The Secret To Making 1000$/Month From Fiverr [Ultimate Guide]

The Secret To Making 1000$/Month From Fiverr

“How to make money on Fiverr?” – Does this question sound stupid to you? OK what is Fiverr? The name Fiverr is derived from the American slang for five dollar bill. The concept is “What could one get for five dollars?” Fiverr is a booming market place for buyers and sellers to get their job done for 5 dollars.

Fiverr was started in 2009 and has become the largest market place for all the crazy jobs at a price of $5 USD. You can buy or sell any services that you’re specialized in for a price of $5. This guide will help you understand how to sell your services to earn a minimum of $1000 per month.

Many people don’t consider Fiverr as a serious service to earn big money, because their mind set is like just $5 which is small money and doesn’t take you anywhere. Let me prove you’re wrong. Many top sellers on Fiverr are earning more than 2500$ per month with just 3-4 hours of work per day.

In Fiverr, all the jobs are listed as “Gigs” within the market place. As a buyer you can find really silly, crazy gigs for 5 dollars to the most useful ones like high quality articles, intro videos, and flash presentations for $5.

As a buyer one should be careful in purchasing your gigs. As a seller (selling your service), you can be really creative to earn easy cash a minimum of $500. For example, there is a gig where a hot blonde girl will hold your website name and say few words about your website.

This is a little crazy gig and many people have purchased the gig for just $5. Another top seller who is good at designing stuffs like flyers, leaflets, post cards, Facebook timeline covers etc. for 5$.

In last 12 months (one year) he has sold more than 800+ gigs. Only small gigs like timeline covers, one side flyers are priced at $5, other stuffs like multi page brochures are priced at $20 to $50.

For a good designer, it takes an hour or two to get the job done because you have all the templates and design layout ready before hand. Only you need to make small changes, text and color.

The above examples should’ve given you an idea of how to make easy quick money at less time with Fiverr. Now this guide will help you with some more stuff in detail on how to select your niche, market and make the most out of Fiverr.

What attracts Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace for people who want to get their job done for low cost. At the same time they expect quality work for 5 dollars. Small business owners are its main customers.

I just wanted to tell my buyer friends who want to get their hands dirty on Fiverr. Don’t buy SEO services for $5. SEO is something that will affect your business in long run, if you try to make it cheap, it only affects your business.

So what gigs are worth to buy on Fiverr?

You can purchase eBook cover designs, product boxes, graphic designs, intro videos, short videos to use on sales pages etc. Don’t go for link building or SEO gigs. Always make sure you select a top seller or valuable service providers.

Most of them on Fiverr are hardworking folks looking to make some extra money. If you find someone is cheating you, just contact the Fiverr support, they will weed out all the bad seeds.

In most cases, Fiverr will refund your money and kick the scammers out of their market place. As a consumer, Fiverr is a nice place to find some really talented people to do small jobs for you.

How to make real money on Fiverr?

By offering your quality services, you can make money on Fiverr. You may think, with just $5 how can one think about making decent money monthly? The thing is that with whatever business venture you do online, there will be some time and a lot of hard work involved, before you start seeing the money starting to come into your account.

Only with service type of online business get you see quick instant money. If you’re building a product, you need to create marketing, set up shopping cart, push traffic and then start seeing money.

If you do email or affiliate marketing, you need to set up landing page, promote, bring in traffic and then you can see money. Only with service oriented business, you can see instant money.

How does Fiverr work?

You can simply create an account for free and be a service vendor. You can create a service that you’re specialized in and connect with your PayPal account.

The money client pays will be transferred to your PayPal account. Within, Fiverr you won’t actually get paid until you have done with work and your client has verified that you have completed the work.

The customer will pre pay Fiverr $5 before you start the work. So $5 is with Fiverr and there are fewer chances that you will be cheated. Once you’re done with the task, Fiverr pushes the 5$ to your account.

Fiverr will be keeping 20% of the gross revenue you produce, as their commission for bringing you a job. For 5 dollars, you get $4 as service provider and $1 for Fiverr. If your gig total price is $20, then Fiverr gets around $4 and as a service provider you get $16.

Turn Fiverr into a serious money making machine

money making machine

If you take Fiverr as a serious market place to make money online, then $5 $5 $5 can easily be turned into PayPal deposits of $500-$1000 monthly. How do you actually make easy money from $5 gigs?


  1. Offer small services that don’t take much time to complete.
  2. If you take article writing service or fixing bugs, it would really more time than you think.
  3. It all depends on math calculations. To make 800$ per month, you need to make sure that you make 15$ per hour. So 3 gigs per hour. Each gig should take less than 20 minutes. So 15$ per hour – if you work 4 hours per day, 15×4 = 60$ per day. You cannot assure that you will get 12 gigs per day. On average, if you make 40$ per day and work 25 days per month, you get around $1000 less 20% commission of Fiverr, you get $800. This is just a rough calculation. You should do the math based on the service you provide. I’m just doing the math keeping $5 as the price for your gig. If your gig is $20 or $50, then you can earn more.
  4. Some of the easy services that makes lot of money includes Tweet my followers ( if you have a large twitter fan following, this is an easy task), Facebook timeline cover, build an animated image, record 30 second video about your company, create a logo, etc.
  5. The money making idea with Fiverr lies on your creativity. Select a service that isn’t time consuming and also what people loves to buy.
  6. Put yourself in the shoes of buyer and decide your service.

