How To Beat The “Not Writing” Block And Publish Awesome Content

An obstacle that blocks your progress

If you are a blogger, you usually get a lot of “blocks”. Blocks are nothing but times when you get stuck at something – being unable to proceed further.

It is like hitting a brick wall; not knowing how to proceed.

One of the most popular blocks that hits every blogger is the writers block. Well, what is it?

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.

It is when you are unable to put a word on the screen when you really need to be cranking out content. Most bloggers start and end with starring the blank screen when they encounter writers block.

Other kinds of “blocks” include…. well, un-motivated days. When you have no sales, not enough comments, when your blogging is just “all work and no pay” – you simply feel blocked.

Now, lets put all those blocks aside. What I am going to discuss in this post is bit different, and I used to get this block very often until I found ways to beat it.

Let me call it “not writing” block. Well I certainly couldn’t find an apt name; yet I guess this name pretty much delivers its meaning.

So what is “not writing”block?

Writer’s block is something when you don’t know what to write and keep starring the blank screen. On the contrary, “not writing” block is something different.

“Not writing block” is the state when you have loads of ideas in your head, but you never make even a single blog post out of those ideas!

This is much more pathetic than writers block because you have ideas at hand but you are not making those ideas into useful blog posts. This means you are missing out a lot on your potential marketing venues (in the form of blog posts and articles).

Ok let us dive in to find out how to make all the ideas you have into amazing content with which you can market/promote your business.

Do you capture ideas?

As I said earlier, with “not writing” block you don’t lack ideas but you don’t write them! One of the main reasons for this could be that you don’t capture the ideas that occur to you.

You may get loads of ideas; and trust me ideas occur at strange times.

It doesn’t matter if you get one idea or a hundred; they won’t be of ANY use to you until you record them. If you want to know more about this and tips to capture ideas, I have written already about it.

I am simply going to direct you to those posts:

6 Ways To Capture Ideas Effectively

Blog Post Or Business Ideas: How To Stop Them From Evaporating

Set aside serious writing time

serious joker banner

Writing gets better as you do more of it; you probably know it already! And just like any of your body muscles, your brain needs to be worked out.

If you do not set aside some serious writing time regularly you won’t get your ideas into useful content (either a text blog post, a podcast, a video, an infographic or any other form of content).

Make it a habit to write regularly. It doesn’t have to be everyday, if you’re too busy with anything else. I know many bloggers who write their week’s posts on weekends. If this is something you can afford, make it a point that you block off a few hours of your time on weekends for writing.

By the way “blog post writing” doesn’t mean hanging out on Facebook or checking emails (more on this below).

Also, in this context, it is very important that you keep a track of your time. You can use a browser extension like Time Tracker to track how much time you spend on various websites; this little app is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

This way you can keep a check on your writing time and improve your productivity.

If you love using Google products (like me) you can simply use Google Calendar to block off regular writing times.

If you are comfortable with writing in the early hours every day, block your early hours for writing blog posts.

Do not wake up and sit at your desk with no idea on what to write on. If you have followed my tip #1 you should have a diary of ideas. Plan the previous day on what you are going to write at the early hours of the next day.

Just write

Distractions are everywhere; and online is a great source of distractions. You have them everywhere.

Most of the times, distractions are the main reason for your “not writing block”.

Using a minimal text editor can be one of the biggest saver for you. This could keep you off from correcting your spelling and grammatical mistakes as you write.

It is very important that you allow your thoughts to flow freely while writing without going back to edit or make any other corrections.

Also it is important to turn off all the distractions while you’re writing. Facebook, messenger, emails, Twitter, etc. – you have to turn off all the other distractions while writing.


It doesn’t matter how many ideas you are able to generate every day. It doesn’t matter even if you record all those ideas into a nice diary/notebook.

Unless and until you get those ideas out in the form of a well-structured content, they’re of no use!

