My Review Of WebMeUp Backlink Tool

My Review Of WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp is online SEO software that was launched in early 2013 to focus on accurate data and technology but in a short span of time, the software has proven itself useful in the industry and its popularity has risen unexpectedly in the course of a year. There are different modules developed by WebMeUp software but one of the most significant and efficient ones happen to be the WebMeUp Backlink Tool which can be found on the company website.

It should not be confused with another great product i.e. the backlink module found on the WebMeUp software package, but is a separate tool that is powered directly by an efficient and up-to-date multi-billion backlink index. The backlinks tool offers a convenient and completely free way to view, analyze, compare and download links of different sites on the fly.

Unique Features

The Backlink tool enables you to view SEO-significant and unique backlinks for most sites on the World Wide Web and it gives you the chance to evaluate your link profile in order to see what sort of links might put you at risk. Backlinks tool helps you download links from any competing site for the purpose of gaining access to the best links they possess.

Not every backlinks checker available on the Internet presents the user with this much info and so, Backlinks Profile module happens to be one of the best SEO software options in recent times. The software has the ability to let you monitor and keep tabs on your new links as well as the links that possess a lot of potential.

WebMeUp takes care of all your SEO needs and provides you the opportunity to manage all the backlinks that you find with the help of the Backlinks tool in the form of the Backlink management module which is an essential part of the WebMeUp all-in-one app solution.

Backlink management module


  • Unlike other backlink indexers available on the Internet, the backlink tool included in the WebMeUp all-in-one app solution provides the user with access to indexed links that are completely free.
  • There are no specific restrictions on the way this tool can be utilized by users.
  • The WebMeUp Backlink Tool works rather well against other competitors on the Internet.
  • The backlink tool from WebMeUp is one of the best in the industry which is the main reason why SEO Spyglass has partnered with the company and occasionally accesses its database.
  • The tool is incredibly easy to learn to use and understanding the basic functions is simple. The user interface (UI) of the module is easy to understand and can be used easily without any hassles.
  • Gives users the opportunity to research backlinks from competitors individually with great precision and create the same backlinks as the ones formed by the industry rivals.
  • The tool enables you to research your own backlink profile and look for spam and bad links. You can then disavow bad links in GWT, or ask sites’ webmasters to remove bad links from their sites, so that to avoid being penalized by Google.
  • The backlinks module from WebMeUp SEO tool enables you to offer different kinds of services to those who need them.
  • You get a chance to keep a close watch on your backlink profile at all times in order to ensure that no one is carrying out a negative Search Engine Optimization campaign against your website.
  • WebMeUp Backlinks tool has improved its capabilities to deliver around 6,000,000 links per site which is extremely impressive considering the fact that it happens to be a free report.
  • There is also a very important option in the form of comparison of backlink profiles of several domains:

Cool Updates

WebMeUp Backlinks tool

WebMeUp believes in providing its users with the best SEO experience possible and as a result the company updates its programs very often, adding new features that are demanded by the users. The company makes it a point to pay attention to the requests of its users and it has recently offered a free update for its popular backlink tool.

The new updates offer easy-to-understand reports where every backlink is displayed via colourful graphs, diagrams and maps. Backlink overviews can be accessed after you update the program which enables users to analyze links of every website within an instant and it becomes more comprehensive and thorough regarding the outcome. The backlinks distribution is presented in visual form along with a pie chart that denotes the top referring TLDs, a list of the most popular Anchor texts, among others.



This solves one of the major problems faced by users dealing with backlink data. It can often become very boring and dry and can be difficult to understand, especially for newbies. WebMeUp sought to resolve the problem by displaying the data in a manner that was easy to comprehend and highlighted the main points.

WebMeUp always maintains a massive backlink index but still offers users an easy-to-use interface. It still has a lot of data, users get access to tables of figures but now their understanding of the data is assisted with the presence of charts and graphics that make the information a whole lot easier to understand.


The Backlink Tool happens to be a separate product developed by WebMeUp Ltd. The tool is currently powered by one of the fastest-growing and freshest index of backlinks, even though it was launched just a couple of months ago. More than 15 billion links are added to the database of the software on a daily basis.

