Killer Posts: How To Write Killer Blog Posts In Less Time


Killer posts – Every blogger wants to write this regularly. Why? Because killer posts gain attention, they earn subscribers, earn natural backlinks and much more.

Killer posts can boost your rankings, blog’s popularity and improve your credibility in your niche. It is easy to establish authority if you write a lot of killer posts.

But the usual problem is that writing killer posts is not always easy. It just doesn’t occur quite often, or as often as you want it to happen. That’s how it is.

Unfortunately “killer posts” should happen. You can prepare to write a killer post but you cannot force yourself to do so. You can plan, do mind-maps, collect resources and prepare yourself to write that killer post.

But you really can’t say that the result will really be a killer post. It may or may not be. And you cannot force yourself until you make it, because if it doesn’t happen naturally it won’t happen through any other “brute force” way!

Today I see that lots of newbie bloggers want to write killer posts. That’s a great motivation. Indeed killer posts form pillar content when the blog is new and forms a solid foundation for the success of their blog.

But I also see that so many newbie bloggers really want to make it; hence they force themselves into the process. What usually happens is that the end product is horrible.

I put forth newbie bloggers as example here, not because they can’t write a killer post, but due to the pressure many of them put on themselves, no offense :)

So let me get straight to the point.

How can you really write a killer post? How can you make it happen?

Idea bank

For any kind of post you need to have an idea. You have to conceive an idea before you start to write a post. Indeed a blog post is developed over an idea.

In order to write killer posts quite often and quite easily you need to have an idea bank. This can be a spreadsheet, a text file or just a notebook/diary you have in your pocket.

As long as you have a collection of ideas ready at your hand, it is easy for you to write a killer post. I mean, I can’t guarantee you that you will write a killer post if you have an idea bank, but this is indeed a crucial step to get it done.

So make sure you capture ideas effectively whenever you get them. Usually ideas occur at strange times, as I have mentioned in these posts:

Blog Post or Business Ideas: How To Stop Them From Evaporating

6 Ways To Capture Ideas Effectively

These posts also have excellent tips to capture ideas effectively. So make sure you don’t let any idea slip through your fingers, no matter when the idea happens.

This steps is essential if you want to write killer posts often and at ease.


Its not about your regular workout at gym or at home. Its about exercising your brain and fingers. The more you train your brain to write fast, the easier it is to come up with a killer post, without much sweat and pain.

If you develop a habit of “regular” writing it is pretty much easier to get it done; that’s my point.

Make it a habit to write at least a particular number of words per day. And, have a particular time allotted for writing everyday. is a site that helps you do this. You can have a record of your everyday writing, you can get motivated easily, you can compare yourself with the others, it is easy to stay committed and so on.

Of course, you can also have your writing record as private. There’s nothing to worry.

I use this site and crank out my posts there. And, when I’m in need of posts on an emergency (happens sometimes :)) I just login there and get a post.

And 750 words is not too shabby for a standard post length!

The point is, your everyday writing may not account for your killer posts – so don’t just assume that if you go register at you will get to write a killer post everyday. But you will be trained to write a killer post easily!

Read killer posts

I’d simply say – read a lot. But that doesn’t work well. You need to find out killer posts and read a lot of them. Find out posts that get shared a lot, find out posts that go viral – both from your own blog and from other blogs.

When you visit a blog, look out for the popular posts (most blogs have this list as a widget in the sidebar or footer). Read those posts and learn.

Grasp the aspects that make those posts to be killer posts.

The more you read killer posts, you will get established by those aspects that make a killer post. So just include those ingredients in your post as well.

Again, a word of caution – don’t be a copy cat. But you can implement the secret tips from successful killer posts.

Writing killer posts takeaway

There is no need to look at popular blogs that publish killer posts often and be jealous or demotivated. You can write a killer post too. You just need to learn and train yourself to do that.

