Alexa Links: How To Get More Of Them

Alexa Links: How To Get More Of Them

Statistics and social proof. Online business dwells on these numbers – its all a numbers game. I used to be denying this a few months back. But now I agree – Numbers matter a lot.

So among all the statistics we pay attention to, Alexa links or Alexa site links is the one which is not much talked about.

The  most popular ones are Google pagerank, Alexa rank (the traffic rank), Mozrank and the social numbers. But there’s something called Alexa links – a statistic that advertisers, clients and big companies are giving much weight to.

What are Alexa links anyway?

First of all, we’re talking about Alexa links, not the Alexa rank.

Alexa links is just a measure of the number of sites linking to your website or blog. If there are 100 sites that link to your site (that is, have a link pointing to your home page or any other page) then your Alexa links score will be 100.

How is it different from Google or Yahoo backlinks? I hear you asking.

You can always find the number of backlinks to your site from any other website using Google, Yahoo or other popular search engine’s webmaster tools.

Again you can also type in “links:” in any search engine to find the number of backlinks to your site as counted by that search engine.

This number will not be the same with all the search engines since their indexing frequency and other factors are different.

Anyway, there is a major difference between the number of backlinks as shown by other search engines and Alexa links –

Alexa links only count unique domain backlinks. Allow me to explain.

Let’s say that you visit my blog regularly and leave comments. And also lets say that you are a regular guest poster here. Assume that you’ve so far generated 100 links pointing to your site (either your home page or any other page in your site, that doesn’t matter) from

Now according to Google, Yahoo or Bing this is equal to 100 links (backlinks or imcoming links or site links), if they are all indexed.

However, according to Alexa, this is just one link. Ya you heard me right, just ONE link. Feeling disappointed already?

Well, there’s a point. Monitoring your Alexa links is really a healthy feedback on your link building efforts.

Alexa links is a count that does not represent all the links from all the domains, but only the number of domains that link to you.

So according to Alexa, no matter if you have 100 links or 5 links from my blog to yours, they’ll all be counted as 1.

What does this imply?

Although it is disappointing and annoying to know this fact, it is a very healthy thing. Alexa links tell you how many new sites start talking about you instead of the same site linking to you again and again.

This makes perfect sense to me because ultimately you do not want to have the same bunch of sites linking to yours – you need more and more sites linking to yours which means you’re expanding or becoming popular.

Google and Yahoo tell you how many links point to your site, if you check them in your Google/Yahoo webmaster tools. However, Google and Yahoo consider multiple links from the same site (domain) as unique.

This implies that you have to come out of your circle.

  • Are you the one reading the same blogs again and again?
  • Do you comment only on a handful of blogs?
  • Do you guest post only on a handful of blogs?

If your answer is YES to these questions, then you’re missing out a lot. Your link building efforts are not that efficient.

Monitoring Alexa links will help you come out of the circle.

How to increase Alexa links?

If you are the one who have subscribed to a handful of blog’s feeds and visit the Google reader regularly and comment of those blogs, you won’t succeed in increasing your Alexa links (although you will be increasing your number of backlinks or incoming links).

If you are the one who guest posts on the same blogs around then you won’t increase your Alexa links either.

If you are the one who submits articles to the same article directories again and again, you won’t increase your Alexa links.

So… how to get more of Alexa links? Simple. Find new blogs and join.

Make it a point to find at least one new blog every week. Write guest post for at least one new blog in a month (the week/month limitation is up to you. You can change it according to your preference).

Do it regularly. You will find your Alexa links to increase in a steady and a healthy manner.


Now, while I completely insist that you should have tons of links according to Google and Yahoo (that is, go comment on sites that you regularly visit), I also do insist that you should go find new blogs to comment/guest post on.

This is not just to increase Alexa links, but in general is a healthy practice.

How do I find new blogs? I hear you asking, but that’s the story for another blog post.

Before you leave could you please share this post if you liked it? Please also leave your thoughts in the comments :) I’d appreciate a conversation here.

Update: Here’s a follow-up post – Alexa Links: 2 Ways To Easily Increase Yours

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  1. Justin Germino says

    Not only does Alexa consider 1 site 1 link no matter how many comments or links you have from that site, but it doesn’t update frequently if at all once it sets a #. My site has been listed as the same # of links to it for about 2 years now, never updated. And I know I have had dozens of links on unique and new sites every few weeks.

    I did see that not only guest blogging, but commenting on dofollow blogs can get you 1 Alexa link. I have links on Alexa from big sites that I never guest blog on and only thing I have done is leave a comment like Copyblogger…etc.

