Commentluv Premium Plugin: Genius Features You Shouldn’t Miss

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I love Commentluv. I have been using it since when I knew about it and it is one of the awesome plugins; I wouldn’t be blogging without it.

It is one of a kind plugin that helps a blogger to reward their commenters who comment at the blogger’s blog and at the same time help a blogger to receive high quality do-follow backlinks from commentluv enabled blogs.

Indeed link building has taken a new form and has become much easier due to commentluv.

I have written a couple of posts about the features of the plugin and how it makes your blog a very good space for discussion by providing SEO benefits for your commenters:

Why should you install Commentluv on your blog, and

Commentluv: Getting better, more love and a contest to win (the contest is outdated now).

That is not all – Here’s the premium plugin, and me, one of the beta testers

Andy has been working on a premium version of commentluv; I knew about it as he tweets about it occasionally. But I never thought that I would be invited to apply and also be selected as one of the beta testers for the premium plugin.

That was a surprise and I got a great chance to put my hands on the premium plugin before it was/is released.


Lots of love ….

Now that I’ve put my hands on the plugin, I give you the details about installation and features of this plugin to assist you with using the plugin.

Installation and basics of Commentluv Premium:

Installing commentluv premium is just like installing any other WordPress plugin. When you purchase Commentluv premium, you will get a .zip file of the plugin files. You have to go to your WordPress dash and click on Add New under Plugins. You have to then select the plugin .zip file and click upload.

8-in-1 – Lot less load for your site!

But hang on – you should deactivate (and optionally delete) the following plugins before installing and activating commentluv premium.


2. KeywordLuv

3. Twitterlink Comments

4. Free commentluv

5. Trackback validation plugin

6. Do follow plugin (no follow free or any others)

7. Top commentators widget (top commenluvvers)

8. No Self Ping

Why? Because commentluv premium has all these plugins integrated to itself.

This means that you can drop 8 plugins from your WordPress blog for one plugin – Commentluv premium. This is great for your blog’s speed and in general.

Once you install and activate commenluv premium you will get a notification to enter the username and password. You need to enter them in order to activate and use the plugin.

Once activated you will get the following settings screen:

Commentluv premium general settings page

Click to enlarge…..

As you can see, there are individual settings options for 4 plugins in there. Let’s see the features one by one.

Commentluv premium features

There are a set of primary and appearance settings which are pretty basic. Here is a screenshot of how I have configured them

commentluv primary and appearance settings

Click to enlarge

Note that I have not ticked “Show registration message”. This feature shows a message to the users that they will be given 10 recent posts of theirs to choose from if they register at my site. This is one of the features of the free commentluv plugin.

You can read more about this feature and see some screens in this post:

Commentluv: Getting better, more love and a contest to win

Now I am not using this feature because I’ve got something really shiny. See below.

Not just comment luv but social media love as well

Now instead of asking my commenters to register at my site to get to show 10 latest posts, I can ask them to share some social love with me.

This is an awesome feature of Commentluv Premium that integrates social sharing (in a genius way).

Commentluv premium enticements for 10 posts and dofollow

Click to enlarge…

With these options you can choose whom to give 10 posts and do follow. For instance, I have opted to give 10 posts for those who are either logged in or has 3 approved comments or has given a +1 to the post on Google plus.

I can also tap the power of Twitter and Facebook share and also increase my Twitter following using Commentluv Premium.

Commentluv premium twitter facebook for 10 posts and do follow

Click to enlarge….

As you can see, you can also give 10 posts to people who tweets your posts and/or likes it on Facebook. Key in your twitter username to get more followers.

Choose what you show when you comment on Commentluv enabled blogs

So it is not all about giving. It is about receiving the love too. So when you comment on commentluv enabled blogs, you used to either leave a link to your latest post or a link to one of the 10 recent posts (depending upon the settings in the blog you comment).

Now if you’re a Commentluv premium user, you can override this and choose up to 5 favourite posts or pages to show in the list to choose from. Just make sure you don’t choose the “Contact” page LOL.

Select your favourite posts or pages to show in the 10 posts

Click to enlarge

You also have the awesome option to show your short bio when someone hovers over your commentluv link (it also says that you’re a Commentluv premium user). This is great for branding!

Twitterlink Settings

Twitterlink is an integrated feature in Commentluv premium that allows a blogger to offer the commenter a field to enter his/her twitter username. When the comment is published, the commenter’s twitter profile is also visible leading to good exposure for the commenter.

commentluv premium twitterlink settings

Click to enlarge

There are three options to include twitter links. If the first option 3-Theme or Legacy doesn’t work you need to choose the second option.

