How to write product reviews that are genuinely useful?

How to write product reviews that are genuinely useful?

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money blogging and product reviews are a major part of it. There are various benefits to making money via affiliate marketing:

  • You don’t have to create a product to sell
  • You don’t have to provide support to the product
  • You don’t have to work on updating the product

But still you can make a share of the product’s price in the form of affiliate commissions, even if you don’t own the product and haven’t worked for its creation.

I consider this to be super cool which is why I urge every blogger to have affiliate marketing as part of his/her income stream.

Note that, I am not encouraging you to do only affiliate marketing and do not create products of your own. You should be, in the course of time, creating your own products and establishing yourself in the industry.

But affiliate marketing is something you should keep along the side, all the way in your blogging journey. Given its benefits, it is something too good to ignore.

If you are an established blogger, a casual mention of a product in a blog post with an affiliate link will earn you lots of commissions.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. In order to gain that status you have to build trust among your audience – if you casually mention a product and if you want people to buy it like hot cakes, you should build that level of trust among them.

When you are writing product reviews you should follow certain principles so that the review is both useful to the reader as well as helps in getting you affiliate sales.

Let me share some of the tips to help you write great product reviews.

Be genuine when writing product reviews

If you are into building a stable online business, trust is something you should aim to build. And with affiliate marketing where you recommend someone else’s product, if people don’t trust you, they won’t trust your recommendations too. It is as simple as that.

It is normal that you want to write a review where you directly push the sale. You desperately want to do the sale, right? And that feel of “desperation” is a bad thing. Coz you will then not hesitate to make false claims or give away false positive information about the product in order to do that sale; and this is a very bad thing.

This is bad in two ways:

  1. In the name of writing a review and in order to make a sale, you are misleading your readers with incorrect information.
  2. It won’t take long for people to smell your fake stuff – there are lots of other sources that offer true information and they can easily cross refer. And, when they find out, you are going to ruin your trust factor.

As you can see, giving away false information and writing a review merely to make a sale is bad for both your readers and to your business. So stay away from it.

Don’t focus on quick commissions; aim to build trust rather [Click to tweet this!]

Do not write a review of a product that you haven’t used

This is one of the most common mistakes made by many bloggers when they write product reviews. They don’t care if they have used the product or not. If that particular product could earn them a decent commission, they tend to jump in and write a review – they only have the commission in mind!

You cannot tell your readers that product “A” is good at doing “XYZ” unless you have used that “A” and have done “XYZ” with that.

So, do not attempt to write a product review if you haven’t put your hands on it. Without the experience you cannot write a genuine review. You cannot promise things. You cannot say what will work and what won’t unless you see it for yourself.

Moreover you will be able to better explain features of the product and other stuff if you have experience using it.

Don’t write a “buy it now” kind of review

OK this one is a biggie. We all want the commission from affiliate sales. That’s the whole point of affiliate marketing and I don’t deny that. But if your review sounds so desperate that you absolutely want the reader to buy that product, they are not going to buy it from you.

People won’t buy from you if you write a buy-it-now review [Click to tweet this!]

From the perspective of the reader, they want a review that tells them the positives and negatives of the product in a genuine manner. But if your review sounds as if it wants them to buy and buy only, they clearly know that your review will be focused on the sales.

If a review is focused on the sale, surely, the person writing the review will focus only on the positives of the product and there will be no usefulness from the perspective of the person reading the review.

On the other hand, a review that does not focus on the sale will cover all the necessary aspects of the product, thus making it useful to the reader!

Write tutorials/guides

This is another important aspect when you look at it from the reader’s perspective. A reader is looking to buy a particular product and they are looking for expert opinion. They are reading/researching the opinion of other persons who have already used the product.

And if you write in-depth tutorial and guides about using the product or write about how the product can be used for a particular purpose, or tips and tricks, this will add spice.

For one, people will come to know that you have very good experience in using the product and that you are an expert! So your opinion will actually count.

Second, people will know for sure that even if they buy the product and get stuck at a particular thing, they can refer to your tutorial or guide. This will also psychologically encourage them to buy through your affiliate link rather than from any other person.

Writing product reviews – Conclusion

If you are into affiliate marketing for making money blogging, writing reviews is one of the best ways to make money. Rather than randomly mentioning a product in social media (with your affiliate link), if you write a useful review, you will not only be providing value to your readers but will also put your affiliate link on a page that could get consistent amount of traffic and attraction (unlike a social media update or a random mention).

Well written product reviews usually rank well in search engines and continue to receive consistent traffic. This means, if you sit down and do the work once, your review can act as a sales person doing the affiliate sales for you 24/7 even when you are sleeping.

This is why writing product reviews is a crucial part of doing affiliate marketing. There are lots of steps involved in affiliate marketing including choosing the right product, but the review writing bit is the most crucial aspects of all.

With a perfectly written review you can not only count on the sales but you can also build trust for the years to come.

Have you written product reviews?

What aspects you have missed and what are your plus points?

Are you proud of your reviews in the sense they are genuinely useful to your readers?