Directly from the homepage of the Backlinks tool, users are able to get free and immediate access to the backlinks of any website. The program offers a positive experience for the users and provides numerous benefits which assist the development of the user’s website for an extended period of time.

However, the new updates have increased the demand of the software even more than before since it now allows the users to get valuable insight into the combined number of linking domains, backlinks, C-blocks and IPs. The updates which are offered on a periodical basis permit the users to view the backlink types, such as text/image; do follow/no follow.

Users now have the freedom to view a list of top linked pages which gives them a better perspective of their online business website. You have the option to sort the links via country along with backlink TLDs. The best part about the WebMeUp backlinks tool is that it comes entirely free of charge and yet does an admirable job for online users.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a paid review which means I either get monetary or non monetary benefits to write this review. However that doesn’t change any fact in this review. This review is purely based on my personal opinion and is as unbiased as possible. If you want to get your business/service/product/blog featured here, check out this page!

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  1. Philip Verghese Ariel says

    Hi Jane,Yet another wonderful guide!!!Thank you so much for the effortyou are putting in for developing such informative pieces for your readers and visitors.Keep up the good workThis is really a new subject to meI need to take a tuition from you :-)Have a good and profitable day.Phil

  2. David WeightmanDavid Weightman says

    This app is definitely worth a try. Seem that it offers a lot of help to most SEOs from the start, aiding you on assessing the quality of your backlinks and if it could give a better benefit on your part as you maintain your page visibility on the search engine. Provided with its user interface, I believe that it could give a lot of convenience for those who will going to use it? One question though, is the apps free? Or if not, how much will it cost? I’d really love to hear from you Jane since I really want to invest to things that could bring better benefit on my blog. Thanks for the help and looking forward for your swift reply.

  3. RavirajRaviraj says

    Webmeup seems to be a very cool tool, I havent tried yet. But as you are recommending I am definitely gonna give a try on that!

  4. Sumit GuptaSumit Gupta says

    Thanks for writing a long description for Webmeup Bacink tool.Although I prefer ahrefs or Open Site Explorer for the same, the added options of getting deeper insights of your back links is a big advantage.

  5. jawad zaib says

    Never heard of Webmeup but after reading this review, i think i am going to give it a try and will see how will it help me,,,by the way i heard somewhere that building links these days is a waste of time and one should earn links instead of building it,,,is it true..? is link building still works or not,,,guide me thanks////

  6. Md Aamir says

    Thanks for sharing about such a great tool. I didn’t know about this tool before. But after looking at the advantages listed above, I will surely give it a try.

  7. Sagar Nandwani says

    The site that offer a great number of SEO tools: free and paid, desktop and Web-based, designed for SEO rookies and SEO gurus. Such a diversity of SEO apps looks impressive

  8. Tharun says

    Hi Jane Madam,

    Indeed most required post for backlinks. I have not noticed this tool previously. Surely I would use this tool for further uses. This tool has some awesome great features displaying IP’s and other. Surely this would help me.

    Thanks for sharing your review about this webmeup backlink tool.

  9. GauthamGautham says

    The Tool itself looks impressive for digging and spying on our competitors’ backlinks, I have tested the free version, it has numerous limitations though.

  10. Salena Gomez says

    I have used this tool.This is very useful and the good thing about this tool is that there is no specific restrictions on the users.
    Salena Gomez

  11. vino says

    Hi Jane,

    Looks like this will be a useful tool to all webmasters.I have heard about this tool already but still now haven’t tried it. Right now I am using only backlinkwatch tool to check out backlinks.Soon going to try this one too. Thanks for sahring such a wonderful tool.

  12. RahulbRahulb says

    Hello Jane, Webmeup is a great tool for SEO. Thanks for providing such an informative article. I have a question Is Webmeup have any trial or free version.

    • Ganesh BeheraGanesh Behera says

      I have webmeup trial for 14 Days & Its a really a awesome tool to analyse competitors backlinks. You can export that backlinks & find link building opportunity too. Its a great tool!

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