. It provides a GUI editor, which does your work and all you have to do is, feed in your choices.

While the look will appeal everyone, I find Aweber to be less confusing and much simpler – but that’s totally my personal opinion.

You can also upload custom graphics (like header background, button graphics, etc.). Initially Mailchimp had a edge on offering image hosting. Now Aweber too has this feature. You can upload unlimited images to their server and use them on your forms, templates etc.

Personally, I found editing and customizing very simple and efficient with Aweber. Also I find Aweber to be less confusing when I navigate in the backend to do my newsletter related job.

Winner: Aweber

Email autoresponder tracking rate and other analytics

Email autoresponder tracking rate and other analytics

You cannot simply send out newsletters and then sit and pray. You have to be able to see how your newsletter performed. How many people actually got your newsletter (email deliverability, a separate story), how many people opened it, who clicked on what links and so on.

I can say without a second thought that Aweber does this job in an excellent manner. It has a built-in tracker that gets you real time data.

Mailchimp used to suck at this where you just can see a few stars against each of your subscribers to rate their activity. Now, Mailchimp has improved on this area but still its analytics does not compare to what Aweber offers.

However, Mailchip comes with SiteAnalytics360, which in collaboration with Google Analytics, can give you a reasonably efficient tracking service.

Deciding if a subscriber is responsive or not is very effective with Aweber. Mailchimp just puts some stars next to each subscriber which makes it difficult to decide (you may want to regularly clean up your list).

By the way, why do you want to worry about tracking, open rates etc.? If you don’t have a clue, here’s the deal. If you want to build a responsive email list, you need to know about these stuff. Here’s a post that can help >> How to build responsive email lists – Part 1

Delivery effectiveness – Aweber wins

Your complete email marketing campaign depends upon the timely delivery of your emails to the subscribers. Of course, the whole effort will be lost if the email autoresponder fails to deal with the spam filters and the emails are stranded in the spam folder for eternity.

Read more on how to avoid landing in spam folders >> 5 Simple ways to avoid landing in the spam folder

Aweber has definitely proved its merit in this regard. Aweber promises a delivery rate of almost 99%.

Mailchimp gets a set back due to its manual subscribers’ list adding feature. Due to this feature, it fails to send in confirmation mails to the clients and recedes in spam filter efficiency.

Aweber sharply catches bounces and spam complaints (and reports that with every email campaign) but Mailchimp is quite blunt at this.

Email autoresponder list building feature (Aweber or Mailchimp?)

Both Aweber and Mailchimp have excellent list building features. There are loads of forms and designs available with both email autoresponder services. But when it comes to flexibility and professionalism, Aweber wins.

In case of Aweber, double optin confirmation is a must.

Both Aweber and Mailchimp allow you to manage multiple lists.

Categorizing the lists is easier with Aweber. Aweber forms the category based on clients’ activity tracks.

Mailchimp categorizes the lists according to clients’ interests. However, this can sometimes lead to confusion when there are multiple coinciding interests and you can end up with some fake accounts in your list.

The price factor: Aweber or Mailchimp?

It is quite hard to do a pricing comparison for Aweber and Mailchimp since they differ in their pricing model. Nevertheless please find a rough comparison of the prices below (for Mailchimp I’ve put subscriber count to be 3000):

The price factor: Aweber or Mailchimp?

The pricing factor finds Mailchimp as the contender with an edge. It offers a free account feature. You can have up to 2000 subscribers in your list and send in up to 12000 mails per month via this free account.

Aweber does not offer any free services. You can take the trial service for 30 days with a money back guarantee. The trial service is activated with a $1 deposit to your Aweber email autoresponder account.

Mailchimp’s premium service and Aweber’s regular service after the trial period will cost you money. But Aweber becomes cheaper when we compare number of subscribers, features and other benefits.

If you want to make money with your list, Aweber MUST be your choice

Money is in the list. Email marketing is powerful and if you have a responsive list you can make money from it by promoting your own products/services or affiliate products.

If you want to do this, you need Aweber because Mailchimp’s terms doesn’t allow this feature. The sad thing is that Mailchimp doesn’t spill the beans and it is not clear if you can include affiliate links in your email campaigns or not.

