Aweber Review >>> Is It Really The Best Autoresponder In The Market?

Aweber is the name you hear every time you think about getting the best email autoresponder for your business. Am I right?

OK, before talking about Aweber, let me quickly touch an important point.

Email marketing – this one’s a biggie! And its mostly ignored by the newbies, which is indeed a shame.

Why? Because people think its old school.

Because they think that there are far more advanced techniques or avenues to reach out to their readers/followers/customers (like social media or blogging).

Because they don’t understand its importance.

Because they’re ignorant!

…And I would really blame them (and no one else) for that.

I know that could have sounded little harsh – but that’s the truth.

Time and time again, I see so many top bloggers insist on building an email list (I know Derek Halpern from Social Triggers really stresses this point).

And time and time again we all read those great blog posts by those biggies and … what do we do? We appreciate the blogger for writing an awesome post and move on to read another blog post or watch a Youtube video!

Do you take action? If you answered “yes”, then you’re a blessed kind! And you can survive!

If not, then, may be I should take the privilege of twisting your arm and make you do it (I hope you don’t mind :)).

To start with – read this post to help you build an email list FAST

What has this introduction to do with Aweber review?

This is the point I’m trying to convey: I took action and I am reaping benefits. If you want to reap benefits, I want you to be bold and take ACTION.

Well, Aweber is the email autoresponder service that I use to build my list and to keep in touch with my subscribers.

Basically my online business is built on that email list I am building, and Aweber helps me with that (well, actually I can’t do this without Aweber).

Well, you can pretty much choose any autoresponder service – there are many in the market.

But why choose Aweber?

That’s the point of this post here. Read through this post till the end and go figure if Aweber is for you or not!

A little talk about email autoresponders

If you are in the blogging business you would have already heard the importance of autoresponders. They make your lives much easier.

Can you think about manually collecting the email ids of your blog visitors who are interested in your content? Well, I’m not sure if a manual procedure for the same even exists.

And if you manage to collect those emails, do you think that you can send bulk email autoresponders in an orderly fashion so as to use it as a funnel and as fodder to your email subscribers? I don’t think so!

And here comes email autoresponder services that help you seamlessly collect people’s email ids (ethically, of course) by putting up nice web forms, check boxes, pop ups whatever; and then help us craft a set of automatic emails to be sent at regular intervals to those subscribers.

So it doesn’t matter if a subscriber joins today or a month later, you can ensure that they will be supplied with good quality content at regular intervals with autoresponders.

But OK, yes I hear you. You don’t have to choose to send autoresponder (canned) emails if you don’t like to send the same.

However I’d personally suggest a combination of autoresponder (canned) and broadcast (live) emails. That works great for me.

OK so why Aweber? Back to the question…

Aweber review: The email autoresponder features

1. Unlimited lists with Aweber

This one is a show stealer; you don’t pay a penny extra for having more than one lists. If I have an Aweber account I can simply create unlimited lists.

If you have one or more blogs/websites, niche sites etc. for which you want to build an email list, this option comes in cool.

And even if you just have one blog/website, you might want to create different lists for different purposes. Say, a list for blog updates, one for the newsletter and one for the free course you’re offering.

For instance I have 5 websites and I have lists for each of them, plus on Problogging Success, I have two lists – one for the newsletter and one for the Write Killer Content course (by the way, don’t forget to sign up for this awesome free course).

1.1. Segment lists: Create list segments with Aweber

Not just raw lists, but you will be able to segment the lists into specific groups. This can be used for sending targeted emails to a particular group of people.

Say if your analytics show that your last email (which was about email marketing) was opened by a group of people.

You can create a segment of this specific group of people who were interested in opening your “email marketing” related email and you can target a specific (related) product or an idea to that group of people.

2. Aweber autoresponder email deliverability

If all those nice emails you write don’t get to your subscriber’s inbox, what’s the whole point? Aweber ensures that 99+% of your emails get delivered properly.

Aweber maintains a good relationship with the ISPs. Plus they have a strong anti-spam policy. Aweber lets you “see” if your email smells spam even before you send them.

