How to promote your blog? My tips and answers!

How to promote your blog? My tips and answers!

So I wanted to give my own answers and tips for the question: How to promote your blog?

Blog promotion is highly crucial to get your blog content in front of more eyeballs; right eyeballs.

However you cannot simply blindly go about promoting your blog posts. There are quite a few things that you need to set right before you can think about blog promotion.

In the last post, I talked those things that you need to take care of or fix before you go around and promote your blog content. In this post, I am going to give you tips on how to actually promote your blog posts.

Now, I assume that you have taken care of all the stuff I have pointed out in my earlier post, because, I would like to stress once again, all your promotion methods (that I explain below) and your promotion efforts WILL go wasted if you don’t fix those points first.

So how to promote your blog? Let me answer the question right away!

Embrace social media

Social media is getting hotter by the minute. More and more people are joining social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and many others. If your readers and potential customers are active on social media, then you must have an online presence on social media platforms too.

It is because you should be willing to deliver quality content and promote your (useful) blog posts outside your own blog.

Sure you have spent a lot of time in creating that content. But if it lacks social shares, and social engagement your blog post is missing a large piece of the pie.

Do not ignore social media thinking it is a waste of time. Indeed, social media can be a great distraction. But it should not be ignored on this basis. You have to have control over yourself when you use social media sites for promotion. Otherwise you will stuff yourself with unwanted information and you will also be wasting your time.

Have a strategical system in place. Pick 2 or 3 top social media sites that bring you traffic. Go to Google Analytics (I assume you have an account and have the analytics code pasted on your site – if not, you MUST do it!).

On the left sidebar, click on “Acquisition” and then “All Referrals”. You should see a list of sites that are giving you referral traffic.

How to promote your blog  top 3 social sites

Pick 3 social media sites from the top 10 and do more work concentrating on those sites. For instance, in my case my top 3 social media sites are Twitter, Google+ and Facebook (see image above).

So I need to work more intensively on these social media with a strategy in mind.

Since there are too many social media sites, it is good not to try to be present on all of them! You will feel a lot overwhelmed and you will be wasting your time.

I am not telling you should totally ignore the other social media platforms. It is nice to be everywhere (according to Pat Flynn). But you won’t be able to build a solid social media strategy if you start treating all the social sites equally and if you try to put your work equally on all of them.

You can set up automatic sharing or hire a VA or spend very less amount of time on other social sites. But the top 3 should be your top priority.

Set up a strategy, allot a specific amount of time and rock on these social media sites. When I say “rock” don’t be aggressively promoting your posts alone.

You have to be actively engaging, useful and provide quality content on these sites (top 3) – and you should also be friendly, entertaining and helping people out on these sites.

This way, you will be building a strong fan base outside your blog – and this will be a good form of blog promotion.

Strategically promote on your top 3 social media sites

Comment on related blogs

Comment on related blogs

I hear you. After all the slaps from Google, you wonder what blog commenting has to do with promoting a blog. Well, if you are going to comment on blogs to build backlinks then you will suffer (at least from the point of search engine traffic).

So how can you differentiate commenting for links and commenting for traffic and to build authority? – there is a huge difference between the two.

If you start blasting 20 comments a day on do-follow blogs alone, or if you are targeting only those blogs that have commentluv, then you are probably doing it for links. And in that case, one cannot expect (within reasonable limits) that your comments will be of good quality.

Since your aim is to get X number of links per day, you will be leaving low quality comments on the blogs. And you will be targeting a certain type of blogs (say, Commentluv enabled blogs).

But if you comment for traffic and to build authority, the story is totally different. You won’t care

(i) if the blog has Commentluv enabled or not,

(ii) if the blog gives do-follow links or not or

(iii) if the blog has native commenting system or any other third party commenting system.

You won’t care anything about links. Rather you will now leave your genuine valuable comments that add value to the original post and that voices your opinion.

Doing this consistently will help you build your brand and also will act as a free advertising to your blog – it doesn’t matter if the links are do-follow or no-follow, if your comment stands out, people will click through your link to see who you are!

Blog commenting is a powerful traffic strategy!

Guest blogging

Just like blog commenting, guest blogging too was abused by many for links.

After the death of article marketing, people started using guest blogging just like article marketing – bulk guest posting of spun articles on various blogs just to build links became too annoying that Google had to take action against this trend.

