Email List Building: A 3 Step Working Strategy To Build Email List FAST

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Email list building is something that is permanently on every internet marketer’s to-do list.

Email marketing is not dead. It is golden.

It gives you a golden opportunity to land directly into your target customer’s inbox. If you don’t understand the importance of landing directly on someone’s inbox, think about this:

How many blogs are started every day (given that every Tom and Dick can start a free or a “reasonably expensive” blog now-a-days)? How many people create Squidoo lenses? How many Hubpages are there on a given topic? Youtube videos? Ezine articles?

Sure, all the above forms of content provide information (but I have to admit that most of it is crap!). But look at the noise. Will you be able to stand out, get noticed and be heard, among all this noise?

But what if when you land directly on someone’s inbox? That’s more personal. You cut out 99% of the noise and your chances of being heard and noticed are super high.

This can only be accomplished via email marketing.

So how do you start building an email list? After all, you need to have people’s email address if you need to reach out to them, right?

Let me share a 3 step strategy (that works always) to build your email list fast.

But before that, in order to capture and save one or multiple email lists and also to send bulk (manual or autoresponder) emails you will need an autoresponder service.

Since Aweber and Mailchimp are two biggies in the area, make sure you read my comparison of Aweber and Mailchimp and grab a suitable autoresponder for yourself (you cannot do email marketing without an autoresponder service!).

Aweber Vs Mailchimp: Email Autoresponder Face-Off

OK now let’s get to the meat of this post

List building weapon: Guest blogging

Nothing can beat guest blogging when it comes to building an email list. With guest blogging you get to perform on a stage which already has a very big crowd as audience.

Whenever you write a killer post you naturally will have the urge to publish it on your own blog. But if you publish your best post on a blog that has a bigger audience than yours, then you can get more eyeballs on your blog post.

Not to mention, if your blog post is of great quality and has useful, practically applicable stuff, it will be naturally well received and shared by the people who read it.

The trick is to get your excellent post in front of more eyeballs though! And that can be quite easily achieved through guest blogging.

In short, guest blogging helps you cross the number barrier – the number of people who get to “see” your post in the first place – and then the traffic and shares you get through those people automatically follows (if your content is good enough, that is).

Create landing pages

While you are at guest blogging, one of the most important benefits you can expect to receive is “traffic” (of course there are connections, popularity, links, etc.).

When your guest post gets published on a popular blog, there are so many people to share that post to their social circle.

There are lots of people who are waiting to get their first comment submitted on your guest post.

There are so many people who have added that popular blog’s RSS feeds to get it automatically shared on their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ stream (ya, the joy of being popular!).

Automatically, even if you want it or not, you *will* get loads of traffic. From my experience with guest blogging I can say that 10% of the traffic (the average daily visitors of that blog) will come to your blog.

What are you going to do with that traffic?

I mean, you should have a goal, right?

You may want to convert that traffic into your newsletter subscribers (the main goal of this post), sell your e-book, or anything like that.

If you get those people to land on your homepage, you are not going to convert them. Trust me.

Create landing pages or squeeze pages on your blog. Copyblogger is the one of the blogs that has a lot of such landing/squeeze pages.

You can basically create two types of such pages

1. A hub page – A page on a particular focused topic. This page has awesome information (as a teaser) on the specified topic and also has additional links that point to your blog posts. Plus an optin form that requires people to sign up if they want to receive additional information about that topic (of course make sure you have set your autoresponders right in order to deliver what you promise).

Examples of hub/squeeze page:

List Building: Strategies To Build An Email List

Content Marketing: Success Strategies To Market Your Blog

2. An email-optin landing page – A page designed specifically with ONE purpose: getting people on your list . This page should list the benefits of being on your list, highlight the importance of any freebie you are offering (like an e-book, video or an audio course, autoresponder based e-course, etc.) and should be enticing enough for people to join your list.

Example of my optin page

Free E-books

While you guest blog you normally will have an opportunity to add a link or two to your blog in your author bio. Use those links wisely and instead of merely linking to your home page, link to one of the converting pages.

Don’t be shy

Most internet marketers are pushy while some (but still a big number) are…. shy. They shy away to ask people to buy or to sign up.

With online marketing, if you don’t clearly tell people what they need to do, you can’t expect them to do anything.

