How to write killer headlines

How To Write Killer Headlines

For an article, it is the headline which pays off. Many articles fall down because either they are poorly written but the majority of them fail because, they have a very bad headlines.

After all, it is the headline which attracts the readers and makes them read the entire article. Many people report that either they can produce SEO-friendly headline or a catchy one but no a mixture.

The headline is actually the most vital part of your post and it is what, that decides the success and failure of the post. Don’t just give your article, a title; make it attractive and catchy so that visitors turn out to be your readers. But how to write great and magnetic headlines?

But before we actually move on, let’s have a look at the types of headlines.

Curiosity Headlines

These headlines increases the curiosity in the readers and make them read. Without actually giving the complete detail about the article, we leave the rest to the reader’s imagination and make them curious about it. Make sure, the first few lines carry the same curiosity and suspense.

  • Why People Fail At Email Marketing
  • How I Met Your Mother


This can be the most general form of the headline because, they are almost similar to those of newspapers. Yet, the major difference between the print media and the new media is that, here, keywords play the vital role.

So, with the desired keyword in the headline, you can write an attractive news headline for your article.

  • Google Releases The New Version Of The Nexus
  • Seth Godin’s New Book Will Be Out Next Month


Sometimes, write something like you’re insulting the reader can also attract them. Because, none of us would like to admit the fact and so do we read completely about it.

If you’re a copywriter, you won’t like to get insulted about your writing and this applies to everyone. So, use this technique to grab the reader’s attention. Make your headline catchy and enjoy the readership.

  • Why Your Copywriting Service Sucks
  • 7 Reasons Why You Are A Loser


This is familiar to you all. Irrespective of niche, we use this to give the readers an opinion that, you can completely solve their problem.

Mostly, we see such headlines for tutorials and technology articles. You can immediately start using this and a How-To headline can never fail.

  • How To Root Samsung Galaxy Y
  • How To Concentrate On Writing


List posts are always easy and interesting. Even readers love reading list posts because people don’t hardly read the entire article, they just look for what they want. As in list posts, everything is presented in the subheadings, they can save a lot of time.

  • 7 Tools To Improve Your Productivity
  • 5 Ultimate Yoga Techniques

How To Write Great Headlines

Now, as you are aware of the different types of headlines, you can start reading about the “How”

Use The Superlative Forms

Always, use only superlative forms in your headline. Because, readers love to find the easiest or quickest way or probably the superlative form, in short. In fact, your headline should be the BEST not GOOD.

  • 7 Easiest Ways To Find The Partner

Do Not Confuse The Reader

Do not ever confuse your readers with too much of the information in the headline. Remember, “You Don’t Mess With Readers”. If not, a reader will immediately give the biggest “NO” to your article.

  • 7 Reasons Why You Fail On Twitter And Not On Facebook


When you’re actually writing an article, why should you put the entire thing in the headline, again. Keep your headlines short and simple.

Here’s a bad example.

  • How To Write Magnetic Headlines Which Can Attract Readers And Make Them Stick To It

Use Keywords

Of course, this is the most important thing. Using keywords in the headline and inside the article optimizes your article for search engines.

And you get more organic traffic when you optimize your blog. Always use the target keyword in your headline.

The Golden Rule

Use this golden rule to create the most awesome headlines for your article (Credit: Jeff Goins)

Number/Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Some Examples

Here are some examples that you can instantly pick up and start writing a post.

  • 7 Reasons Why _
  • The _ Guide To _
  • How To _ More Easily
  • 9 Reasons Why Your _ Skills Sucks
  • Don’t Read This If _ _

Brian Clark of Copyblogger gives us the five types of headings which we should use at own risk

  • Warning: _
  • How _ Made Me _
  • Are You
  • _ Ways To _
  • If You’re _, You Can _


Headlines do matter a lot in attracting readers to your blog. In Emails, Twitter, Bullet points etc., headlines play the most important part. So, make sure, you always write attractive, magnetic and catchy headlines for your articles.

