My Blog Promotion Secrets Revealed

My Blog Promotion Secrets RevealedHonestly speaking, I was thrilled when I received Jane’s email asking me to write a guest post for her on social media blog promotion because this was one topic I’ve often been asked about.

So, since it would help me share my blog promotion secrets with all of you, beside it being only my second guest post – I couldn’t refuse her :)

Blog promotion using social media is very dear to my heart because it’s about something that has always worked for me, right from the time I started blogging.

People have always wondered and inquired as to how my blog posts get so many social shares. Everybody does share on social media, but not everybody gets the results as I do.

For my recent blog anniversary post, I made an effort to count the social shares my posts received the previous year.

I was left amazed myself that each post got an average of 890 social shares and for me that’s pretty good! Wouldn’t you agree?

When people ask me this question – “How do you promote your blog posts after you write them”, I really find it difficult to explain the things in detail because it’s a lengthy procedure.

I’m glad that I’d finally be able to share my blog promotion secrets in a post with all of you today because there’s nothing to hide, and why should I?

After all, it’s when you share things with others, you give back and help fellow bloggers become better, and you really lose nothing that ways, isn’t it?

So, without waiting further, let’s talk a little about blog promotion and how we can all do it right. I’d just take up the main social networks where I use my own ways to promote the blog posts.

I’d say it again that what you’re going to read is what works for me. I’m no expert on blog promotion and I’m not going to reveal any rocket science in this post.

It’s blog promotion sans any technicality. Something very simple that you probably knew or heard about before, but didn’t know that it works wonders if implemented skillfully.

The Power of Social Media Blog Promotion

Gone are the days when people used to say, “If you write good content, people will find it”. Nowadays things have changed a great deal, and no, people cannot at times find great content, unless you spread a good word about it.

With several blog posts published daily on the blogosphere, it’s hard to build an audience who would stop by and read your post.

Creating content is the easier part I feel, what’s a lot tougher is getting noticed, for which you need to go out and promote your blog post.

Blog commenting is another thing that has always worked for me, but I’ve already mentioned that in great detail in my guest post at Adrienne’s blog.

You also have the social bookmarking sites to promote your blog on, but today I just want to concentrate on blog promotion through the social networks that I use.

Besides blog commenting, I use no other method beside the power of social media for blog promotion. These two things have always worked for me, and I’ve always done them singlehandedly.

Blog Promotion Secrets using Social Media

Blog Promotion Secrets using Social Media

I’d love to share my blog promotion secrets, or you may call it the tips and tricks, with all of you here and I hope you like them as revealed in this post. :)


My posts usually get the maximum promotion on Facebook, in form of likes and shares.

Well, what I do is to wait for a day or two after I publish my post, and then share it on the various Facebook groups.

I do see many bloggers share their posts across various Facebook groups too; however, the more related the group to your post you share it on, the better.

Yes, it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to share individually the posts to each group. But who said blog promotion was easy!

TRICK: A little trick you can try if you haven’t yet, as it might help you. When you are promoting your blog posts on the various groups on Facebook, just go alphabetically one after the other.

I mean, when you start typing the name of one group, start with the alphabet “A”, and then choose the topmost group to share your post.

Follow the same step and choose the next group from the dropdown to share your post, and carry on till all the groups starting with “A” end, before proceeding to alphabet “B”.

Once you do that, you’d not miss out on any related group, nor would you post your message or link twice on any group. It makes a lot of sense to me, especially if you have many groups on which you want to share your posts.

TIP – Another important point to remember while you are promoting your post is always to thank people for liking or sharing your post. If they comment, reply to their comment. Don’t ignore them!

Sadly, I see many bloggers ignore this exercise, which only helps to add to your social shares and promote your blog.

Remember, if the people who comment, like, and share your posts weren’t there – how would your blog post reach the masses or others. How would your social counts on your blog posts increase?

Always, the people are the ones who help promote your blog, bring traffic to your blog, and help it in ranking better, so go all ahead in expressing your gratitude.

Yes, it’s a tedious task to reply to the 100s of notifications on Facebook after sharing your post – I know you feel this way, and so did I. But there are ways of doing it right.

Want to know how you can manage them?

TRICK: Another little trick – wait for a day, and once your notifications reach 100-200 (depending on where all you’ve shared your posts) or when they lessen, then start replying to all of them one by one.

Oh yes! Just sharing your post takes 1-2 hours, and replying to all of them will take another hour or so, but hard work always pays, doesn’t it? If you want something, you need to sacrifice something in return for it.

Earlier, when the number of Facebook groups I had joined was few – so were the shares, likes, comments, and notifications. It was easier to reply to each one individually, as I was doing that until a year back.

However, with time, as I joined more groups on Facebook, even the likes, shares, and comments increased.

The number of hours I was putting into blog promotion, which was 1-2 hours initially, were turning out to be 3-4 hours, if I didn’t put a stop to it!

So, now what I do is thank the people altogether once they like my post in a group, instead of tagging them individually. For those who share my posts, or leave a comment, I tag and thank them individually.

TIP – Don’t forget to return the little favor by liking, sharing, and commenting on their post too, as and when you get the time.

Observing my activeness on Facebook, many people now invite and want me to share my post on their Pages, which I do, though on an appropriate day.

I don’t promote the blog post the same day on more than one social networks. That’s because we all want consistent traffic from the social circles on a daily basis, so why not share it on different days.

Also, I use no apps, neither have I used any paid promotions tactics, nor has anyone else handled Facebook for me, other than me and my simple self!

I know a lot of bloggers use various software or have VAs and it’s good if they can manage it, but I never felt the need, nor had those kinds of funds.

Most importantly, I never liked the automated look of the messages I see on Facebook. I think they lack the personal touch, don’t you think so?

Well, there you have it! My blog promotion secrets revealed, at least for Facebook. :)


It is another social platform that I’ve come to love with time. I still remember my first day on Twitter when I was SO confused about how to fit it all in within those 140 characters!!

Knowing me, you can imagine the hard time I had limiting myself to saying it all within that little box! But I learnt it bit by bit, and now just love it! It’s tough to keep away from it once you are hooked on to it too.

Let me again clarify, I use no automated software or tool because I don’t believe in them nor like them as much, or perhaps things are manageable so far.

All that I use is the free version of HootSuite, so everything is fed in through it manually – my tweets and the thank you notes.

Other than that, I use more free stuffs like JustRetweet and TweetLow, which I think many bloggers are already using, to help my tweets reach a wider audience.

Even Buffer is something I use, though the free version presently, and Jane’s very own DoSplash is creating waves in the Blogosphere and I’m soon going to join it too.