Internet is a place where everyone is busy. The attention span is very short (they say its 3 seconds; too bad!). So if you leave people confused for those 3 seconds they are just going to leave without taking any action.

So don’t be shy to tell clearly what you want people to do when they land on your page and when they are about to leave your page.

To build an email list fast, you should have a prominent call-to-action, above the fold, in your landing page (I am using the feature box optin). You should not stop at this, though, since one is not usually enough.

Throw your optin forms at the sidebar and also at the end of the post in a way that people don’t miss to notice it. Especially, by inserting your optin form at the end of the post, you are giving people a nice chance to take action as soon as they finish reading your post (and may be getting ready to leave).

I highly recommend two plugins to help you in this matter

1. Optin Skin – To add gorgeous optin forms to your blog. Their skins are very beautiful. And, you could add beautiful forms WITH social share buttons (something unique) to your blog.

2. Immediate List Building Pro – This plugin serves many purposes apart from helping you to add optin forms. A winner in my book. Read my full review of the plugin here.

Pop ups also work great if you use them in such a manner so that you don’t annoy your readers.

Here is a 20 minute video where I talk about this 3 step strategy

And here’s a handy presentation I put together for you :)

Email list building: Takeaway

This three step strategy surely does work. It works for me. Basically, guest blogging is a wonderful way to grab the attention of the crowd.

And the other two tips, that is, creating a landing page and putting up multiple optin forms (without annoying the readers, of course), are preparing your blog for better conversion of the traffic you get via guest blogging.

Are you into email list building? Do you have a (better) list building strategy that works? If not grab this strategy and start your email list building today!

PS:Don’t forget to try out Aweber for $1.PPS:
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  1. anthonyanthony says

    Jane, some great tips. I’ve personally implemented some of your suggestions. This particular topic can be overwhelming for alot of newbies simply because there’s sites like your that offer FREE and strategically focused advice on building a list and then there are those software programs that promise to do the work for you! As a newbie are we really getting our money’s worth and time saved when we purchase these things or is it better to just keep it simple with advice like yours and 5iphon ( ?

  2. Ben NormanBen Norman says

    I’m still at that stage where I’m very much focused on step one, generating traffic. Thinking about how I can leverage that traffic once it happens (see, positive mindsets….) is something I’ve not paid that much attention to and really should, thanks for the prod!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ben – don’t say “I’m ‘still’ in the stage of looking for traffic” – every blogger is! No matter how popular you get, you’ll always want more of traffic. Its never enough lol!

  3. RowanRowan says

    I never thought guest blogging will do that much good for building email list. And you are completely right with that point don’t be shy, you have to be loud because there is so much noise. You have written a masterpiece on email list building, thanks for that.

  4. SamuelSamuel says

    Email list building needs to be done everyday if possible.

    I have been using Optin Skin for collecting the emails, and it has been growing ever since.

    Plus, I wouldn’t say YouTube or Ezines is crap. They an definitely help your success if you know how to use them right.

    Great article Jane :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Optin Skin surely has increased my conversion rates Sam.

      As to Youtube & Ezine – yup I use those a lot to consume good information too. You have to dig deep to find good ones, coz they’re hidden in the crappy sea :)

  5. NawazNawaz says

    Guest Post technique has two advantages. One is to improve the email list and second to get the links for the site.This technique is too effective that you get exponential results.

  6. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Hi Jane,

    Simple and powerful tips here!

    Guest blogging helps you expand your network. No better way to create value and reach into a new audience.

    As for being shy…you absolutely can not hide and expect to build a list. People need to see you, to trust you.

    Be social. Comment. Engage. Chat folks up. This is Mistake #1 for most online marketers.

    They feel that publishing a post and hiding behind a computer will prosper them. Nope!

    You need to reach out, engage, help people, and show folks that you are a real person, who listens, who responds, and who will be there to solve problems, inspire, entertain and inform.

    The people who are social – without being too aggressive – are the real winners in the online world. This crowd attracts like-minded people with less effort, fewer headaches, and has a ton more fun doing it.

    Isn’t that the goal?

    Thanks Jane!


    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Ryan, getting social – internet is the place for social and not to hide. If one has decided to develop an online business there is no point in hiding. But I must admit that it took me a while to realize this :)

  7. Nishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava says

    Nice Tips, I read somewhere that email marketing has best conversation ratio among all internet marketing techniques , Many people thinks that it not works but its really works better than other options.