Koundeenya is a freelance writer and a blogger. He helps people in writing better and creating a better blog. Apart from this,he loves reading books and listening to Taylor Swift.

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    • SareerSareer says

      really nice. Heading are a good source of traffic but good headings (killer ones) make the difference. In my opinion, the most attractive thing in an article is heading and the best author is one who manages to gives proper headings. I am running a top 10 site in which I have to make 10 headings and that makes the difference to writing an essay and making list with proper headings.

  1. Kent MorrisKent Morris says

    I am agree with you that to write the best headline/s Do Not Confuse The Reader/s on your post. Try to make it easy to learn of what’s the point on your release. I like your post also Bro.


  2. Shalu Sharma says

    Indeed, the headlines are the most crucial part as far as attracting eyeballs are concerned. A good catchy headline will make a huge difference. Also a boring and a non-inspiring headline will be useless if the content is a killer one.

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      So true, Shalu Sharma.

      I’ve personally read such articles which have excellent quality but don’t get enough exposure as they’ve poor headlines. This article is for such people.

      Thank you

  3. NarenderNarender says

    Yeah ! That’s the article I was looking for. Killer heading is the way to get more attention of a reader. However content matters more but Headline plays a vital role.

  4. Senorita says

    I agree with your point of view regarding article heading. Article which falls under content marketing that is an umbrella term that captures all the different ways to communicate within a marketing, lead generation and retention framework. Thanks Koundeenya for sharing this information. You have wonderfully gathered up all the striking features and portrayed each step very beautifully.

  5. RobertRobert says

    Thanks you for the template, I found curiosity and insult work best since people always want to know what happened when you provide such a title.

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      They always do. Because, when half-said, people always get eager to know completely and that is how we can grow our audience.

      Thanks, Robert.

  6. EvanEvan says

    How you’ve named the ship that way it would ride. All starts with the idea… The title has to be saleable. In general the tips make a complete sense to everyone who writes and publish! thanks

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      That’s really a cool line, Evan – A how you’ve named the ship that way it would ride.

      Yes, having killer headlines always pays off. Because, I, myself have clicked on some thousands of useless mails. And killer headlines can always be seen in email marketing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. AdityaAditya says

    I totally agree. Headlines have to be attractive to get hits to your posts. It at least does that, after which the content has to takeover to generate quality leads.

    I try mixing it up always. I tried an explanatory + curiosity type headline and I’m hoping for some good results.

    I’m not a fan of list posts, they invite us to skim unless the content is out of this world.

    Anyway brilliant ideas here and immaculately broken down on how to write headlines, the insulting type too works and I did get a great response once!


  8. Matt Smith says

    Great list Koundeenya!

    Post titles are SO important. These are what grabs the attention of the reader and encourage people to click on to read more. Without a good title, you may end up losing out on visitors.

    Remember to also include keywords & keyphrases in your titles as well, as there is a big impact on SEO by doing this. It can be hard to think up titles that both grab the attention of people and are SEO optimized, but if you can it’s best to do both. It will be well worth it in the long run!

    Keep up the great work :)

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Hey Matt!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, SEO is very important for a good post headline. Because, the titles are what that are shown on Search engines. They surely need to have the SEO value.

      Have a great day!

  9. PraveenPraveen says

    Helpful article. Really killer article titles will help to reduce search bounce rate.First Impression is the best impression.Written down all your example titles. Gonna use it to my next article. Thank you!!

  10. Sai Kumar says

    Hi Koundeenya,

    Killer Headlines are most important to attract reader’s attention. If you write a killer content with a normal headline then you are surely going to loose your readers. So always Write a killer title for your blog posts which also improves your blog’s traffic.

    Thanks for Sharing this Awesome Ways bro!

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      It is always so important to write attractive and catchy headlines for an article. Only then, it gets noticed.

