Long Tail Pro [Video] Review: How To Do Fast And Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research. Successful bloggers need to do keyword research on a regular basis.

Recently I find myself addicted and am on it every single day. And I find that its only for good. I used to use Market Samurai almost every other day to analyze on keywords, do market research, track my rankings and do competitor analysis.

Long tail keywords are a promising thing, since there are so much of them out there that need to be tapped yet. While the others are overly competitive and there are not many (relatively).

Long tail keywords, unlike the others (the short ones) are usually the ones that your target customers will be typing into the search boxes exactly. For instance – “sony cybershot dsc-s5000 review” or “best sony cybershot cameras” instead of “sony review” or “sony cybershot” (let’s say I’m interested in buying a sony camera ;)).

One thing that bothers me with Market Samurai is the time it takes to harvest keywords. And this is when I heard about Long Tail Pro.

Long tail pro lizard tail

Long Tail Pro is a product from Spencer (a very nice person) of Niche Pursuits. Spencer kindly offers a 10 day free trial on Long Tail Pro for anyone who wants to try it out! I personally found it to be a great deal and put my hands on the software for 10 days and then I was sold :)

Now I am a regular user of Long Tail Pro (at the time of writing this review, I am a beta user of Long Tail Pro’s Platinum Edition) and use it multiple times a day (for good, and not out of addiction lol).

Long Tail Pro Review: The Key Features

For those who don’t want to read a long review or watch a video here are the key features:

1. Long Tail Pro is able to analyze multiple seed keywords simultaneously and this is a HUGE time saver.

2. The software is amazingly fast and amazes me every time I use it.

3. Long Tail Pro comes with a one time payment/purchase and doesn’t have any hidden fees or subscriptions to pay every month.

4. Long Tail Pro has Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Rank Tracker Modules.

5. It pre-filters the keywords and saves me TONS of time.

Let me walk you through a hands on session with Long Tail Pro in this video. This will help you take an inside peek at the functionality of the software.

If you prefer to read text review, read on.

Keyword Research

One of the modules in Long Tail Pro is the keyword research module. You need to be logged in to your Google Adwords account in order to be able to pull up to 800 keywords per seed keyword you enter.

Click on “add” to add a new campaign, and input the seed keywords. You can add multiple (wide variety of keywords from different unrelated niches!) but it is really safe to add a maximum of 5 keywords per campaign to stay Google-safe.

You can then add filters –

Long Tail Pro Keyword Filter

You can also pull up additional data –

 Long Tail Pro Additional Data

After filling these out, if you click on “Generate Keywords” (the BIG yellow button at the bottom) you can see Long Tail Pro to pull keywords from Google – 800 keywords per seed keyword.

But before the final list is shown to you, Long Tail Pro will filter out the keywords based on the filters you applied. The data is pre-filtered for you to look at and analyze – this is amazing.

Once you get the list, you can sort the keywords based on Avg. CPC, Local Search Volume, Global Search Volume and Advertiser Competition.

Note: Advertiser competition is a value which is scaled between 1 and 100 (100 doesn’t mean that there are only a 100 advertisers – its a scaled value). It shows how popular a keyword is among the advertisers and also the number of advertisers who are interested in investing money on that keyword.

The higher the advertiser competition, the most popular the keyword is – your best pick.


Let’s say you find a keyword to be decent and want to investigate it later, or lets say you have found the “best” keyword. Instead of saving it elsewhere, you can simply press the star before the keyword (shown below), and the keyword will disappear from the general keyword list and go to “Favorites list.

Long tail favorite keywords

From the “favorites” tab, you can quickly analyze all your favorite keywords in one place. This tab will contain you favorite keywords from all your campaigns – very handy.

Please note that this is a “Platinum” feature. So you will find this feature only in the Platinum version of the software.

Competitor Analysis

If you click on any keyword from the Keyword Research tab, you will be taken to the Competitor Analysis of that particular keyword. There you can find the top 10 results from Google for that particular keyword, as shown below.

Long Tail Competitor Analysis

Once you are in the Competitor Analysis tab, you have all the information you need about the keyword. You can then use the information to find out how competitive this keyword is.

The lesser the competition, the better.

A few things you need to analyze –

1. Are there any exact match domains (EMDs) in the top 10 results with this keyword? If yes, this may be a good sign as well.