Let me not forget Triberr, which again is awesome. When I joined Triberr, it was a little confusing initially.

However, with time, now I’m a member of nearly 70 tribes and have over 2 thousand Tribemates. Ah…I’ve wanted to create my own tribe, which I hope to one day!

With reciprocation being the key factor there, your posts are bound to get tweeted by many – just join up and watch the fun!

So you see, there is a lot out there for free that you can use, instead of going in for the paid stuff if you can’t afford it, and it works just as well.

Yes, perhaps it takes a little more of your time, but until you can, it’s alright. If you are really hard-pressed for time and have money to spare, you are free to choose the paid option or automate things to fasten it all up.

My other conversations are something I handle by going to the mention or connect stream and just taking it all one by one.

TRICK: Another Twitter trick I use, which again many bloggers also do so is to use hashtags (#) with your tweets, or even when you are thanking the person who tweeted your post.

You could see if the trending hashtags go with your tweet, or just check out the common ones and use them. This again ensures that your tweets reach a wider audience.

TIP – My blog promotion tip for Twitter – well, with time I’ve now collected many trending and common hashtags in a word file, related to my niches. You can do that for yours.

So, whenever I have to use one with a related tweet, I don’t waste time looking them up on Twitter as I did earlier; I just copy-paste them from my file, and it’s done!

However, don’t use more than 2-3 hashtags per tweet or your tweet might look spammy!

Try using those Hashtags that are common and trending, not the ones that you feel are good because others might not notice them. So, try out this way, it’s worked for me so far :)

I repeat, don’t forget to thank people for tweeting your post – a small thank you can go a long way.

Build relationships by sending little tweets to friends off and on to bond better with them besides just your posts, and look at the number of friends you’d make.

Frankly speaking, I’ve yet to go out and follow anyone – I just follow those who follow me after I check their profiles.

Nor have I tried auto follows, or paid for followers or any of those things, as I don’t consider it to be the right way, nor know much about it all.

All the people who follow me, do so for what I share I think, and once I see their profiles, I follow them back, if those are worth it.

I think having good friends is more important than having many people follow you, whom you don’t know – quality is better than quantity, isn’t it?


My Blog Promotion Secrets on Google+

I’ve simply been falling in love with Google+ now, and it’s turning out to be the best blog promotion platform for me after Facebook and Twitter.

All of this happened once I learned about the various communities present on Google Plus, which frankly speaking, I never knew existed until a year back!

However, after I read it on a friend’s blog and tried out 1-2 communities, there was no looking back. I joined many G+ communities and love sharing my posts on them.

The only thing you need to remember is to read and follow the community rules, and see if they have categories related to yours, so the sharing becomes easier.

Just like Twitter has common hashtags, so does G+. Yes, even Facebook is fast catching up there, and I use them sometimes when I share my posts, though not in the groups.

TIP – My blog promotion secret tip for G+ now! Whether a hashtag is used commonly or not you can make out as soon as you type the first 2-3 alphabets, and if it shows in the drop down, it means you can use it.

Also, sometimes when you type one word, like ‘Blogging’, you can type in more alphabets starting from the alphabet ‘A’ to see if there are any other hashtags that suit your post. So, don’t limit yourself to using just one hashtag and end with it!

Taking the above example, there could be trending hashtags like “Bloggingadvice’, “Bloggingapps”, and “Bloggingasabusiness”, which you can use for a post on blogging.

Try it out and let me know if you found them! What happens if you use Hashtags on G+ you might ask?

Well, just as on Twitter, if people type the term “Blogging” or “Bloggingadvice” – they are taken to a page where all the posts with these hashtags are present, which would include yours too, if you have used it in your message.

So, your post not only reaches the public or circles you share your posts with, but also to the masses! Your audience increases, and perhaps the number of G+ followers too.

I add a LOT of hashtags to my excerpts on G+ because there are no limits, unlike there are on Twitter – thank goodness for that! 😉

TRICK: Again, as I mentioned earlier, I usually share on Google Plus on a different day I share my posts on Facebook so that the traffic is spilt well enough.

Also, it takes me nearly 2-3 hours again to share my posts on the various Google Plus Communities by adding the related tags one by one, alphabet by alphabet. It’s not easy I know, but not impossible too!

Once again, don’t forget to thank the ones who share or +1 your post, and always reply to the comments and notifications. It helps build relationships, and do return the favor because sharing IS caring.


This one social platform that IS addictive. Once you are on Pinterest for blog promotion, it’s tough to get away from it.

But did you know that your posts stay the longest on Pinterest as compared to any other social network?

Their life span is the longest there, so all the more reason you should be pinning your posts there, if you aren’t already.

What surprises me the most is that I still get traffic from Pinterest to date, for many posts that were written months ago!

A few posts even went viral with hundreds of pins, and continue bringing traffic to my blog.

How do I do it?

TIP – Well, the way of promoting my blog on Pinterest is that I use well searched #hashtags as I mentioned I do for Twitter, though after searching for the trending hashtags on Pinterest.

You have a search box on the top left side of Pinterest. Just add your required Hashtag and see if it’s commonly used. Copy and paste it in the same file where you’ve your Twitter hashtags stored.

I’ve made my file for the hashtags for Twitter and Pinterest pretty much the same way, and they work very well for me. Yes, don’t add too many of them, perhaps 5-6 per excerpt are good enough.

You could even join Pinterest boards and pin your posts there, or accept the invitations to such boards with huge numbers, if you receive any.

Make more friends, follow others and pin their posts in return as a favor, as well as pin good images – and that’s it! Pictures speak a thousand words – and they really DO on Pinterest.

Viola! You’re done!

Let me tell you, all these little tips and tricks on blog promotion aren’t the ones I’ve read, heard, or learnt from anyone.

Perhaps you might know about it, but it’s something that I just tried, and it worked, and I carried on using it because it was working for me.

I just hope to carry on doing what I do to promote my blog, but I think I should perhaps now lessen it down to concentrate on other things now that also need my attention.

For example, social bookmarking promotion that is equally important as SEO, blog commenting, and social media blog promotion to boost your blog traffic.

One of the objectives of blog promotion is to increase your reach. You need to reach out to new people who don’t visit your blogs or aren’t subscribed to your blog, yet they like to read what you share.

I get lot of comments and interactions from people on Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest whom I don’t know because of the various groups or communities I share my posts on. More the merrier, isn’t it?

In fact, the blog traffic through social media promotion is better for me than the organic traffic.

Not to forget that the referral traffic is more frequent, and the higher number of social button counts on your posts add to its popularity as well as authority.