Make sure you kick out “not writing” block in the butt and give life to all the awesome ideas you generate.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Nawaz

    Writing is the key to travel journey of success but writing with dedication. Always write at that time when your mind is full of ideas. Spare some time for writing and make yourself unblocked writer.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Nawaz yes most of the times all we need is to just write.

  • Pushkar

    Great article.I think writing content is very important.However,the articles should be seo friendly and the webmaster guidelines.Nonetheless…nice informative article

    • Jane Sheeba

      Thanks PushKer.

  • Sarvesh

    Awesome article Janesheeba. Every blogger faces this issue sometime or the other. Your post will really help them.Came to your site from shoutmeloud and now gonna bookmark it..BTW I am also a blogger and write for You are invited to my site. Will wait for your valuable comments over there.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Welcome to my blog Sarvesh. Sure I’ll drop by your site. Glad that you liked the post.

  • Khaja moin

    Worthy article to get out of writers block.
    BTW nice design.


    • Jane Sheeba

      Thanks Khaja :)

  • Suresh Khanal

    Well written! This often happens to me as well. There are times when I’ve half complete draft post lying there for weeks.

    I guess a bit of rest and away from usual daily routine helps you to break the block. In my case, I often turn to another blog of totally different topic whenever I don’t find anything to write about in Blogging topic.

    • Jane Sheeba

      That’s a good strategy Suresh. I’m sure most bloggers, especially the busy ones have loads of ideas but no time to write them!

  • Sam

    From my opinion i want to say only this thing you should heard from all people but you should do only that work which your mind is telling to you.

    • Jane Sheeba

      That’s right Sam, sometimes it’s good to not write.

  • Janmejaya

    Mostly if we are changing the writing style with an professional writing style then we can stand up with an higher rank. Your article is fully awesome and i really like the “Set aside serious writing time” point. Thanks for writing and sharing an amazing content.

    • Jane Sheeba

      You’re welcome Jan.

  • Jafar Dhada

    I should simply say that , one should take rest for sometime if he gets tired and simply blocked.

    Sometimes this type of blocks occur because of stress. I also feel sometime and I take rest immediately. What’s your opinion the professional blogger ? ;)

    • Jane Sheeba

      Jafar yes sometimes if we feel burned out or stressed it’s good to not to write. But we must also realize that our minds will trick US often as if WE ARE tired.

  • Aditi

    Hi Jane,
    I think you are perfectly correct and I totally agree that bloggers do sometimes face with certain blocks which they cannot overcome it. So, creating unique content needs to think in an unique and creative way too.One needs to be very specific and think in an innovative way to publish content so as to attract the attention of visitors. This is definitely very important. Thanks for the share!!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Yup Aditi and mostly this block will hinder innovative thinking. We’ve to be careful therefore.

  • Chris

    Hi Jane,
    thanks for your tips. I suppose that every blogger has sometimes “no ideas” what to write or doesn’t want to write. And it’s not only problem with ideas, but also with motivation. IMHO self motivation is a key – we need it to write day to day about similar things ;)
    And of course persistency is also very important – as you wrote, we need a habit to write everyday.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Well said Chris. Self motivation is definitely the Key.

  • Aditya

    Writing with passion is the only key to get things work out and a blogger if is passionate about it then there are hundreds of ideas on which he can write and those hundreds of ideas can bring in thousands of new ideas to cover up.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Agreed Aditiya.

  • hira

    Nice post jane. Breaking writer’s block isn’t an easy thing to do. So, instead of taking the easy way out.

  • Avinash

    Well, i just started off today :) let see how it goes.

  • Simon Duck

    I do find this happening a lot to me and I think the best advice I could give is that when you are in full inspiration mode and writing content, don’t just finish the post you are on and move on to another task such as commenting on others blogs, what you need to do is write until you drop. I do this so that I always have spare content for when I can’t manage to produce something for my personal posting deadlines.

    Your point about writing ideas down as well, always do this, it is so important that you have plenty of notes written down so you can just look and see what to write next.