2. How many of those top 10 pages use the exact keyword in their page titles?

3. How are the page ranks of those top 10 results?

4. How many backlinks do those pages have?

5. What is the average Keyword Competitiveness of this keyword (the lesser the better)?

Long Tail Pro Keyword Competitiveness

Keyword Competitiveness is a VERY effective number to perform analysis on your keyword.

Rank Checker

A very handy tool where you can go beyond keyword research. Once you have done your research and have either (i) built a niche site on a keyword or (ii) have written blog posts based on those keywords, you can track your rankings for those keywords using this module.

Long Tail Pro Rank Checker

You can enter as many urls as you want and check their rankings!

Long Tail Pro Review: Takeaway

I have intensively used Long Tail Pro at the time of writing this review. The screenshots and the video demo are done using the Platinum version of the software.

The pro version of Long Tail Pro will have all the features except those that have the platinum lizard icon in there (the Favorites and Avg. Keyword Competitiveness are the platinum-only features).

My conclusion – I strongly recommend this software to every blogger for performing keyword research. It saves TONS of time since it can analyze multiple seed keywords in a single campaign.

Handy features, lots of data and excellent speed makes keyword research much more useful and enjoyable with Long Tail Pro. I give this software a five star!

Click the image below to try Long Tail Pro free for 10 days!

Long Tail Pro

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  1. koundeenyakoundeenya says

    That really looks like a great tool. I love the features that we can apply filters to search accordingly and also we can also check rankings for the keyword. Great tool!

  2. SamuelSamuel says

    Long Tail Pro is a good software to own.

    I currently don’t have it, but it does save you a lot of time.

    One of the best ways to rank your content is to have your content target long tail keywords.

    Thanks Jane!

  3. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    The fact that this software can save much time can be the pledge of the fact that it will become very popular, thanks a lot for sharing this information

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Facebook Portfolio Page: Excellent Way to Promote Your Art Works

  4. Heidi PasseyHeidi Passey says

    I hadn’t heard of this keyword software before. I’m going to check it out. I love doing keyword research too. I could do it for hours. lol I’ve heard a lot about Market Samuri, so it’s good to know there are other programs that work just as well.

  5. AshleyAshley says

    I have been experimenting with long tail keywords for a little while now, it seems like they are nice for targeted traffic, but like you say it can take a lot of time to get it right. I’ll have to check this out and see if it can really speed up the process.

  6. chad says

    I’ve been using market samurai for almost two years now. I to say it’s one of the best I’ve tried that on the market, but your right it it sometimes slow to harvest. I will definitely give long tail pro a shot seeing how they have the 10 day trial. Thanks again.
    chad recently posted..What is a Meta-Search Engine?My Profile

  7. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    Hi Jane,
    Thats a very interesting review about Long Tail Pro. From your review, it seems to be a very handy keyword research tool. That i will be the first tool i will purchase next year, and when I’m ready for it, i will surely visit here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. GilbertGilbert says

    The seems cool and promising. I think i am sold already and i am going to give it a ten day trial. I understand how important it is to focus on targeted keywords, know the effort that one should put to rank well in the search engines. Thanks alot for the share. Really appreciate.

  9. Larry JamesLarry James says

    Does Long Tail Keyword Pro have support for Proxies? Some keyword research software that pulls results from the Google Keyword Research Tool require that you use proxies, or Goggle will block your queries. Does Long Tail Keyword Pro require that you use Proxies?

  10. Santosh says

    Excellent post. The purpose of this article is to make key points from the call more clear and understandable.
    Based on the call it became very evident that in order to conduct proper keyword research for your market you must go to the broadest possible category or keyword for your market.
    Santosh recently posted..Top Ten Sights to See in San FranciscoMy Profile

  11. krisnakrisna says

    so, your conclusion is long tail is better than market samurai? from your review i am interested to try the trial. i want to see how it works. Thanks

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Krisna, LTP is much faster than MS in harvesting keywords and one of the major pluses is that you can analyze multiple seed keywords with LTP with one project (with MS you have to analyze keywords one by one and wait each time). But MS has a total different set of stuff and info. So really can’t directly compare the two. I use both.

  12. Gauthus FronarGauthus Fronar says

    Hi Jane, great article. I have been using Market Samurai for a year now. It was good until I discovered Long Tail Pro. I’m glad that you enjoy it, too and not for addiction! Thanks again.