What are the blog promotion secrets that you use? Let’s spill it all out here and help each other tap the blog traffic that we all need.

I need to thank Jane for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my social media blog promotion secrets with all of you. I hope you enjoyed the post and would use the mentioned tips and tricks too. :)

Harleena Singh is a freelance writer and blogger. Her blog Aha!NOW is a complete personal development blog for self improvement and enrichment of life and family. She writes on various niches ranging from blogging to relationships, and much more.

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  1. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you SO much for the wonderful opportunity to be your guest today :)

    I hope my blog promotion secrets will help your readers in their social media promotion to increase their outreach and boost their blog traffic. Looking forward to hearing from your readers as well :)

    Thanks once again :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Harleena, the pleasure is totally mine! I’m so happy that you agreed to write a guest post – and more importantly, you didn’t hold back but have revealed all your social media promotion secrets generously! I thank you for that :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Kunal,

      Nice to meet you at Jane’s blog :)

      I am so glad you found the post helpful, and I’m sure if you try a few of these things, you’d see a difference in your social media promotions.

      Thanks for stopping by – we appreciate it a great deal :)

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel says

    Thanks Harleena Singh for this informative piece.The Jane for this Guest Post. Indeed an informative one.I am bookmarking it for my further reference, willcome back again with more of my feedback later today,Have a good day.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks so much for taking out the time to stop by and bookmarking this one. I do hope you read it through, as and when you get time. I know perhaps it’s a little long, but I honestly didn’t want to hold back anything from the wonderful readers :)

      Thanks to Jane for giving me this opportunity, and I appreciate it a great deal :)

  3. Rahul KuntalaRahul Kuntala says

    Want more likes? Share others stuff on Facebook.
    Want more tweets? Start tweeting others.
    Want more links? Link out frequently.

    Most bloggers especially the noobs don’t understand this way. All I see is self-promotion. The simple logic here is: karma follows you!


    Harleena, I wish I could explain things like you. Your posts are always power packed and insightful. You know what you’re talking about and your practice what you preach.

    I know you get a lot of attention on social media sites (especially on Facebook) because you *always* interact with each and everyone (that’s a rare quality I must say).

    I definitely suggest this post to every new blogger out there. Keep rockin’ mam :)

    @Jane, thank you so much for taking your time to contacting Harleena to write such a great post related to blog promotion.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Rahul- it’s so good to see you here :)

      You are absolutely right! It IS all about Karma, and even if others don’t share yours, you share – what’s stopping you? You increase your karma, do good, isn’t it? Usually the good always returns in one form or the other and you too have the satisfaction at the end of the day for having done full justice from your side. :)

      Ah…thanks for your kind words, but you have your awesome and powerful way of conveying things that attract people to read your informative and helpful posts. We all know that!

      Yes indeed, there is a LOT of interaction on Facebook, and even on Twitter and Google Plus. Those readers are separate and I value each one of them for taking out the time to stop by, read my posts, comment, and even share it. All of this had made my blog what it is today, majorly speaking I would say. So, I have all my blog readers – all over the place to be thankful for :)

      Thanks SO much for taking out the time to stop by here today. We appreciate it a great deal :)

  4. shiwang shrivastava says

    Great article. I awe the every facts regarding social media sites to get maximum backlinks.

    The way you articulated the simple whole stuff that is the matter. Thanks for the healthy volume in the structure of your creation.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Shiwang,

      Glad you liked the post, and yes, social media play a great part I would say for backlinks, getting traffic to your blog, and even making some great connections. At least that’s what’s always worked for me, provided you do it right.

      I just shared all that I know and have been doing for quite some time now, and it’s worked for me, so I am very sure it would for anyone who is really keen to promote their blogs on the social media platforms.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, we appreciate it a great deal :)

  5. Salman says

    Woah … That’s an in depth post about blog promotion on various social networks. As these signals are most favored by SE’s now-a-days, therefore it is a must for everyone to get them.

    Truly awesome :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Salman,

      Glad you liked the post. I wouldn’t know much about whether SE’s like such kind of signals or ways, I know I’ve been using these very ways for my posts slowly with time now, and they seem to be working for me. So, if they work for me, they would for anyone.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by here today, we appreciate it :)

  6. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    A very mouth watering post on social media blog promotion Harleena,
    And, welcome to Pro Blogging Success. It’s so good to read your guest post here and, you know I’m one of the people that are sometimes curious as to how you gets those huge social shares but, now I understand :).

    I agree with you that the days of write it and they will come are over. Today, you must work your ass off to promote your posts before people will see it and, this is because there are more blogs on the Internet now than before.

    Yes, no good thing in life comes easy and if you must achieve any good thing, you must work hard for it. I also belong to many Facebook communities though, have not been active there since this year. Still setting thing up you know :).

    I’ve really heard a lot about Triberr and just as you experienced initially, I’m still finding it a bit confusing but, I’m sure I will get used to it with time. I also started getting serious with Google plus just recently after someone wrote a guest post about it on my blog and, I went ahead and joined some of the communities she recommended too which I’m really finding amazing.

    There are many ways to promote our blog posts and, social media is one of the best promotion platforms to use.

    A very comprehensive post indeed Harleena, thanks for sharing and do have a good weekend.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Nwangene – good to see you here :)

      Lol…I liked that – mouth watering! I know there are many of my readers and other people too who tend to think, and have even asked me so many times about the social shares I get on my blog. It’s not easy I would say, you need to work for those, if you want them.

      More than anything else, I think it’s a wider audience you reach when you promote your blog as mentioned because the blog readers on such platforms aren’t subscribed to your blog, nor are they your regular visitors. Yet, when you share your posts, they take the time to stop by, read, like, share, and even comment on your posts. So, they matter a great deal I would say.

      I agree that there are so many blogs coming up every day that it becomes tougher each day to be noticed, and sometimes if you aren’t visible enough, you might just not be noticed. I speak for bloggers like us who still have to reach up there as yet. We need to work hard and promote our stuff, and I find no harm in it.

      Triberr is awesome! Yes, initially it takes a while getting the hang of it all, but once you do, there’s no looking back. You just join the tribes that’re related to your niche, promote the post of others, and they do the same for you. Besides, you make new contacts and get to read new stuff every single day. It’s become my second Feedly now I would say.

      Google+ communities, just like the FB groups have a lot of readers who again interact and comment long at times, on G+ itself – they might never visit your blog, but they do read your stuff. SO, explore more of those and join them. I’m sure you’d enjoy it too.