I once emailed them to clear this up and their support said that if affiliate promotion is not my sole reason to send an email, I can include a link. But I know people whose accounts have been closed by Mailchimp (and they lost their list as well) for sending out affiliate links in their emails (on sidebar or footer).

I don’t think anyone can afford to lose their list for a term that’s not clear and I don’t think anyone can afford not to send any affiliate links in their email marketing campaigns.

My take on Aweber Vs Mailchimp

I know, I know, its never easy to choose between the options available (and when one of them can be tried for free!). But I’ve given you the features of both Aweber and Mailchimp here.

I used Mailchimp first (just because it was free up to 2000 subscribers) but then when I wanted to professionalize my blog and everything, Mailchimp really couldn’t serve the purpose. Although, I personally love Mailchimp for what it does for free.

BUT I made my choice to go for Aweber after having used Mailchimp for about 6 months. And I strongly feel that I made the right decision.

If you think you’re on a tight budget you will tempted to go for Mailchimp but trust me, when your subscriber limit goes past 2000 (which soon or eventually will happen), then you’ll be paying more than Aweber and will be enjoying much lesser features.

I suggest you start using Aweber right from the beginning. Or if you’re thinking about moving now, there’s no better time than NOW to move to Aweber.

If you move from Mailchimp (or other email autoresponder service) to Aweber, you can seek support to export your list without going through the double optin again.

Try Aweber for $1 for 1 month!

Or if you still want to try out Mailchimp, sure do that and let me know how it goes!

PS: The links to Aweber and Mailchimp are my affiliate links which means I will make a commission if you purchase through my link (at no extra cost for you). But my opinion given in this post is NOT based on this. I’ve tried both Aweber and Mailchimp and I have discussed Aweber Vs Mailchimp based on my experience with both the email autoresponder services.

By the way, don’t forget to read my exclusive Aweber Review here – Aweber Review >>> Is It Really The Best Autoresponder In The Market?

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  1. Dr. Bob Clarke says

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks for the thorough review of both products. I have never used MailChimp myself, but I can say that my experience with Aweber has always been positive. One thing I do routinely to keep costs down is to clean up my subscriber list and remove those that haven’t opened an email in 6 months. Since cost is based loosely on size of the list, this can save you money!
    Dr. Bob Clarke recently posted..You Can Determine The Future in Less Than 1 MinuteMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Bob, thanks for your input. I can surely relate to that. Mailchimp is cute and works fine, but won’t serve the whole business purpose of all. It may be OK for some bloggers :)

      Yes, cleaning up the list frequently is good to save money as well to keep things clean and organized.

      • Olawale DanielOlawale Daniel says

        Hi Jane,

        I don’t know why I hate Mailchimp, maybe because of the interface, because I don’t think I understand how to use the site at all. But on the case of Aweber, it is very easy for me to customize and broadcast new messages.

        Thanks for your comparative post.

  2. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Hi Jane,

    I’ve used both and agree with your breakdown.

    MC shares a cute little interface, and is a solid program but Aweber is the way to go. For being a dependable delivery option, if nothing else.

    I’ve also learned to navigate my way through the tools a little better with practice. So many powerful features, it takes a minute to learn how to use them. With time and practice you can set up a powerful campaign, and one that people actually see too.

    I like the spam notification feature. It’s helpful to know before you send out an email if it’s going to be marked as spam or not. This increase your deliv rate which of course strengthens the effectiveness of your campaign.



    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ryan, I just told Bob that MC has a cute interface :) Glad that we think alike. I love the spam notification and the form tracking feature. I now know exactly which forms convert well :)

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. DiTesco says

    Great comparison Jane. In my case, I am actually using MailChimp’s free service. I think it is an excellent alternative for Marketers who are looking for a relatively good autoresponder for free. The only downside I think about free MailChimp is that they apparently do not endorse using the free service for affiliate links. The way around that is to build a nice looking landing page and link to that instead. Aweber, obviously is the right choice for more advanced marketers, as it offers a lot more flexibility and tracking features. In a way, I would say to start with MaiChimp to get familiar with email marketing and then move to Aweber on a later stage.. My two cents :)
    DiTesco recently posted..How To And Why Should You, Install WordPress In Your ComputerMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Fran, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Indeed lack of affiliate promotion is a major drawback. I’ve tried that method of building a page for affiliate products, but you can’t do that with all the products. Some cool WSO’s we come across are highly time sensitive (price goes up with every sale), in which case we wouldn’t be able to intimate our subscribers about the price and the features. A quick email is much handier.

