5 Niche Blogs Enjoying Lucrative Returns on Adsense

5 Niche Blogs Enjoying Lucrative Returns on Adsense

Do you wonder why sites pay pennies for pay per click ads? Keep reading to find out why. Google adsense runs these ads on behalf of advertisers. The cost of each ad is determined by a bid that the advertiser places on his/her ad.

The bid can be placed on either keywords per click or thousands of impressions. Depending on the amount that the advertiser pays adsense for his/her ads determines how much adsense participators will be paid. So if an advertiser bid less, the adsense participator is paid less.

So where are advertisers spending their money? Anyone spends money on whatever brings in more returns. This means that you need to research and know what business sectors are most lucrative? I have outlined a few of these sectors below.

Educational Institutions

More and more people are spending their hard earned money on increasing knowledge and improving skills, in the hope of getting better employment and subsequent improve living standards. In-turn the educational institutions are paying more to advertise their institutions and hence more is paid to adsense publishers.

Employment Blogs

It’s no secret that the rate of unemployment is worrying. As a result there are lots of people looking for ways to earn online. This has resulted in the mushrooming of job consultancy websites where jobs are posted and a daily sometimes hourly basis.

Applicants or employers pay a certain amount to the consulting websites. As a result employment websites can afford to pay more for keywords and as a result, more is paid to those participating in it.

Gadgets and Gizmos/Apps

With technology sweeping the global market at the rate that it is and the necessity that has been created as a results means that companies that have specialized in manufacturing these gadgets are experiencing great profits. As a result they can afford handsome advertising budgets and can thus afford to spend generously on advertising.

A supporting industry is the software industry because they provide accompanying apps that increase these gadgets’ functinality. The gadget companies offer handsome rewards to these software companies hence pay well even for research of their products.

Webmaster, Web development and Hosting

There is a surge of information flowing on the internet than any other media source. This information is presented on websites and blogs. This follows that the business of developing website and their optimization for better performance on the internet is gaining great momentum.

It has been established that there are more domains than the world’s population and more are registered on a daily basis. So companies that specialize in web development and optimization, information and research and web hosting and information storage are the ones to look out for. They have more to spend since every sector is seeking to digitize its information and mode of operation.

Health and Nutrition

We all peg a very high price on our health. Health is almost irreplaceable once lost. As a result, everyone is taking precautionary measure to keep disease and sickness at bay. As a result people are taking insurance covers, subscribing to gyms and health clubs, paying to attend health seminars and doctor appointments, on and on the list is endless.

With the heap of financial flow, they are able to place better bids on health related keywords.

If you have been thinking of starting a blog or website revolving around the sector listed above, the by all means, go ahead and provide a lot of free content. You have very good chances of succeeding. Hit on websites revolving around these themes and you should gather proper information on the approach to take.

Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aaris is SEO company in India. Kaushal has conceptualized SEO Traingulation Method to get desired ranking. In addition, he is also a passionate blogger and writes on diverse topics such as Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management and Social Media.

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  1. DiTesco says

    Great niches indeed Kaushal. AdSense is a great source of income provided you know how to pick the right niche and generate some decent traffic as without it, despite being those niches, it won’t do you much good. Other noteworthy niche is also Finance related (e.g. Insurance, Mortgages, etc).. I would be careful on “health and nutrition” unless you know what you are talking about. Either than that, good choices of topics here to make money with adsense.
    DiTesco recently posted..Making Money With Google AdSense, My Experience With The ProgramMy Profile

  2. Sean @ Liver CleanseSean @ Liver Cleanse says

    Many of my websites which have Adsense are in the health niche and I can verify that the PPC is better than most! Great post Kaushal!

  3. Ray@dolphin tutorials says

    Some topics or niches do tend to pay more than others. Same goes for keywords in an article or post. I know some people spend a lot of time chasing the higher paying ones. Sometimes it works out for them, but other times they spend a lot of time on it and it turns out it’s not that popular and traffic is very low. If you can find one that pays well and has decent traffic that isn’t too difficult to rank for that you are also familiar with that would be ideal.
    Ray recently posted..Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus what next?My Profile

  4. Anna says

    A good choice in fact as there are niches that you have listed which can be very profitable like health for example. But in fact if a person wants to find some profits, he or she will do it

  5. DaisyDaisy says

    I guess is profiting and is the online game niches, I have seen those official game site putting up Ad sense promoting online games. I bet you had seen it before on some gaming blog site.