    Simon Duck

    • Jane Sheeba

      That’s a nice strategy of yours Simon. Thanks for sharing with US.

  • uphy

    Hi Jane..
    Sometimes I got something like that. It’s hard to convert all ideas to post content. You give me good advise to treat my sleeping idea…

    • Jane Sheeba

      Uphy yes it is not necessary that you use all your ideas. The point is to keep writing.

  • Nishant Srivastava

    Awesome Article Jane sheeba,
    I think many bloggers faced this situation many times, due to lots of distraction and many times we have lots of Post Ideas but we ran out of words..

    • Jane Sheeba

      Yes distractions are one of the most common reasons for this.

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    Hi Jane,

    A helpful post. Heard a lot about ‘not writing block’ from my friends many times. It truly is a genuine problem encountered by many writers but fortunately, I never experienced it till now. Though it is a serious problem, it can be overcome with some wise efforts. Travelling to new places, reading some interesting books and interacting with fellow writers will definitely work wonders in solving this problem.


    • Jane Sheeba

      Agreed Vijay! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Tom George

    Awesome post . Thanks for the Author of this post .I’ve been searching queries related to the topic listed in this post . I’ve heard about blog writing blocks but this post made me really aware of the topic great thank to the post

    • Jane Sheeba

      You’re welcome Tom.

  • Koundeenya

    Getting hit by writers’ block is really a very bad time for every blogger and writer. To be a successful blogger and so we need to write great content to stand out among millions of others. To write better, we should come out of writers’ block

    • Jane Sheeba

      Writers block is bad. But not writing block is very bad Koundeenya. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Son Nhep

    Thank you for sharing this post, it was extremely interesting and useful. I have experienced writers block recently and it was very stressful and annoying. I think the best way to overcome this is to ensure you have fresh content ready for your next blog, which can be achieved through reading, watching movies and travelling around.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Reading helps a lot Son; thanks!

  • madhuri

    Hello ,
    Really great topic and post.I agree with the points mentioned here.. So nice informative post it is. I got so much information from this post. Great share

  • Paul Lee

    I find that most people hit a wall because they do not have a long term plan for content. They have some good ideas or a theme that can sustain content for a few months or so, but eventually the ideas run out, and then the writing becomes a chore. Successful blogging is about having a long term plan and topic that can sustain new and interesting information over a longer length of time than a few months.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Paul well said – especially, it is so frustrating when we have loads of ideas only to see them run out and then we sit with a blank screen!

  • Abhishek

    I completely agree that “Not writing block” is actually a worse condition where we have ideas but not able to make anything out of them. We all as bloggers go through this many many times…i think the only way which can help is take some time out, refersh yourself and they get back to writing….

    • Jane Sheeba

      Getting back to writing, ultimately, will only solve the issue Abhi! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Samuel

    Ideas can come at strange times. Correct.

    Many ideas have happened that way to me. Some of the best ones have occurred to me that way.

    Writing too much can be a bad thing, but also writing much can improve your skills and idea creation.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hey Sam I wonder how writing too much can be a bad thing! I don’t understand.

  • Adam Parnala

    The bad thing about not writing frequently is that you’ll lose the feel of it and as time pass by, you’ll use more excuses for not to write anything. The scheduled time of writing even in weekends is a very good idea because it will make you inspired more and more. Also, readers always expects a new article to read when they get back to your site and if you don’t have something good to offer, then you’ll lose them one by one.

  • Manoj

    If you are passionate about something or blog about trending news you wont ever experience writers blog on the other hand if you maintain a blog on a niche which you have little or no interest you are going to run out of ideas pretty soon

  • Carl

    I find actually switching the computer off and grabbing an old fashioned pen and paper helps me beat the block, the other ingredient is discipline, its all to easy to procrastinate

  • Veer Modi

    Hey, Very informative post. Generating blog post idea is primary one and then writing post. Your this post will sure help to those with writer’s block. I learn so many thing from here.

    Thanks, Jane.