  4. Ileane says

    Jane, I haven’t tried either one of these services yet. At work I use Vertical Response, but I never hear bloggers talking about it so I don’t know how it compares. I do know that I get way too many emails on a daily basis, which is why I haven’t taken the plunge. I will soon though. :) Thanks for the review.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ileane, that’s right. I rarely hear about Vertical Response. It’s all a matter of preference and the kind of use you want to put it for your business. Thanks for your wonderful comment (and the tweet) :)

  5. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    This is such a timely post, as I was just wondering what to go in for- though I had heard of both the services earlier. However, your post does clear the clouds a great deal, and I think Aweber would be a better choice, or maybe trying out MC maybe better for a beginner and then later shift to Aweber once your business picks up.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Welcome to the New Updated Blog!My Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Surely Harleena, if you’re initially tight on budget you can try out Mailchimp. Just that you have to make sure that you don’t violate any of their rules, coz they delete lists just like that. Apart from that, you will be fine with Mailchimp for sometime until you really wanna go professional.

  6. AstroGremlinAstroGremlin says

    Nice detailed comparison. I’m using MailChimp now and wondering if the list can migrate to Aweber at some point?

      • AstroGremlinAstroGremlin says

        Thanks for that info, Jane! I have another question: My WordPress site is gathering registered users. I have no idea what to do with them. ( I don’t even know how to talk to them – they are coming in through a WordPress mechanism I don’t understand – I can’t see it since I am the administrator!) Can they be transferred to an e-mail list?

        • Jane Sheeba says

          That is the users who are registering at your site (their default role will be “subscriber”). You can add them manually to a list, BUT it is not a good idea since you don’t have their confirmation. That’s why you need email marketing services like Aweber or Mailchimp to add people on a list through double optin.

          Two things:

          1. People who have not confirmed their emails may not like the emails you send; they could be annoyed and you could tamper your reputation.
          2. Spam email addresses cannot be identified if you did not ask for confirmation (double optin) and you may be sending email to an unmanned address.

  7. Karan LuganiKaran Lugani says

    Ah..thats what I was waiting for(was just gonna ask you about these two as saw you recently switched to Aweber.) But well, I have the comparison in front of me. I am still on Mail Chimp but I think it needs a L’il bump up. Aweber seems to be nice and cost efficient while I am gonna stick with Mail Chimp for another few months and then migrate to Aweber. Till then : Aweber Please Wait..!!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Karan yes you should be fine to try Mailchimp for some time. But just keep in mind that you’ll want to change any time. Better make the move when you have not too many subscribers (less hassle).

  8. LalitLalit says

    Lisa, I haven’t tried anyone and I was searching for an email autoresponder and thanks for the excellent review, which has made my task much easier.

  9. Adrienne says

    Hi Jane,

    I had someone ask me just yesterday if I could recommend a free autoresponder service. I had told them that I knew several people that started out using MailChimp but that I had never used a free service myself. Like you I recommended Aweber.

    So now at least I can send them over to your article so they can learn the differences since I admitted that I really didn’t know much about it. I knew that you couldn’t promote affiliate products using their service but that was about it.

    Thanks for putting this together. I won’t do a review on something I’ve never used so this comparison was great.


  10. Barry says

    Hi Jane,
    I have to disagree with the statement that only AWeber is a valid choice for making money from your blog.

    After using AW for over five years, I switched to MailChimp. It’s more intuitive interface and powerful group functions allow my readers to choose how they wish to hear from me. I also like how easy it is set up and customize my lists and charge for Premium Content by simply checking a box…no Paypal interface or playing with Paypal buttons (which for some reason always messed with me).

    I think it would be more to say that it’s a choice left up to user. As a writer and publisher of premium content (and more right-brain dominate) MC is best for me.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Barry, sure some do like MC. Do you include aff links in your emails? I wonder how you manage to make money from your list without adding any aff links at all. I did try that for a short while -I had to write a review about each and every product and then in my email I had to point people to my review instead of providing the direct aff link in the email. But you know, it doesn’t work for long!

  11. Hugo PascoalHugo Pascoal says

    And what about E-goi? Recently I try this ESP and I like it. I think is at a the level of Mailchimp or Aweber and the target is the same.