  8. RonRon says

    Email marketing is here to stay. I haven’t tried to tap it that much as of today. I am still on the process of learning and understanding the SYSTEM and ART of it. I am quite sure, with the SEO shakes and changes nowadays, email marketing will make it huge in terms of traffic, sales and conversion.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Ron, since SEO changes are really making the sky fall down (well, not really) having our own mode of contacting our target customers is the most brilliant way to go about it!

  9. AditiAditi says

    Hi Jane,
    I like the tips that you have highlighted while building email marketing list. It is definitely helpful for email marketing. I also like reading the email list building that you have said. Thanks for the share!!

  10. Puneet says

    I agree with your saying that an internet marketer must be pushy. if the would be shy then they cannot get success. They need to push readers to do the thing.

  11. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    I agree I think the concept of asking for a subscription or purchase is still scary for a lot of site owners. There has been a long standing aversion to spending money on anything online, though I think that time is passing, and it makes sense to be fearful that asking for something like a subscription would turn people away immediately. Today, I think readers/viewers are willing to make these kinds of commitments, so don’t be afraid to ask for them!

  12. ClemenceClemence says

    Wonderful and powerful tips here!I also like reading the email list building that you have said. Thanks for sharing!

  13. RaviSinghRaviSingh says

    Hi Sheeba,
    I agree with you that Guest posting is building a huge email list because Guest posting is one of the most popular way to getting more traffic to your blog. To building a huge amount of email list, your article is very helpful for us.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Guest blogging is a super weapon :) But you have to do it somewhat consistently. Publishing one guest post on Problogger and nothing for the next 6 months won’t cut it.

  14. Santosh MishraSantosh Mishra says

    For a professional blogger, building an email list is important. One can use this email list driving traffic to his/her blog.

  15. VMillerVMiller says


    With only a few seconds time to capture a visitors attention the call to action message has to be spot on. I try to keep my messages to those on my email list short and sweet with a great call to action.

  16. Ken TylerKen Tyler says

    I was surprised to read such a well detailed article. I am new at some of these sites and I must admit I need to get off my butt and start a list. I have seen so many people making a killing because they are mailing their list. It definitely golden.

  17. Mark BrookMark Brook says

    I have notice there are many new things in this blog which I have never try for my blogs now I understand why would traffic stops after some time on my blogs I will try to use these tips and will share this blog with my friends.
    Thank you for sharing this nice information.

  18. Faissal AlhaithamiFaissal Alhaithami says

    Email marketing is extremely powerful as a higher percentage (around 80-90%) of people go online only because they want to check their emails. If done strategically, email marketing has the potential to take an online business to the next big level.


  19. Jyothis Thaliath says

    Hi Jane, a well informed writeup there :)

    I was highly suspicious about the effectiveness of an email campaign. Because, me myself hated promotional email that end up in my inbox, being a busy person I don’t get enough time to go through them all. I don’t go through the toils of unsubscribing from each of them, rather I would hit the ‘Spam’ button! So, I had no more confidence in email marketing.

    But your article has become an eye-opener. I just realised that those whom I thought were spammers, were just doing it wrong. Wish they too read this post :)

  20. Kate SimpsonKate Simpson says

    I’m kinda new to blogging, IM and SEO. Now I got to know what is a squeeze page, how to create and maintain it. Useful stuff. I have bookmarked your blog for future references. You are doing a great job Mam! Thanks.

  21. GautamGautam says

    nice tips build fast email list, ya now email marketing is best for niche website and affiliate marketing and sells affiliate products so list building is very important.

  22. usamusam says

    i hear many advices that email marketing is one of the successful methods . thanks for the topic , i will try to enter this field soon.

  23. robertlee749robertlee749 says

    Thanks Jane, E-mail marketing is one of excellent direct marketing thing. It is very helpful to increase our business traffic more easily. Am happy to share with this post.

  24. JessieJessie says

    E-mail marketing may prove a big challenge if we do not have an email list of correct target audience . The 3-step method sounds good, in this way probability of getting noticed and call to action can be achieved!

  25. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane great information as normal my e mail list is basically non existent it is an area where I have been slacking off and need to catch up. I keep getting stuck doing the same things and running out of time to do what else needs looking at. The time is now for e mail though will keep this post open so I can refer to it.