    I also don’t see links from some sites I have guest blogged on. I still haven’t found a good way to have Alexa update it’s link calculations more frequently or get it to be more accurate.

  2. Ray says

    Like Justin mentioned Alexa doesn’t update their sites linking in numbers very often. A couple of times per year at best. If you are looking to increase your numbers for sites linking in on Alexa you don’t need to limit yourself to blog sites. There are plenty of other types of sites that Alexa will count too. I really don’t spend too much time with Alexa. Their Alexa Ranking numbers and system is very in accurate, but as long as their is a number system people want more. Whether it be inlinks/backlinks, pagerank, alexa rank, and all the other rank and number systems out there.
    Ray recently posted..+1 Button in Google Adsense AdsMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ray, you’re right. I’ve heard many people complaining about the inconsistent updating of numbers as far as Alexa is concerned. See for example, the case with Justin (above). But you must really think about your “not spending too much time on Alexa” strategy.

      Even though you and I don’t think that Alexa is accurate, most advertisers/companies and clients just look at that number. So I think you should spend some time on it :) Thanks for your comment!

    • Steven J FrommSteven J Fromm says

      I track my links and they have been updating, at least for me, once every 30 days and sometimes less.

  3. ChrisChris says

    I was already trying to get a steady flow of new blogs, but your article just pushed me to make a more clear plan. I’ll see if i can also get into get posts, which is something new to me.

  4. DiTesco says

    Great distinction between Alexa links and “other” links Jane. Alexa’s backlinks being counted only on a domain level is actually very interesting because this can give you an idea of the near truth of a sites authority. The more links you have on Alexa indicates that there are many sites that link to you, so it is a great deal indeed. Anyway, like you said, the numbers game does matter, and sadly this is what “advertisers” are looking for when deciding on which site to leave their money :)
    DiTesco recently posted..How To And Why Should You, Install WordPress In Your ComputerMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Fran, that’s what I like about Alexa links. It really helps us to find how our site is spreading and how many new sites should we find and join. It is healthy. Even though I agree with Justin and Ray above on the “inaccuracy” issue, I do spend time on improving my Alexa links. I don’t want to leave money on the table :)

  5. LalitLalit says

    I don’t check Alexa backlinks very often but I guess it is updated once in the last six months. It is true that the backlinks don’t show you exact backlinks but it is a good idea to have them more and more. Thanks for excellent article indeed.

  6. Vernessa TaylorVernessa Taylor says

    Hi Jane,

    I’ve only ever looked at Alexa “links” once or twice but never considered what they truly represent. Those are good points also about the infrequency of updates. You’ve given me a quickie lesson today!

    Any idea why they update so infrequently or any official word about such a lackluster strategy?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Vernessa, that’s very reasonable. We don’t have to be obsessed with any stats in general. Just like Google Page rank, Alexa links is also one of the 100s of metrics that plays a crucial role. Checking them once in a while is fine :)

      No there’s no clear official word from Alexa as to why the updates are irregular but again the update frequency is also similar to that of PR. Matt says that Google updates PR only a few times a year because they don’t want website owners to be obsessed with that; they should rather be concentrating on producing quality content.

      That makes sense, doesn’t it?

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  7. DianneDianne says

    If you are stumped on which blogs to comment on, I recommend checking out other blogs on Alexa and see who they are linked to. It can give you a good starting point.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Manuel, it is not a hard task, since you’re not going to do it all in a day. In fact you should not do it aggressively. Slow and steady link building is great for SEO. So it won’t be hard to slowly and steadily increase the number of blogs that link to you :)

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. mothe vasumothe vasu says

    HI Jane , this is my first visit to ur blog , read some good articles ,they way u explained about Alexa backlinks is really good, the way you described about backlinks improves backlinks of website in all search engines.

  9. LionelLionel says

    Thanks for this tip. I never heard of Alexa links before, but I can see how that could be an important factor when it comes to ranking. I guess it keeps people from making it look like their site is very popular just because it has a lot of incoming links.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Lionel very true! Although a lot of backlinks is good, it doesn’t count on popularity unless the links come from new places consistently. And Alexa links gives a nice indication of that.

  10. Liz K : Success From Home TraininingLiz K : Success From Home Trainining says

    Hi Jane:

    This is a great article and I am so happy I found it at this time. In the last month or so I have been frustrated with my Alexa numbers because they are definitely not right. The rank changes almost every couple of days and am glad the numbers are going down. My site is 2 months old but the domain is about a year and half. I had a website installed on that domain but then I got rid of it just about immediately.

