Why Is Reader Engagement Important For A Blog?

Reader engagement is important

Reader engagement is one of the most important aspects that every blogger would love to achieve.

No matter how many times you appear on search results, no matter if you are on #1 position for the best keywords in your niche, if a reader chooses to click the back button upon landing on your site, that makes no sense.

So what does this mean ultimately? Your blog is not what the reader was looking for (even though your blog has appeared in the search result of what the reader was looking for).

Okay, you may say: “I don’t care about reader who bounces back from my site. All I care is about those who want to stay and read on, how small the number can be!

No you are wrong.

You cannot have this thought and this is bad for your site because your bounce rate is a statistic that directly or indirectly denotes the quality of your blog.

Apart from this, reader engagement means a lot more.

You need to care more about the readers who bounce back, in fact.

Why do readers come and return because they don’t find anything?

It could be because you are ranking for those keywords for which you are not supposed or you did not intend to rank for.

Apart from this fact, there could be more and more reasons why your readers are not engaged or not sticking around with you. In this post, I will highlight the importance of reader engagement. Let’s dive in.

Establishes content is king

If you have managed to engage the reader, then you have essentially established the saying “content is king”.

Yes, the reader has chosen to be in your blog for a while which means that he/she has found the content useful or interesting.

So you have enough quality content to please the reader to stay on and come back for more.

Basically, the first and the foremost thing that pleases a reader to stay around is your quality content.

Earns you loyal readers

When you can please a reader to come back, he/she becomes your loyal reader. A loyal reader is the one who is not a person who just comes to your blog through a search engine, glances the home page for few seconds and leaves.

Even if such a visitor comes back, he/she will not be loyal (well that’s not his/her fault, but you have failed to please the reader with your content).

But a loyal reader is worth a fortune. When you establish reader engagement, you earn loyal readers.


A loyal reader is your asset. He/she is most likely to accept a call of action and will help you improve. In all ways a loyal reader will be a profit, if not for money, to your blog.

He/she adds values to your blog in the form of moral support, commenting, feedback and so on.

And yes, if you want to make money, these are the ones that help you a lot.

Branding and moral support

The more loyal readers you have, the more popular you are in the online society. This means that you have established a branding for your blog and business (how cool is that?).

You are amidst people who give you moral support, who encourage your thoughts, give positive and negative feedback and so on.

So you can feel high about it. Ya, really!


Finally, it is good for your blog’s statistics.

Reader engagement means less bounce rate which is a very good item for your blog. It is a great measure that shows the success of your blog.

But I personally don’t trust the bounce rate stat as an appropriate measure since I can’t see the difference between you leaving my blog immediately after entering this page or reading every line of this page and then you leave. This can be seen from the Avg. time on my site.

Bounce rate

Both of them are calculated as bounces by Google analytics. Clicky is offering some improved analytics in this sense.


It doesn’t matter if your rankings are super high. If your readers click the back button, all your SEO efforts and content creation efforts go waste.

What do you do to increase reader engagement in your blog? If you have no clue, here are two posts that will help.

1. 8 Ways to increase reader engagement of a blog

2. 4 More ways to increase reader engagement of a blog

And if you found this post useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!

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  1. StevenSteven says

    Another statistic reader engagement is good for is “Time Spent On Site.”

    Reader engagement is key to building relationships and building your tribe. Make sure your blog looks professional and informative, so people don’t exit right away.

  2. DigolosSSDDigolosSSD says

    I liked a resource. Already many resources look well at last that have learned to do beautifully. Our information century has forced people to do the affairs and instantly to solve any questions through a global network the Internet.

  3. Anton KoekemoerAnton Koekemoer says

    Hi Jane,
    Great post – And yes , You’ve outlined the importance of engagement clearly in the post. Especially when it comes to social media channels and other forms of Digital Marketing / Exposure.

  4. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Well said Jane. I as a blogger still fighting to get loyal readers. I don’t care what is a number but loyal readers matters. Because as you said, “A loyal reader is your asset.”

    I am trying my best to get loyal readers and to be the loyal reader. Nice post topic.

    Thanks Jane.

  5. Shalu Sharma says

    Reader engagement is very important. Last thing you want is “one off” visitor to your site. Suppose you have a visitor for the first time; you want them to stay, subscribe, engage, buy and come back for more. Hence you must do what it takes to engage the readers and want them to back for more and more.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Culture of IndiaMy Profile

  6. sheshnathsheshnath says

    Hi Jane,
    Great post, loved reading this one and I agree with all your point discussed here.
    Every blogger should target on loyal reader not on search engine ranking n all. :)

  7. SamuelSamuel says

    Reader engagement is important and made sure to check often.

    Engagement is the key to getting closer to your audience and getting those shares out!

  8. Sumbo says

    Great post Jane. I found that there are a lot of traffic to my blog but for now the bounce rate is high may be I am lacking something. I should be able to utilize your post to my blog.

  9. Hamza SheikhHamza Sheikh says

    Reader Engagement is now become an important pillar of blog success. A blog without comments is useless. I always try to bring more and more commenters to my board. Btw thanks for sharing the detailed information here.

