How to make money from blogging: 2 Strategies for beginner bloggers

How to make money from blogging: 2 Strategies for beginner bloggers

How to make money from blogging? – This is one of the most popular questions in the minds of all bloggers. No matter how big or small their blog is, everyone wants to make money off it.

And, there’s nothing wrong about it. Every blogger puts in a lot of effort to build and run their blogs – so they deserve to make some money off it.

In this post, as you might have noted in the title, I am going to talk to beginner bloggers.

Is there a difference between the way a beginner blogger makes money from his/her blog and the way an established blogger makes money?

Well there is!

When your blog is new it is not easy to make money from it. You could do some “extra” stuff off your blog to make money. But things are still different from having an established blog and having a new blog, when it comes to making money.

I hope you would agree and I hope you’d have already realized that difference.

If you have a brand new blog, you cannot expect it to make money from the same streams used by established blogs like Mashable, Copyblogger and Problogger.

So how do blogs make money?

Established blogs can use a different monetization strategy and usually that strategy leverages on the authority, and traffic that blog gets.

Sure that is a very wise strategy. But the sad fact is that, the same strategy doesn’t apply to new blogs.

And when beginner bloggers try to copy the monetization strategy of big blogs, they usually run into trouble or at least they get disappointed.

In this post I am going to discuss 2 ways in which beginner bloggers can make money from their blogs.

Offer services

I know I know – you are going to scream through the roof hearing this advice from me – especially for beginner bloggers.

So you are a beginner, and you have just started out. What services can you offer? And how the heck are people going to do business with you, given that you are still….. a beginner?

All this is possible and earning money from a new blog by offering services is one of the smartest moves you can do in your early stage.

Offering your services is one of the smartest ways to make money blogging

Now let me clarify one thing. If you have just started out a blog (with limited content on it) and if it is a blog on a topic related to any of the following, forget about this tip –

So here are the topics: blogging tips, internet marketing, SEO, and whatever related to blogging!

Think about it – if you are just starting a blog and while you are still a newbie, do you think people will pay you to tell them how to blog? Not a chance.

This tip ONLY applies if you run a blog that is not about blogging.

If you have started a blogging related blog, you can use this tip after your blog becomes an established, authority blog in your niche! Not until then.

So how can you make people to avail your services?

Let’s say you do online consultation for women with infidelity issues. Or lets say you do a local photography business and you want people to avail your photo sessions. Or may be you are a good writer and you want other bloggers and companies to hire you for their content creation.

The first and the foremost thing people are going to look at is at your profile. If you don’t already have

  • clients,
  • or experience,
  • or a portfolio where you show off your work
  • or testimonials from past clients,
  • or all of the above…

then you will be in trouble. It will be really challenging to get clients in this case.

So what do you do? Simply offer to do your service for free for the first few clients, in exchange for a testimonial or an acknowledgement or a link back.

There are many benefits in offering services for free.

First of all you can go out and hit targeted clients without annoying them since you are not going to sell them anything – but you are going to propose a free service to them. And who doesn’t like FREE?

Second, if you do this on a consistent basis for a while, your efforts will scale up and before you know it you will get into many people’s radar. And via word of mouth marketing you will soon become popular.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers and Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe used this strategy. They offered free website audits. Ana attracted a lot of loyal readers to her blog and via word of mouth, her blog’s authority and traffic skyrocketed. Derek did free audits for the big sites and got into their radar.

Although they are not directly making money off those services they once offered for free now, they have built really established websites and online businesses because of that initial step they took.

It will be easier for you this way to get clients without having to first put effort on building your blog and getting traffic, because traffic will be a nice byproduct of this strategy.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing to make money blogging

Affiliate marketing comes as a quick fix for those who want to make decent cash while they are still newbies in the field. And affiliate marketing is a powerful income stream when implemented properly.

Why is affiliate marketing so cool? You can simply start selling without having to worry about going through the pain of creating a product.