    So, two months ago I installed WordPress and my Alexa links and keywords are from over a year ago. I have over 100 “unique” links or domains linking but they have the number for the last two months at 3. I am happy to see the ranking get better almost daily but can’t get them to update the links. On the other hand, when I check my Google webmaster, I see they are up to date with all my links and unique domains.

    Thanks Jane, am glad I found your site, very helpful.

      • Liz K : Success From Home TraininingLiz K : Success From Home Trainining says

        You know Jane you and your blog will live for a long time. Right after I left you the above comment, the next day Alexa updated my blog all the links were updated. They only went up to 40 but that was good enough for me at that point. My ranking has continued to get better as I work on my blog. I almost thought Alexa was watching me vent on your site based on how quickly they updated my information…Thanks Jane for all these great info on your blog.

  11. ScottScott says

    Great info. I never even knew about Alexa Links. I had heard that for example 1000 links from a single domain is not nearly as effective as one link from 1000 domains but now I understand why. thanks

  12. kurukshetrankurukshetran says

    jane you are amazing…now i got broad idea about the back links….it really helped me a lot……in terms of guest posting,what are the requirements for newbies to guest post..i read your interview on,its cool to know about you….

  13. ThomasThomas says

    Thank you Jane for your article. I’m trying to promote my blog and website, but it can be a dizzying and Herculean challenge to promote my poetry book and blog! I appreciate you sharing your insight! :)

  14. News_Junkie says

    Great article about Alexa Links. Just wanted to point out the unfortunate fact that when you pay Alexa, they update your stats more frequently, and appear to treat your site more favorably.

  15. vilshah says

    This was a very interesting post. It is useful that Alexa adds links in to their database from unique domain only. Which means, you can always check how many websites are connected to your domain and you can always try to increase that number.

  16. Geoffrey HaleGeoffrey Hale says

    Jane, thanks for this great post. Also, some of the comments were very useful as I found your blog while searching for an understanding of why Alexa’s links count is so inaccurate. Their update cycle is very slow and I don’t see an obvious way to manually trigger a refresh. I’ve registered with Alexa and claimed my site so hopefully that helps. Thanks for all of the helpful advice. I’m looking forward to reading more posts.


  17. Lori BrightLori Bright says

    Hello, I have been wondering about this issue for a while now! My website has been active for about 3 months and I have been steadily working on my backlinks. My website started out at about the 11 million mark on Alexa and has dropped down to the 5 million mark in just these few short months. So traffic is picking up which is awesome!!

    However, I have noticed that google has me down for 66 Unique domains linked in. Alexa only has 8. I find this very disturbing because I feel that visitors check that info…I do anyway…when looking at my competitors.

    It is nice to read in this post, that I am not the only one dealing with this issue. Alexa is very important to me and I check my stats regularly, I just wish they would update their info more often.

  18. Rammy says

    Very good article. I’m also glad that you are responding to every comment out here. I’m pretty obsessed with stats and i check Alexa links few times a day and i must say that i only see a change in the numbers only once a week or even once every two weeks(not as alexa states once a month). Also the rank updates almost every day but not for your domain. It updates once every two weeks for your domain. Your website may rise from let’s say 5.000.000 to 4.000.000 but until the next update your website will fall everyday because other websites are updated every day and they will surpass each other. Hope i gave you pretty good infos. :)
    Rammy recently posted..Worms Revolution AnnouncedMy Profile

  19. KoozKooz says

    I was as high as 650k, and have slid back to 800k despite building better, more relevant backlinks on a variety of websites and blogs. I think part of my problem is that I don’t have a single theme, per se. Rather, my blog is a daily top 5 list that might cover baseball one day, booze the next, and Star Trek the next. Does this hurt me in the ranking game (Alexa or otherwise)? I’m developing a feeling that it does.

  20. GetrudeGetrude says

    Why Alexa links only shows top 100. How do we know other links? I mean, if we have 120 links on Alexa, Alexa links shows only 100, how do we know all the 120 links on Alexa?
    PS: thanks a lot for the Alexa links explanation.

    • Steven J FrommSteven J Fromm says

      They are now showing only 5 links. You guessed it- you got a pay if you want to see the rest!

  21. Mo says

    Great article,

    I was trying to decide whether or not to stop trying to boost my Alexa ranking, because after hard word it just started falling like fresh rain. This article gave me the information needed to continue in my efforts.

    Thanks for the article and info Jane

  22. SrilathaSrilatha says

    It is really difficult to get more sites linking in Alexa, I am trying hard since 2 months, but it is not updating.

  23. ronron says

    it is not difficult. just use senukex and websitewitch ! but your domain must be an aged one, at least 3 years old. if you have a 15+ year domain, then fab!

