Writing Blog Posts Fast: A Piece of Cake Process

Writing Blog Posts Fast: A Piece of Cake ProcessI just don’t have enough time to write! Do you ever catch yourself saying this? There are only 24 hours in the day and so many of them seem to disappear quickly.

And yet there are some people who seem to be able to crank out dozens of articles and other content.

They publish guest blog posts, articles for marketing, free reports for building their email lists and all sorts of other content. How do they do it? And how can you?

For the sake of keeping this post focused, I’m going to assume that you already have a general topic picked out. If you need help with how to find ideas, check out Jane’s post on killer posts.

Sometimes, half the battle of cranking out an article is to have a bank of ideas at your fingertips. After that, your challenge is to sit down and actually write the darn thing.

Here’s a quick, proven process for writing blog posts fast that many of those speed demon writers use. It’ll make your own writing a piece of cake that you can’t wait to sit down and gobble up!

Step 1: Schedule Yourself

Get in a place where you have no distractions. I like just going to the local Starbucks sometimes because it’s 3/4 full of people typing away on their laptops anyway.

Make sure you have closed any windows or programs on your computer that you don’t need for the writing process.

Step 2: Select a Topic

Decide on your topic. Hopefully, you have an idea bank to pick from.

If you don’t already have this sorted out, then you can get ideas from keyword research (I recommend Market Samurai for this), seeing what people are writing a lot about on related blogs, or reading through comments on related forums to see what’s being discussed.

Step 3: Research

Use your keywords as search terms to do a few research forays on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can choose to focus on news sites, blogs, or other types of sites for your research.

Jot down notes on interesting points you’d like to include in your blog post.

Step 4: Pick your key points

Once you have enough notes for a blog post (time yourself to keep your research under control), you can start picking and choosing which points you will actually use. These will form the meat of your blog post, so pick the most important ones that you want to talk about.

Depending on your topic, anywhere between 3 and 10 points is usually enough for a solid, value-packed blog post. More than that and you’ll end up with a white paper or novel instead.

If you have too many points, consider separating them into different categories and writing a series of blog posts on your topic.

– take a break –

Step 5: Outline

Use the points you’ve chosen to create an outline. You can do this on paper, using Evernote, directly into a Word text document, on a mindmap, or any other place that’s easy to reference when you’re ready to write.

Most of the time, I use Evernote since I have two monitors and can keep my notes on one screen while writing in a document on the other.

– take another break, if you need it –

Step 6: Write

Sit down and write your article. Don’t worry about editing it as you go. That’s one of the biggest mistakes that will slow you down considerably.

If you just write and write without worrying about grammar, spelling, sentence construction and word choice, you will produce that article in record time. This is a method called “free writing”, and it can often result in far more creative thinking than if you kept stopping to edit your work every few seconds.

Step 7: Stand Back

Don’t edit your article right away. Instead, sleep on it overnight so that you can get a fresh perspective the next day.

Step 8: Edit

Edit your article. With a clear head, you’ll be able to quickly revise and fine-tune your article to get it to a ready-to-publish state.

Don’t worry about perfection, but do worry about accuracy and value.

Step 9: Publish

Publish your blog post wherever you intended it for. Some people prefer to write a series of blog posts before publishing anything.

If you’re on a roll, in full writing mode, then this makes sense. Make the most of the mood that you’re in.

Step 10: Do it again

Start again at Step 3 and write another article using another related keyword or topic.

This process goes very quickly if you already have some knowledge of your topic. If not, it will take you a little longer.

However, make sure you’re not “paraphrasing” content. You should be expanding on what you research or adding some type of value to it to give another viewpoint.

Where it fits, you can always quote someone. Just make sure you quote the source accurately!

One final idea to consider is to avoid “writing” completely. I know there are some people who use mindmaps and then talk through them rather than writing.

You could do that with Dragon Naturally Speaking or record it through audio and pay someone to transcribe it.

Don’t reject the idea of using existing PLR content either. Good quality PLR is the best rough draft you can get and can be a ready source of ideas and research. Just be sure to edit it to add your own voice and customize it to your market.

This is the fast blog post writing process that works best for me. What are your secrets for writing blog posts quickly?

Jane’s Note: I’d also recommend you to take a look at Danny’s Write Like Freddy training program.