      Absolutely! There are a lot of other ways but social media has always worked for me or perhaps because I use it the most.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you liked the post. Have a nice weekend :)

  7. Radha says

    Really very useful post Mam I loved reading your write up 😀 , I am also using all social media to promote my blog posts , but the twitter things you have mentioned are new to me, will use those twitter things from now…thanks a lot 😀

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Radha – nice to meet you at Jane’s blog :)

      Nice to know that you found this post useful and are already using the various social media for blog promotion. Yes, there is a lot you can do with Twitter, you just need a few tips and tricks that work. Using Hashtags widens your reach I would say, and they do work, provided you choose the trending ones already present.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend :)

  8. Dk Patel says

    Hi Mam,
    Your article is always awesome as it is. I have tried all the steps above on facebook but never got succeed but yes it’s works for me on google + twitter also didn’t work for me.
    BTW Thanks for this informative post it motivate me to a lot of new thing on social networking sites.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi DK – good to see you here :)

      Glad you liked the post and could relate to it. Nice to know that it worked on G+ for you, and if you can specify what didn’t work on FB or Twitter, perhaps I can help you with things. FB is a lot like G+ where you share on various groups and communities. Only thing different is the hashtags, which we use mainly on G+ as compared to FB, and on Twitter too.

      Thanks for stopping by, and nice to know that you are motivated to try things out now :)

  9. Iftekhar Ahmed says


    Thanks for such an informative article. I did used Facebook for promotion and it works well. I never gave importance to twitter and g+ as I didn’t knew the actual procedures to follow. Well now thanks to you, I will try the techniques and follow your tips. I hope to get positive results.

    Thanks again to YOU MAM.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Iftekhar,

      Nice to see you here, and I am glad you liked the post too :)

      Good that Facebook works for you, and so will Twitter and G+ if you follow it up, though there is actually no hard and fast rule. I just shared what works best for me here, and I am sure if you try these ways, they’d work for you too. G+ communities are very interactive, so join them and see the difference.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it :)

  10. ranga says

    Thanks for sharing these personal tactics of blog promotion. For those thinking of easy ways to promote their blog posts this is a good article to read before.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Ranga,

      Glad you liked these ways to promote your blog post. Yes, they are certainly easy and anyone can do it, but it does take a lot of time and effort. However, the results do show up, and I hope they work for you too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us :)

  11. Enstine Muki says

    You are not only a star in commenting Harleena. Your social media engagement tricks are also top. You reply to every comment, like and share. Coming out to share this with us is a great gift.

    Of course, from the counts we see on those buttons on your posts, there is no doubt what you have explained here works. Some of these tricks I never thought of doing before. I’m excited I now know them and can put them to use.

    Your second guest post I’m reading. Fill with meat and value dear friend

    Jane, thanks for invited Harleena here to expose to us her social medial secrets

    Have a wonderful weekend you both

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Enstine – so good to see you here :)

      Ah…look at who’s talking! I find your comments all over the place too. I guess we all have to make our rounds and keep in touch with our blogging friends, isn’t it?

      Yes, I do make sure to reply to each like, comment, and share, or perhaps I find it rude to remain quiet about it. I know many people do that, which may be because they get too busy and involved in work, but I cannot ignore people for all that they do and have done for my blog – gratitude is a huge thing with me.

      The social counts are all thanks to people – nothing that I do other than sharing the way I mentioned here, and they have worked all this while for me. Do try them out, though I know your blogs doing so well without having to get into all of this and your posts are always with killer titles and lots of meat too! :)

      Yes indeed, my second guest post, and I remain thankful to Jane for the warm invitation to be her guest this time.

      Thanks for taking out the time to stop by here today – much appreciated dear friend :)

  12. Balroop Singh says

    Hi Harleena,

    This is a wonderful post!! So nice of you to have explained all your tricks so well! No wonder you are the queen of blogosphere! And how do you manage to go to so many social platforms is a marvel!!

    I have added this post to my reading list so that I can go back to it ‘to chew and digest’ your tricks…and try to follow them. Thanks a TON! Have a nice weekend…with all that power packed schedule, though.
    Thanks to Jane too.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Balroop,

      Nice to see you here, and I am so glad you liked this post too :)

      Ah..if I share anything, it has to be from my heart and ALL of what I know, whether it’s in my posts (that’s why they run too long at times!) or whether they’re such social media blog promotion secrets, which. There’s nothing to hide, and I honestly find no harm in sharing – after all we are bloggers and our aim should foremost be to help others, in whatever way possible, isn’t it?

      Lol…I know what you mean, and sorry that you’d really have to take out a little time to ‘chew and digest’ this one – perhaps the weekend would be a good idea for doing that.

      Thanks so much for stopping by here today, we appreciate it a great deal :)

  13. Robert SinghRobert Singh says

    Hello Jane,

    Seems like you’ve shared you’ve shared all of your secret blog promotion strategies and I’m gonna bookmark it for future reference. Social media is really great for getting referral traffic and I’m already enjoying it.


  14. Nirmala says

    Awesome share Harleena :)

    I should say that you’re having an excellent social media strategy and thanks for revealing it.

    I accept all your views and ways to promote the blog post and as you told we need to sacrifice something to get in return. If we do help for others, we will get return in some way and am familiar with this concept.

    Out of all, i love Google+ the most. From there I’ll find awesome blogs to comment and I used to share the worthy post with hash tags. I am not that much active on Twitter and thanks for your twitter tips.

    Yes, you are very exact with pinterest, our post lives long there. I used to get repins for my old posts but am missing to use hashtags there, will start to do it.

    Oh yes, creating quality content is easy and making them spread out is quite difficult. But we need to work genuinely to get natural social cues and i don’t believe in buying likes and followers.

    Once again i wanna say that you’ve shared some exceptional social tips Harleena, keep sharing :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Nirmala – good to see you here :)

      Glad you liked the post and could relate so well to it. Well, these are just my simple tried and tested ways – no strategy as such, and they just seem to work, and if they work for me, I think they’d work for anyone. That’s why I thought of sharing them.

      Absolutely! It does take a lot of effort and patience to sit through this process, but with time if you space out your time, you can manage. I agree about karma returning too, you do good, and good happens to you. Even if it doesn’t, at least you sleep peacefully at the end of the day with a good thought that you tried and did your best.

      Google+ communities are very interactive, and as you mentioned blogs to comment, you find a lot of those on Triberr too, if you are a part of it. Twitter makes you active, especially when you join various tribes that are related to your niche. Go ahead and give it a try – you’d love it, and that certainly increases your Twitter count because your posts are shared all over by your tribemates.

