3 Awesome Blogs Every SEO Should Regularly Visit

3 Awesome Blogs Every SEO Should Regularly Visit

When you spend your working days reading blogs, stalking writers and keeping one toe dipped in a pulsing stream of information twenty-four/seven, you pick up a hefty reading list of URL’s you just have to visit.

It becomes a morning ritual, as commutes roll by leisurely and the time it takes to move through the city no longer annoys you, as productivity has many guises and the smart devices of today are in close proximity to a truly round-the-clock workplace.

A lot can change in twelve hours, six or two, as SEO thrusts itself forward out of the link building strategies of old and into principles centralized around semantic search. But how does one stay updated, without trawling through a bog of blogs and malapropisms, finding a few rare diamonds among the coal litter? Ordinarily, it’s a process of trial and error, as companies like Search Factory build up their collections of internals must-reads, doing half of the work for its employees.

If you’re not lucky enough to work for such a culturally cool company, the following list of article churners should keep you happy for the months to come, and more importantly, on top of the changes that are no doubt coming very soon.

Moz Blog

Many claim the Moz Blog as a sort of industry Bible, cobbled together by a bunch of nerds on the other side of the world, tailored to SEO wizards like yourself.

Though nothing should be taken as literal scripture or absolute truth on the internet, Moz Blog rarely gets it wrong, covering topics ranging from online marketing psychology, content marketing strategy, algorithm changes, a trove of tip sheets, how to guides and fascinating Q&A’s to spur your mind into action.

If Google is the brain of the internet, blogs like Moz are the heart, pumping the information out to the benefit of the body as a whole.

Search Engine Watch

The four time winner of PC Magazine Top 100 Websites, the ‘Watch runs commentary, expert advice and tip sheets together in one highly interactive community.

Not only do you have the opportunity to contribute to the blog (assuming you have anything worthy to be published), but this multi award winning blog cultivates a thriving community of commenters, encouraging debate and open dialogue for the purposes of further learning and analysis.

Matt Cutts Blog

If you work in SEO and draw a blank on the identity of Mr Cutts, you need to pull up Google bar and follow the trail of SERPs; Cutts is kind of a big deal on the SEO scene, heading out Google’s webspam department.

While his precocious videos can leave a bad taste in your mouth, Matt really knows his Engines and Optimizations, regularly updating his blog with essential information, interesting articles, industry tips and a trove of Easter eggs waiting to be discovered.

Do you have a favourite that hasn’t appeared in our top three? Well, go on, don’t keep us waiting, post a link in the comments below.

This list was put together by Jessica Hannah, who is a member of the Brisbane SEO team at Search Factory.

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  1. Arun KallarackalArun Kallarackal says

    I got three ‘checks’! Yes, I’m a regular visitor of all the three blogs you mentioned here. Yes, they are authority blogs providing very useful tips and the articles they publish are well researched.

    Above all, just visiting these blogs won’t help one. Learning from them, and implementing the good strategies they share is the key! What say?

    Thanks Jessica, for putting up this list!

  2. Itender RawatItender Rawat says

    Well I’m just following Matt Cutts Blog which is habituated daily to check and know about google updates specially about google animals. But to be honest with your I was not following the remaining 2 blogs mentioned above.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sagar RaiSagar Rai says

    Hi jane,

    Thanks for this SEO websites. This is a significant to my everyday SEO task. That is why to this location is a large accomplishment for me. Very good information. Blogging is actually a hard theme to learn and this great stuff. Thanks for posting.


  4. Greg Schuring says

    Wonderful blog. Thank you. I was “aware of MOZ and knew I needed to put effort into it. However I didn’t know about the other two. I will now be researching/learning about them and reading some of the blogs. I’m always for reading new information. This will certainly help me with my SEO practices.

  5. Priyanka says


    Thanks for sharing this. I was aware of Moz and Matt cutts only But you told me a new on Search Engine watch.
    I will definitely read this regularly as I am reading those.

  6. Ed KingEd King says

    Thanks for sharing, even for someone not in the industry I find these blogs useful for the regular site owner like myself just trying to find my voice and platform.

  7. Saqib RazzaqSaqib Razzaq says

    Well put Jane. Moz blog is really special one because tips offered there are priceless. I read many blogs as a blogger and two blogs your list are also in my favorite list. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Anil Kumar says


    These blogs are really popular and I’m following all of them. Specially Moz Blog is my favorite in the listed ones as we can learn lot of new things daily.


  9. Van TranVan Tran says

    SEO is really very important. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  10. ZubairZubair says


    To be absolutely honest, I didnt know who Matt Cutts was until a few weeks back. Only after I saw a couple of his videos that I realize that he is a big shot in the SEO world.

    Also kissmetrics is another site that gives great info on seo and which I follow.

  11. Mathias says

    Thanks for sharing these, they’re indeed really helpful for every who’s doing SEO and everyone in this business should be follow these! I would also add ‘SEOCentro’ website because they also re-posts useful articles from these blogs you stated, and apart from that they also have great SEO tools for check websites.

    Once again thank you for this awesome share and best regards!

    Have a great day,

  12. Athiya says

    Thanks for the detailed post. Matt Cutt videos and blogs are really helping to have in depth knowledge of blogging. Apart from all these, our own regular work on our blogs with lots of observation can help us in our own way. Thanks.

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