Sharyn Sheldon is the owner of Business Content PLR, where you can find ready-to-use, easy-to-customize content for your online or offline marketing and blogging needs. With an MBA from Columbia University and over 20 years designing business training for major corporations, Sharyn now provides the highest quality plr content for achieving business success. Want to know how easy it is to create unique content for your blog quickly? Sign up to get her free guide on >How to Create Unique Content with PLR.

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  1. SamuelSamuel says

    Hey Sharyn,

    I do believe what you said in the article about scheduling. Being able to crank out content on a regular basis and get by with other things as well, is pure scheduling.

    Also trying to be a perfectionist is kinda a hampering thing. I know I am one and I have to keep reminding myself not to be that way all the time.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Samuel,

      I sure hear you about being a perfectionist. I’m getting better at striving more for excellence than perfection, but it’s a challenge. Still, I don’t consider it a weakness, just something that has to be kept under control.

      As for scheduling, I’m sitting here in a Starbucks right now planning out my next few months’ priorities so I can set a better schedule for content creation and promotion. The list is way too long! I hope you’re doing better than I am :).

      – Sharyn

  2. RichaRicha says

    Hey Sharyn
    Thanks for sharing these great tips. Writing a lot of content in a day and maintaining the same quality becomes difficult. Being a content writer, these tips of yours are surely gonna be of great help to me.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Richa,
      Hey – I’m happy if I get one good piece of content done in a day! It helps that I have a whole bunch of draft posts that I keep on hand, usually in Evernote. Glad you liked the tips!

      – Sharyn

  3. Nandita B says

    If a blogger follows all the above tips for writing an article, without having in mind to write fast, then only he or she will be able to produce a great piece.

    Thanks :)

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      You’re welcome, Nandita! There’s nothing quite like a good process to keep us focused and on task. 😉

      – Sharyn

  4. Arjhae NicolArjhae Nicol says

    Hi there Sharyn! Kinda sounds interesting! I never thought that are lots of techniques when it comes in writing, and in addition, you can lessen your time working with it! It looks like Freddy’s training program, but this is way to better!

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Arjhae.
      Are you talking about Danny Iny’s Write Like Freddy program? I haven’t taken that, but it sounded really interesting. Maybe in the future. I’m glad to hear you like my approach! Thanks :)
      – Sharyn

      • Arjhae NicolArjhae Nicol says

        Yup! I thought you’ve already tried it, because you mentioned it at the last part. :) Yeah, it’s quite interesting. With pleasure Sharyn and you’re very much welcome!

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Mariella,
      There’s nothing wrong with just writing when you’re inspired, if it happens often enough and you have the time at that moment. A lot of bloggers write at the same time every day to make the most of their natural energy cycles. Having a process can help you through the rougher times though. Glad you liked it.
      – Sharyn

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Pulkit. Consistently creating content for blogs is a challenge for even the more prolific writers. Glad this could help you!
      – Sharyn

  5. Koby RyleyKoby Ryley says

    Your served ideas about writing blog posts in a little time are the awesome gift for every blog writer. I want to follow your tips in my blog writing. Thanks a lot.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Koby. Thanks! I hope following the tips helps you in your blogging. Good luck!
      – Sharyn

  6. CentrelinkCentrelink says

    The guide and instructions that you have shown and discussed here are very useful and I find it to be very helpful and relevant. I hope many will be able to receive great benefits from this information that you have shown here.

    It’s true that writing a blog post is a piece of cake once you get the hang of it and if you are a blogger. If you are just a starter it will be a bit hard.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      I think using a process likes this makes writing easier for anyone, especially new bloggers. But even the most experienced bloggers have plenty of moments when it’s tough to write :)
      I’m so glad you found the article helpful!

  7. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    I’d like to echo the importance of taking a break before making an edit. Get your mind off of what you have just written before going over it. I can’t tell you the number of times I have written an article, read over it time after time, found no mistakes, published it, then IMMEDIATELY noticed an error. Walk away for a while, think about something completely different, then come back to edit. You will find yourself so much more capable of finding and correcting any errors that may be in your first draft.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Paul,
      I’ve had that kind of thing happen more times than I care to admit. But no matter how many times you go back and look at something, you’re always going to find a little something to change. At some point you have to say “enough”. It’s not about perfection, it’s about excellence. At least if you take a break before you edit, you’ll find the perspective you need in order to see what needs to be improved. A good night’s sleep helps too!