Make sure you have enough ideas in your bank, train yourself and secretly observe and learn the successful killer posts.

Its just a matter of time and some practice. But don’t be too hard on yourself to get one done. Let killer posts happen.

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  1. Harleena Singh says

    Nice post Jane!

    I liked the concept of, something I had never heard of earlier. I guess it is something nice for those who are wanting to catch with their writing and trying to do so fast enough. I do manage to write 1000-2000 words if I sit at one stretch, though that rarely happens due to my other home commitments and kids!

    Killer posts are indeed informative and a wonderful way to learn new things. Writing one is indeed an accomplishment that few are able to achieve, though it is not impossible :)

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Benefits of Walking EverydayMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Oh yes kids and home commitments, I completely understand Harleena :) But yes, I usually go to 750words after my son goes to bed, and if I’m lucky this happens around 10pm :)

  2. Herbert says

    Havent been to that site, would definitely check that one of this days.Well, its really hard (for me) to come up with one killer content, I always loose my enthusiasm in writing especially if there are a lot of interference around me especially noisy neighbors *arghhhh*

    Happy holidays to you and your family Ms Jane
    Herbert recently posted..SEO 101 – What is Social BookmarkingMy Profile

  3. MartinMartin says

    There’s another trick: check Google Trends before you start writing and see what kind of information people looks for. You can analyse in therms of country, city, and categories. That should give you ideas about what to write.

  4. Nick Stamoulis says

    It’s a great tip to read killer posts. You can even read your own killer posts! Take a look back at analytics or the number of comments to see which of your posts performed the best. Maybe write a follow up post or post about the same topic from a different angle.

  5. adamadam says

    Just like the others I haven’t heard of that 750 words thanks again. I’m going to visit its website since for me I normally write 150 words per post rarely that I create more than 500 words for the it will be a lot of help on my side.

  6. JeffJeff says

    You can also carry around a small tape recorder (or just use the record function on your cellphone) and speak ideas into it when inspiration strikes…

  7. UmairUmair says

    First of all thank you very much for moving the sidebar to the right, really it was very annoying. 😛

    Our brain consistently think some killer ideas but normally when we start writing on one of them we or at least me keep staring at my keyboard and finger because of the lack of research and thinking on the title which don’t give you a killer start of the post and due to this a killer idea becomes the dumbest one.
    From last week whenever I think something killer I instantly write it in my blog and save it in draft and when I am in mood of writing something I read all the ideas and write on the one which strikes me instantly. :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Umair, I try stuff to see what makes my readers happy, great to know that you like the sidebar on the right :)

      Capturing ideas and writing them when they occur sounds like a solid plan!

  8. Danielle McGaw says

    I loved this Jane! I think that one of the things that really helps me is the reading killer posts part. But I don’t stop at reading. I’m always asking myself questions as I read. Do I agree with that? Why not? Is there something missing? Is there something I want to know more about? Then I take that and use it for ideas for my own killer posts – expand on it or take a different view point, make it my own.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Danielle, welcome to my blog! Couldn’t agree more with you. The more I read, I get more thoughts in different perspectives :) That certainly helps to write a lot of killer posts!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. David says

    I would get more basic than regular writing – regular thinking. If you make up your mind to think about things, to consider them from different angles, form new angles, the words will follow. One element that makes a killer blog post is that it is unique – that something is different. Critical thinking does this for you.

  10. satrap says

    Hey Jane,
    Interesting post. The funny thing is that I have a folder on my computer called the “idea bank”. Basically whenever I find an interesting subject that I might want to write about, I place it in that folder. And whenever I need a new subject to write about, I open up that folder.

    Now, of course not all of them are going to be killer [posts. But here and there I do strike gold (at least I think so. dont knwo about my readers, lol).