The first option doesn’t work with Thesis theme and hence I have chosen the second option.

If you are a geek you can choose the third option and add the twitterlink field yourself.

GASP settings

GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) is a plugin that keeps comments from spam bots right off the bat. If you want to know more about the GASP (standalone) plugin read this post


The integrated version of GASP in Commentluv Premium has the option to blacklist spam (apart from the usual GASP feature). The screen better explains it.

Commentluv premium optional spam detection settings

In addition, the trackback validation feature has various options to set up for better spam free experience.

commentluv premium trackback validation settings

Click to enlarge….

Keyword Name Settings

Keyword name – the keywordluv feature (name changed) of Commentluv Premium enables the commenter to use keyword as anchor text for the link they leave in “Website field”. Normally if keywordluv is not enabled the name of the commenter acts as the anchor text.

Due to this, many commenters tend not to put their name and put a keyword in the name column, thus making the comment look ugly and spammy.

Keywordluv feature helps the commenter use their real name and at the same time use a keyword as an anchor text for their link. Andy’s version of keywordluv is keyword name.

You can choose to “Allow” or “Deny” this feature to enable or disable keyword names, respectively.

You can set the minimum number of approved comments a commenter should have in order to be able to use this feature. You can also set the maximum number of keywords to be used.

Commentluv Premium features

The features I so far discussed are available also in the free version of Commentluv plugin. But let me discuss some premium-only features!


All in all, I love commentluv premium for its genius features. This plugin is a winner in all aspects. I couldn’t miss the genius features and I’m so lucky to be a beta tester of the plugin.

Now that I have touched and tried the plugin, I highly recommend it for any blogger because a commentluv enabled blog is a magnet that attracts a lot of commenters which makes your blog a great platform.

The commentluv premium plugin’s awesome features also help you to make the most out of your blog comments on commentluv enabled blogs.

The CommentLuv Plugin

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  1. Justin | Mazzastick says

    Hi Jane,
    I like the all in one features that are available with the new CommentLuv version. I am continually urging new bloggers to install ComLuv on their blogs to increase comments. Some listen and others don’t.

  2. Mitch Mitchell says

    Thanks for the post Jane. It looks like there’s a lot of good stuff, but I hate that I’m going to visit blogs that are only offering me my last post because they want me to register or others that will only offer one post if I send something to Twitter. But it’ll have to be that way because I kind of don’t want to be coerced into doing anything; I’m feisty like that. So, I’ll be sticking with the original for now it seems.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Ken’s Googlebomb Post – My Head HurtsMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Haha… Mitch, yes I understand that. I think if there is such an option with a plugin (that too a premium one where we pay for that feature) then it’ll be natural for people to use it :) Couldn’t help!

  3. Damon says

    Hey Jane, I like the redesign of the site. I am going to be redoing mine using Thesis shortly.
    I am really chomping at the bit to get my hands on commentluv premium. Have you noticed your social media shares per post increasing now that you have it installed?

    Is there a setting that you can set to allow a do follow link on a social media share instead of just the 10 latest posts? I have noticed that it seems several of the commenluv premium testers have made their commentluv links no follow now. Is there a specific reason for this change that you are aware of?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Damon,

      Good to see you here. Good luck with your thesis site redesign. I did the redesign myself, if you want to avail my services, I’ll be glad to help – just refer to this page for more details – .

      As to social media shares, yes I am seeing a steady increase in my shares for sure.

      Yes indeed there is a setting where you can override the “general” commentluv setting for social shares regarding the nofollow/do-follow.

      The reason for most beta testers making the links no-follow might be that they didn’t have enough time to go around and set things up. I am not sure if everyone did it on purpose, but I left it that way when I had no time :) (Coz you need to tick the enable do-follow, it is not ticked by default!).


    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ivin, you’re right. It’s actually 8 plugins as of now. You know, Andy has been keeping us beta testers busy quite a while with updates and each version of the plugin came with new features. So at the time of writing the post it was 4 now it’s 8. Thanks for that :)

  4. vikashsinavikashsina says

    I use since I knew him and one of the plug-in is great, I would not blog without it.
    It is a kind of plug-in that a blogger, its commentators, the same time on the blog and bloggers can write reward will follow a blogger on the high quality of the back links from blogs CommentLuv Enabled.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Sure I agree. Since then I have commentluv installed on my blog I am seeing a vibrant community here. At the same time you need to have a defense perimeter for spammers. Commentluv premium takes care of that too!

