How to Make Blogging a Pleasant Experience?

How to Make Blogging a Pleasant Experience?

Blogging is a hobby for some people while a business for others. There are several kinds of blogs – personal blogs, company blogs, and informational/educational blogs and so on. And there are various niches too.

People blog about travel, dieting, relationships, productivity, and well, blogging – and this list is not complete! These are only a very few of the thousands of niches people are blogging about.

No matter in what niche you blog and no matter what your blogging purpose is, blogging can become unpleasant sometimes. Not “blogging” in general, but the tasks that are associated with blogging could become unpleasant over the time.

Even if you are very passionate about blogging and love your work, some parts of blogging can become unpleasant/boring/stressful. Tell me I’m wrong :)

Tasks like writing blog posts can even become unpleasant – not always but when you make them so. Let me explain.

Content creation or writing blog posts become unpleasant or stressful due to any or all of the following reasons:

  1. You don’t have a content strategy
  2. You don’t have a blogging goal (that is, you don’t know what to accomplish with your blog)
  3. You have not planned your blogging calendar (content calendar)
  4. You run out of blogging ideas
  5. You lost passion in your niche
  6. You are not a good writer (duh, that’s a lame excuse!)

… and so on! This is a little list and there can be more reasons beyond these.

So now the answer to the question “How to make blogging a pleasant experience?” lies in the above points if content creation is unpleasant to you.

1. You could spend more time in educating yourself on the subject of your niche.

2. You could spend time in writing blog posts in advance and schedule them in advance to reduce stress at the time of publishing.

3. You could tone down on the publishing frequency. It is not necessary that you should publish every day in order to be successful (thought that is still a popular myth that many bloggers believe in). Find out a blogging frequency that you can cope with and stick to it!

4. Get more hands by inviting guest posts on your blog.

5. Grab my FREE “Write Killer Content” and rock it!

I can go on giving tips like these, but you get the idea.


Now let’s say social promotion is your problem. It can be overwhelming to some bloggers and hence can become an unpleasant task over the time.

Yes, there are really that many number of social media platforms so you can easily become overwhelmed.

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more platforms.

First, there’s a question of which ones you choose. You think Twitter is cool. You create your social media profile and after a day things start to confuse you. You start getting questions like:

How can I get Twitter followers?

How can I get people to retweet my tweets?

How can I get more eyeballs on my tweets?

How can I get people to click on the links in my tweets?

… so on and so forth.

The same applies to Google+. You might wonder why some crazy picture gets so many +1s but your valuable, informational post goes unnoticed.

You wonder how to get your pins repined and make more people to like it.

It’s all the same story everywhere. And when you start investigating on this you can learn tips and strategies from expert bloggers who have tested, tried and shared the tips with you.

But you still feel overwhelmed, right?

A simple solution in this case will involve the following:

1. Educate yourself on the ins and outs of the social media platforms. You don’t have to do an exhaustive study; just read a few informational blog posts on the topic.

2. Pick out 2 or 3 social media platforms, engage in them and see how it goes. You can also try a few more platforms. Analyse your results and then stick to a few (2-5) platforms that work for you.

3. Use a social media dashboard and/or tools like Hootsuite, Market Me Suite, Buffer and any other tool that works for you. With these tools/apps you can update and schedule updates to many social media profiles at one place, thus saving a lot of your time!

There are various options to help you save time and reduce stress thus making these tasks a pleasant experience.

I use Hootsuite (aff link) and have never been happier since then!

So I’ve given you two examples here:

1. What if content creation becomes unpleasant to you (why and how to make it pleasant)?

2. What if social media promotion becomes unpleasant to you (why and how to make it pleasant)?

Of course there are more blogging tasks that might scare you. One example of that is SEO!

Most bloggers are scared of it.

For those bloggers, I recommend this post > Why should you remove your SEO hat sometimes?

The bottom line: You have to find a way to deal with any unpleasant blogging tasks. Nothing is out of your control because it is YOUR blog and it is YOUR business. Don’t stress it out. Find a way to handle it rather. Stressing out on blogging is neither good for your health nor good for your business!


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  1. Yogita says

    Great Read Jane, though blogging is passion for me but sometimes even i feel stressed out because of not achieving desired results at that time to keep your blogging interest alive becomes Hectic.

    This piece of writing would surely help readers like me who don’t have proper blogging schedules.
    Yogita recently posted..How To Remove Temp Files From Windows 8 PCMy Profile

  2. TanveerTanveer says

    Very nice post. I think you have written about a topic that matters the most. Writing sometimes can be very stressful especially when you are short of topics. You have rightly pointed out that some parts of blogging can be quite unpleasant and stressful.
    This article has a good piece of information for the newbies.

  3. Amiti says

    Hi Jane,

    Great post and I can see that you put a lot of effort into this post, and that’s great! I am going to print this and keep it close to me when I create posts.

  4. Nisha Pandey says

    You are right Jane!
    There seems some lack of concentration when not finding appropriate topics. it becomes stressful. IMO, such person should expatriate for sometime and come back afresh. meanwhile he/she must be active at social media platforms interacting with the fan base.

  5. Manpreet Kashyap says

    Hi Jane Sheeba

    Its really one of the most focused and most informative article i have ever found on blogging. I came to know that what i was doing wrong in blogging and why i was far from success.

    Thanks for great suggestions.!

  6. Amit Kumar says

    What’s an amazing post Jane mam!
    According to me you are the best example who is Blogging with lot’s of passion and along with Pleasant Experience.
    In this post you mentioned some very attractive and useful points that cleared my confusions. I read this post twice because when i read first time i felt that this post is just suitable for me.

    Now i am going to plan a blogging calendar and start research on my upcoming articles. thank you so muc mam for this awesome post. I thoroughly loved this post :)
    Amit Kumar recently posted..How to Activate SBI Internet BankingMy Profile

  7. Olivia Davidson says

    I found solace in this blog post. I have been blogging for almost 1 year now and I haven’t been able to pull in as much traffic I need at any which oftentimes makes blogging more of a hard labour but having read this article and other commenters contributions, I have learnt a lot of valuable tips so thanks for this article.
    Olivia Davidson recently posted..Top 10 Popular People With Marfan SyndromeMy Profile

  8. Deljo JosephDeljo Joseph says

    Your point seems interesting. I hate writing posts and didn’t had the patience to gain that talent, hence I outsource contents for my internet marketing strategies to work out. You have put lots of efforts building this great post sharing real life situations, I just thought its mine!

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