      Hashtags help each time, whether on Twitter, G+, or Pinterest. We just need to find the exact ones that relate to what you share and see the difference.

      I agree with you there – it’s easier to write and tough to promote, though without it you cannot really reach the masses. Buying likes and followers might work for some, but for how long I wonder. Those very people can unlike and unfollow you within a few days and you won’t even know of it. It’s always better to let people like you for your work, as and when it happens. All of this is a slow, but sure process.

      Thanks for taking out the time to stop by here today – we appreciate it a great deal :)

  15. Babanature says

    Hello Harleena, good to see you doing some good guest post this year :)

    I always tell people, the best way to get traffic that is valuable is none other then social media (especially G+, Facebook and Twitter).
    I am becoming a lazy blogger because i find it hard to comment on multiple blogs perday. Maybe it’s not laziness but my offline duties :).
    Your tips are truly helpful and will definitely help anybody trying to get some good and valuable traffic to their blog.
    Thanks and do have a good day both of you…

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Babanature,

      Nice to see you here, and yes, this is my second guest post, though the first one of the year – all thanks to Jane :)

      I agree with you there – social media traffic we all look forward to, though we need to work for it too, isn’t ti? I know you are a part of many bookmarking sites, which reminds me I still need to create my accounts on many of them.

      You are certainly not a lazy blogger, Babanature because I know you too well there! I know perhaps it’s your new offline set up that’s keeping you a little busy offline, and we all have our priorities that we have to see to. I guess it’s a matter of time when you will be back. I do hope they help people in more ways than one.

      Thanks for stopping by – we appreciate it. Happy weekend :)

  16. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Hey Harleena,

    As you know, I just launched my new blog (I am still working on promoting it), so these tips will definitely help :)

    For me, the problem with FB and G+ communities, is that I just don’t want to share links (makes me feel guilty…if I just share links..without visiting other blogs within the particular group. And, I am not in a particular situation where I can spend even more time with blogging…I have my hands full at the moment :D).

    But, I will think about the strategy you mentioned here..if I can spare some time, perhaps I could become more active on FB groups…instead of just posting links.

    I am certainly spending more time on Pinterest and G+ (has been great so far!). Although, I don’t thank people for plussing the post (I personally find it annoying when people do that….so, I stay away from that practice).

    As for pinterest, how do we do it? I mean, do I just visit the re-pinned pin and comment thank you?

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Jeevan,

      Oh yes…I’m aware of that, and I think it’s picking up very well too. I’m sure these tips would help drive more traffic to it :)

      I understand what you mean about sharing links and perhaps not being able to visit the blogs, but it’s never possible to visit ALL the blogs you see online, just as it isn’t on Triberr, as you are there too. Yet, we manage to visit, comment, and share whatever we can, so that’s good enough.

      One thing to remember is that if your posts are helpful, there are many people on FB and G+ who aren’t bloggers and they look forward to useful posts, and comment accordingly, so if you think about them, you’d share, won’t you? Sharing your post once or twice a week does no harm. It’s when you share too often that you look spammy I feel. Also, people understand if you just like their posts after reading it – that itself sometimes is enough if you can’t visit their blogs as often.

      Yes, becoming active on a few FB groups also helps, and you have people tagging you ALL over, so even replying to those tags or notifications, if they are on some groups and returning their likes, helps.

      Lol…we find it annoying because we are notified, yet we want all the plusses on our posts, don’t we? For Pinterest, just visit your pin and like it, the heart on top, you don’t need to thank if you don’t wish to, especially if it’s an unknown pinner, while the known ones you should thank I feel. I also ensure I pin in return, whether of a known or unknown person onto one of my boards – it’s always good to giveback, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend :)

      • Jeevan Jacob John says

        That makes sense 😀

        I’ve certainly re-added FB to my social media strategy (I won’t focus on it though…30-40 mins per week should suffice, at least for now).

        Yes, indeed. Kind of ironic.

        Yes, of course.

        Thank you for the tips, Harleena!

        • Harleena Singh says

          You are most welcome Jeevan :)

          Yes, take it slow because you need to concentrate on your new blog, along with your studies, which we can’t neglect. Suit yourself and do what you can manage as and when as there are no hard and fast rules that work for all, isn’t it?

          Have a nice day, and thanks once again :)

  17. Kumar Gauraw says

    Hi Harleena,

    I came to Jane’s blog today after sometime and interestingly, there you are with your brand new blog post and this time on social media promotion! Wow! What an epic post!

    You always add value through your post and this one is no exception!

    I have not been big on G+ yet although I have been fairly active there too. However, one thing I’ve not paid much attention there is the “communities” which you spoke about. I think I will need to invest sometime there to understand them a bit and see how can I leverage their power. If you have a write up or two, it will help as well :-)

    Thank you and have a wonderful week!


    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Kumar – nice to see you here :)

      Ah…nice surprise for you, wasn’t it? Well, there was no question of refusing Jane’s invitation to guest post on her lovely blog, and being my second guest post, I thought of sharing something that I’ve been asked most often about – my blog promotion secrets :)

      I see you already making efforts on G+ and it’s just a matter of time when you’d widen your reach, just as you have on FB. Yes, the G+ communities are very interactive, and you need to spend a little time liking the post of others and replying to comments when asked, though I myself don’t do much of it, but I manage a little. I haven’t covered up the various social media promotion strategies on my blog as yet, this was the first of it’s kind. But I’d surely be taking them all up one by one, though I’m sure Jane would have lots of related posts on her blog.

      Thanks for taking out the time to stop by – much appreciated. Have a nice week ahead as well :)

  18. Kaloyan Banev says

    Facebook, Twitter and G+ are bringing steady traffic to my website. Actually the top traffic source from social networks for me is LinkedIn, as well as few less known niche social networks.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Kaloyan,

      That’s indeed good news :)

      I still have to use LinkedIn the way it should to get traffic to by blog, though I manage to do that the days I share only, which isn’t all that much, so I didn’t mention it here. I agree about the less known niche social networks because they can surely add to getting more traffic to your blog, though a lot depends on how you use it, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice week ahead :)

      • Kaloyan Banev says

        To be honest, I think the main reason is that I have better contacts on LinkedIn compared to any other social network. Most of them I know in person or have work with them or for them.

        But of course, it is all about action, being social and active.

        • Harleena Singh says

          Yes, that could be a reason, and it’s good if it works for you – keep going! I think if you have worked for people, they are good in recommending you too, and your work so it works well then.