  12. CorettaCoretta says

    Great information Jane.
    I didn’t know about AWeber. I was using MailChimp plug-in, but in time since deactivated it until I have more reasons to interact with my subscribers. Great comparison.

  13. Don RichDon Rich says


    I am a missionary and want to put a “Donate” Button on my site. Would that be permissible with Mail Chimp?

  14. Jupiter Jim says

    Thanks for sharing this fair and balanced comparison of aweber versus MailChimp. Sometimes I have clients that may want to use mailchimp because it’s free but I always tell them that in the long run, it’s Aweber that all the top professionals use. Also, after reading your article, there were things about aweber that I just “took for granted” such as their real time tracking. I love being able to track my compaign, seeing how many opens and clickthroughs and bounces and the rare complaint. It never occurred to me that these features are NOT offered with every email autoresponder. Question: can you use affiliate links in MailChimp emails?

    Thanks so much!

    — Jupiter Jim

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Jim, the very fact that Mailchimp is free is the top reason as to why people choose Mailchimp over Aweber. According to the terms of Mailchimp, using affiliate links in emails is not allowed. I know many of my friend whose accounts were deleted (and lists were lost) just because they were sending emails with aff links.

  15. Matt KerrMatt Kerr says

    I have to agree that aweber is good and once you get the hang of it.

    List building wasn’t for me and i axed that scheme. After reading this review i might consider getting back to it in a more relaxed way especially if i don’t have to pay $19 per month.

    Thanks for the info.

  16. Barry Morris says

    Hi Jane,
    I guess it depends on your business model. I don’t depend on affiliate links in my email marketing so MC isn’t an issue for me. I focus instead on providing services and authoring books to drive revenue for my business.

    Perhaps the tool isn’t really the issue, but how effective we are at using it.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Barry, ah yes I see that your business is not based on aff links.

      But I won’t agree with your statement “Perhaps the tool isn’t really the issue, but how effective we are at using it.” – In my case for instance, how can I effectively put MC to use if their TOC doesn’t want me to include aff links? My business is somewhat (although not fully) based on aff sales too :)

      Anyone can run their business effectively only with the “right” tools.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  17. Ravi MoosadRavi Moosad says

    May be it’s a co-incidence. Every blogger who suggests Aweber also posts its affiliate links. I am yet to come across an unbiased comparison. I have used mail chimp free account and was completely satisfied. Most definitely I will go for their pro version.

  18. BryanBryan says

    Hi Jane
    nice Article
    I would prefer Aweber more then Mailchimp. Aweber is bit expensive when compared to Mailchimp but it will ensure that your mail do not end up in junk.
    And you cannot use Mailchimp for affiliate marketing it is against their TOS
    nice article, thanks for sharing

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Bryan, yes – affiliate marketers absolutely need Aweber (or something similar that doesn’t control what links you can or cannot put in your emails). While Mailchimp is not allowing you to put affiliate links in your emails, I would be happy if at least the TOS is clear about this. I see many people falling into the trap without realizing this fact.

  19. Frank MarshallFrank Marshall says

    Jane, there should be a literacy test for bloggers. You would fail it. Your texts are larded with illiteracies…punctuation errors, spelling errors, diction errors, etc. For example, do we write “x-ray” or is it “xray?” Every LITERATE person knows that the spelling is “x-ray.” Accordingly, why do you insist on writing “email” instead of “e-mail?” Also, learn when to hyphenate adjectival phrases. Finally, learn when to write two words instead of one. “Pro-blogging” is not one word. It is two words. You should at least hyphenate it. The same is true of “auto-responder.” I could go on and on here…but I am reminded of the biblical admonition about not “casting pearls before swine.”

  20. John BashJohn Bash says

    I’m in a great confusion on which service to choose. After reading this I’m sure I will go for Aweber. Thanks for this unbiased review.

  21. Justin Germino says

    Jane, great comparison I would be curious if you could throw Simplycast in there as a 3rd comparison in how it ranks against Aweber and MailChimp as this new service is looking very appealing and is priced better than both currently, it also has a free for up to 5000 mailings per month currently.

  22. rakesh kumarrakesh kumar says

    One quick question, what will happen when we change our mail service provider i.e. change from mail chimp from aweber. Thanks for this wonderful review sheeba. Hope you will not ignore my question.