Now, don’t panic that I am asking you to do guest blogging to promote your blog. I am asking you to do it in a genuine manner. Just like blog commenting, do not guest blog for links. Do it in a genuine manner so your post helps the audience of the host blog.

Guest blog to build authority and attract traffic (it works)

Join blogging communities

Join blogging communities

Blogging communities are a great boon to the blogosphere. They are places where like-minded folks come together and share each other’s work. Your blog posts get voted by the community and get a lot of exposure.

Again, simply joining blogging communities and posting your blog post links won’t do you any good. You have to be willing to reach out and connect with people genuinely over there.

I’ve had huge success with getting referral traffic from blogging communities – and I have my own blogging community, DoSplash.

I highly recommend (and invite) you to join DoSplash.

Use bookmarking sites

OK I hear you. Now this starts to sound as if I’m teaching you some black hat technique. Nope!

Again, do not blast or automate submission to bookmarking sites hoping to get a few hundred links to your post in a short time so you can shoot up your ranking in search engines.

I am suggesting using bookmarking sites to gain traffic. Ya, that’s right.

Forget bookmarking for links. Let’s do bookmarking for traffic.

So you probably now know how to do bookmarking (considering bookmarking for traffic); if not here are a few things you need to do differently.

If you are bookmarking for links, you can choose any kind of bookmarking site – in this case, you care about the number of sites – and then you could use an automation tool, or outsource the whole task in order to get as many backlinks as you can.

But now, since we are talking about bookmarking for traffic, we need to pick up only high quality bookmarking sites. The number in this case will be much lesser and we have to do the bookmarking manually – either by ourselves or by outsourcing – but no automation tools!

There are good quality, high traffic bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and the like. Go for them.

Email marketing

How can I not include email marketing in this list? If you have been following my words for a while you’d know that I’m all in for email marketing. I highly recommend bloggers to start building their email list from day 1 – yes day 1.

You would need an email autoresponder service like Aweber.

In my previous post I have mentioned about this – encouraging bloggers to put up those sign up forms in place BEFORE they start promoting their blog. I mentioned how I got 45 subscribers when my blog was only getting 20 visitors per day.

If you are taking all efforts to build email list fast, you should have a good number of subscribers in your list.

And promoting your blog post to your list is a great marketing strategy where your ROI will be super duper. Why? Because, your subscribers are people who have already expressed their interest in you!

You know you are promoting your blog to a bunch of people who are already interested in what you gotta say! Do not ignore email marketing!

Don’t forget to use your list to promote your blog

My tips and answers to the question: How to promote your blog?

Well, you might have read a lot of blog posts on this topic. But here I have shared my own blog promotion tips.

I have tried these tips and they do work. So I highly recommend and urge you to start promoting your blog using these tips.

But before you leave, I’ve want you to do two things:

  1. Read this post where I list some of the most important things you need to do BEFORE you start promoting your blog.
  2. Which of these tips did you find to be the most useful? Or which one of these have you been ignoring so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    Hey Jane,

    I read both of your articles and learned these things:

    Readers want eye catchy and trustworthy look and in-depth knowledge on the particular subject.

    We must spend 80% of our time in promoting our articles.

    I’m using all these ways to promote my articles and getting really good results.

    I personally like to be active on social media and building network with influential because it’s a fastest way to learn and promote our blog posts among a smart audience.

    No, doubt that blogging communities are great source of free and targeted traffic. I’m using Dosplash from its beginning days and I must say it’s incredible. Bizsugar is also one of my fav. blogging community.

    Thanks for your personal tips and suggestions. More to learn from from you!

    Best Regards!

  2. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    Wonderful post, yet again – reminded me of my blog promotion secrets I revealed for the first time when I wrote my guest post for you – right here :)

    Yes, writing a post is just the tip of the iceberg I would say. It’s the promotion that needs to be done nice and proper if you really want your posts to reach the masses. I do most of the things you mentioned, but it’s now started getting overwhelming because of the never ending comments that I get on my blog as well as the platforms where I share my posts. And not to reply to those comments is also not right.