      Thank you, Sai

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Of course, headlines and content get us more comments. If we add a style to our unique piece of writing, I’m sure its gonna go viral.

      Thank you

  11. Disha SharmaDisha Sharma says

    Readers always get attract by title/headline, so killer title/headline is important. well some of the keywords in headline really become viral….. also these keywords have high priority in search

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Yes, Disha. Having keywords in the title will surely help in getting more organic traffic, which is very much important for a blog.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  12. prabhatprabhat says

    hello koundeenya,
    agree with you and nice tips. when a visitor lands on your website. the first thing he/she notices after the design is the Headlines. if your headlines and titles are eyecatching then everyone will love to read those articles. and the 3rd point is really funny but true. it will get readers attention. all the tops you have written are great. i always try to make my headlines eye catching . it should make the reader understand what the article is all about.thanks for this article

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Hello Prabhat!

      Title are always important. In text advertisements, emails and of course, blog posts too. I wish you all the best for your blogging career.

      Thank you

  13. Ti Roberts says

    Awesome post, Jane. It’s important to write captivating headlines to pull people into your content, especially when driving traffic through social media. Titles are usually the thing that helps your content go viral.


  14. David Leonhardt says

    The headline is what counts the most, just like the title of a song. It had better make the person want to read the post. Whether you want to telegraph the whole message immediately or tease them into a frenzy of curiosity, depends on how busy your readers are.

  15. Disha SharmaDisha Sharma says

    Writing has been difficult for me, I just read something before writing content & than I like to write content. I understand Headlines matters. Readers always get attraction by Headlines.

  16. Amal RafeeqAmal Rafeeq says

    Hats of to Koundeenya. :)
    I’ve read many articles on the web related to this topic! . :)
    You really got it man! :)
    Cheers and thanks a lot! :)

  17. VivekVivek says

    Great post, I really like the way you have explained the topic. Using or creating attractive articles not only help with click rates, but if optimized properly for SEO, then it can surely help in overall SEO campaigns.

    Thanks for your post.

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Hi Vivek.

      Headlines also do play an important role in SEO. We already have seen that in some SEO plugins like Yoast etc. It is very important to have the keyword in the headline and also make it look catchy, however.

  18. saqib razzaqsaqib razzaq says

    I knew title was important but the way you described it, I’m sure I’ll be publishing all my new posts with stunning titles. Thanks for you words.

  19. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    Keeping in my all these important tips can be really helpful for writing a post that will become very popular among readers. It’s not a secret that the headline influence directly on post’s popularity and success. Thanks a lot for such useful article, and especially for the golden rule
    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Email Marketing and Design: Tips for Total Success + Catchy Bonus!

  20. ranjanranjan says

    Hi Koundeenya Excellent post and great work,
    Its not easy to create a killer headline with proper keyword orientation actually your creativity decides that how it would be?
    Especially for me to, it consumes more time and even sometime I confused, either I write headline before or latter on after completion of article.
    By the way thanks for sharing.

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Hey Ranjan!

      That’s really an interesting point, whether to write the headline first or the article. First, I generally get a topic to write and complete the writing process. Then, I optimize the post and make the headline look catchy.

  21. Sue NealSue Neal says

    Hi Koundeenya,

    This is one of the best articles I’ve come across on one of my favourite subjects. I love headlines – it amazes me that so many bloggers don’t take more trouble with them. I think it’s great fun trying to come up with a killer – though not always easy!

    You’ve summarized some of the most important principles here really well – I’ll be bookmarking and sharing this, for sure!

    Thank you!


  22. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    Yes the headline matters the most in many cases, as you need to attract many readers with the help of single line. I think one follow the rules given by you to write a killer headline.

  23. MNB AchariMNB Achari says

    I feel that every one of the ways mentioned has an advantage of attracting the readers. But adding ‘insult’ title to your post certainly make them go through the article to find why it is so. Great post, Koundeenya!