  5. BodynsoilBodynsoil says

    Great article and review. Andy sent out an offer for the $20 to upgrade, I know I read it but now I can’t find the article anymore. errg.. I cleaned out my inbox(s) the other day and fear I lost it (read accidentally deleted) it somehow.. I hope he sends my another one as I now want to upgrade.

  6. Kira PermunianKira Permunian says

    Good to know this update about Premium Commentluv. I love the BlogEngage commentluv as it is really dofollow, unlike the other websites out there who have nofollow commentluv. Oh Anyway, I respect them thinking of we’re not deserving to have dofollow comments on their sites.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Kira, leaving a blog dofollow or nofollow is totally up to the host blogger and we can’t comment about it. Plus a combination of do follow and nofollow links is needed for natural link building.

      • Kira PermunianKira Permunian says

        Thanks for the response Jane! I appreciate it a lot! Oh yah, I completely understand the nature as well I agree to Brian, dofollow is not the only feature commentluv has to offer.

  7. bbrian017 says

    Hi Jane, man this is a hot topic right now huh? I’m starting to forget where I’ve commented because I’ve left about 5 comments on topics such as this now. I’ve said it time and time again 20 USD is a really great price to pay for the features and functionality that this plugin is going to provide. I will pay it ASAP it’s a must for our community blog to have these features for our readers.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Join Blog Engage and download my free e-bookMy Profile

  8. SammySammy says

    i still don’t think it’;s worth it.. why is everyone now promoting the premium version? the free version is pretty good and a lot of bloggers used it and still use it… of course, like a premium thing, it’s better than the free version, but still, i’ll stick with the free one :)

  9. ScottScott says

    Thanks for the info. I never knew the new premium version was so powerful. I may have to consider it for my site. Great behind the scenes explaination.

  10. samrat kaflesamrat kafle says

    Hey Jane i am first time visitor of your blog and your hard work appears everywhere in blog :P.Your review really worth’s a thumbs up.Commentluv is awesome plugin no doubt..

  11. CruzCruz says

    Not bad Jane, I like the idea of the new CommentLuv. I have seen it on other blogs
    but have never gotten to test it. I will try out for this giveaway as well :)

  12. BudiBudi says

    Actually my blog commenluv also been using the plugin with the free version and I admit this plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. I was moved to find much information about this plugin as a reference to the use of a premium version. Thanks for the reviews that add to product knowledge.

  13. CalebCaleb says

    I never realized that it had all of these additional features. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It could cut down on a few plugins for my website which speeds things up, is better for security, and who doesn’t like something that does a lot of things.

  14. ClaraClara says

    I think that all know how sweet is CommentLuv. I like it a lot and here you gave good info about it. I think that more and more people are going to use in in future.

  15. VladVlad says

    The greatest thing about Commentluv Premium Plugin is that I finally could trough Akismet plugin away as Commentluv has GASP there is no more need to worry about spam control!!!

  16. Kevin HughesKevin Hughes says

    The new CommentLuv premium is a huge improvement. Its amazing how fast its spreading through-out quality blogs across the internet!

  17. rockhuki101rockhuki101 says

    It is really a great plugin and worth buying, it is a nice way also to give back some love to your readers. Congratulation Troy I am sure you will love it.
    I hope to see more giveaways from you

  18. Jac EvansJac Evans says

    Thanks for doing arrangement of comment Luv Premium on your blog. We will refer all those who have interest in CLP.

  19. MarkMark says

    CommentLuv and KeywordLuv love encourage visitors to put comments. Even the great spammer will be turn to commenter sometimes because of this plugin. There is no need to spam when you are given the freedom to put your keywords. All in all, this plugin is so great.

  20. kashishkashish says

    The premium version of commentluv looks really promising. I want to get my hands on it but the price is higher than expected. Hoping to find some discounts or giveaway on this.

  21. Elvis ShresthaElvis Shrestha says

    What a fantastic and full summary of what commentluv has to offer, I wrote my little blog on the subject, but I’m going to come back and read yours in more detail cos I don’t think I have grasped all the features yet.

  22. AshokAshok says

    It is quite detailed review that was of great help to make me decide about using CommentLuv Premium on my site. Just 2-3 days, I purchased CommentLuv Premium for my site to give Dofollow benefit to my visitors. Thanks for your great post.

