Internet Marketing Strategies 101 For Home Based Business Bloggers

Internet Marketing Strategies 101 For Home Based Business Bloggers

Internet marketing strategies – this notion is overrated and misunderstood by many newbie bloggers. Even some established bloggers have no idea about what they’re doing in the name of internet marketing.

Internet marketing is not an alien concept. It is not something that you need to learn by spending thousands of dollars – though, that kind of learning and training will highly help.

But here I keep in mind all those aspiring bloggers who have a very high level of enthusiasm and a very thin wallet.

Just because you cannot pay to learn the marketing secrets of a guru doesn’t mean you cannot run a successful home based business blogging.

Now, I am NOT against experts and their teaching. I am NOT against training schools, training programs, courses, ebooks and the like that teach/train bloggers to get it right. I’m a fan of learning and I continuously invest in training material to keep my knowledge fresh and to learn some insider (pro) tips.

However, it is not a mandatory thing to get started with blogging. And when you are not making enough money or if you are not making any money at all, it is not wise to invest on such programs.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. You can learn via free sources like this blog post!

This blog post is to clarify the concept of internet marketing and to help you devise certain important strategies wisely. Let’s get started.

Please note that even though the title of the post says “Internet marketing strategies 101″ some strategies I discuss below won’t be directly “marketing” strategies. But I strongly believe that these strategies should be incorporated into your blogging strategy to get optimal results in an online business.

PS: A while ago I started the Home Based Business Bloggers – The Big Picture series. In the middle of it I got sick and had to discontinue the series.

Now I have decided to start it back again – although I won’t be posting consequent posts on the topics of the series, I will now write on those topics frequently to complete that series.

A blog start-up strategy

No matter how cool your business is, if you are online you gotta let people know about it. In short, you should attract potential clients/customers to your website (that represents your business).

How are you supposed to do that?

Of course you can do it in various ways (I will discuss some of those ways in the traffic strategy below). But it is not all about traffic.

Attracting traffic and building a stable online business isn’t just about hanging out on social media or on other blogs (leaving comments, writing guest posts etc.).

Apart from all these you should have your own marketing tool that will work for you 24/7 to attract clients/customers. And that marketing tool shouldn’t be “just” a marketing tool, but it should also be extremely helpful to your clients.

What is that tool?

A blog!

A blog is the marketing tool that stays online always (even while you sleep or while you’re on a vacation), and it continues to attract clients/prospects no matter if you are working or not.

As a part of your marketing strategy you should first have a blog start up strategy. To devise a blog start-up strategy, you will need to think about the following aspects:

1. What is the purpose of your blog? (ex. To attract clients, to spread the word about your product/service and so on). It is important that you have a clear purpose – as I say quite often, “Clarity first. Blogging next”.

clarity first

2. How much can you spend on your blog? (What is your budget? Even if you are just starting out and even if you are on a very tight budget, you should spend on setting up your blog.)

Blog setup doesn’t have to be a BIG task that makes you spend thousands of dollars. You can have a blog set up in a professional way for a reasonable and affordable price (I offer that service!).

But my point is, since because you lack money (most probably while you are starting out fresh), you should not go for the free options.

A blog on a free platform like Blogger or is not the way you present yourself to your customers.

The very basic elements you need are a domain, a professional theme (like Genesis), and an affordable hosting. I will point you to one of the earlier posts in this series that tells you how you can set up a WordPress blog on a budget.

<<How to start a home based business blogging on a budget and still succeed?>>

Here are other resources on this topic that will help you:

All time best blogging advice in one place

How to start a blog in 15 minutes

Traffic strategy

You certainly need traffic for your online representation of your business – your blog. Traffic is the life blood of a blog. Without traffic your blog is totally useless – in the sense that if you have developed a blog as a marketing tool (I can’t think of other reasons or what’s the point if you have a blog and not use it to spread the word about your business?!)

Now everyone want lots of traffic. No blogger would say that the traffic they’re getting is enough – even if they’re getting a million page views per month.

We all want MORE traffic.