          Absolutely! Without being active and having a social media presence, I don’t think anything really works. :)

          Thanks once again for your feedback :)

  19. Vinay Jaiswal says

    Saw this awesome post in my mail box. Visited and bookmarked it. Was busy, so couldn’t read fully. And today I came to know who wrote it! Who could have written such long posts? Of course, it’s Harleena Singh.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Really I wanted to know how you handled such tiresome task to share posts on social media. Now I know and will apply the same- sharing on different days. As Jane points out, you really shared your secret generously! Thanks once again! :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Vinay,

      Lol….I guess if the post or the comment is long, it has to be me! Is that so? Well, I think I should take a course now on writing shorter post lengths, though the recent survey that I conduced on my blog (linked below), indicates that my readers love my post length, which usually run to over 2000 words and touch 3000 too sometimes. I think it’s the content that matters most, isn’t it?

      There were many like you Vinay who wanted to know the how I promote my blog posts, so this post is dedicated to all my friends, and I hope it helps you. Ah…there are no secrets to keep – and I think if being a blogger I cannot help other bloggers, blogging it really of no use.

      Thanks for stopping by – we appreciate it a great deal :)

  20. Catherine Holt says

    I had a real dislike of Google+ when I first started using it, but now I love it. I find that it generates a lot more interaction than Facebook and is definitely a bigger source of traffic for me. I have recently started a new blog and it has been Google+ that has grown a lot quicker than the Facebook page. I will keep going with both, but it is interesting to see the difference. I love the communities too….I will be searching more for sure :-)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Catherine – nice to meet you at Jane’s blog :)

      I can understand what you mean, and I never knew there were G+ communities till last year! But once I learnt about them, there was no looking back.

      Facebook groups and G+ communities are interactive, and once you share your posts, you should interact and respond to the likes and comments. After all, if people stop to read and share your posts, and comment there itself, it’s one way of thanking them. Bloggers don’t realize that most of the people on these social networks might not be bloggers but they like reading our posts, so sharing on these platforms is important I feel – your reach certainly widens.

      Nice to know more about your blog, and we wish you the best with it. Let us know if we can help you in any way. Yes, a little presence on the major platforms is the best thing for starters.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day :)

  21. Yashraj Kakkad says

    Excellent! Let me express my utmost gratitude for giving away your social media promotion strategy. It would mean a lot to me. :)

    I think that the Facebook strategy you use is the best of all.

    And I wonder it is just your second guest post despite of the 3 years of your blogging career!

    Do let me know the reason……

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Yashraj,

      Nice to see you here :)

      You are most welcome, and I hope you find these tips of use as well. Yes, Facebook as well as G+ require a lot of time and patience because I prefer doing it all manually, rather than the automated ways some bloggers do.

      Lol….yes, this is my second guest post. Why? Well, honestly speaking I never felt the need to guest post, and even my first and this second guest posts, I wonder if I’d ever written had I not been invited by Adrienne and Jane personally. Perhaps I remain too involved with my blog, comments, writing career, and my family that to take out time for guest post, which takes me time because I like to give more than my best to all my guest posts. But I might take up some this year, depending on my work. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it :)

  22. Mike HowgMike Howg says

    Great advice Harleena. Twitter and Facebook are my go-to social media sites where I spend a lot of time promoting each of my posts. I’ve joined a lot of relevant groups and Facebook and I make sure to submit my new posts to each one of them. This really helps get the word out and gets more people talking about it.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Mike – good to meet you at Jane’s blog :)

      Yes, Facebook and Twitter are perfect places to promote your posts, and the FB groups are wonderful because you meet a whole lot of new people through your post promotion too, provided you go ahead and interact with them. Reciprocation works well there I’d say.

      Do give Google+ a try too as the G+ communities are quite similar to FB groups, with lots of interaction that carries on there as well. I too learnt of it recently, but once I did, there was no looking back.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it a great deal :)

  23. Stuart Davidson says

    Great tips Harleena. The general consensus I gathered was that engagement is critical in your strategies – great advice to others!

    I added this article to my content awards for my top 50 marketing articles.

    Good work :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Stuart – good to meet you through Jane’s blog,

      Oh yes…engagement is a key factor, and so is having a strong social media presence because if you don’t have that, how would your posts reach the masses, unless of course you are a seasoned pro blogger and have a very popular blog, which takes years to build.

      Ah…thank you for adding this post to your list – much appreciated, and I am not sure regarding the CommentLuv link – Jane might know that better :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. Happy weekend :)

  24. SamirSamir says

    So social media comes in top position for blog promotion. I’ve been using facebook and twitter for promoting my posts and i’m enjoying the referral traffic through it.

    Thanks for sharing your strategies.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Samir – good to meet you :)

      Absolutely! Social media is the right place for blog promotion, though there are many other sites and ways that you can promote your blog too, but I’ve always preferred social media for the new contacts you also make along the way.

      Nice to know that you’re using Facebook and Twitter, though you should also try Google+ and Pinterest because they can are awesome places to be on as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us – much appreciated :)

  25. Steven J FrommSteven J Fromm says

    Harleena, truly awesome and comprehensive post, filled with great tips. I am bookmarking and saving this post as a guide for further action. Thanks so much!

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Steven – good to see you here :)

      Glad you liked these little social media blog promotion tips, something that’s tried and tested. I know perhaps it’s a little long but hope you found the time to go through all of it…lol :)

      Thanks for stopping by – we appreciate it a great deal :)

  26. PrIyAnGsHu says

    I must say social media is a great way to promote a blog and drive in laser targeted audience. I’ve also been sharing some of my blog posts on Facebook groups, my own pages and on my Timeline as well. It’s such a great traffic source for all bloggers and webmasters. Thanks a lot for revealing your promotional tactics, this helps us a lot.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Priyanshu – good to meet you at Jane’s blog :)

      Yes indeed, social media is on of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog, provided you know the right way to do so, which I think any of us can easily learn if we are really keen, isn’t it?

      Good to know about the FB groups you have joined, and just as I mentioned in a few earlier comments, do try out the Google Plus communities too, which are quite similar to the FB groups, and you also meet new friends that ways. Glad you found this post helpful too :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us. Happy weekend! :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Anchit,

      Good to see you here at Jane’s blog :)

      I wonder why you say that! Traffic from anywhere is good for you – yes, perhaps bloggers won’t really click your advt, but there are many others who are not bloggers, who would. I think traffic of any kind, organic or referral is good for you. More so, now social media rocks – if you check out the latest post in the CommentLuv below for more details.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views – we appreciate it :)

  27. Rajesh Kumar says

    Thank You Harleena for the detailed information about the secrets of blogging success, I was also expecting at least a little about the traffic you generate through organic search, I mean here something about creating good quality backlinks for your blog

    Anyway, learned a lot from it..