  13. Eritai IxenEritai Ixen says

    Amazing review for Long Tail Pro. I just want to ask, is the price per order on a monthly basic or is it a one-time payment? Thanks again for the review, I’m really looking for an alternative to Market Samurai.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Eritai, the Platinum features do come with a monthly price of $17 (currently). But the software (pro version) is a one time payment! If you don’t feel the need for the Platinum version you can just pay the one-time fee and have the full software.

  14. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hi Jane,
    Great review. After reading this post, I downloaded trial version and surprised by its speed…!! Now it will be tough for me to wait for FETCHING DATA in market samurai.
    I like long tail pro and consider buying it in near future.


  15. GarenGaren says

    Hey Jane,
    I have never heard of this software. I have used MS a lot in the past. It looks like it’s easy to use and pretty cut and dry. My question to you is it only for PC or will it work with Mac too? I kind of skimmed your review so hopefully I am not asking a question that was in the review :)

  16. Syed DanialSyed Danial says

    seems to me a nice tool. you explained all features in quite details. but i use Market samurai :) for keyword research purpose will try it if plan to start a new blog

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hi Syed, I use MS as well; I use both of them. LTP is unbeatable with its speed, which is MS’s major drawback. But MS goes an extra mile with providing some additional details. But if its for Keyword research, analyzing competition and advertiser competition LTP is great!

  17. hira khanhira khan says

    hi JANE – This is a great, important post. Keyword research is the cornerstone of search marketing and critical to success for Internet marketing in general. When doing keyword research, factor in relevancy as it relates to commercial intent. If ROI (Return on Investment) is key, then focus on high commercial intent keywords/phrases (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Discount) versus navigational (Apple Store) or informational (population of Albany NY). Though commercial intent search volume is much less today for transactional queries relative to informational and navigational, that is where the conversions come from, and not just the organic traffic like your SEO agency will tell you, but from paid search as well.

  18. JuliaJulia says

    Hmm, I never used Long Tail Pro for research keyword. Just using Google suggest for research keyword. It’s a bit expensive for me personally actually, but maybe someday I will try it for keyword research, who knows maybe it’s better than manual research.

  19. AlokAlok says

    Long tail keywords is always good for targeting audience may be the search volume on long tail keywords is less but it converts genuine real traffic or lead on your website. Your explanation about long tail pro is really help to find perfect keywords for website. Thanks for sharing this post.

  20. Satish PatelSatish Patel says

    That was heck of a review. I’m pretty much eager to use it now especially after this review. Thanks for sharing and totally trust your recommendations as always!!

  21. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    This kind of research into the kinds of keywords that work for you is very important these days. Seems like a pretty comprehensive tool, looks very helpful! It’s so essential to find the right list of keywords, both the broader terms and the more focused search terms that your intended customers are going after. Looks like Long Tail Pro could really help with this, I’ll have to look into this a little more!

  22. kristinekristine says

    That’s it. This blog really sold me out as well. I will definitely give it a try (since the first 10 days was a free trial, right? ) I will see for myself how it can impress me as well. Your blog was so detailed that I don’t think there is any question left unanswered on my mind. Thanks for making it easy for me. Kudos!

  23. CalraCalra says

    This is a great idea to save time and effort. Plus, I believe that it gives our links a better chance in being found by readers. Thanks you for sharing this, Jane!

  24. EmiliaEmilia says

    This I will surely try on my next blog! I agree, this will give our posts and blogs a higher chance of being found. Good thinking! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  25. Shalu Sharma says

    Jane, nice review of long tail pro. Since this is the first time I have heard of this tool, I am not sure about how it is. But since you have tried it and watching the video makes sense and it does seem like a promising tool. I am considering trying the free trial and take it from there. Thanks for the review. Your reviews are excellent.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Funny Indian picturesMy Profile

  26. Jeremy CissellJeremy Cissell says

    Great explanation. We are going a bit deeper in our keywords as well. Long tail is a great way to get alot of specific traffic.


  27. UphyUphy says

    Hi Jane, I never try to use this tool, I just rely on google keyword tool to find keywords that are appropriate to my articles. But It looks very powerful tool, thanks to your review,

  28. VeronicaVeronica says

    Been doing research on long tail keywords today and stumbled upon your post. Thank youf sharing all these tips and details with us! I’m definitely looking forward to trying this tool.