Will your readers trust you if they read your reviews?

Think about these things and you can improve a lot on writing reviews.

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  • MSI Sakib

    Hi Jane,
    You help me a lot via this fantastic article. I was thinking to write product reviews for my new blog. But I have no knowledge as didn’t write any review before. Your guideline taught me review writing. One thing I want know from you. That is, which kind of review is more effective/converts more? video or article review?

    • Jane Sheeba

      Depends on your audience and your speciality Sakib. If you usually write text based posts and if your readers resonate with that it would be good to stick to it.

  • Sherryl Perry

    Reviewing products isn’t something that I’ve done much of. I have written a few posts about CommentLuv (in which I’ve included my affiliate link) but I’ve never called them a review. That’s something that I should consider doing. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Thanks for stopping by Sherryl. People do search for “product name reviews” when they are in the buying mode. So if you want to make money in the form of affiliate commissions, naming your reviews as reviews is a good thing to do :)

  • Claudinei

    Hi Jane!

    Thank you for this awesome content! I´ve done just one product review about one of the products I´ve been working as affiliate! I will consider all the tips you have mentioned to improve this part of my job!

    Thank you!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Glad you like the post Nei. You should do more reviews to help your audience and make money while at it!

  • Palla Ramarao

    Hello Jane! Your writing style is worth a review itself. But my basic question is – How can we review products which we cannot buy? I think you understand my point. Either we have to copy from others or become penniless trying them..Please guide me in this regard!!!

    • Jane Sheeba

      That’s a brilliant question Palla. I’ll write a detailed post on it.

  • Nathaniel Kidd

    Hi Jane,

    I love this article. Many times out of desperation as you mentioned I have wrote a product review. Overtime I have learned to just tell my story about my experience with the product, both the good and the bad.

    The reader wants to know what is in it for them. How will this p roduct or service enhance their life or solve a problem. I think if we stay mindful of that, we then will not have to hype up any product and we will be able to write an effective review. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Well said Nathaniel. As to the reader they want some seriously good information coz while searching for a review, people are essentially in the buying mode. And when they are about to spend money, they want good, genuine information about the product. We have to make sure we deliver what they expect.

  • Atinder

    Hi jane,

    We must write Honest reviews after trying out the product. I hate those who write review without trying, giving false information to Audience which then cost them many readers.

    So, the best way to write reviews is, take some time, try out the product and write your experience.

    • Jane

      Certainly, Atinder!

  • Majharul Hossain

    Yes, it’s true that all the blogger has an ambition to make money from their blog by selling affiliate products. There are also tons of articles based on how to sell affiliate products on blogs. But, I guarantee that people will not make any money from affiliate marketing if they don’t write the reviews for a genuine interest. For example- If you’re writing a review on a camera then you have to show any original picture taken with the camera. Or, if you’re writing a review on a laptop then you have to show that “you are working with the laptop” in a picture or a video. It’ll make a positive impact on your readers to buy the mentioned product on your article.

    And, Jane! you’ve made a quality point that- a review should not tell “buy it now”.

    It will make a bad impression on readers. Because they want to hear something from you (you=review writer) about the product, not to buy. Your only duty is to sent your readers to the merchant site by making a positive feeling about the product.

  • Kevin Duncan

    Hi Jane,

    Great pointers. Affiliate marketing really is a great way for bloggers to dip their toes into making money with their blogs.

    As you said, they don’t have to create a product, they don’t have to support it, and they don’t have to update it. They just need to point people to the product.

    I currently have affiliate accounts with AWeber, HostGator and BlueHost, but I’ve yet to actively market them. It’s something on my to-do list, for sure.

    Thanks for visiting Be A Better Blogger last week and commenting. It’s so much fun receiving new comments from new readers!

    I published a new post this morning (“There is no magic formula for achieving blogging success”). Feel free to stop by and read it when you have time!

    Hope you have a great day, Jane. Keep up the great work.

  • Jane

    Thanks for stopping by Kevin. Your blog is on my reading list, so I’ll keep visiting :)

    • Kevin Duncan

      Thanks, Jane. Appreciate it!

      Hope you’re having a great day.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Jane,

    I’m oftentimes asked about writing product reviews mostly from either brand new bloggers or people who are thinking about coming online because they have the idea that they can make a lot of money this way. I just shake my head and wonder how they ever got that idea and then I remember, oh wait, I had the same one over seven years ago. Silly me.

    It’s all about building up a following of people that will trust that what you’re promoting its legit. I have people ask me if I’ll write a product review for their product but I don’t use it so I always turn them down. I don’t want to spend my time trying out people’s products and then my site becomes all about selling. That’s not the direction I care to go myself.

    You really hit on the important points here in this post. I still see a lot of people doing it wrong but the more seasoned ones are really doing it right.

    Great share, thank you again and hope you have a wonderful week.


    • Jane

      Well said Adrienne :) It is always about building trust and if we do reviews for the sake of money alone, we will be ruining the trust in the first place! Thanks for your comment!