  24. Erica PriceErica Price says

    I’d already got the Alexa toolbar on my browser, but I’d not been aware of exactly how the measures were calculated before, so I found this article very useful.

  25. George Lungu says

    People say Alexa does not matter, however I found out it is so far the best estimate to a website’s daily visitors. P pesonally check it very often for mine and other sites.

  26. Karren says

    I have been like many above interested in knowing how to improve the Alexa rating, I was doing quit well and then drop like a rock in just a few days. Its very difficult to know why, but after reading your article I can see there are some things I have not been doing as much, one is getting outside my blogging circle. So that will be the first thing I do to start…. I appreciate the article.
    Karren recently posted..Casino Mate Giveaway 6/29My Profile

  27. HemHem says

    This was a very interesting post. It is useful that Alexa adds links in to their database from unique domain only. Which means, you can always check how many websites are connected to your domain and you can always try to increase that number.

  28. HemHem says

    goood post thanks
    I was doing quit well and then drop like a rock in just a few days. Its very difficult to know why, but after reading your article I can see there are some things I have not been doing as much, one is getting outside my blogging circle. So that will be the first thing I do to start

  29. LauraLaura says

    I don’t check Alexa as often as I probably should for being a new website, but I have noticed that it’s very slow to update its links numbers. We too have been stuck on the same number for a while and know for a fact we’ve gotten many more quality links! I guess the only thing to do is keep doing the right SEO stuff and wait for Alexa to catch up. 😉

  30. HafeezHafeez says

    Nice post, alexa is the best way to check sitelink and your traffic rank.It almost tell 99.99% accurate.Useful post , thanks for sharing.

  31. LynnLynn says

    That was a good article. It says I have over 5,000 links when searching on the search engine, but Alexa only sees (at this point anyway) 51. Sigh. I have been to some of our competitors on Alexa, and seen who was linking into them. They have over 20,000 links. ARGH. Seems hopeless, but one by one, we are trying to conquer. Anyway, thanks for the article.

  32. Amy says

    How long does it take for Alexa to see all the sites linking in to you? A week, a month? I have had a lot of sites linking to me recently but they don’t show up in my Alexa Site Links.

  33. najma says

    I am submitting links in various sites and web directories but Alexa only sees 4 links. I do not understand why it does not increase. What can I do for it?

  34. Sidv220Sidv220 says

    I have 168832 backlinks to my site according to Google Webmaster tools but Alex reports on 11. This a big difference between Google and Alexa. I do not understand a reasons behind so big discrepancy.

  35. Marko LogoMarko Logo says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post.. cleared out all my quires on Alexa Links and Google Back Links… thanks for this useful resource

  36. Mark says

    Thanks for enlightening me on alexa links. Never seen anyone talk about them before and never truly gave it much thought. Alexa rank, google page rank etc I read about and look at but never gave much thought to alexa links. So thank you for informing me on the importance of finding new sites and blogs etc to get more links from etc.

  37. elshaelsha says

    Dear Jene, i am also confused in case of alexa links, as i have received a project to increase Alexa links.Just let me know whether no follow back links are considered by Alexa? Or Alexa just consider do follow??

  38. BD WilliamsBD Williams says

    Comment Luv Premium…very nice! How is it? Is it worth the money? Sorry got off track. Great post. I use alexa for checking competitors backlinks. Do you know how I find out more than 100 backlinks?

  39. abrahamabraham says

    Thank you Jane for your article. I’m trying to promote my blog and website, but it can be a dizzying and Herculean challenge to promote my blog! I appreciate you sharing your insight!

  40. Tushar says

    Thanks for this info. I searched Google about reducing in number of Alexa links & everyone was talking about decreasing Alexa ranks.. haha, damn this search algos.

    Glad you mentioned what I was looking for, however – could you tell me why is the number of links-in reducing? They came down from 384 to 263 in a span of last six odd months.

    Thanks :)

  41. Ismailia PressIsmailia Press says

    Alexa Rank is most important to show advertiser that your blog is famous & getting traffic and it somehow depends on link building.
    nitin choudhary recently posted

  42. PaulinePauline says

    Thank you for the tips, it says on Alexa that they refresh monthly but it has been over a month and my links haven’t budged…

  43. GlennGlenn says

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    I have looked on another couple of sites; however, there information was now where near as clear and concise as yours.

  44. Irfan SiddiquiIrfan Siddiqui says

    Hey Jane, you have opened my eyes on Alexa Links. Just few minutes back when I was updating one of the article in my blog something struck my mind and I wanted to get its answer.