    By the way, interesting site you mentioned, I hadn’t heard of it. Seems like a good way to stay motivated and write something every day. Thanks.
    satrap recently posted..53 Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  11. LalitLalit says

    I agree that all of the bloggars would wish to publish killer posts but very few will succeed and thanks for the killer post Jane. I havn’t heard about and I will visit them definitely.

  12. Ivin ViljoenIvin Viljoen says

    Hi Jane, I fin that creativity is not a problem for me, it’s the time it takes for me to properly translate the visual image that sees me running against the clock. Sometimes the images are so deep and visual, charged with emotion, that it takes me a whole whale of a time to translate it. I wonder if this is the rule of thumb? That great writing costs great time. Or is it a case of ‘practice makes perfect?’

    • Jane Sheeba says

      You’re welcome Bilal!

      By the way, why is your website url Please double check next time you post a comment. Bunch of your comments are moved to spam and deleted!

  13. DuyDuy says

    Very nice tip Jane 😀

    I’ve checked and it looks great. And imo, writing a good post is very important in terms of increasing readership and many other benefits. But it can be applied to not only blogging but other forms of online businesses as well.

    And you’re right, practice frequently is the only way to master this skill!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. AbhijitAbhijit says

    Hi Jane,

    This is a great post about writing killer content. I read every word and really enjoy this.
    No one in this world can write killer content every time. But we can try our level best to make this helpful. I think helpful content = Killer Content.

    I haven’t heard about and I will use it.

    Thanks and Happy New Year Jane,

  15. James Buckley says

    Great insight Here Jane
    I use Google spreadsheets for other things & never thought about
    writing Ah Ha moments & ideas to gather words of wisdom to write killer
    post. I will put this in effect since I always have ideas & jot them down in my Iphone… This is how the creative mind works…
    Thanks Jane
    James Buckley recently posted..Time to Crank Up Your Marketing PlanMy Profile

  16. AshleyAshley says

    The difference usually lies on the content of each blog. If your’s is a great source of information, it will surely make waves in the online arena. Read up on the subject your are about to write about. Find out what others have written, and let it spark some creativity in your mind. Always give a clear call to action. This will develop more viral activity and produce more traffic which will create more leads.

  17. Dotnet DeveloperDotnet Developer says

    Hi Jane,

    I am regular reader of your blogs. This blog is too interesting like the other blogs. You always rocks. I have recommended this site to my friends as well.

  18. LindaLinda says

    Enjoyed the post, Jane, but it left me with the age-old problem of ‘who or what’ determines content is ‘killer’?

    I’ve read many posts and – for a short time – followed may bloggers others rave about, only to be left thinking , “yeah! and the reason for getting excited is what exactly?”.

    Perhaps the problem lies with me – I’ve been told my thinking is ‘odd’, which is reflected in my writing. Guess this is just another area where I ‘fit out’, rather than ‘fit in’!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Linda I’m coming up with a series “Killer content creation” that will answer these questions (shh, I’ve not told the public that such a series is coming up).

  19. ChristyChristy says

    Just to share one idea that I found in the net whereby most of us encounter while writing an articles. No idea in writing a good articles. One method in rewriting an article by maintaining the originality in the eye of Google spider is by spinning the articles. You can use the same articles and rewrite it over and over again. I found this software in this site very interesting. Jane what do you think?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Thanks for your comment Christy, but I’m not into spinning articles. Google rolls out many algo changes and it will be only a matter of time before spun articles are trashed. And not just the fear of Google that stops me, I’d want my articles to be useful and new; I would want to add something new and useful to the community rather than publishing re-hashing content.

  20. alanc230alanc230 says

    I know a lot of other people have commented about it, but is a brilliant idea. I just took a look at it and am going to start using it. I know other people who may be interested as well.

  21. DeanDean says

    I thing to write killer content it takes speaking to the audience in a way that you deliver original content that answers a question or enlightens them in some way. It takes more than that to get people to follow your blog. You still have to be found. Especially important for new bloggers.

