7 Exercises to transform your blog from sloppy to savvy


Let me first appreciate you for running a blog. It is not an easy task nowadays.

The web is getting noisier by the minute and you have so much information put out there. People in fact have overwhelming amounts of information on any topic under the sun.

So even if you are running the best blog out there, the chances are you will go unnoticed by anyone.

But there’s good news. When you see a plateau in your earnings, or traffic, or your progress in general, there are certain things you can do to transform your blog.

The transformation is not only a nice thing to your blog and to your readers, but it is an uplifting thing for your business too.

And it is a mandatory thing to do. Here are 7 blogging exercises that will help transform your blog to the next level. By next level, I mean … [Read more...]

Why you’re unable to convert your blog readers into subscribers


So why would you want subscribers anyway? All you need is blog traffic, right?

Traffic numbers are mesmerising especially if you get them in nice values. Thousands of hits per day is something that will surely make you to be proud of!

When you look at the analytics (Google Analytics, or whatever), and when you see those numbers rise, you pat yourself on your back for the good job done.

If I were next to you, I will also pat your back for sure if you see good traffic numbers that are growing regularly. Never mind, I shall send you an e-pat via email.

But before that let’s think about a crucial thing for a while. Is getting traffic all that matters?

Let’s … [Read more...]

One key element to make word of mouth marketing work for you (and how to implement it)


Word of mouth marketing is a wonderful type of marketing that works great for all types of businesses. In particular small business owners like solopreneurs who blog to spread the word about their product or service can make much greater use of WOMM than the big companies.

It is because they are the ones with a small budget, unlike the biggies and WOMM works for free!

So… you have a marketing technique for FREE. Isn’t that tempting?

Of course it is, right?

But there is one key element if you want to make WOMM work for you.

I’ve covered what WOMM is and how great it is in this post > What is word of mouth marketing and why it rocks?

In order to make WOMM work for you, you have to make sure if you (your website/business/content) holds this crucial … [Read more...]

5 Key elements to getting targeted website traffic


Website traffic is something every blogger wants, right? I am yet to see a blogger who would say “I don’t want website traffic” or “the traffic I get is enough”.

It is because traffic is the life blood of a website - without traffic, without real human visitors, you cannot expect to achieve the desired results.

Be it newsletter subscription, product sales, social shares, comments, page views - whatever - without people coming to your website, you cannot expect any of this to happen.

This is point one.

And after point one, there are two other important things -

Web traffic conversion - people who visit your website should actually perform your desired tasks rather than simply leaving!

Targeted website traffic - the right kind of people should visit your … [Read more...]

6 Ways to simplify blogging while maintaining quality and usefulness


So you are overwhelmed. There’s so much on your plate. There’s way too much in your mouth than you can chew.

You have content creation on one had - and too many other things on the other hand. You simply find blogging to be something very complicated.

You ask yourself if you can really handle it all by yourself. You start to think if blogging is really for you. You doubt your skills and your ability to blog.

At the back of your mind, you think if you should quit because blogging is just too complicated.

Well, I’ll say you have made it complicated, because as far as I know, blogging isn’t complicated. But it is possible to make it complicated.

Some bloggers even think that blogging should be complicated if it has to be useful to their readers. They think that they should work really hard to [Read more...]

How to figure out if you’re on the right track to blogging success

How-to-figure-out-if-you are-on-the-right

Blogging is a tough journey. There can be ups and downs. You might be doing all the hard work over the days and still feel you are in the same place - like walking on the treadmill.

You might be sweating, your heartbeat will increase, you might have a great sense of walking miles - but when you look at the simple fact, you are on the same place.

It might be OK (not just OK but, great) with a treadmill workout, but not with blogging.

When you are blogging (assuming you do it as a business) you ought to see some progress. You have to have moved from where you started.

Success starts with progress. Have you progressed with your blogging goals?[Click to tweet this!] Let’s talk about blogging success first

Now, if I want to help you in this post to identify whether you are on the right track to blogging success, … [Read more...]

How to get more Twitter followers (and boost your blog’s traffic)


Who doesn’t want to get more followers on Twitter? I’ve yet to meet someone who’d say its enough. Not just with Twitter followers but also with blog traffic.

In both these cases we all need MOAR of those, right?

Well I used to take Twitter very lightly. Mainly because I was not using the platform more aggressively. When I first got to know about Twitter a few years ago, it sounded all strange to me and I felt totally lost.

The tweets seemed to have a very little life time. There is too much noise. There are millions of tweets going out in a specific day and Twitter has 302 million monthly active users.

Now, that’s a BIG number and if I am not on Twitter I am … [Read more...]

How to boost engagement of your blog for good?

How to boost engagement of your blog?

So you are publishing blog post after blog post. You get some traffic, but that’s it. Nothing else happens!

No sales; no subscriptions; no affiliate sales; no email opens; nothing!

Now that’s heartbreaking isn’t? Really, really heartbreaking.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you get a trickle of traffic or really good traffic. All that matters is engagement.

That might be a very bold statement. But I am not taking it back.

Traffic is of no use without engagement. Which is why we all talk about targeted traffic.

Pointless traffic that comprises of people who just come to your site, stay for a few seconds (or not!) … [Read more...]

6 Unique Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate in Affiliate Marketing


Please, admit it. We want Affiliate Sales.

Back in 2014, when I was promoting an online marketing toolkit on my personal blog, I wasn't getting affiliate sales---I spend first four weeks on creating content, sharing it on social media and telling people about it.

Nothing happened…

I decided that I'm not going to spend next four weeks that way. Instead, I will buy this product, use it personally and then I'll start sharing my experience with my readers.

And, it worked.

Would you be surprised if simple things improve your conversion rate?

Who doesn't like to make more money?

Bloggers and Webmasters struggle to improve their conversion … [Read more...]

What is word of mouth marketing and why it ROCKS


Marketing is one of the scariest departments of blogging (SEO is another one of those).

The word “marketing” sounds too geeky and too alien that it makes most bloggers faint; as if it is not for the faint hearted!

And in fact marketing is not a separate department as many bloggers think of! It is so very well integrated within whatever you do with blogging.

You write a blog post - that is marketing

You leave a blog comment - that is marketing

You do a guest post - that is marketing

You share your blog post in social media - that is marketing