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Rajesh,

      Good to meet you at Jane’s blog, and I’m glad you liked the post and could relate to it too :)

      I think if you follow these ways to promote your blog, generating traffic will not be a problem. Now I get equal amount of traffic, whether it’s the organic, referral, or any other kind, so that works perfectly well. I guess you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by – we appreciate it :)

  28. Haroon says

    Great post as usual Harleena. Social sharing is more important now, as more social signal mean more and strong ranking in SERP =D . I am running a facebook page from last 2 year for fun, but Now it giving me a lot of visitor daily. For fb is big source of traffic form me. Also join recenlty to get more followers on twitter and after reading your post , now working on that how it work.

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Haroon,

      Glad you liked the post and could relate to it :)

      Honestly speaking, I really don’t bother much about social signals or social sharing because I usually share because I like to, especially of those who are regulars on my blogs and my blogging friends too – after all why not, that’s what makes the blogosphere such a nice place to be in.

      Nice to know about your FB page, and there is actually no limit to the amount of conversations and interaction you want to generate on them. It all depends on the time you have in time. For me, just updating it twice with inspirational quotes is more than enough, besides sharing posts off and on. I can do a lot more, but then I don’t like to just put up something and not be there to reply to the comments, it doesn’t serve the purpose and not right too.

      Justretweet, DoSplash, and Klinkk are places I’ve also recently joined and they do give you more exposure. I’m sure you’d like Tweetlow as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us – much appreciated :)

  29. Katrin Brandstetter says

    I really liked your post Harleena, thanks for sharing your wisdom! It’s so true that it takes a lot of time to promote your blog, but you do it for yourself – and I must say, it’s very rewarding when it all works out. We are using Twitter and LinkedIn to promote our posts, but want to tap into G+, Facebook and all the rest.

    Do you think it’s crucial to be on Pinterest? Or only if you have very visual products?

    Thank again :)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Katrin,

      Nice to meet you at Jane’s blog, and glad you liked the post too :)

      Oh yes…writing a post is the easier part for me, and perhaps for others too. It’s the promotion which takes a lot of time for bloggers, if they really are doing it all on their own, single-handed. If I don’t divide my days and work with the right time-frame, I can never get anything much done.

      I haven’t really tried LinkedIn as such, though do share my posts on it, so that’s something I need to work on too. For Twitter, do give a try to Triberr – I’m sure you’d love it.

      You need good images for Pinterest because people will see that along with your catchy title, and then pin your posts. As I mentioned, your posts on Pinterest stay on the longest as compared to other social networks. If you check out my post on meditation that I’d written recently, an infographic post, it’s been pinned nearly 700 times already, and I get daily traffic on that and a lot of older posts too. All this doesn’t happen on other networks, so I think it’s a great place.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us – we appreciate it :)

  30. Adrienne says

    Hey Jane and Harleena,

    I have had this post saved if you can believe that and just realized that I had not actually commented on it so had to be sure to read it again and share for sure.

    I was honored to have Harleena write her first guest post on my blog and she’s done yet another stellar post here sharing how she shares her fabulous content. Wow is all I can say. And we thought the responding to comments was the hard part girl.

    I’m not part of as many groups and communities as you are mainly because I guess because of my niche I find that most people just spam them. It’s hard to build relationships and take the time to visit people when it’s obvious that they’re only there for themselves and no other reason. I’ve left a bunch of them for that very reason so the little traffic I was getting wasn’t worth it to me. If I could find some good ones I’d join a few more so maybe this will be my year.

    I appreciate you sharing your tips with us Harleena because I do notice that not only do you get the comments but you get a heck of a lot of social shares. I definitely am not on your level with that my wonderful friend.

    I might try a few other of your suggestions but since I post twice a week it might be a little harder for me but I won’t know unless I test it right!

    Thank you ladies for this wonderful post and I’ll be sure to share it again. Won’t hurt just in case they’ve forgotten about it right!


    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Adrienne – so good to see you here :)

      Thank you so much for taking out the time to stop by here today. Yes, I cannot forget my first guest post on your blog – I was a little nervous just wondering how it would be taken, though I’m glad it did well, and perhaps this one too at Jane’s blog.

      I agree with you there, nor can anyone really build real relationships in such groups or communities as you are mainly there to share your own posts with people who like them, which are only a limited few who perhaps aren’t your regular blog visitors. Yet, they love to read the posts when shared on such places and they leave their comment on the groups and communities itself, so mainly for them. I need to lessen down mine now because of the time constraints now I’ve started facing due the number of comments I’ve started getting.

      These are just my little ways I go about sharing my blog posts, and I remain grateful to people who share it further, but these are again not my regulars, but others in the various groups and communities, some of whom aren’t even bloggers. The social shares are all thanks to them I would say.

      Yes, it’s hard for me too as I post twice a week also, but then perhaps you can limit yourself to sharing on a few groups with one post and take up the other groups with the next post, if that suits you better.

      Thanks so much for taking out the time to stop by, we appreciate it a great deal :)

  31. Cararta says

    Hi Harleena,

    Another share with usable information!

    Interesting that I don’t use automation either when it comes to social sharing. Not as
    organized as you, and this share i found on my Google+….not Facebook or Twitter.

    Lovely that you invite others to meet another one of your friends.

    Jane is honored, I’m sure by your visit! :-)

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Cararta – good to see you here :)

      Glad you liked these blog promotion ways. Yes, I’ve never done anything automated so far, but with time and the number of comments, tags, notifications, and messages that keep coming from ALL over now, it’s becoming tougher for me because I am a single person and doing it all manually.

      Ah…that’s interesting that you found this post on G+ because it’s been a while since I shared it there, or perhaps the tags did the trick!

      It’s been a pleasure to be Jane’s guest, and I am sorry if I’m a little late in my reply as I don’t get notifications when anyone comments so whenever I get the time, I head over to see if there are any pending comments.

      Thanks for taking out the time to stop by here – we appreciate it :)

  32. Mark says

    Hi Harleena;

    As always, you’ve done another bang up job of laying out how the pros go about doing things on a daily basis.

    Thanks for sharing “how” you systematically work through the alphabet as you go about posting in the various groups.

    But more importantly how you always take the time to make a meaningful reply to all of your extremely loyal followers and com mentors!

    That seems to be one of your major keys and why you are indeed regarded as the “Comment Queen!”

    There is more than enough proven “how to” material in this one post, to keep any serious blogger busy for quite a while! Thanks for sharing and continued success!