  10. Priya says

    Yes, user engagement is one of the important part for any blog. Not only its shows the quality of your contents but also many advantages as presented by you.

  11. AasmaAasma says

    Success and popularity of any blog depend on their loyal readers, hence bloggers should concentrate on building loyal readers. You can’t satisfy everyone so be realistic and honest with your approach, and you would notice that many people are concerned about your blog.

  12. AaynaAayna says

    Hey Jane,
    A powerful post!!!! Glad I stopped by. Loved to read each and every line of this post.The comments and responses of the loyal readers are indeed crucial for any blog. Thanks for the share.

  13. Mairaj PirzadaMairaj Pirzada says

    Hi there,

    Though, that’s a brutally honest truth for traffic greedies yet it’s true and it cannot be neglected, ever. It’s a must, and something on which a site/blog wholly bases. We cannot neglect it, and should never be too. Readers are seriously the most important asset for a blog and deserve MUCH more attention than anything else, that’s what I think!

    Anyone who have millions of visitors, pageviews etc. but don’t have some precious quality content or even few loyal readers, that doesn’t deserve a better position in SERPs. He/she can’t do much except using shit networks to get their site advertised.
    Readers are essential, and are something worthwhile every blogger.

    No one can survive without this phase (readers’ engagement), NO ONE! It doesn’t matter how much a person puts up on the web, how rapidly he puts, how awesomely he works. If he doesn’t have readers, all his efforts are of no use and are useless!!
    You’ve it, congratulations (ms. Jane)!
    I cannot emphasize more on this issue (that people neglect it), but will do surely it on my own blog with superbly awesome power. Thanks for your wonderful article, ms. Jane! I really love reading your articles, due to the lack of time here and power outages problem, it gets hard even to give the computer a start.

    BTW, I’d love seeing you putting up more emphasize on readers’, thanks!

  14. KuldeepKuldeep says

    Hi Jane,

    Well i believe engaging loyal readers is necessary for every successful blog and too can be obtained by quality content as every one says quality is content i do believe in it. Apart from this branding is also necessary as you’ve mentioned above which show our popularity in online society.

    And as a blogger i find many ways and tips to seduce readers 😀 to stay that my blog for some time which can reduce my blogs bounce rate.

    Thanks for tips

  15. AustinAustin says

    I agree that bounce rate is important to look at. Perhaps my website can get high search engine rankings but if they leave immediately after coming, what good have I done? When people come to my website to buy scentsy fragrance products it is important to me that they find value at the site and don’t bounce too often. Nice information.

  16. Molly Matt says

    very excellent article about engagement blogging , You’ve outlined the importance of engagement clearly in the post. Especially when it comes to social site like Facebook .LinkedIn, Twitter and building relationships.


  17. Soniya SharmaSoniya Sharma says

    It’s so difficult to finding a loyalty readers. all loyalty readers reds your every post and get the more information and benefits from your blog. an share our thoughts with you.

    Thanks for sharing

  18. akhilendraakhilendra says

    reader engagement is crucial for any blog’s success. a blog just can’t survive on new visitors. It needs a loyal base to create value. Great content coupled with great email marketing is a great way to engage and acquire loyal visitors. thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  19. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    Reader engagement is EVERYTHING in blogging. With the onset of things like social media, everything we do online is interactive. If your site offers no genuine contact between you and your readers, they will leave to another place where they will feel involved.

  20. CalebCaleb says

    My main blog consistently stays around 64 percent bounce rate and I honestly don’t know if this is good, bad, or average 😕

    The things I have in place to improve bounce rate are related posts and redirects on certain posts to other posts whenever someone hovers near the x out on there browser. Of course having the right content that exactly matches the keywords you want to found for doesn’t hurt 😉

  21. OlgaOlga says

    Hello. A very important topic is presented in this post. I would go even further to say that even if you are successful enough to get to the TOP in search results for certain keywords you won’t be there for long if your bounce rate is high. This is another reason why we should really care about it.

  22. Siddartha Thota says

    The Reader Engagement always plays a crucial role, it not only helps us to build the brand, but also improve the trust in Search Engines.

    The Reader Engagement is only difference between a Professional blog and an Amature blog, but still it is not everything but it carries huge weight if you are trying to build the brand.
    Siddartha Thota recently posted..What is the Best PDF Reader for Mac OS X?My Profile

  23. Joe BoyleJoe Boyle says

    I think that, above all, if people started targeting their target-audience (kind of repetitive, I know) when looking for traffic sources, the task of decreasing your overall BR and improving your reader engagement would be easier. Instead of dealing with streams of traffic from all areas of the web, if people focused on the ones that are directly dealing with their niche, then perhaps the task would just be easier or even less important. It’s worth thinking about.

    Great article, keep it up.

  24. RahulRahul says

    Hi ANE

    your article ‘reader engagement’ is really nice.

    It is very important to keep your visitors engaged in posts
    we must need the requirements of visitors.

    what are seo efforts ?

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