  22. John ErnestJohn Ernest says

    This post is deadly. Just joking, but seriously this is great. I haven;t known about I really want to be a blogger but I am just pretty afraid to do so because I don’t know where to start and what to do. But I realized I have a lot of resources that I can base from. Thanks for the post!

  23. MelissaMelissa says

    This post has a lot of educational aspects, that are very important for every writer and blogger. Thanks a lot for sharing all these helpful thoughts

  24. Anne says

    Also get a timer!! Estimate the time it would take you, or you want it to take you, and set your timer. It will improve your productivity and start finishing your work on time.

  25. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    I’ve never tried, many I make a trying now, and I also agree with you that a killer post can help us improving ranking on SERPs. thanks for this useful post, Jane.

  26. RichaRicha says

    Hey Jane

    Will surely try I agree that having a wide range of ideas can help create killer posts. Reading surely at any day is the best option, because you never know what thing gets click in your mind. Thanks for sharing a great post.

  27. ShitijShitij says

    I agree writing killer posts need collection of thoughts,day to day experiences and I guess the best way is to make a diary entry which is not about personal thoughts but about blogging,,,lol

  28. JenJen says


    I have already subscribe! I love what you write! I’m not a good writer but I do I agree that exercise can help you become a better writer. They say “Practice makes Perfect”.

    Google plus +1


  29. PurnimaPurnima says

    Thanks Jane for such a helpful share. The quality of the content is assuredly a solid foundation for the success of the blog . The tips shared by you to write killer posts can indeed lure attention , increase readership and earn natural backlinks. Implementing secret tips from successful killer posts can also solve difficulties. Would look forward to more of such guiding posts.

  30. WadeWade says

    Killer content is something that every blogger should strive for, but, as you mentioned, it’s not an easy thing to do! One of the ways I try to keep great content is to surf people’s blogs for great ideas!

  31. Genevieve WindsorGenevieve Windsor says

    Bloggers need a lot of attention. This is the very reason why I try every possible way to make my posts interesting and unique compared to other blogs. Readers often got bored while reading and that is one thing we should always avoid.

  32. BellaisaBellaisa says

    I had just read someone that another idea for a killer post is to make it controversial. This will get tons of comments (albeit negative comments) and get it shared as well. Problem is, I don’t like writing negative posts. I don’t like creating negative feelings in people, especially on a large scale! So, I think I will take your idea and learn from posts that make it big.

  33. AdhonysAdhonys says

    750words sound good. To write good post in one of the most time consuming acts for me. I hope this cold help me.

  34. juandajuanda says

    sometimes i need to take almost an hour only to write a killer post, moreover about weight lost. finding a good idea is so difficult. this tips may help me in the future to get a killer post in a minute

  35. KateKate says

    I have never heard about earlier. But will definitely try it. As a reader, I can only say that I always prefer to read shorter articles with best quality and without distractions.

  36. Craig says

    I’ve read different perspectives on the length of an article. 1000 words, 500 words, and here 750 words. While I do think a slightly longer article will help avoid being perceived as “shallow content”, the bottom line is to say what you have to say in as many words as it takes to concisely say it. If that’s 400 or 2000 words, so be it!
    Craig recently posted..Microphone BasicsMy Profile

  37. sintu kumarsintu kumar says

    great tips,i have never heared about earlier,but i sure try it,i think its help me to write killer post..thanks for sharing

  38. WadeWade says

    I use a notebook to get a lot of my ideas to go killer. One that is pretty popular on my site is Why I Won’t Come Back To Your Blog. Getting catchy titles is very important too.

  39. ayeshaayesha says

    It is competition era.. everybody is in try to defeat others.. So everybody is going to write something different which others can’t write before.. The tips are awesome.. but we have a good concept which attracts others..