I am not saying that you should forget about creating your own product and simply rely on affiliate commissions. It is very important that you create your own product for your online business – that will not only make a good income stream but will also improve your authority in your niche.

But when you are just starting out you won’t have the time to create a product (you clearly don’t know how to make money from blogging either!). Even if you did so, you might not have enough authority to be able to market it and sell it successfully.

At this time, affiliate marketing comes as a quick fix!

Affiliate marketing is a quick way to make money blogging

So how can you make money with affiliate marketing?

If you are thinking about installing a plugin and set it up to automatically link to all of the product names you mention in your content, forget about it. I am not talking about “that” sort of affiliate marketing.

However, not all affiliate marketing is bad :) With genuine affiliate marketing you have to focus on building trust. Forget about focusing on quick sales for getting quick commissions.

Here are some of the tips that will help you:

  • Do not promote a product that you have not tried yourself
  • Before you promote a product (even after you have used it) research about the product to see for any scammy associations
  • Make sure the product promises what it delivers
  • Make sure the product has a good standing in the market
  • Make sure the product gets good support from the developers
  • In your review, make sure you point out both the positives and negatives of the product (don’t write an all-positive-buy-it-NOW kind of review)
  • Be prepared to answer questions about the product – or notify the product owner about the review and arrange for him/her to answer some of the critical questions about the product
  • Update your review often based on updates from the products (this is something I have to do myself with my current reviews – note to self!)

If you write a genuine review and if people find your review really helpful, they won’t bother buying through your affiliate link. In fact you will find that people would want to help you out by buying through your affiliate link.

I’ve had my readers emailing me and asking specifically for my affiliate link so I can get the commission.

Even more, I’ve once had a blogging pal contact me after he purchased though my link to make sure his purchase got credited in my affiliate account. And, actually there was a problem. I could not see his purchase in my affiliate stats. So he contacted the support of that particular product raising this issue.

They said their system does not show that particular purchase through my aff link. He fought for me back and forth along with screenshots of purchase etc. (and I contacted them as well) until they agreed to compensate me for the purchase by other means – they actually gave me two options and I chose to get paid in cash.

Jens, if you are reading this, you know what I am talking about :)

So, with affiliate marketing, it is all about building trust and it won’t be hard for you to get sales if you don’t actually focus on it. Hard to believe (and practice), I know, but it works!

How to make money from blogging as a newbie blogger?

Well there are so many ways to make money blogging. But all of them don’t work and all of them won’t suit you if you are a newbie blogger.

Even though money is a very important factor, especially while you are starting out, you should actually be putting a lot of effort on building your blog. Coz as you know, once you build your blog to an authoritative level, you can have the sales, prospects, leads, business pour in.

At the same time it is not bad to make some money to cover your running costs.

I’ve given you 2 strategies to make money as a newbie blogger and these two strategies not only help you do the work and make money but will also help you build your blog and your reputation alongside.

By offering your services for free initially you are going to get substantial traction. And, by genuinely recommending products to your readers, you are going to build trust for the long time to come – a good example of this is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Look at his income reports and see how much he earns in affiliate commissions. It is not something he built overnight.

So, instead of just reading through this post and leaving, I want you to do 3 things:

  • Do ONE thing in your business so you can implement any one of these strategies RIGHT NOW.
  • Share this post in your social circle so your friends/followers can benefit from these tips.
  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know how you are going to implement these tips to your business.

I say it again, just by reading this post you won’t see results in your business (may be you came to know the answers to the question “how to make money from blogging?”).

Only actions make results. So ya, take action to make money from blogging!

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  1. Kerry Russell says

    Awesome advise Jane :)

    My blog still in its youth at just over 8 months and so far selling my web design services work best for me.

    One day when the time is right I plan to create info products, but in the meantime affiliate recommendations work pretty well too.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. HirenHiren says

    Nice article very helpful with me. i recently start my new education blog and i used adsense for earn money but now i think to start affiliate too. helpful article for new blogger thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Poo says

    Hey Jane,

    Thanks for this wonderful article.
    As a beginner we have barely any option to earn but you rightly pointed out that by offering free services in the start one can buildloyal readers .. :)

    I think I should take it seriously and start putting up efforts ..:)

  4. SK Saini says

    Hi Jane!