    However, you can achieve a lot I would say if you have a plan plaid out and time yourself – time management plays a major role. You cannot really be ALL over, and as you mentioned, getting to know the 2-3 main social media platforms where you get maximum traffic from and sticking to those is important. Also, you do need to use the bookmarking sites, and I know DoSplash is wonderful there :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  3. Kunal KhoslaKunal Khosla says

    I simply want to say I am just beginner to blogging and seriously savored your web page. Almost certainly I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You absolutely have very good stories. With thanks for sharing with us your website

  4. Mi Muba says

    Hi Jane
    It is very amazing to see that most of your ideas and tips are quite unique in nature. IN this post you advise to focus more on traffic and networking than back links is the gist of how should we blog in present era. Everything with regard to off-page SEO has changed. Quality has replaced the quantity. Now quality matters a lot. One needs not to count the number to become a pro blogger. Now he just need to see the feedback. He has to see the feedback of all types including likes, +1s, comments, reshares, referrals and mentions. Obviously all this ultimately help increase traffic and we can sell to huge number of our niche market our services and products. So the dynamics of growing traffic have changed a lot now. One who is not ready to accept this reality is actually getting away from his blogging goal.
    Once again Jane thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful post with lot of quite new and tested information to get more traffic with properly promoting the blog.

  5. Samir says

    Wonderful tips Jane,

    I guess I’ve learned some great tips form this post. Social media is indeed a great place for sharing our stuff. I guess I’ve seen your stuff at social media and sometimes I’ve been going through it.


  6. Manik says

    Hi Jane, Thanks for the informative and valuable stuff. All points are well described and really important to promote a blog in a right way that really adds value.

  7. Al Mamun says

    Hi! i read your post continuously in this i find such a different information which can give me more visitors for marketing. I like to marketing most by discuss online community which generate more money for my blog. Guest blogging also give me extra profit every month.

    Thanks for good advice waiting for your next post.
    Carry on……………..

  8. Yogita says

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the points you mentioned. I am missing bookmarking these days. Can you please share some good sites for bookmarking.

    I don’t want to mix social sharing with bookmarking.

  9. Nirmala says

    Nice post again from you Jane, indeed for bloggers.

    I do agree with your promotion techniques and am doing these effectively expect email marketing. Will start doing it soon and thanks for your valuable tips.

  10. MD Khalid Hasan says

    Nice to read this article as it is specially very useful to me as i am new blogger and do not know much how to promote blogs..
    this article really helped me to promote my blog…
    thanks for sharing articles like this

  11. Samer says

    Hi Jane,

    I have started sharing my blog posts on social networking sites, before I was very lazy, I personally do not use any social sites but for my blog I use regularly, bookmarking links to other sites? do you really think can promote that content? Digg was popular before but do not know any such bookmarking site now that can help blogger in improving traffic after Google’s strict rule for backlinks, if you can suggest would be great.

  12. Gary GraefenGary Graefen says

    I disagree with you on blog commenting, most blogs get pretty much ignored by Google.
    Over 8 years I have seen this to be true. I have had massive amounts of visitors from comments I have made-more than any search engine activity. My most popular blog is doing 5 to 6000 page views a day. Mostly from comments in appropriate places.

  13. Alex Taylor says

    I’m using most of these ways to promote my blog, guest blogging is best way – and blog commenting also isn’t bad choice, it’s easiest way to promote a blog, however, don’t leave a spam comment, never, you should remember it to promote your blog effectively.

  14. TerryTerry says

    Excellent advice all around. Many people rightly think that content is king, and it’s true; if people don’t have a legitimate reason to visit, they’ll only visit once. However, as blogmaster you have to be the messenger who tells the kingdom (the internet) that the king is wide awake and working hard. Great content helps, but if you’re counting on the internet to send people to you automatically, you’ll be the only person reading that great content.

    I’ve also discovered that thinking you can fire a single link into your facebook account and let your friends do your work for you, it’s a waste of your time and hope. Friends help, but at day’s end nobody is going to make your site famous for you.

    One tip I have used to some success is to have business cards printed with a URL, my name, and any pertinent information that might get a prospective to come visiting. True, it’s an offline method to advertise an online business, but handing out a few cards to people who seem interested is getting eyes on your URL nonetheless. They’ve got to type it in, but it gives them something that’s more tangible than a facebook share that they may simply ignore. It shows that you’re not just some goofball playing on a computer in his grandma’s basement. I’ve found it especially helpful to generate card interest when I bother to get out of my pajamas and into some clothing for adults like pants, and shoes. I keep 20 cards in my wallet at all times. You never know when you may meet someone or reconnect, and having a legibly printed URL on a business card is just the touch of professionalism that will help sway them to visit.

    Plus, my therapist recommends I get out once in a while. Apparently there’s something about wearing shoes and seeing people in real life that’s beneficial to humans. The Jury is still out on that one. :)

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