But you should be very careful about obsessing on numbers. Not all traffic is useful to you and if you are blindly going on a hunt for traffic numbers you have to stop now.

This is why it is important to device a traffic strategy.

Just don’t aim for any traffic. What you need is targeted traffic. [Click to tweet this!]

So before you put in all your hard work, energy, time and money into getting traffic, pause a while and think about what kind of traffic you need. Ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Who are interested in what you offer (your business/product/service etc.)?
  2. Find out your ideal customer avatar (demographics, psychographics etc.)
  3. Find out where your ideal customer hangs out!
  4. Find out the problems/issues/pain points of your ideal customer

And then devise your traffic building strategy.

You will need to present your website and create content tailored to that audience (more on content creation in a bit). You need to optimize your content for search engines by keeping this in mind.

You need to run guest blogging campaigns and comment on relevant blogs where your target audience will hang out.

You need a social media plan – you need to hang out and be helpful on those social media sites where your target audience are present. Not your favorite social media sites!

So I hope you got the point. Don’t blindly go after traffic.

Content strategy

Content strategy

Just like the traffic strategy, having a content strategy is a must. You cannot just create random blog posts to fill up your blog.

You just cannot publish pointless content just for the sake of publishing and for the sake of keeping a publishing schedule.

You need to create a content strategy that is tailored to serve your audience, and to promote your business at the same time.

Your content should incorporate your ideal customer avatar. You should tailor your content so that your target audience benefits from it.

You should write helpful and actionable blog posts so your readers can find your blog really helpful and find it as a go-to resource.

This kind of content strategy will help you gain lots of targeted traffic and the kind of traffic that sticks. And the kind of traffic that converts.

And you should plan your content well so you publish with a long term focus in mind.

And, you shouldn’t forget about SEO when it comes to content creation (I know I’ve used a lot of “and”s so far).

You need to start off by doing keyword research – identify the right kind of keywords. You need to write posts based on keywords that people are actively searching for.

Popular keywords (in your niche) will help you identify issues that are bothering your target audience. If the keyword is popular it means that particular topic is popular among your target audience – a lot of people are either interested in that topic (they want to know more about it) or it is a popular pain point.

Another important thing with content strategy is that your content should “align” with the purpose of your business. You should be able to seamlessly integrate a call to action directly to your product/service or make a recommendation with every piece of content you create.

Marketing strategy (as in promotion)

Now, let’s talk about the actual marketing. You can market your blog in various ways. Blog promotion is a wide area. But the two biggies of your marketing plan – Email marketing and Content marketing, need the big picture attention from you!

For these two strategies you need to make plans keeping the big picture of your business in mind and you should have long term goals in mind.

Email Marketing strategy

Now, let’s talk about email marketing. First things first, you need to start building a list right away. Don’t put off this step thinking you need X amount of traffic per day to build a list.

If you read my blog post on things to do before you promote your blog, I’ve clearly said that you need to put all those converting elements in place before you invite a visitor.

It doesn’t matter if you get 10 visits per day or 10,000 – if you don’t have an email sign up form on your blog, then you are missing out on converting those traffic numbers into your assets.

With email marketing, starting is the key [Click to tweet this!]

So what do you need to do to start with email marketing?

You first need to decide what you are going to offer as an incentive to encourage people to join your email list. It is not mandatory that you give an incentive. A simple call to action like “Sign up for free updates” can work well too.

There are both positives and negatives in providing a freebie for signing up – like people might just want to download your freebie and then unsubscribe. If this is what is bothering you, I’ve written a post on the topic > How to retain email subscribers (when they only want a freebie from you)?

It depends on your business. So you have to decide. Once you’ve made that decision, you need to choose an email autoresponder service to help you with all the setup and sending bulk manual and automated emails to your list. My recommendations are Aweber and GetResponse.

  1. And then you need to create lists/campaigns, however it is called in your email autoresponder service.
  2. Then you need to create web forms and write autoresponder emails.
  3. You need to create certain pages like the landing page, page to display after the reader confirms subscription and a thank you page where you list your freebie(s) for download or display a simple thank you message.
  4. You need to put up call to actions at appropriate places on your site – like the sidebar, after the header, after posts and on specific landing and resource pages.