    I would like to say that you never leave any loop hole in your post. I agree with you that one should not only raise positives but also cons for the domain product . Thanks for this nice post.

  5. Enstine Muki says

    This post makes a lot of sense and I think newbies struggling to make money should read it Jane. I have so many of them in my niche trying to make money doing what’s impossible.

    Starting online with what you already do offline is a quick way to get paid. All you need is to pull some traffic to your blog.

    Yes, Affiliate marketing is cool. You get paid for selling others products. Sometimes, you even get paid more than what the product owners earn from you.

    I have many newbies in my social media community so I’ll just go ahead and share this post. Hope you are having a wonderful week Jane!

  6. Ovais Mirza says

    I too believe that affiliate marketing is a better option for bloggers to earn money online than pay per click programs. Affiliate programs such as of blue host and godaddy can enable us to earn great commissions. And in fact most of the bloggers now start using affiliate programs more than pay per click programs.

  7. Pritam Nagrale says

    Hi Jane,
    Awesome Post on Make Money Blogging for Beginners. Yes. It’s true that no one can earn money easily on online Marketing. I think, Nowadays lots of new bloggers to work on Affiliate Marketing. It’s the main Online Make Money option for newbie bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing good article here:)

  8. Alex Taylor says

    Hi Jane,

    I love how most people think they just set it up and away they go and they’ll have tons of traffic and it will be the easiest way they have ever made money! What people don’t realize is just how hard it actually is and how much time and patienece it will take to get a blog up and running and off the ground! Social media will help to a certain extent but writing content that kicks ass and stands out is still the key in my opinion.


  9. Nithesh Chakravarthi says

    Nice article. I tech blog and i used affiliate marketing to earn money and I am also trying for adsense but getting rejections all the time lol. helpful article for new bloggers like me thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Dev Pandey says

    Hi Jane,

    Excellent post!!!
    I think this will be one of the best post any newbie will like to read and get benefited from it. Making money is the most important part for any blogger and you have give right advice which is surely gonna help.


  11. Andrew M. Warner says

    Hi Jane,

    Very refreshing to read a post like this that doesn’t force PPC and Adsense down people’s throats. These are two very excellent ways for a beginner to start off making money, but the one thing they should remember is that people will only purchase from you if they trust you. That means you have to work to build up relationships with them first because they’ll be willing to shell out their hard earned dollars.

    Great tips here.

  12. Ana Hoffman says

    I am so glad you mentioned that it’s not a good idea to offer services for newbies in blogging-related niches, Jane; can’t believe so many people still try to do it!

    • Jane says

      That’s one of the main reasons why newbie bloggers struggle to make money, Ana :) Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a long time! Hope you are doing good.

  13. johnwooderjohnwooder says

    stupid question but I thought I had ask. will a google PR1 site be counted as a blog with authority. or it will be even higher up like PR3 or even PR 5.can there be a situation where the PR is 0 but the blog has authority???? I have a small site that I don’t want to call a blog and it shows some traffic etc but no roi really. I depend on the banner ads to do the work as they are quite similar to google adsense. I think its a good revenue model but not a great one. would love your feedback

    • Jane says

      Banner ads and adsense type ads need a lot of traffic – not just traffic, but targeted traffic. See if you’ve got that. If not, you should try other revenue models John :)

  14. KostasKostas says

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I’m sure that they will benefit not just beginners but other bloggers too who are looking for a new approach

  15. Archana says

    Hi,Jane You really write well as well as know very much about the earning money through blogging. With this article I come to know about many important points that I would be considering while doing any post.

  16. Olatunji Ezekiel says

    I think I’ll start with the free stuffs…It did not really come to my head that affiliate marketing works…and I have People I can affiliate with…thanks so much for this enlightment, really helpful

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