4 More Ways To Increase Reader Engagement Of A Blog

4 More Ways To Increase Reader Engagement Of A Blog

Following the number emails I received in relation to a recent post “8 ways to increase reader engagement of a blog” I thought it would be nice to share some more ideas.

As a result here are 4 more ways to increase your blog’s reader engagement.


A picture is worth 1000 words. When you have a picture or many pictures in your blog post you are most likely to engage the reader with your first impression.

The more relevant the picture is the more engaged the reader will feel.

In fact your picture will make the reader to decide in seconds whether to continue reading your blog post or not.

If you use images in your blog posts (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t) make sure you optimize them for image search:

Optimize your images for search engines: Don’t get missed out in image search

While using pictures to gain attention, it is important that the pictures are relevant to the blog post and funny or thought provoking, if necessary. However, make sure that you give credits to the pictures you use in your blog posts.

You can look for stock photos in various places, free or paid, the choice is yours.

However, you can also go premium to avail some of the high quality premium images.

I personally use Deposit Photos and Fotolia (aff links) for all my image needs! I highly recommend Deposit Photos – they offer a low volume subscription plan where you can download 5 images a day for $69 per month.

But you can also get free stock photos if you are tight on budget. Make sure you give proper credit to pictures or you may run into trouble.

In addition, make sure you upload the “web friendly” version of the images you downloaded since very high quality images will be bigger in size and will make your site load slow.

This will not encourage reader engagement; the reader will simply click the back button before things even start!

Cheap Stock Images

Free stuff

Offering free stuff is a way to engage readers.

Especially when your free stuff is prominent or obvious in your home page and in all pages, you are most likely to win a reader.

Note that I said “most likely” and not definitely coz it still needs some trust building before people could simply stay longer or eventually give you their email address.

Offering free stuff is a way of calling to action and since something free will attract anyone, the reader is most likely to take the necessary action (like subscribing to your blog).

In addition, depending upon the value of the free stuff and its content, you will most likely gain a loyal reader.

If your free stuff offers them really worth stuff they will come back to your blog, they will spread the word and they are most likely to buy any product that you launch later.

Confused about giving away a freebie or not? Read this post for more insights:

The Pros And Cons Of Using Freebies As Bait


You can make anyone happy by having an archive page in your blog. When someone arrives at your blog through a search and end up liking your posts, they would want to dig deeper. They want to skim through all your posts and find those posts that interest them and read them.

All this is possible only if you have a neat archive page which displays all your old articles in some clean organization. It is highly recommended that you put the link to this archive page obviously and make it easy for the readers to get to your archive page from all pages.

Writing voice/style

I have ended up subscribing to various blogs (even some are on topic that I am not too deep into) just because I like the writing style and the voice of the author.

When I start to read an article and if I feel that the voice or the writing style is sounder than the information in the article itself, then it reaches my heart and mind so soon.

As a blogger when you have a consistent writing style and if you can make your voice sound good and authoritative in your niche, you can surely make your reader look for more.

You can easily make them stick around this way.


No, I want you to open up in the comments and let me know any more tips to increase reader engagement of a blog.

And if you found this post useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!

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  1. Nandan Narula says

    Very true. .in order to gain loyal readers, it is very important to engage them. Also, pictures with proper Image Alt tags can prove to be a good SEO tool and attract readers from Google Images Search

  2. Tushar Thakur says

    Hi jane,

    Well according to me pictures are helpful and beneficial in 2 ways i.e, first thing is we can get more traffic from it by google images search if we use proper ALT text and keywords in the images, and 2nd thing which you’ve already mentioned in the post the pictures talks 1000 words. So using of attractive images will be helpful.

    Till now never tried depositfiles, but using stock photos.. will soon use it.

    thanks a lot for the wonderful tips.

  3. VivekVivek says

    Yes you are very correct about images. Images are most important. But its also important to chose appropriate one. They can also be a good source of backlinks..

  4. SarveshSarvesh says

    Hi Jane,

    Was waiting for the next part of the previous post, and it has arrived. And according to me i believe images are more important than the content. If we don’t add any images then it won’t give any quality. I use despoitfiles which was purchased by a friend of mine.

    thanks for the great tips

  5. SamSam says

    As we all know how competition is going on in blogging and in that time if you want to earn readers valuable time then you will need to take those all tips which are mentioned in your article according to time.

  6. AasmaAasma says

    Nice tips,

    To increase reader engagement, you need to display things which actually engage your readers. Interesting images and free giveaways are few really useful ways to engage your audience.