With email marketing, there are two phases –

  1. Where you strategically create funnels to capture sign ups
  2. Where you deliver awesome content, keep your list engaged, stay well connected and in good relationship with people on your list and use it strategically to promote, sell, etc. – whatever your business goal is.

So, make sure your email marketing strategy embraces both the phases properly.

Internet marketing strategies 101


it is all about creating the right strategies that are tailored for your business! [Click to tweet this!]

That’s my point with this post.

Without the right internet marketing strategies there’s no way you can get success with your blog! Yes that’s a pretty bold statement, but its true – and I say that from my personal experience.

I’ve wasted months without proper strategies and I’ve felt frustrated.

Now I know where I went wrong. Hence, I share the same with you.

Don’t waste any more time publishing new blog posts, or redesigning your blog or doing pointless stuff.

Sit down and work with creating the right blogging strategies for you and approach blogging strategically!

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  1. Reginald says

    Hi Jane,

    For me, I believe there isn’t any one strategy would work for everyone. We should all create the right strategy that fits our need.

    You nailed it especially with those tips and great write! Keep it up :)

  2. Dexter Roona says

    Hi Jane thanks for stopping by and commenting on my article over at infobunny. Very nice blog you have here, can i ask are you using any social sharing platforms, like Hootsuite or CashUnite / Multisocialsuite, would be interested to know if you have any methods for getting traffic.

    regards Dexter Roona

  3. QasimQasim says

    Hi Jane,

    It’s important to learn all the ways that we can promote our websites and blogs and since each blog is unique; we need to test each possible way and depending on the results we can adjust our plan to get better results.

  4. Nathaniel KiddNathaniel Kidd says

    Hi Jane,

    Great points on having an actual marketing strategy. I see a lot of blog posts that are not actionable and pretty much just endless with no true reason for the post. I think that having a strategy in place will keep you focused on your end result that you hope to achieve.

    If you do not know what your end result is, then of course your readers will not know what it is you want them to do besides read your post. Once we identify our strategy, decide how much money we have to spend towards that strategy, and track the results of the strategy we have in place, we are definitely moving in the right direction.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Jens P. Berget says

    Hi Jane,

    I have done everything in the opposite direction. I’ve started blogging and marketing (driving traffic) without a strategy. Now, I know that I should have started creating a strategy and answering questions like Why? What? and How? But, I have been too eager to get started :)

    Great post Jane, and happy Friday.


  6. Mi Muba says

    Hi Jane Sheeba
    Without proper strategy success is can be desired by can never be achieved. You and expert mentor on developing internet marketing strategies and several time told its importance in your earlier post.
    For newbie bloggers developing a marketing strategy may be a gigantic task because many of them mix it up with their blogging plan. They need to understand the difference between the two and should never by shy to take the help of their senior fellows to develop a proper strategy.
    Once again thanks a lot for such a wonderful post that is really great help for all types of bloggers.

  7. Samir says

    Nice post I must say, blog is of course a best tool for marketing as I can take your blog as a typical example. It would surely get lot of exposure to our business and also if we wanna promote any produts.


  8. Vicky says

    Hi Jane,

    i believe this post has given me a new perspective view of internet marketing and the use of blogs for business promotion.


  9. vella di says

    Thanks for great article, You make some really good points and that is internet marketing is for anybody looking for business not just for optimizers.
    As a small business owner, the ability to maximise information (such as contained on this site) is paramount to developing an online presence.
    Thanks for sharing…….

  10. Tushar Thakur says

    Nice article. I have been doing Internet Marking for years and what I understood is two things are very important to get succeed in it. 1) patience and lot of patience 2) Motivation

    Without motivation people keep jumping about the stuff and often ended-up in nothing.

    Thanks for nice tips. :)

  11. Anil Agarwal says

    Having both content and promotion strategy is what makes a site successful in 2015 and beyond.

    Most bloggers are building mediocre blogs because they lack of strategies. They always give up when the things are just getting better.

    That being said, great marketing strategies you’ve listed in this article Jane. Great share.

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