  40. HassanHassan says

    Wow. I’m need in blogging & I need this article alot.
    Before reading this article I think that we get idea after writing posts but you change my mind.
    Stay blessed

  41. JoeJoe says

    Thanks for this post. I just started my blog 2 months ago and I am in major need of help. When to write, what to write and how to write it. All questions that I have to ask myself daily.

    Thank again!

  42. Erick Trejo says

    I have realized that writing is like go to the gym and make some workout or play some sport, if you practice it you will be better and better doing it. At the beginning it was really hard for me to keep myself focus in order to write an article, now I can do it easily.

  43. SureshSuresh says

    I think reading more content is the key to write killer content. If you read more and more articles then you will get more ideas to write different articles.

  44. AaynaAayna says

    Hey Jane,
    I agree each and every blogger wish to write killer posts and become a rage in the blogging arena. But achieving such a position is indeed a cumbersome task and requires lots of dedicated efforts. The tips shared here for writing a killer post are excellent. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

  45. Suzanne says

    Hi Jane, very informative post. I went straight to 750 words and started my account. One thing I have done to create my “idea bank” is to create a calender entry every month in Outlook that is titled “THIS MONTH * Goals” and list my ideas there as they come to me. When I need an idea, I open up my calender and check what resonates with me that I want to write about. Thanks, Suzanne

  46. uphyuphy says

    hi Jane… it’s great idea to make a killer post to gain people attention, but it’s hard for me (newbies). I never use 750word before, but I’ll try 750word after reading your post to make my first killer post.

  47. lenin says

    For some daft reason I always have by best ideas when I am away from the computor. Especially when I am in the countryside, for this reason I keep post it notes in my pocket. Mind you, my office has millions of them dotted everywhere…I don’t ever need to paint eh!
    lenin recently posted..Occupy Wall Street & Habakkuk VideoMy Profile

  48. KarthikKarthik says

    Thanks for your tips Jane. I’ve actually been experimenting with hiring writers on oDesk to help me with my website’s content, but it’s just not worth it. The content quality really suffers when you try to hire someone else to write for you…unless ofcourse you’re willing to pay a lot.

    What tips do you have for hiring writers for your blog? Is there an online service similar to oDesk but with better writers?

  49. firdosh joyfirdosh joy says

    Hello Sheeba , these are really helpful tips for writing a killer post. It is very true that “Content is the king” and if are able to produce a great content then we can surely get good result. Reading the killer post is a great way to learn “how to write a killer post”. Anyways thanks sheeba for such a great article

  50. Jyothis Thaliath says

    Hello Jane,

    A fine article back there! Keep it up!
    I understand the importance of Killer Posts to be heard out loud. But the fact that one should always concentrate on writing killer posts alone, well I couldn’t agree with it. Reading from the qualities you suggest a ‘killer post’ should possess, it would take maybe 4-5 days to write one! It would be an injustice to my readers if I don’t feed them with few other posts during these days, and not posting anything at all. My ideal posting strategy would be say 15 non-killer and 4 killer posts per month. This is also supported by the claims that regularly updated blogs are much likelier to be read. So by going on a ‘killer only’ diet, I should assume that SEO risk too.

    Can you suggest something from your personal experience whether a ‘killer only’ diet is sustainable in the long run?

  51. mohit rajwanimohit rajwani says

    great tips for writing a great posts..i have downloaded your book and i have started reading that and hope to get very useful knowledge from it and it will help my blog to grow more..

  52. Mark BrookMark Brook says

    Hello I have never listen about but thank your for your information.
    I think the killer post are all those which comes from your heart and touches the heart of every one only when you are in pain or in love just write you will see that becomes a killer post emotions and skills required for the that kind of posts.

  53. Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi says

    Jane, you are doing a wonderful job on this blog, i got distracted and i landed on your blog today by chance, i have skimmed through lots of your post here and they are so solid.

    Well, killer contents is king, i know of an India friend blog that has just 15 post with an Alexa rank of 20k and Google PR of 5, just imagine and the blog is less than 5 months old,

    you see, the power of killer contents can not be over emphasized.