    Thanks again lee

    • Carl says

      Excellent as Usual, thank you very much Jane, the comparison of popular auto-responders is especially useful as we intend to make greater use of email marketing in the future

  26. aaslinaaslin says

    thanks for the tips and share jane. these are some real stuff to be noted when in search for traffic. further email marketing is one important technique of marketing that can get you access in very short span. thanks and looking forward for more.

  27. RuthRuth says

    Hi Jane,
    It’s my first time on your blog and I love the layout.
    You’ve also got some really good content. Thanks for the blogging tips.

  28. sofiyasofiya says

    Thanks for the great article ! I just started following you on Twitter and added your blog to the long list of PR blogs I subscribe to. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  29. Santosh says

    Hi JANE
    Thanks for the great article ! I just started following you on Twitter and added your blog to the long list of PR blogs I subscribe to. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  30. Siya says

    Good post. But I think it is more about bringing traffic to a blog. I know you wouldn’t convert email subscribers if the was no traffic coming your way, but still – because of the title, i thot it would be considered that someone already has a way of bringing traffic and hence concentrate on stuff like squeez pages/landing pages and your last point, DON’T BE SHY.
    Good read by the way.
    Siya recently posted..Smartphone Bill Topping House-Hold Essentials [infographic]My Profile

  31. AshleyAshley says

    I have been reading a lot of different blogs talking about email marketing and list building. Being that I have never ever responded to any email ads being sent my way I had totally ignored this entire aspect of online marketing. Looks like I need to reevaluate my strategy and start building up some list. Thanks for all of the great information.

  32. Justin MottJustin Mott says

    I’ve been thinking about setting up a email strategy but I haven’t yet. I’ve also been thinking of starting Guest Blogging but there aren’t many sites like the field that I am in. Do you have any advice for finding places to guest blog?

  33. sheshnathsheshnath says

    Hi Jane,
    Thank for such an informative post, I didn’t knew about squeeze page and its importance, but now I know it, will sure try to make squeeze page for my blog.

  34. sonalisonali says

    Everything in business ultimately boils down to relationship-building. I have a few list owners on my radar (who are clients), but until I feel that our relationship is where it needs to be, I’m nervous to make this request. But I will…and I’ll report back!

  35. zack Cortezzack Cortez says

    Indeed email listing is the best still. Especially to telemarketers who wans clients to get close to their site and products. Thanks for posting this. Nice one!

  36. Phil says

    Nice post, there is a load of useful advice on building a mailing list :)
    I personally am working on my mailing list everyday at the moment to try and boost it up ! I am using MailChimp at the moment but i think i am going to try out aweber.

  37. Eric says

    I really enjoyed reading through some of the simple but powerful tips. I did not have time to check out the video, so I will bookmark this page and come back and check out the video soon! I cannot wait to check out the video and start putting some of the helpful tips into practice. I have a clear goal and this just helps me continue to reach it one step closer so thank you!
    Eric recently posted..Blog Challenge #1 – Accomplished!My Profile

  38. Joe S.Joe S. says

    This is one of the hardest things for me to do. I almost went the way of buying a list until I read a post that told me it would be like suicide for my business. Thanks for the tips!

  39. Paul D. MitchellPaul D. Mitchell says

    Thanks for sharing your information. I am in the process of starting our E-newsletter and got some great ideas from your article. I need to come up with a catchy name.

    I have gotten so much great information being on Biznik, it’s Awesome.

    I look forward to your next article.

    Have a great day

  40. Lalita Bisht says

    Hey, Jane I always gets something interesting from you. Email marketing can be one of the most effective part of our overall marketing plan, if we implement it properly. I like your idea to publish a good post on other blog that has much audience than yours in order to get more exposure. I am looking forward to using these ideas and hope they will work great for me.

  41. DhavalDhaval says

    I started blogging 3 months ago and now after so much time through this article I got to knw the importance of Eail marketing thanks Jane :) .I think I should work from tomorrow only .. According to me it would take good amount of time for me to build a good email list :/ please suggest me how to start as I have a free hosted WordPress blog

  42. SonaliSonali says

    Excellent posting is one of the best ways for getting links and increase your site rank. It shows that you are not a spammer and try to provide some useful content to your users.

  43. Deepak MehraDeepak Mehra says


    these type of information really informative and useful for me. these info about building Email in our own words really cool and impressive.

    Thanks for share with me!!

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