  29. UroosaUroosa says

    Keyword research is the most critical stage because you need to generate that keyword that your perspective customers are searching on the search engines so you need to be very careful. While you are selecting keywords you need to consider certain characteristics.

    I mostly go for Google Adwords because it’s simple and easy and provide all useful information including competition ratio and other factors that help you to choose keyword.

  30. Salman AhmadSalman Ahmad says

    You don’t need these kind of softwares if you are writing to help your Reader.!
    NO matter if very low traffic comes from Search Engine,Just Promote you Business on Social Networks in in sake of helping others

  31. Abdul GhaffarAbdul Ghaffar says

    When any one going to start blogging, Keyword research is first step. Because Keyword research tell us about the market and competitors and competition level. There are different tools to use keyword research like Google Adword Keyword Took, Market Sumuari. I am familiar with both these two keywords research tools. Google Adword keyword tool is free for all users but Market Samurai is have subscription fee but it is better then Google adword keyword tool

    This is second time I visited your blog. I already promised you that I will visit your blog regular basis

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Abdul yes, Market Samurai gives you loads of data for you to easily analyze and pick the right keyword, which Google KWT doesn’t (and can’t complain coz its free). So yes when you pay you get the privilege.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  32. Abdul GhaffarAbdul Ghaffar says

    I like your blogging style. How you are responding to all commenter who are commenting on different topics. This is best way to get real visitors to Blog. I want to get updates about your new post on blog. What is process to get these updates.

    This is third time I am visiting your blog and I am again saying that I like your working style… I want to become blogger expert, I want to increase my writing, Can you give me a chance to write for your blog as Guest Poster. I don’t think about any $. I just want to learn. What is best way to learn it more an more

  33. rakesh kumarrakesh kumar says

    The features you have disused here in this article is loosely available in Different Google Tools. The point is – it combine all that features in a single tool, that makes it very powerful. Am i right ? Thanks jane for writing this wonderful review.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      That’s so right Rajesh. I cannot hop from one tool to another and use multiple tools for every keyword research session. I can’t even imagine because I use LTP multiple times a day. It would be a headache to use many tools to get one job done!

  34. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane
    This looks a big step forward from what I use which is googles keyword tool which I have always thought is very basic. So will give the free trial a go and see what I think.

    So for great bit of info thanks lee

  35. SonaliSonali says

    I used to be very confused for keyword research. When I ask how to do keyword research than people recommend me use Google ad word tool but well now it time to use this software for keyword research.

  36. Sai Charan says

    I wonder what makes tools like this differ from Google ad words keywords tool
    its really good to use and it helped me a lot in picking up right keyword for my blog title to rank high on search engines :)

  37. SamirSamir says

    hello jane,

    I am quite impressed by the why you have presented your blog… Indeed an awesome blog content and wonderfully techniques.

    But i have a suggestion for LTP, you probably have missed to go into the details of each aspects of Competitive analysis. I know it would be a different blog blog topic in its own . But that’s where the whole game lies, what factors or parameter once should consider to select niche.

    I hope i am clear. Sorry if you felt bad… But i would love to see that as you master at this.

    samir shah

  38. SarahSarah says

    It looks interesting to me, as i am currently using Google adword tool with notepad. But i think this tool will save my time now that i waste on ridiculous windows notepad. Thanks Jane.

  39. ChetanChetan says

    Jane, This tools looks cool and such awesome features. Thanks for sharing, Now i save my time from searching manually rankings.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Andrew it is the speed! MS certainly give much more indepth analysis, but when I need to look up something quite fast it doesn’t serve the purpose.

  40. Vin DiCarloVin DiCarlo says

    Hay Jane, Can You Please Tell Me What is the name of your Screen Recorder Software. Anyway Great Review of Long Tail Pro. Currently I am using Long Tail Pro Platinum Version. Actually I am in Love With Long Tail Pro.

  41. harryharry says

    Thanks Jane Sheeba! I love your review. I love Long Tail Pro, It help u very much:). I love it very verry verry much. thanks thanks thanks

  42. PhilPhil says

    It really is a great tool and I use the platinum version to research Amazon keywords. It’s so intuitive to use and helps to save tons of work.

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