Aweber review: Spam sensor

Including a text version in your email ensures that your emails are safe – this is very reasonable since not all email clients won’t display HTML messages properly.

3. Blog broadcast (or RSS to email)

This makes sending blog updates so easy. More on how you can effectively do it here –

Blog broadcast: Aweber gives you enhanced scheduling options

or watch this video

4. Aweber email templates

Aweber has over 150 email templates, helping you create professional emails just like that.

Plus you can easily brand your emails by either altering the already available email templates or create your own template.

5. Email marketing campaign analytics

Aweber’s analytics gives you in-depth insights of your subscriber activity and your email campaign performance.

Apart from that, find out how you can track your page and form conversions:

6. Aweber: Social media integration

Aweber makes it dead easy for you to share your email marketing campaigns. A tutorial on how to do this here –

Aweber clubs social media with email marketing

or watch this video

7. Split testing your email marketing campaigns

This one is a very important feature for any autoresponder and Aweber makes it dead easy for you. What can you split test?

Length of your emails, personalization, company name, wordings, appearance, subject lines etc. Just about anything, actually.

8. Ease of use

Aweber’s interface makes it extremely easy for it use even by newbies (like me when I started out). Be it creating web (sign up) forms, creating email campaigns, scheduling, social integration etc.

Aweber makes them all quite easy to implement. Most of the stuff comes in handy with a few clicks.

9. Embeddable and integrable

Aweber makes is quite easy to embed your sign up forms anywhere to your website – you can opt to

(a) copy paste a javascript code to your site, or

(b) have the form code emailed to your designer or

(c) have aweber host the form for you.

I always go for (a), which is fine for me. You can also choose to have your web form to pop up.

Plus Aweber is easily integrable with most of the popular plugins that help you with list building – Immediate List Building Pro, Popup Domination, Optin Skin, Subscribers Magnet, to name a few.

9.1 Integration with handy and popular apps

Aweber has a decent collection of apps that you can integrate with.

To name a few, Paypal, Rapportive, Zendesk, Eventbrite, Shopify, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Magento Shopping Cart, 123Contact form integration, Prestashop, and more.

10. Aweber: Pricing structure

This is where most people panic, especially newbies who have thin pockets and who aren’t ready to spend on their businesses yet.

But I must say that list building and email marketing are two of the most important fundamental aspects on which you build your business; plus your email list is your asset.

Therefore I wouldn’t have a second thought to invest in a good email marketing solution as that of Aweber.

In any case here is the pricing structure for Aweber:

Start trial $1 for 1 month and then….

$19/mo – up to 500 subscribers

$29/mo – 501 – 2500 subscribers

$49/mo – 2501 – 5000 subscribers

$69/mo – 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers

$149/mo – 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers

What about Mailchimp?

I hear you. You can read my feature comparison of Aweber and Mailchimp

Aweber Review: Takeaway

There you go – all the features of Aweber at a glance.

These are the features I LOVE with Aweber (yes I love their pricing structure as well given the features at my disposal).

In my honest opinion, you need this tool to build your business!

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  1. Jens Berget says

    Hi Jane,

    I have been using AWeber for many years and I’m very satisfied, the only thing I don’t like about it, is that I can’t customize all the text to fit my Norwegian audience. It’s mainly just two things, the unsubscribe text at the bottom of the emails, and the confirm optin text (not the header and the footer, but the text you can’t edit).

    Great review. And I agree with everything you said :)

  2. AdityaAditya says

    Hi Jane,
    Aweber is a great email autoresponder in today’s times.Most of the bloggers are using it to maintain all the mails and feedback of their customers or responders and the best part is it has made email handling and responding to them much more easy then one can think.

  3. Harleena Singh says

    Just the post I needed Jane!

    I have been thinking to go in for an email responder, though am quite confused about whether it should be Mailchimp or Aweber, because I would be just starting out with a list presently. Or is it alright to try out Mailchimp first and later switch to Aweber. But that again I read somewhere has it’s own set of problems and takes time.