All the above mentioned points are so pleasing to read, but how the hell do I make people to buy my gig on Fiverr?

How do I drive traffic to my Fiverr gig? How to market my Fiverr gig?

  1. Your gig keywords are important. Think about keywords people use to search for your service.
  2. Add relevant keywords in the title of your gig
  3. Add keywords in the description of your gig.
  4. Tags should be appropriate.
  5. Add video describing your gig
  6. Attractive images to your service brings lot of visitors
  7. Post about your gig on relevant forums threads.
  8. Share your gigs on Facebook, Twitter like any other product or service.
  9. Make bullet points with clear description of what you will offer to the buyer.
  10. Get testimonials from the clients that you’ve completed successfully.
  11. Create a free blog (serves as a landing page for the keyword on service you offer), YouTube channel (to promote your service) and promote your gig via commenting on blogs, guest blogging etc.
  12. Basic SEO for your landing page can bring in direct traffic from Google for your service.

These are some of the valuable stuff one should read before diving into Fiverr. Fiverr is a great place to make quick money. Hope these tips are useful for you to start your own service on Fiverr.

Find the real talent in you and offer it as a service to people, make some decent money online. Don’t wait for a new day to create your account on Fiverr, do it right away!

OK back to where we started. Do you still think this question is stupid – How to make money on Fiverr?

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  1. gm shovogm shovo says

    Really great post. Previously i used to visit fiverr and was thinking how could i use it for my blessing. Now i got the way. Many many thanks to you.

  2. Ansh says

    Hey Srivathsan,
    Great post , although I tried to use feverr in past but didn’t got success. let me try it again.

  3. Vishesh Kachheda says

    What A Post! Well Written, Lengthy, Descriptive Post!
    I’ve Heard A Lot About Fiverr But Never Tried It 😉
    I’ll Now Create An Account and Will See What I can Offer The Best in My Gigs 😀

  4. Gagandeep SinghGagandeep Singh says

    You have discussed some amazing ways to earn handsome amount of money. Thanx for sharing them with everyone. i will surely try them out.

  5. PitzerPitzer says

    Thank you for the post, its actually quite tempting to use the services offered at Fiverr. I find it quite attractive and affordable, especially the SEO, but the inner voice tells me to avoid that service. In as far as making money is concerned, I know its easy, but I wonder how I would make 2500 dollars a month just for 5 dollars/job.

  6. Babanature says

    I tried the fiverr stuff for a while and gave up because it was time consuming and not yielding any cut. With your tips and how you strategies, i’ll give it one more shot. Thanks

  7. Joe Hart says

    Hi Srivathsan, The best i’ve made a month from Fiverr is $250 dollars..I used to offer SEO gigs like directory submission, social bookmarking, social media promotion etc….One thing i’ve realized is that people tend to purchase your gigs in correspondence with its popularity..Once you get 10-20 people buy your gig, then the rest will happen in perpetual motion…I’ve set my target to $1000 dollars…I hope people buy my gigs.

  8. Malathy BadriMalathy Badri says

    Read your guide. Though well written, there is nothing constructive. I would not call it a killer blog post. It might encourage a newbie to try Fiverr but when the same person read this blog post again, he would probably post a comment like this.
    No offence intended buddy. I would anytime subscribe to your feed.

  9. Corey says

    Wow, really lengthy and detailed post, nice!
    I think those are all great points but I think Gig extras are really key now when it comes to making a lot of money on Fiverr. $4 is nothing after Fiverr takes their cut but if you strip down a service you can do for $5 then attach Gig extras that a buyer would need to buy to make the service worthwhile, you’ll see a nice bump in the average selling price and thus, your hourly rate on Fiverr.

  10. muminur says

    Hey Srivathsan!
    Very informative post. Fiverr is really a trusted marketplace where all can earn some extra bucks per month. Getting your gigs sell for the first time is realy tough. As soon as you sell some gigs and you will get more clients and your sell will rocket fly. This is the reason many beginners became depressed. But consistent work may bring you success

  11. Sekar RSekar R says

    Hi Srivathsan,

    Thanks for the inspiring article. I always on the lookout for earning some extra money, tried some of them and landed in failure. Definitely I am going to try and as you said rightly, will choose the right one.

    Thanks & expecting more articles from you.

  12. Bloggerwits says

    Very nice article

    Few things play an important role in Fiverr..
    Your profile
    Working rate
    No of recomendations
    Past experience
    And respnsive interview 2 your client

  13. Samantha says

    Seems like I’m at the right place, I was planning to add my services on fiverr and I guess these tips are very beneficial for creating my services.


  14. martins says

    I recently joined Fiverr after reading this guide and I must say it is helping me a lot, now I have a gig that is fetching me serious money designing ebook

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