    Two weeks back when I was in my uncle’s place – he’s an stock market adviser and blog’s on the same. He asked me how Alexa counts site links and the way to increase his blog’s Alexa site link. As, I was not too sure on how to do that I said they have their own structure to count each site’s Alexa link.

    The next question he raised was how you got your blog’s Alexa links and what I said that time was similar explanation that you gave here. So, after completing your article I think the suggestion I gave to my uncle was not wrong. Thank you for the nice article on Alexa Links.

  45. Josh says


    Thank you for this article. Very useful information on Alexa backlinks. Is there any hints from Alexa as to how and when they update their backlinks?

  46. SandeepSandeep says

    Great post explaining how alexa is different from google/yahoo in terms counting backlinks. Different strategy for different rankings. I do agree that keeping an eye on alexa links will motivate us to write more and also improve our site backlinks.
    Thanks Jane, I am also interested in improving page rank of my site pages, have you written anything regarding this?

  47. JennJenn says

    I have been searching for the answer to this for a few days and I am so thankful I found your explanation. I finally understand it they way you put it. THANK YOU!!

  48. PriyaPriya says

    Great Post first of all! But it is very annoying that they don’t update link count and other back link information frequently. Still, I think it is worth the long wait. Thanks for sharing this.

    Priya @

  49. Amit SharmaAmit Sharma says

    I have 27 million inbound link of my website in yahoo but in alexa it is very few but still counting every week and updating new result every week with increment of 20 to 30 links. I want to know if anyone suggest me how alexa read quickly my links i am very thankful to him/her because if i have 27 million links in yahoo definitely I have atleat 1% link in alexa which is 270000.

    If anyone have this answer please let me know.

  50. syedsyed says is my issue with alexa,

    first they could easily be manipulated, second they themselves are using Google tracking code.
    Third, Paid advertising changes everything, fourth, they allow no follow links as good links.

  51. sathwik says

    Thats a great one and also improving my alexa ranking in the span of time.
    want to know what are steps to take to come in top 50k now.
    I hope this will work for me to achieve that as well.

  52. Santosh says

    Great points. I agree that it is healthy to find newer blogs. After all you are making new connections which may become some good friendships in the long term.

  53. Steven J FrommSteven J Fromm says

    Does your link count have a direct correlation to your Alexa rank? Or does Alexa factor in other things and if so what other things?
    Some commentators have said that Alexa is irrelevant or a bad measuring tool. Do you agree with this line of thinking?

  54. Pramod KumarPramod Kumar says

    Nice Article. Alexa not only depends upon backlinks, it also depends upon traffic. For my site, first it was some 16Crores. one day I got good traffic and alexa ranaking came to 11crore.. after that I didn’t have much traffic so no shine in rank.. this proves that traffic also matters..
    however nice article..

  55. Jason OwensJason Owens says

    Thanks for this post. I have noticed something peculiar with regard to Alexa’s “sites linking in” metric, and I am wondering if you could comment on it. What I believe I am seeing is that sites of very small or insignificant rank do not even count towards my link number. I have several friends who have included links for me on their respective sites, but Alexa does not seem to catch these. However, if I simply leave a comment on a top 100K blog, that link seemed to get picked up almost immediately.

  56. denver broncosdenver broncos says

    hey there and thank you for your information – I’ve certainly picked up anytthing new from right here.
    I did howevfer expertise several technical issues using this
    website, since I experienced to reload the web site
    a lot of times previous to I could get it tto load properly.
    I had been wondering iif your web host is OK?
    Noot that I’m complaining, but sluggish loading instances times will sometimes affect your placement in google and can daamage your high-quality score if advertising and marketing with Adwords.
    Well I’m adding tis RSS to my e-mail and could look out for a
    lot more of your respective interesting content. Make sure
    you update this again very soon.

  57. Jameyson MacDonald says

    This is some really good information. I never put a lot of stock in Alexa rank, mainly because it is only generated from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser. However, as Alexa rank is one metric that many people look at to determine the success of a website, and as I am a website owner, I am forced to look more closely at Alexa rank and links. Thanks for the tips, they were very helpful.

  58. Sushil Sharma says

    I found your site while searching about Alexa site linking. Great details you have provided here.
    Alexa ranking is not accurate but links is almost accurate

  59. Arpit Roy says

    Although having a good Alexa rank will be a feel good factor for me, I am not too much bothered about it. What matters is the Page Rank. That’s something you should seriously think about.

  60. sumit says

    That’s why my links are not increasing in Alexa.. I was commenting on few blogs which I visit on regular basis
    This was a great help..Thanks a ton :)

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