    I know Aweber is good with all that I’ve read at your blog and many other places. Just need to get started with things now.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Harleena, I’ve been in the same boat (the thoughts about going for Aweber or not). I chose Mailchimp first and then shortly moved to Aweber (needed to make people confirm the optin and many didn’t – so I had to lose quite some subscribers with the move).

      But irrespective of those I’m so proud that I made the move. It is one of the most crucial and wise business decisions I’ve made!

      Hope you make yours quite soon!

  4. Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

    Till now I found aweber is best for email marketing, Best service and very affordable price, and we can customize everything in it..

  5. koundeenyakoundeenya says

    I’ve been told that Aweber is the best email marketing and list building service but am currently using Mailchimp. The service is anyways good but I think, instead of upgrading my mailchimp account, I should shift to Aweber which is comparably the best among these two. As its just $1 for the first month, I’ll be soon getting it

  6. SireSire says

    I know that many people swear by Aweber and the reason for it is probably that it does the job it claims to do.

    I’m not that into building a list which is why I prefer to use MailChimp a free autoresponder. I also know you can’t use it to promote affiliates which is fine as my only reason for having a list is to notify members when I’ve done a new post, some of which do actually promote an affiliate product.

  7. Paul ProfittPaul Profitt says

    Hi Jane

    I have been using Aweber for about 5 years, and I have never had a problem with them. One of their best features are the themed message templates. Which I don’t use as much as I should. I also like the social media additions, that give your emails messages an expanded reach.

  8. SamuelSamuel says

    Finally a review of Aweber!

    Aweber is one of the best services to use on the market!

    Never can go wrong with this one.

  9. akhilendra says

    aweber comes with lots of features at a very economical price tag. Their blog broadcast is extremely good for bloggers. loaded with easy to use templates along with the fact that learning curve with aweber is really short, makes it really handy. thanks for sharing this.

  10. Fabrizio says

    Hey Jane great review and very in-depth. I hear a lot about people go on about AWeber and I’ve now made it a commitment to start using it in the new year, can’t wait. I’m currently using Vertical Response and although I’m happy with it’s ease of use and everything else, it’s very limited with no auto-responder either. Thanks again.

  11. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    Hi Jane,

    Well iam using aweber email responder and to be honest its really awesome and great auto responder. The best thing in this responder is it will quickly respond and sedn all the newletter and download to the readers.

    thanks for the awesome review.

  12. Sherryl Perry says

    This is a great review of Aweber Jane. It’s always been my intention to make the transition to Aweber. I definitely will as soon as I launch the new site that I’m going to be building next. I had forgotten that I can have unlimited lists with Aweber. That’s a big plus.

  13. Adrienne says

    This is a great review Jane.

    Now I can speak for the newbies when I say a lot of them don’t build the list because they don’t know what to share. You can build a list but if you have them sitting there and you don’t know what to do with them then you’re doing no one any good actually. I’ve been there and deleted so many lists due to inactivity.

    But once people understand how to do this then yes. Aweber by far is the best system for this. I’ve used a few of the others and always came back to Aweber so I’m pretty much put for now. It’s just too easy to use and I have to have easy.

    Great review, thanks for sharing this.


  14. Enstine Muki says

    Hey Jane,

    I think in terms of features, AWeber is #1
    The only issue is what you mentioned -the price tag. $19 for 500 emails is not what many bloggers and find easy.

    Lots of more competitors coming up this days. I think AWeber should sit up.

  15. Dita says

    Hi Jane,

    Excellent review of Aweber. I use it and I think it is the best (I’ve tried another, also known name) but I was not as happy with it. I find Aweber’s support first class. They never tire of my questions.

    It is interesting to see how many people do not have optin boxes on their sites. Such a missed opportunity!



  16. Rajeev Joshi says

    That’s very good review and in depth No doubt Aweber is boss in E-mail marketing, most number of people uses it and are very satisfied. Your review has cleared most doubt I also had, Thanks for sharing.

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