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Mark – nice to meet you at Jane’s blog :)

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation – just me and my simple ways of doing things :)

      I think working through alphabetically helps because then you’re sure of not missing out on anything – it’s kind of systematic, and your memory gets better too!

      I do love to comment and I wish I could handle all the comments on my blog too as they’ve started coming in huge numbers and lengths now. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming, but I’d rather take my own sweet time to sit and comment, instead of rushing it all up in a word or two.

      Lol… it’s the commenters and other bloggers who’ve started calling me as the “Commenting Queen” now because of the length of the comments, though I’ve always been commenting this way right from the start. I guess I need to change it to make them a little smaller – how would I do that? Don’t ask!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Hope this post doesn’t keep you all that busy! Have a nice day :)

  33. Sherman Smith says

    Hey Jane and Harleena,

    This was definitely a great post that people been wondering for a long time. It seems like each time I go to Harleena’s blog she has over 800 shares. It had me thinking like wow, what is she doing?

    Harleena is keeping it simple. She’s more focused on building quality relationships with people and she shares it through groups. The one thing that I was missing was that I wasn’t thanking people for sharing, google plusing, or liking my posts. This made a big difference with my traffic. I see more shares on my posts than I ever did before. The most that I’ve gotten thus for was 881 shares which is a great leap of a jump from last year.

    Thanks for sharing this great information!

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Sherman – good to see you here :)

      Ah…I guess the secret is all revealed now! Well, those shares are definitely thanks to people sharing my posts. Yes, I share my posts on various groups and communities on FB and G+ mainly, and of course Triberr is another great place for tweets.

      Besides the regular bloggers and friends, it’s the other people who share my posts and comment on these platforms, who are not bloggers. As you might be knowing, there’s a limit to the number of groups you can join and share on, but when you do, and if your posts are shared further, it means people are doing that for you – thus the huge count as you mentioned. This is another major reason that I manually promote my posts so that it reaches them and there are many who’ve become friends through this way. However, now with the increase in the number of comments on my blog and return visits, it becomes tougher, so I might just have to another alternative. 😉

      It’s not easy replying to each like or tag, but if you can manage to take out some time in the day and do them all up together it certainly makes the person at the other end feel good – they feel kind of rewarded if they are mentioned (speaking of non-bloggers too), and they do it again and again for all your posts. I find many bloggers too liking my posts, who are new or those who have never visited my blog, so this definitely helps.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us – we appreciate it :)

  34. Angela McCall says

    Hi Harleena,

    Did Adrienne said that she just recently shared this post and this is back in January? Wow. But I don’t see any dates here. Is this something she postpone, no dates? Anyway…

    Great post, as always!! Some of things I haven’t tried doing yet are:

    • I haven’t put as much hashtags neither on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. This is a “must do” for me and so I need to remember to do this more.

    • I haven’t posted much on Pinterest and yet I know that your post stands the longest there. It seems like I’m always interrupted and I seem to abandon this important social media.

    • Also I haven’t been on Triberr much. I’m not really there to socialize but only to share the posts of my friends. Triberr, sometimes, is like an RSS…I scanned it quickly to read what really interest me and what helps my readers.

    Anyway, again I Pocketed this one for later reference. Thank you for sharing all your nuggets. I’d say you are the most patient blogger & marketer of all. I just do not know how you can accomplished sharing in just 2 hours. You’re very discipline with your time. Me…I’m not. I get bored easy when I do something redundant each day.

    The main ones that took me a lot of time is reading other people’s blogs and commenting on their blogs. You know me, I think I inherited the “long comment” syndrome from you…hahaha…anyway, this is GREAT. Thank you for sharing. See you around…and…

    God bless,

    • Harleena Singh says

      Hi Angela – so good to see you here :)

      Yes, this was written a few months back and Adrienne said she’d bookmarked it but found time only recently to comment here. I’m grateful she shared it too. Some blogs don’t mention the dates, but it was a while back :)

      Hastags always help reach a wider audience. I use 2-3 on each of my Twitter posts. Some older ones have 4-5 in each post, though ideally stick to 2-3 is good enough. Google+ again, when you share in the communities, as I see you active there quite a lot, it’s good to use them as they cater to a wider audience, so you reach out to more people that ways.

      Pinterest brings me daily traffic, much more than Twitter and Facebook, so you can imagine the reach. Again, look up the right Hashtag, note them down, use good images, and you are done! However, remember to return the favor by pinning the posts of those who pin yours also, something most of us forget to do.

      You need to devote time on Triberr too – and with 80+ tribes that I am in (I think!) it’s tough unless you share posts every 15 minutes there, which you can through the settings. Yes, sharing what goes with your readers is important, though what you share also brings in new contacts daily. More so, with more tribes and tribemates, you only widen your reach as they also share your posts if you share their’s :)

      Oh yes…being a full time mom, and dealing with my writing projects besides the blog and all that goes with it…I have to very tuned to my watch all the time, or else things will never work for me! But with things getting busier, it’s certainly getting tougher to do all this and I might just have to reduce a little somewhere to make it all fit in. After all, we all have limited hours in the day, isn’t it?

      Absolutely! Blog commenting….that’s the one thing that takes lots and lots of time, but then, that’s also the way you get the feedback from people and build relationships. Isn’t that the way you and me met? Yes – you surely did inherit that and your comments sometimes are much longer than mine dear friend :)

      Thanks for taking out the time to stop by here today – we appreciate it a great deal :)

  35. Siddaiah says

    Hi Mam,

    I am surprised to know that you don’t use any automated software for your social promotion like other professional bloggers, “justretweet” i am using it right now but i don’t know about tweetlow, from today onwards i will try that one also.
    Thank you for sharing your own methods of promotion on social media.

  36. jitendra says

    Social Media is one of the major traffic generation source. It generate a lot of traffic but one should take social media as their primary source for traffic as they only generate temporary viewers. SEO is a must better way to generate traffic.

  37. Gurpreet says

    I always use social media to promote my post but i never take them serious.From this post i came to know that we can grab tons of traffic from social media if it is done with right ways.
    So i got learn many new secrets about sharing on social media and i will sure use them when i share my next posts here.

  38. Anurag Chatap says

    Hi Jane,
    great article cover most of all social media promotion . It help to increase rank and SERP result. thanks for sharing valuable info in this post.

  39. Baibhav says

    Hi Harleena.
    Twitter, Facebook, Google plus are social networking sites where I spend a lot of time promoting each of my articles. I have joined a lot of relevant groups and Facebook and I make sure to submit my new posts to each one of them but it’s really tedious task to do.


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