    • Arslan ShoukatArslan Shoukat says

      I am going to give answer. You will lose all your mailing list, contacts and all email followers because mailchimp requires your readers to opt-in again That’s really a big problem.

  23. GavinGavin says

    Thanks Jane. I have a question to which I don\’t see an answer at MailChimp, which perhaps you or one of your readers could answer?Does MC have a follow-up autoresponder option, where once a person has double-opted in, they automatically continue receiving a set sequence of follow-up e-mails irrespective of when they signed up? I am thinking of a course that is offered, or a sequence of follow-up e-mails where everyone receives the same sequential set of e-mails. Thanks.

  24. GavinGavin says

    Thanks Jane. That’s great!

    Since posting my question, I have been fiddling around at MC and have worked out how to do it. With another system I use, I have to set up the full sequence when I create the autoresponder series for that sign-up form — i.e. I can have up to 7 sequential e-mails, but once it’s set up for that series, I can’t extend that to add more e-mails in the series or change the timing.

    As I understand MC, I create the first e-mail (campaign) and set it to go out, say, 1 week after sign-up. Then I create a new campaign, for that same series, and just set that one to go out, say, 2 weeks from sign-up … and so on and on with more e-mails added to that one series. With this system it seems I can even vary the timing within the same series. So the first few can go out two days apart, then stretching to 4 days apart, then weekly and perhaps later even monthly. That is great! I love MailChimp! :-)

    Thanks for posting this article.

  25. Gaurang JoshiGaurang Joshi says

    Well, Thanks again Jane for the beautiful post.

    I’ve never used these services before, as I never focused on e mail marketing seriously. But after reading your article, I think it’s the biggest thing I am lacking in.

    Gonna try Mail-chimp in the beginning and would try my luck in it.

  26. igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

    No doubt in the fact that Aweber is the perfect when it comes to email autorespondent because of the unique benefits. using Aweber is a plus for your email subscribers and it is worth the money you are paying for it. Mailchimp is also great when it come to autorespondent and what make it so unique is that some of there service is free and can work wonder.

  27. Eric says

    Is this really a question? Seriously Aweber completely knocks mailchhimp out of the water in my professional opinion. Though I can apprecaite the review and some of the comparisons. To mean it’s not even a question!

  28. JuliaJulia says

    after Complete Reading this Review and comments, I’ve decide to try Mail Chimp instead Aweber for the first time.
    It’s because I am on learning stage with list building and then after analyzing how many my lists is and if the time is right, I will choose Aweber for more professional eMail Marketing.
    because you prefer to Aweber.
    Right now I just need to learn and familiar with Autoresponder.

    wish me luck Jane :)

  29. Michael KohnMichael Kohn says

    Well, I’m using Mailchimp “free” right now an I’m pretty satisfied with their service.
    Of course when you’ve a huge list you should choose something more professional than a good free deal

  30. Arslan ShoukatArslan Shoukat says

    Face-off…hmmm..Great post.
    I am using mailchimp. It is good but aweber is better. Aweber is best in email marketing industry. Lots of features are available in aweber. Although you can use mailchimp for free upto a limit but i think one should prefer aweber to mailchimp. If you have funds, then you should must use aweber. But i don’t have it.


  31. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane
    I have just started with a weber and am very happy the only thing that has annoyed me is I ran a competition to get more subscribers and said only enter once sure people didn’t then they moaned when I sent out e mails because they got it duplicated and why because they entered 3 or 4 times and put their e mail address down 3 or 4 times. Going to have to go through the next one I do and check more tightly.

    Great info thanks lee

  32. ShawnShawn says

    I am using Pure Leverage for my Auto-Responder, and they also offer tools like, video email , authority blog and Live Conference Room. They do have a income opportunity to there system but for the price it is very affordable compared the other auto-responders.

  33. mikemike says

    Aweber and MailChimp are both nice services
    but i feel that are a bit expensive, especially for bloggers who have a large mailing list and need to send emails on a daily basis

  34. Deepak MehraDeepak Mehra says

    Hi Jane,

    when I sent out e mails because they got it duplicated and why because they entered 3 or 4 times and put their e mail address down 3 or 4 times. Going to have to go through the next one I do and check more tightly.

    Thanks for share with me!!