  24. IvanIvan says

    I always find it challenging balancing between keyword optimization and reader engagement. Do you have rule of thumb for when to use which each strategy?

  25. JohnJohn says

    Thanks for the mention. I agree strongly a headline really determined the difference between failure and success. You have pointed out some great tips above. I like the first one “utilize the desire of the readers”. The curiosity of humans is very high and they are more willing to dig deep into your post if we can arouse their curiosity with a catchy headline.
    Thanks for share this post.

  26. SaimaSaima says

    According to my personal view, headlines or headings are really most important things, which can bring your site on the first page of Google search results. Whenever i write a new post, i thoroughly think about a featured heading for my articles.

  27. SamuelSamuel says

    What an excellent set of examples!

    With this article, one should never be out of killer ways to attract more traffic.


  28. KellyKelly says

    Headlines are definitely the first thing people would read. If they lack that special spark no matter how good your article is, chances are no one will read it.

  29. SandraSandra says

    Let’s face it, even if the content is really good, if the title is lame, we won’t read it. However if the title is great we’d spend our minutes trying to decipher what the writer was trying to say. That’s human nature for you.

  30. Arslan ShoukatArslan Shoukat says

    Amazing article man.
    Long but quite complete.
    I would like to give my point of view. I think list, how-to and curiosity headlines are better than others. Create curiosity and readers will click.
    Thanks for sharing.


  31. StaceyStacey says

    Some people on the other hand have great titles and crappy content. We can’t win ’em all. But nevertheless your tips will definitely help out.

  32. Phil M says

    Nice post :)
    Headlines are important for all bloggers as readers are far more likely to click on a post with a killer post and there is loads of useful information here,especially for new bloggers.

  33. RuchiRuchi says

    Killer headline or title is nothing but something that raises a question/curiosity in the readers mind that can be answered by the post content. I think, that’s the best part while deciding about the title. Thanx

  34. RajkumarRajkumar says

    I agree that killer headlines are the important pre-requisite. It helps to draw the attention of readers. People have to think a lot before writing the titles.

  35. MattMatt says

    Hey Koundeenya !
    Very important post. I totally agree with you that heading should be attractive. All tips are effective. I really liked K.I.S.S and “do not confuse your readers”

    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Hey Matt!

      I believe, keeping the headline- simple to understand, grabs more attention from the users and gets more clicks.

      Thank you for the comment.

  36. JessicaJessica says

    Article which falls under content marketing that is an umbrella term that captures all the different ways to communicate within a marketing, lead generation and retention framework.

  37. Yash VardhanYash Vardhan says

    That’s a really neat and guided article. The ways we can write a head line is endless. Thanks for the post. Loved it. Read about you at BloggingCage. Lovely.

  38. Andrea H.Andrea H. says

    Thanks for the Golden Rule, written down and put on the keyboard for reference.

    Headlines are like book cbovers, maybe it’s not always correct but everyone judges the book by its cover, and it ‘s the same for ebooks.


    • KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

      Hey Andrea!

      I hope this golden rule helps you in writing better headlines. Yes, headlines matter the most for a content, actually before reading the content itself.

      Thank you.

  39. amit tiwariamit tiwari says

    Nice article man, headlines really matter for every site, as it is said “the title says it all”, is true in every case. An attractive title has the max probability to be read. Really liked the “how to never fails” tip, and the curiosity section.

  40. Sushain says

    You are very right. A killer headline is must for any blog post. Specially for those blogs which have more direct visitors, because it is the title of the post which compels a visitor to read the post.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing this great article with us.

  41. EhabEhab says

    Great article Koundeenya, I’m with you in all points and i like your examples you gives to us and can you tell us more 5 examples from titles ?

  42. Sushant yadavSushant yadav says

    being a blogger i always feels it difficult to find out the exact headlines for my post which will attract more users and is better for my keywords, thanks for your quick tips and i think these are going to help me with writing headlines,

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