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Betty,
      I’m convinced that nobody ever has as much time as they want. We just have to be really good at prioritizing so we get the important stuff done first. I’m still working on that every day! Hope the article helps you :).
      – Sharyn

  8. Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais says

    You are right about the article !
    What I do is I remain active all around FB and twitter to see what is the trend these days and what a user wants.Then I write about it.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Thanks for the extra tip, Ahmad. Facebook and Twitter are definitely great places to keep tabs on trending topics. We often forget about those places as sources for research too. Great advice!
      – Sharyn

  9. Lee says

    Writing a blog post can be very fast despite of the grammatical error, and if you have all the ideas on your mind. I believe that writing an article, the most challenging process would be getting blog post ideas and key point, that takes a lot of time. Once you have all these, it’s not a big deal for you to write an article in 20minutes.

    Sharyn, you have a very clear writing process here. Well done!
    Lee recently posted..Solid Proof Why Your Blog Needs Brand Building TodayMy Profile

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Thanks, Lee! :) Having an idea bank to draw from whenever you need a blog post idea helps a lot with overcoming that particular challenge. I like to use Evernote to keep track of mine, or sometimes I’ll just write a few points in a draft post so that it’s ready to be fleshed out into a full post.
      – Sharyn

  10. Parminder SinghParminder Singh says

    Hi Sharyn,
    was actually satisfied with your blog , and actually even i had noticed in blogging that research is the man part of a blog writing and if you want to be a successfully blogger in your life than you have to be perfect about the content you are about to write ..

    I will surely visit your site again so that get to know more tips

    THX again

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Thanks, Parminder. I hope to see you over there and definitely appreciate any tips of your own you can add!
      – Sharyn

  11. Irfan SiddiquiIrfan Siddiqui says

    Scheduling a guest post save hell lot of time!

    That’s true, and it makes sense. While scheduling posts we even get time for promotions as writing and publishing takes lot of time and this gives stretch which makes us stop to do social promotion.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Irfan.
      That’s a really great point. Having a good chunk of time when you can focus just on promotion and marketing is a big benefit of scheduling a few guest posts. It’s a smart strategy for when you want to go on a vacation too!
      – Sharyn

  12. VikramVikram says

    Writing fast can save a lot of time, but I always prefer to take my time while writing my blog posts.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Gautham.
      Writing fast doesn’t work for every post, every time. If you want to create a truly epic post, it can take a day or more. I’ve had some that I researched on and off for several days. But once you have your outline, it’s usually pretty quick to get the actual writing done, plus more time editing. It’s the initial, up front work that takes the most time.
      – Sharyn

  13. RamRam says

    I wanted to learn how to write very fast as I am restricted by time due to my work and family, I would love to use these tips to help myself write faster.

  14. SarinSarin says

    Hi Sharyn,
    More often than not choosing the topic is the toughest part when it comes to blogging. It is often essential to have a bank of topics that you would like to write about and then start blogging. Once the list of topics nears exhaustion you need to find time to make a new list of topics. This way you spend less time overall on choosing a topic than or writing the post.

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Sarin,
      I love having a bank of ideas. It definitely saves time coming up with post topics when the creativity well is running dry. If you keep a notepad or other way of jotting down you ideas as they come to you, you can keep the bank full a lot more easily than trying to do it in one sitting. At least, that’s my strategy!
      – Sharyn

  15. Holly JahangiriHolly Jahangiri says

    Good tips! I never have trouble writing posts – unless I have nothing to say, in which case I’d rather skip a day or three than add more noise to the blogosphere.

    Outlining is one approach I rarely use, although I find it helpful in “how to” and more technical posts. (After all, when you really know how to do something well, you’re apt to skip steps when you explain how to do it – so as you write, be sure to go back and test your own instructions as if you knew NOTHING about the topic, then insert and rearrange as needed.) I’m just not naturally inclined to use outlines on other types of posts, though they can be helpful and many swear by them.

    Also, I think PLR is a disaster – most of it is associated with fictitious people, and few users of it bother to change anything. It’s a copyright nightmare; it’s often little more than a recognizable derivative work. When I see a blog that’s clearly using spun or PLR content, I don’t add it to my reader and I don’t go back to it. I won’t recommend it to others. It’s that simple. I figure robots wrote it, and there are enough real and interesting people in the world that I’ll never be able to keep up with all the cool stuff THEY write, why read robots?