  7. ClarkmartinClarkmartin says

    Hi Jane
    Many times re posting some old posts makes a good move to promote our content and attract readers to it. Bloggers usually re post their old content after some alterations and changes in order to correct the mistakes and polish the article as per audience requirement and preference.

  8. manojmanoj says

    To increase or expect user engagement we have to first make ourself aware to the readers,,thats why a about page is must for a blog and yeah you have listed some really useful points,and providing free stuff that is of value to readers increases users engagement a lot

  9. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    You have listed some really nice tips here. I think pictures are a great way of engaging visitors on a blog.
    At last, pictures are worth a thousand words. Aren’t they?

  10. Ujjwal KumarUjjwal Kumar says

    I personally think that writing style, images, videos and other multimedia content are more important.
    Freebies just attract temporary visitors and that’s definitely the thing I hate.

  11. Alan says

    Free stuff is always good! I am in the process of offering some free software training programs to my followers and am running the contest on Facebook. I am only running the contest on Facebook so I can drive my targeted readers to my Facebook. I need to do a better job of engaging my readers on my blog and through Facebook! Building a Facebook following has proven to be tougher than I originally thought.
    Alan recently posted..5 ways Primavera software helps manage your projects betterMy Profile

  12. SamuelSamuel says

    I do remember the other article Jane!

    I am glad you added four more to your list.

    Pictures are and will be one of the best to create more user engagement and also makes your blog post that much better!

  13. NathanNathan says

    Hi Jane! Thanks for the content! I’ve been blogging only for a short period; however, reading this blog post has opened my eyes to the importance of having relevant images within my personal blog posts. Very useful information. By the way, I’ve just downloaded your free ebooks. Can’t wait to dive into them and learn!

  14. VivekVivek says

    Hi JaneSheeba

    Its really wonderful explanation to increase reader engagement blog. I’m agree with all these valuable point but The main part of the blog is the content. It should be unique, quality, readable and easily understandable.

  15. Mohammad IsmailMohammad Ismail says

    Hi once again I was inspired from the second post on your site. as this is my second visit to the site and both the time I found a very clear and informative post .
    Thanks and keep it going

  16. Nirmala says

    True ways to increase the reader engagement, Jane. I agree with you, yes the pictures and giveaways would engage the readers on a blog. Thanks for sharing and I love your writing style.

  17. Santosh says

    Hi Jane
    You are write excellent post. The main part of the blog is the content. It should be unique, quality, readable and easily understandable. So thanks for share it.

  18. MajaMaja says

    Blog readers are the soul of a blog. The first thing on your blog that can be helpful in engaging a reader is picture. Because of this good impression, reader feel interest in article and finally moves towards archives.

  19. DarcyDarcy says

    You’re spot-on Jane when you say that pictures speak a thousand words. For some reason, people just click pictures and the fact that they brighten up your blog and add additional SEO benefits when it comes to search engines is just a bonus. Stock images are an ace way to liven up your words and are likely to boost the engagement of readers in your work!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Welcome to my blog Darcy (seeing you for the first time, am I right?). Yup I am inclined to using stock images for two reasons: they make the site and blog posts beautiful and hence more reader engagement; and it doesn’t land me into trouble :) I have a monthly subscription with depositphotos

  20. Melita Hirayamag says

    Thank you for sharing this post, it is great. I definitely agree that the writing style is very important and always captures my attention. If the writer can use a style that is unique and creative then it is always more interesting to read even if the content is not appealing to me.

  21. AmitAmit says

    Hi jane,

    Nice points mentioned on your post, one more thing I want to include is that we may also increase reader’s engagement by showing related posts in sidebar or in bottom of post as you have done.

  22. Rahul kuntalaRahul kuntala says

    well jane,
    it’s a very informative post the way that you explained the promoting of our business blog through social media is important to every gauest post.the pictures gives a clear explanation abot that particular article

  23. christinachristina says

    Many times re posting some old posts makes a good move to promote our content and attract readers to it. Bloggers usually re post their old content after some alterations and changes in order to correct the mistakes and polish the article as per audience requirement and preference.

  24. CameronCameron says

    I love this post. It seems to make things much easier for me. It is amazing what twitter and other social sites can do. I am bet on trying this

  25. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    Except all the tips you mentioned, it’s also very important to react quickly on readers’ comments and questions if they appear. Good relationships with readers can be the pledge of any blog’s success.

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Best Examples of Facebook Timeline Used by Popular Brands

  26. DishaDisha says

    I enjoyed reading a new bloggers perspective. I’m also a new blogger .. just started this month – November and the learning curve has been steep!

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