  6. Fred @ SoloBizCoach.comFred @ SoloBizCoach.com says

    Great niches. The three super niches are finding love, making and saving money, and getting fit and healthy.

  7. Darryl BurmaDarryl Burma says

    Hi Kaushal,

    One of my more successful blogs happens to be in the category of “Gadgets and Gizmos/Apps” as you mentioned. I find out of all the various blogs I have this is by far the highest paying niche when it comes to pay-per-click advertising.

    Thanks for a great article, was enjoyable to read.

  8. Nishadha@Birthstone Jewelry says

    Some very good niches although I don’t think webmaster and web development niches pays a lot. Credit Card, Mortgage and finance related niches also tend to perform really well. Targeting health niches are good and profitable but Google will most likely attach authority to those niches and you might find your site losing rank if you don’t have necessary qualification to write about those subjects.
    Nishadha recently posted..September Birthstone Jewelry for Men Blue Sapphire Jewelry for MenMy Profile

  9. Andrew WalkerAndrew Walker says

    I really love to read articles about gadgets though. So that’s why, I’m more into a blog that talks about it.

  10. JamalJamal says

    You are right but in these niche there is a lot of competition and we have to wait a lot till our site arrives in top 10.If choose low competition keywords of other niches, we can earn a lot than this.

  11. John Mak @ Software Reviews & CouponsJohn Mak @ Software Reviews & Coupons says


    Very good post Kaushal. I can see benefit working with ad-sense but choosing the right topic every time. It could bring you good cash but what I believe is that whatever way you try to promote, there are certain things to know and be aware. I can’t say that this or another way is not working. It’s on us. We can determine what works for us and make money!

    Thanks for sharing,

  12. LaurieLaurie says

    Interesting – I have noticed these niches as being more popular, but now it makes a lot more sense! Thanks for the insight, here, Kaushal. Great guest post! :)

  13. Karen says

    I keep hearing that all these niches are doing really despite the recession. I’m starting to think I need to get into one before too long!

  14. adam@bob ong quotesadam@bob ong quotes says

    I truly agree with you here Jane. I’ve read from other blogs that wedding niche also brings good sum of return from the big G.

  15. reehareeha says

    These Niches are in stuff and hard competition now day however educational niche will be an easy task compared to other niches.

  16. Larry LewisLarry Lewis says

    I have run my blog for about 18 months. Its more of a passion than anything else. But as the time i spent on it increased, i thought i better do something to try and monetarise it. On went adsense. And as you have said, with health and personal development as my niche, i couldn’t really go wrong.

  17. CarlaCarla says

    This is such a great post. In my opinion a great niche is health and nutrition, everybody search about this no matter old or young, thin or fat everybody want to learn about nutritional and healthy stuff.

  18. Laser Hair Removal South FloridaLaser Hair Removal South Florida says

    More and more people are spending their hard earned money on increasing knowledge and improving skills, in the hope of getting better employment and subsequent improve living standards…thanks

  19. adam@cheesy pick up linesadam@cheesy pick up lines says

    I’ve already commented here before I just though that aside from those stated above I think quotes can also be a good niche that can return huge money since its most probably high trend niche.

  20. Azam@kay jewelersAzam@kay jewelers says

    For Adsense I only choose some long tail keywords of low competition and optimize my site for that keywords and earn money with increments gradually.

  21. best hcg dropsbest hcg drops says

    It helps the bloggers and web masters to attract higher ad rates and increase ad-based revenue by showcasing the highest-performing segments of their audience.

  22. manishakmanishak says

    Good ideas. I think educational niche is good. Rest are very competitive and finding good domains is tricky in them.

  23. Ganeshan NadarajanGaneshan Nadarajan says

    If you have been thinking of starting a blog or website revolving around the sector go ahead and provide a lot of free content. You have very good chances of succeeding. Hit on websites revolving around these themes and you should gather proper information on the approach to take.

  24. donadona says

    This is a cool list of niches, I really have tried health blogs and its always my best profitable niche ever not only with adsense but products sales. Will check out education niches

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