  23. Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson says

    I dont want to sound like I work for these guys but what a brilliant idea! Reward you contributors with back links brilliant You scratch my back and I’ll scartch yours – A*

  24. Joey McJoey Mc says

    I love the commentluv plugin and it shows us tons of useful abilities. This plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. In my opinion, it should be a must-have tool for bloggers these days because of its benefits :)

  25. MarkMark says

    You must upgraid your Comment Luv?
    I love your posts. Thank you for your contributions and that you share with us some great stuff. Yep, i will tweet this your blog…
    Thank you again, and i will check your blog tomorrow…

  26. van businessvan business says

    comment luv plug in is very exciting tool. I am also going to use it in my blog commenting……..
    Thnaks for this nice information

  27. Dan BruscaDan Brusca says

    Just discovered CommentLUV premium and I must say that I see it as a win-win for everyone involved. The blog get increased traffic and social exposure, the commenter gets a nice backlink. The only downside is all those comments you’ll be moderating!

  28. Seo ServicesSeo Services says

    Indeed comment luv has bring a lot of benefits to the many website owners. It is a win win situation for the web owner and the web visitor.

  29. AmitAmit says

    Hi Jane,

    Well ,I am still using free version ..Thanks for telling..comluv premium has lots of features..I will switch to premium soon ..Thanks for the post

  30. Seo servicesSeo services says

    Comment luv has brought many advantages to website owners who want to share their site content in an open posting. Cool feature.

      • Seo companySeo company says

        CommentLuv Premium gives you authority to control social sharing like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also, you can set the number of comments that need to be approved before these can be enabled.

        You can Do-Follow all your comments or even you can provide the function to add keywords in name field. However, it is not recommended that you enable the both because spammers will make your blog spam heaven.

        • Jane Sheeba says

          Thanks for your comment. Although its quite funny that you’ve used your keyword in the name field instead of your real name (this is a keywordname enabled blog, by the way). I hope this is how spamming starts!

  31. SammySammy says

    I gradually use to have my own list of sites which promotes and uses commentluv. I see it as more effective tool on optimizing my site, it’s a lot more promising rather than those plug0ins that’s not worth it of your time.

  32. waqas says

    Comments luv, I think it is actually a trick. It would be an awesome use for a big blog, especially for people who really love to blog a lot of what they’re doing. I just came across your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog post. Thanks for sharing the useful information about comment love plugin.

  33. TarunTarun says

    this plugin help only to encourage user to post comments, spammer are encouraged to post comments , many dont even read the post clearly ..and post comment to get links..

  34. hochzeitsmusikhochzeitsmusik says

    I can also tap the power of Twitter and Facebook share and also increase my Twitter following using Commentluv Premium. I think social media network can play good role to promote ranking any website because is one of the powerful way to increase traffic.

  35. Neil Martin says

    I love keywordluv too. I actually found an interesting fact about keywordluv. It seems the webmaster who uses the plugin can also have an increased page rank!!.

  36. GautamGautam says

    i really liked commentluv plugin after reading your review in this article. now i think i want to use premium version plugin.

  37. JohnJohn says

    commentluv is significant for getting more back links and increasing more traffic to your site.commentluv really help to drive more traffic on your site.

  38. Shalu SharmaShalu Sharma says

    I recently found out about commentluv and so I am using the free version of it on my blog. But I am seriously considering getting the premium version. When combined with gasp, I think it works very well.

  39. Emre IlkmeEmre Ilkme says

    I have tried this list some great blogs are there in the list. I am regular visitor of some commentluv enabled blogs. I usually leave comments on those posts which are interesting and informative.

  40. GregGreg says

    I think I have to agree with the other comments. It’s likely time to upgrade from the free version of CommentLuv and take advantage of the paid versions features. Thanks for the tips.

  41. Micky says

    very interesting plugin I do have a question have you noticed if this plugin has slowed down your site at all? It seems it would be a rather heavy plugin to use.
    I am curious about it though and will keep it in mind I find it could be very useful on sales sites!
    Thanks for introducing me to it!
    Micky recently posted..Cool New Mini Gadgets 2012My Profile

  42. AdamAdam says

    Commentluv is absolutely revolutionary in the commenting world. It truly increases engagement and has changed the way bloggers can connect with each other. Andy Bailey is a genius!

  43. shashi kumar says

    Really it’s a great post for me even everybody. It’s a best plugin for bloggers.
    As you described above so many add on features too much useful. I have not used that kind of thing before but now it’s great to know from your blog about it. I have read you problogger pdf newbie very much informative.
    Keep it

    Thanks for sharing

  44. Emre IlkmeEmre Ilkme says

    A great resource of wonderful posts that care of the weekend reading for me.I read the success mindset yesterday and it was a very good read. I just want to thank you for linking the highly recommend it.I still do have a lot of work to do on that front but I am happy with the progress.