    On a related note, you might be interested in reading the posts Hajra and I wrote on vampire and zombie bloggers – the first of the two is linked below, and I’d welcome your comments on it:

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Holly,
      What a creative article! Loved it. I have to be honest. By this point, I’m blind to all those junk blogs, pushy IM’ers and other mindless writers. I only look for ones that clearly provide something interesting, valuable news, or answers to questions I have. And I can tell false claims or uninformed advice at a glance. But I guess that most of the population are fairly naive when it comes to that. You just can’t believe most of the stuff you read on the internet, and there’s no information police to tell you otherwise.

      On a separate note, it’s a shame you haven’t seen the really high quality PLR that’s written by professional writers and experts. That’s the stuff that’s a life-saver for many marketers and bloggers. You wouldn’t be able to recognize good PLR when it’s been used correctly. The junk that’s sold for pennies, spun and written by non-native English speakers has given PLR a bad name. Take a look at my resources page to find places that have the high quality that’s available: http://businesscontentplr.com/plr-resources/.

      Also, here’s an example of a post that dissects a rewritten PLR article. Lynn is one of the top bloggers in internet marketing around. http://www.clicknewz.com/2060/plr-article-rewrite/.

      I hope that those examples give you a little sense of the “other side” of PLR. The side that I hope will be more of its future. Though I’m sure the junk won’t go away. People are always looking for the “easy button”!
      – Sharyn

  16. NishantNishant says

    Very nice information, But to get Guest post regularly you need to take your blog at that level when people start taking interest in writing on your blog.

  17. John says

    Get some good and new idea when scheduling my post lot of my posts are incomplete and save in drafts i think work on them and then publish those post one by one is also save my time and give me some extra time to promote my blogs.

  18. Carl Potts says

    For my personal productivity the most useful metaphor was in the getting things done book by David Allen he compared the brain to computer CPU, imagine each task you are thinking about is like opening a window on the Computer, open enough windows it will slow the computer right down, the best trick is to have one window only open or the mind focussed on one task alone, I know it sounds obvious but it makes all the difference. break the task (writing a blog post down into component sections) as Sharyn has keyword research> topic . Research.framework(outline)

    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Carl, I love that comparison to the computer CPU. I really have to get around to reading that book since everyone talks about it. So long as I don’t leave it open on my computer!

      – Sharyn

  19. John ErnestJohn Ernest says

    Through scheduling yourself to write at a specific time and day of the week, you will be able to make better posts because you have prepared yourself, though subconsciously, that you will write a great post on your blog. Thanks for the great article! This has really gotten me inspired!

  20. alexalex says

    this article very intresting and good guide but tell me what is role on title how i chose a good titile on article they like search engine

  21. Dawn KayDawn Kay says

    My biggest block I think is finding time to go to Starbucks…oh yeh, I don’t do that…no, actually I just find, as you say, there are only 24 hours in the day but I can be really productive when I get the time to sit down. I am very good now at grabbing a shorter amount of time and using it well. When I was first writing I often spent that time staring at the screen and wondering what I was going to write. I’m much more organised about it now and I think you have to find that place where things fall into place. I make lists and write ideas on whatever is to hand then when I sit at the keyboard I’m ready to write, not just think.


    • Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

      Hi Dawn,

      Have you ever tried using Evernote? That’s what I use for jotting down ideas since I can use it on my phone, netbook, ipad, computer – everywhere (I have a lot of devices :)). I tag everything with specific labels so I can find them again, like “blog post ideas” or “PLR topic ideas”. Then I can look them up when I’m stuck. I used to have so many lists in different places on different pieces of paper that I could spend more time looking for them than writing!

      – Sharyn

  22. CentrelinkCentrelink says

    The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  23. Lorenzo Caum says

    I also use Evernote to help me with writing. I have notebook called Projects. Then when I think of a topic for a certain project (online store) or (WordPress tutorial), I’ll drop it as a note in the correct project.

    At a later time, I’ll go through the list of topics and start writing.

  24. Charmie says

    Well, to be frank still this is something which is time-consuming. I mean these steps are valid when you have a handsome amount of experience with you else not. I just hope this to be my next practice to do it.
    Thanks and regards

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yup, apart from the “tips” you need practice to make this work. But you gotta start somewhere – starting to apply these tips is a good way to start!

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