5 Reasons That Force You To Quit Blogging [And How To Fix Them]

5 Reasons That Force You To Quit Blogging

You start blogging with all your dreams. You want to proclaim yourself as an entrepreneur. Or you may want to build that dream business you've always been wanting to build.

Or you want send your message out. Or may be you want to financially support your family by doing your part of "something".

Everyone has different reasons for starting a blog.

However I am quite familiar of coming across abandoned blogs. Blog that are trashed. Blogs that are just dumped as if they are of no use … [Read more...]

5 Key Things You Should Know If You Promised Yourself To Make Money Online

5 Key Things You Should Know If You Promised Yourself To Make Money Online

So, you get all excited about making money online, right? I was SO excited when I first found out that I could make money online. That was back in 2007 when I first found out about blogging.

Actually I was away from home, at the Lancaster University, UK for my Ph. D. That was the first time EVER I was away from home, since I was born. Can you imagine?

I felt really lonely. I missed my mom, dad and everything else back home. Just to replace my loneliness with something else, I started hanging out online.

I usually visited sites that allowed me to download movies, forums, and … well, you guessed it right, BLOGS!

After a few months I started reading about … [Read more...]

My Review Of WebMeUp Backlink Tool


WebMeUp is online SEO software that was launched in early 2013 to focus on accurate data and technology but in a short span of time, the software has proven itself useful in the industry and its popularity has risen unexpectedly in the course of a year. There are different modules developed by WebMeUp software but one of the most significant and efficient ones happen to be the WebMeUp Backlink Tool which can be found on the company website.

It should not be confused with another great product i.e. the backlink module found on the WebMeUp software package, but is a separate tool that is powered directly by an efficient and up-to-date multi-billion backlink index. The backlinks tool offers a convenient and completely free way to view, … [Read more...]

How to Retain Email Subscribers (when they only want a freebie from you)?

How to Retain Email Subscribers

Let me start with this: Email marketing STILL works! It does work even more effectively than it used to work a decade ago. Email marketing might sound to be an old school marketing tactic - but it does its job much more effectively!

And if you are neglecting email marketing just because you think its old school or that it has become ineffective, you are definitely missing out!

I can go on and on talking about the benefits of email - but here’s the thing. Do NOT ignore email marketing thinking its old school! There might be MANY new … [Read more...]

How to Make Blogging a Pleasant Experience?

How to Make Blogging a Pleasant Experience?

Blogging is a hobby for some people while a business for others. There are several kinds of blogs - personal blogs, company blogs, and informational/educational blogs and so on. And there are various niches too.

People blog about travel, dieting, relationships, productivity, and well, blogging – and this list is not complete! These are only a very few of the thousands of niches people are blogging about.

No matter in what niche you blog and no matter what your blogging purpose is, blogging can become unpleasant sometimes. Not “blogging” in general, but the tasks that are associated with blogging could become unpleasant over the time.

Even if you are very passionate … [Read more...]

What is your SEO game plan for 2014?


SEO is as consistent as the river. What you consider today as a white hat, a harmless technique may tomorrow turn out to be something that lands your site into a penalty. But you need to rank your site, right? Even though some people don’t like to focus on SEO, link building and generally just rely on only content, say if you’re running an e commerce site or have started a new company you need to do something so that it gains traction.

There is a lot of investment going on and just hoping that Google would rank you may not be the best thing to do. Again there are niche affiliate sites where you've poured a lot of time and effort to get ranked.

So in 2014 what is your game plan for SEO?

I would … [Read more...]

How To Enhance Your Business Through Effective Email Marketing?


There are different ways to promote a business. You can promote your products and services through online and offline. Over the years, online media have been established and it is consistent in delivering the greatest impact in less time.

Email marketing has unique advantages over other forms of online marketing methods and strategies. Let us check how you can utilize email marketing to further your business by building lasting relations with customers.

What and why?

Email marketing is nothing but conveying the message to prospective and existing customers … [Read more...]

My HitTail Review: Keyword Suggestion Steals The Show


As a blogger, one needs to have at least a working idea of the various tools used to increase traffic flow to blogs. The success of the blog can be attributed to a variety of factors but undoubtedly, optimization of keywords in search engines is a vital point to take care of.

Search engine optimization can be daunting to a newcomer in the field of blogging.  Even experienced bloggers tend to tread cautiously around it.

However, the fact remains, search engine optimization is an … [Read more...]

Overcoming The Fears Of Blogging [Free E-Book]


Everyone has fear(s) for something in their life. Let me start with myself. I used to fear the dark. I had fear of flying and I still fear heights!

Darkness is something I used to fear a lot. I would never walk on roads that aren't well lit. I won’t go into a room in my house without hitting the light switch first. And I usually won’t prefer to stay alone at home - if the family goes away, I join them too :)

But then it happened that I had to be away from home (for the first time EVER in my life) for my Ph. D. I had to live in a separate room in one of the student hostels at the campus in Lancaster University, UK. When I came to know about it I started … [Read more...]

My Blog Promotion Secrets Revealed


Honestly speaking, I was thrilled when I received Jane’s email asking me to write a guest post for her on social media blog promotion because this was one topic I've often been asked about.

So, since it would help me share my blog promotion secrets with all of you, beside it being only my second guest post - I couldn't refuse her :) Blog promotion using social media is very dear to my heart because it’s about something that has always worked for me, right from the time I started blogging. People have always wondered and inquired as to how my blog posts get so many social shares. Everybody does share on social media, but not everybody gets the results as I do. For my recent [Read more...]