  35. Jan ChristianJan Christian says

    I never used mailchimp before, So I think now is the time for me to try it. Thanks for this helpful article

  36. Praveen Rajarao (Praveen Rajarao ( says

    Jane – This is an awesome review of these 2 tools. I recently started building my list and chose MailChimp for obvious reasons – it is free!!!! and I also do not know how and where I will be using my list.

    I have heard a lot of bloggers recommend Aweber, but for now, am quite satisfied with what I have, and maybe will think of moving over by directly exporting my list one day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  37. HarmanHarman says

    Nicely Explained.!
    Everyone has his own reviews but i prefer MailChimp as its seems more simpler than Aweber!

  38. Tim BlancTim Blanc says

    I had aweber for years, but just recently had to do some work for a client with chimp. I got the feel that chimp was easier to work with for a first time user. Granted, aweber is the go to, stable, double opt-in, bullet proof king.

  39. Rahul JainRahul Jain says

    I believe that both are great with Aweber offering a more number of options but it is a paid one . For a newbies, Mail Chimp is the best and for a professional into the affiliate marketing, there’s nothing better than Aweber which helps in customising the sales letter and fast auto responder. Great Post Jane.

  40. Jane BrownJane Brown says


    I’m very pleased to find this great post. I need to thank you for ones time for this fantastic read!!

    Jane Brown

  41. Jitendra Vaswani says

    I guess if we exclude aff. links then MC is the best choice but if it lives one should go for aweeber.
    One Question- Do they use some kind of algorithm to detect aff.links that can be bypassed using something like URL shortening or manually they find it out?

  42. Trevor Schain says

    Great analysis of both products! We’ve used both and after several years and countless clients, we have decided to use Mail Chimp for all of our client’s email accounts. It’s great for small businesses starting out with email, it scales as your lists scale, and the sign up form flexibility is great for websites, social sites and widgets. Plus, it’s great for an agency to use for several client accounts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we might have to check out Aweber again, now that it’s been a few years.

  43. Irfan ElahiIrfan Elahi says

    I’ve been using mailchimp and loving that. Really aesthetic Interface, optimum User Experience. Using its free plan and planning to upgrade to the paid one sooner. after reading this blog, thinking to test aweber too!

  44. Jack Van JaarsveldJack Van Jaarsveld says

    I just tried out MailChimp and find it a little to unprofessional for me. I emailed them and their reply was sarcastic. I guess that about takes them out of the game for me.

    I’m glad I read your review on Aweber as I need to make a decision soon and having a free trial for only a buck makes me feel better.

    I clicked on your Aff link so you can make a commission. Nobody works for free!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yup – unprofessional is the right word. I too have had the same experiences with Mailchimp.

      Thanks for taking it via my affiliate link :) I appreciate that very much!

  45. Steven J FrommSteven J Fromm says

    Jane, what a comprehensive and insightful presentation. Listed to the video and really got a good sense of the pluses and minuses of each program. Looks life Aweber is the winner. However, I only have a mailing list of about 700 or so. This makes the decision harder. As a tax attorney, my list will not grow that large and my needs are about automation more than SEO and tracking. So I am still not sure. What do you think.
    Finally, do either of these programs take your list from Outlook?

  46. Ritul GangwarRitul Gangwar says

    Hi Jane,
    Aweber and Mailchimp both are nice autoresponders but Aweber is my favorite also it is much more compatible with Email Optin Plugin. However Feedbunner is good option for free .
    Thanks for sharing

    Ritul Gangwar

  47. Fabio says

    Hello , I chose your link to Aweber to thank you for your post , I’m migrating from MailChimp and Aweber to your information is incredible , thank you; )

  48. Stevo says

    Thank you so much Jane for the care you have taken to provide this review and answering of questions. I had already signed up with MC, but I had a curiosity to seek additional experiences and yours has helped greatly, (along with all the great questions and great answers you’ve given). If I choose Aweber, I will use your link simply because of your dedication to this one helpful post alone.

  49. Baibhav says

    Jane, I believe that both are great. Aweber offering a more number of options but it is a paid one . For a newbies, Mail Chimp is the best. For a professional into the affiliate marketing, there’s nothing better than Aweber which helps in customizing the sales letter.

    Thanks for providing great comparison between these two.

    Baibhav T.

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