    Thanks for always sharing great motivating and inspiring spam-free contents here.

  54. Ken TylerKen Tyler says

    Writing killer posts does take practice. You can’t wing it and try and stretch out your post by adding words just to hit your word limit. Practice, organize facts, and focus on key points.

  55. sreedevsreedev says

    Thanks a lotttttt Sheeba. I Really got some great tips for writing posts. I am sure that i can write better posts after reading this. Once again Thank you.

  56. Satrap says

    Hi Jane,
    Havnet been here for a while now and I love the new look.

    As for killer posts, you are right, the more you write, the better you get at it and to be honest, even the masters cant write killer posts everyday, killer posts are killer posts because they are rare and great.
    Satrap recently posted..Get Paid To Lose WeightMy Profile

  57. VivekVivek says

    Thank you for these killer ideas. What I personally feel, visiting the top bloggers sites ( in your niche ) can suerly help you a lot. This method can save lots of research work. And the best part is, you will also get ideas on how to write attractive title and content. Thanks..

  58. Kamran ul hassanKamran ul hassan says


    Nice information, this will help lot of knowledge that how to write a great post in less time this will give more advantage to new blogger. Keep it up and share more.


  59. Sanjib Kumar SahaSanjib Kumar Saha says

    Ms. jane,
    It was informative to have an insight into the art of writing killer post. Like others, to mention was a great add-on to “check list” of blog writing for any novice. Enlist your topics in your idea bank and try to look at them in minimum 3 different ways yourself. Analyse what’s more killer. Post that strikes best. If its killer, it will prove. If not, the other one would be. This increases the projection of one’s thinking and getting most out of it.


  60. RajKumarRajKumar says

    I must say it was the “smoothest tactic to get a killer post”. It was so high on nuggets of information and moreover the fab dealing you have done with the topic that it really burns a desire to quickly use them into work and get a killer post for yourself.:)
    Great place for novices to learn.:)

  61. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    Hi jane,

    Glad to get motivated after reading your posts, Its been habituated to write a post more than 400+ words as per my schedule i can’t permit any more for that words in my articles. And to be honest i’ve learned a new thing today i.e Thanks for the wonderful post. Will try it soon :)

  62. Sumbo says

    Hi Jane,
    You are a killer post yourself. I love your writing, techniques and skills. This is my first of hearing I managed to write 500 words for my blog but I hope I join one day .

  63. alexstruassalexstruass says

    Hi Sheeba,
    Good to see you, am one of the follower of your posts. You are doing a great job and writing very good useful articles with innovative things. And the above article is full justified you. Thanks to share this informative post.

  64. Jane FloorsJane Floors says

    Hey, is a very useful.It helps a lot in writing blogs.Thanks for sharing information with us.

    Jane Floors

  65. macson548macson548 says

    Hi seeba
    I strongly think that by avoiding distractions will helps us a lot to write a better content. Really it is an efficient way and i tried it and got good results also.

  66. DakshDaksh says

    thanks for this great tips for writing a great posts..i have downloaded your book and i have started reading that and hope to get very useful knowledge from it and it will help my blog to grow more.

  67. Chriss LynChriss Lyn says

    I really love to read your article,and in first time in my life i heard about and thanks for this great tips for writing a great posts.
    Actually i am the beginner and i am glad to become a part of your article.Thanks for such a great article.


  68. Randall UlbrichtRandall Ulbricht says

    I particular had success with the tip: “Read killer blog posts.” I was under the gun and had to create a great post on a subject that I was very weak on. I found several great posts on that subject, let the material sink in, and the next day whipped up something I considered pretty good.

  69. RobertRobert says

    i’m going to start an idea book, good idea, heh. I have a tablet I write in and usually do well, but sometimes ideas come to me and a day latter, gone like the wind.
    another good post, I’m going to look into guest posting.

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