Launching DoSplash blogging community for bloggers

Launching DoSplash blogging community for bloggers

DoSplash is my newest baby – a blogging community. It’s been in my mind for quite a while that I should have a community where bloggers can come, participate, share their knowledge, interact and promote each other’s business.

I know there already exists quite some cool communities out there, which I’m part of. But still I wanted to host one myself :)

That’s not a bad idea, is it?

Now when I told some of my folks about this idea, I immediately got a negative feedback. Everyone suggested that there already exists places like this where bloggers and site owners promote their own stuff, participate, vote, share etc. – so why another?

A very reasonable question indeed!

But then I asked to myself, there was Facebook, then Twitter, then Google Plus – yet another social media platform to go and interact – will people pay attention? And yes people did pay attention!

 Every similar project can be different and yes, can be interesting. I’ll do my best to make it different and interesting.

– I told myself and moved on to set up the site.

You can access the site here > head over to DoSplash.

Pligg CMS

Now I am very used to WordPress. I’ve also heard from people that one can develop a social bookmarking/sharing/voting community on a WordPress platform. But I had no clue how.

So I hopped over for another CMS for the first time in my blogging history – Pligg.

I must say that my love for WordPress has dramatically increased after I started developing DoSplash on Pligg platform.

Not to complain – but Pligg is not very user-friendly, both at the front end and at the back end. I did lots of big mistakes, deleted databases a few times and all sorts of circuses before getting the site up and launched to my newsletter subscribers. And, I asked for feedback from my subscribers and close pals.

I had great feedback from all of them that helped me improve the site and get rid of many small and big bugs. While I was on it, I once wiped the site clean and got people asking what happened to DoSplash lol – the height of my newbie knowledge towards Pligg.

Anyways, all is done now and the site is up ready for public launch. And hereby, I officially launch it!

What’s in DoSplash for you?

Probably this is the important part you’d be interested in reading. Well, you can register for an account here > Register for an account at DoSplash

I don’t think I have to mention that registering an account is free. Once you do so, please first visit your profile page and fill out your profile. This helps getting along with the community in a nice way.

This will also help people to identify you in the community and connect with you. You can make friends too.

While we have done our very best to stop spam accounts there are still some. So if you spot any spam account, please let us know via the contact form – thank you for that!

You are free to make your submissions as long as they fit into the categories available at the site. No spamming please :)

Regarding the legal stuff, you can read about the site’s Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

Thank you for your continued support

Many of you provided awesome support throughout by giving feedback while the site was being developed. Many of you have already gone through the trouble of registering at the site for the second time – since I had the database deleted once.

So thank you for all your patience and continued support without which this project would not have been born.

And I count you in making this site a real success – all you have to do it to get there, socialize and share. Of course this will be a win-win since you will get targeted traffic and exposure from DoSplash – guaranteed!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and register for free at DoSplash and start sharing and socializing.

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  1. Nirmala says

    Congrats for your new website Jane :)

    It is very clear that had been faced so many hurdles to launch this website.

    Participating in communities is imperative for the bloggers and wishing it to reach a grand success.

    Sure Jane, will support this community always and never spam.

  2. John Gibb says

    hi Jane

    Congrats for your new website, and hope it’s going to be a major success sooner than later…

    You are an inspiration for people who believe in their dreams and make it happen, regardless the negative people trying to interfere…


  3. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    This surely sounds interesting, though yes, just like the doubts people usually have – do I have to join yet another and why this one? But I think you cleared that in your post, and it would be great to be a part as well once I check it out soon after. One can see the effort you’ve put into this and it’s bound to show results.

    Wishing you all the very best in your new endeavor. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

  4. QasimQasim says

    Hi Jan,

    Congratulation on launching the site, this is something that I would be in, Thanks for sharing about it and letting us know. Wish you all the success with it.

  5. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    Hey Jane,

    First of all I would like to congrats you for successfully launching your new site.

    I’m already using Bizsugar, Blokube etc and they are good and I hope that doSplash will be best among them.