  45. MelissaMelissa says

    CommentLuv enabled blogs helps a lot in maintaining a healthy conversation. I have also seen that most of the bloggers are not using the premium features of the Plugin. Thanks for sharing the informative post.

  46. Stephen hammettStephen hammett says

    thoroughly agree with the earlier comment, You made in depth analysis.The information available here is great.Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful for me, thanks

  47. Nehal KabraNehal Kabra says

    Using CommentLuv premium is one of the best strategies to get comments as well as Social media shares. It is not only useful for the Blog owner but also for the one who comes and comments.

  48. Aseem Pahwa says

    Commentluv is the best way to not only getting some backlinks but also encourage discussions on our blogs. The problem is just many people write short and valueless comments to earn backlinks, therefore the numbers of blogs installing this plugin is decreasing by time.

  49. richaricha says

    Hey jane
    Comment Luv is indeed a great plugin to have for any blogger because of the great advantages it offers. It allows not only interact with readers but also help generate good traffic. I am a great fan of this plugin. Its rocking.

  50. AbhishekAbhishek says

    Currently using the premium version for some of my blogs and it simply rocks…its so so much better than the free version and has so many additional features to it.

  51. PurnimaPurnima says

    Salutary share Jane . CommentLuv Premium plugin indeed has an edge over the free version in many aspects. Twitterlink is an effective feature that enables one to use social media in a favourable manner to bolster business.

  52. EasinEasin says

    Really it’s a great post for me even everybody. It’s a best plugin for bloggers.
    As you described above so many add on features too much useful. I have not used that kind of thing before but now it’s great to know from your blog about it.Thanks lot of shearing your great post .

  53. sumon says

    I’m going to visit blogs that are only offering me my last post because they want me to register or others that will only offer one post if I send something to Twitter. But it’ll have to be that way because I kind of don’t want to be coerced into doing anything;

  54. sumon says

    great tips! it was really great going through your post and undoubtedly this plugin is one that is worth every penny spent. I am myself a big fan of comment love.

  55. AllinAllin says

    Comment Luv premium plugin is a great tool to use. It shows great results. The various benefits of the premium plugin has made it extremely popular among bloggers.

  56. selenaselena says

    Very interesting update for commentluv. I love the idea behind the system. It increases and rewards people that come and add value added comments to your blog. I think this sort of thing will increase in the future to encourage a lot more valuable feedback from great posts out there.

  57. AnupAnup says

    @Sheeba :

    I have already purchased the premium versions…i am writing on my new blog too!!Very interesting update for commentluv. I love the idea behind the system.

  58. David BurksDavid Burks says

    I have been using commentluv for a while and started to get valuable comments recently. This is a very nice plugin to fight against spam. It also provide social media exposure.

  59. Benfinn101 says

    I like, maybe even love the new 8 in 1 by commentLuv – but I’ve read that many are having “bug” or code issues with it – So I think that I’m going to wait a little longer until they work out these buggy problems and then I’ll buy it.

  60. britni lindabritni linda says

    “Lov Comment” is a nice invention. But I didn’t use it in my site because mine is a new site and I’m afraid of the traffic juice may flow to someone else’s site.

  61. sunnyson548sunnyson548 says

    Great information, i think it is better to visit this site for the bigeniers where they can resolve their questions. Comment luv is an very attractive plugin for every site to install and upgrade to premium to enjoy the advance options. By commenting you may keep a good contacts withe the other. Great to see this post by sharing their own thoughts.
    Thanks to each every one… keep going on friends

  62. kimseakimsea says

    Thanks for sharing! This tips make me sense about the Premium commentluv. I started blogger blog since 2011 but Now I try one more wordpress blog and will host it one this April. I know the premium commentluv have many benefit to my wordpress blog thus I try to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing.

  63. JessicaJessica says

    I like the redesign of the site. I am going to be redoing mine using Thesis shortly.
    I am really chomping at the bit to get my hands on commentluv premium.

  64. JamesJames says

    Thanks for the post Jane. It looks like there’s a lot of good stuff, but I hate that I’m going to visit blogs that are only offering me my last post because they want me to register or others that will only offer one post if I send something to Twitter.

  65. AlfrescoAlfresco says

    I read for now only positive things about CommentLuv. Actually I am hesitating between this and Livefyre, both are really cool plugins and have their advantages. Reading your post just make me easier to choose, thanks for the informative review

  66. Anchal says

    Hey Jane,
    Commentluv is a amazing plugin never used it before. I am going surely going to use it in my websites now and will redirect all my websites now.

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