    Wish you a great success with DoSplash :)

  6. Jane BrownJane Brown says


    Congrats Jane for launching your new website.
    I will definitely visit it and join it.

    Jane Brown

  7. David Leonhardt says

    Hi Jane. I just joined. I have almost stopped blogging for the summer as I have been on a vacation-type schedule, but I’ll be back at it. In the meantime, I have shared this with a couple private blogger discussion groups I am in. I wish you good luck and do let me know how I can help.

  8. Palla Ramarao says

    Hi Jane,
    I joined your new social network. It looks great just like Digg and Reddit. But technically I feel there are some problems. When I clicked on one article, it showed that the URL is bad or error. So I hope in the long run you can fix these things. Anyhow thanks for starting such a social media website and being a motivator for newbies like me.

  9. Terry ShawTerry Shaw says

    Wow! Great job, Jane! I would really love to join. I need exposure for my blog since I’m just a newbie. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  10. Adrienne says

    Hi Jane,

    Ah yes, another blogging community. You’re right and I can understand why people would have questioned you.

    I’ll admit to you right now that I bailed on the blogging networks that I was a part of because I felt that all anyone was ever doing was sharing their posts and nothing more. I’ll also admit being extremely guilty of not having the time to check out more posts which is why I’ve limited myself to certain communities. The ones I enjoy the most and get the most benefit from.

    I’ll wish you the very best with this and sounds like you definitely learned some lessons from creating this platform. The experiences of doing it ourselves right!

    Best of luck to you Jane.


  11. Paul Lee says

    I don’t have experience with either of those platforms, but good luck! I admire your willingness to try something new from the ground up. I will be very interested to see how it turns out. The extent of the online networks and communities we can build are amazing.

  12. Jeniffer MitchelJeniffer Mitchel says

    Excellent post Jane,
    I have never heared about dosplash and i have just checked it right now and it looks awesome. I think it can go above the blokube and I will surely make an account over there right now.
    Thanks for your awesome post.

  13. scott says

    Hi Jane,

    This surely sounds interesting, though yes, just like the doubts people usually have – do I have to join yet another and why this one? But I think you cleared that in your post, and it would be great to be a part as well once I check it out soon after. One can see the effort you’ve put into this and it’s bound to show results.

  14. Shathyan Raja says

    Hi Mam,

    Nice to see a community to engage with bloggers and also share our contents. All the best for the start and wish you the best to make it as World Top Blogger’s Community from India and also from Trichy, Tamil Nadu 😛 which is also my native.

  15. Joseph Adediji says

    Congrats Jane on your new baby.
    I have always wanted to launch a blog community too but I never did due to time availability to develop and manage it.
    I might come up with something quite different very soon, it wont be pligg site though!

  16. Sumanth says

    Hello Jane i like your new project Dosplash very much. But i have a doubt. So i’m asking you directly here. 1) After submitting the articles how much time does it take for the articles to appear on the main site(i mean gettting published.)
    I asked you this because i have submitted 4 articles and they r still not published after 24 hours. I find it difficult to understand the methodology. I ‘m sure that i’m submitting my site’s main articles(not any affliates,spam etc).

    And aslo my last doubt is “What are the costs of developing Dosplash(i mean the money you’ve spent)? PLease answer me Jane pls.”

    Apart form all these i find your new community cool and worthy . Thanks for the hard work.
    Thanks again and waiting for your answer

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hi Sumanth, thanks for joining DoSplash and for submitting your posts. The posts go to Published stream based on the number of votes they get from the community and it does not depend on the amount of time that has lapsed. Currently we have set a threshold of 6 votes.

      As to the initial investment, I guess I spent around $150-$200 – don’t remember correctly. But I will also continue to invest over the time.

      • Sumanth says

        Thank you so much for the reply Jane. I never thought you will answer this fast.
        Cleared all my doubts thanks again and i really want to see dosplash as one of the top blogging communities.

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