Immediate List Building Pro Review: Real Boon For Bloggers

Bloggers have to face real tough competition nowadays to increase their hits; I’m sure you will agree with me on this. Every website now wants to increase their subscribers and market their products.

And the number of websites in the blogosphere keeps on increasing in a very rapid rate. Unless and until a blogger is able to establish a connection with their readers, it is going to be really tough.

With an email list, you can connect directly with your readers (by landing in their inboxes). Without that connection, you will be just another information provider and you could be easily forgotten.

That is why, building an email list is so crucial. You should start building your list from day 1.

So what do you need to build an email list?

Sure you do need some ammo on your side to be able to get your readers to join your list. And the story just begins.

After they join your list you need to feed them with exclusive content to make them feel special.

You have to make sure that you offer what you promised when they signed up.

Usually most internet marketers offer freebies (in the form of e-books, audio or video courses, white papers, reports and the stuff alike).

By the way read this post if you are not sure about offering a freebie as an incentive to add people to your email list:

List building: The pros and cons of using freebies as bait

In order to capture the emails, deliver your freebie(s) and to maintain constant contact with your subscribers you need to have an email autoresponder service.

Read my review and comparison of Aweber and Mailchimp here, if you need assistance with choosing the best email autoresponder for your biz.

Aweber or Mailchimp: Email autoresponder face-off

Now this is all the nicer part of the story :)

The trickier and the challenging part is to entice your subscribers to join your list. The call to action is the key. [Click to tweet this!]

And here is where cool plugins come to our help! The call to actions need to be at the right places, and preferably in multiple places (without annoying your readers).

I have tried two plugins in the past: Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet (Read my review of Subscribers Magnet here) and Popup Domination.

And I was recently contacted by Suraj from WPSmartapps to try out Immediate List Building Pro; and honestly my reaction was like – ah, yet another list building plugin?!

But he challenged me to try the plugin out. So I did. And, I found that the plugin is AMAZING.

In a nutshell, the plugin bundles the cool features of all the other list building plugins available in the market, and much more.

Before jumping into the detailed review about the plugin here is the features of the plugin at a glance.

Features at a glance…

  • Ability to add unlimited optin forms on your site; HTML optin forms.
  • You know about plugins that add a footer bar optin. With Immediate List Building Pro, you can add different footer bars on different pages/posts/categories.
  • Similarly with the pop-ups. Laser target your list building campaign by displaying different pop-ups on different posts/pages/categories.
  • Activate optin forms at the bottom of the post, sidebar, within the comment box.
  • Add an optin check box before comment form.
  • Add an optin check box on user registration page.
  • Send email to the first time commenter.
  • Create squeeze pages that convert like crazy.
  • Use Facebook connect feature on optin forms.
  • Exit redirect system – allows you to redirect visitors who exit your blog/website to a page of your choice (great if you do it un-annoyingly).

Quick and smart

First, it is easy to choose templates by just inserting the HTML optin code in it and the system automatically ads that with the chosen template.

immediate list building pro pop up

In case of providing footer bar optin form, by default they provide you with 6 templates and it also gives the user an option to customize his/her own footer bar.

The optin form can also been provided with a pop up window in your website with around 45 different options (9 different designs and 5 colour option under each). You can add your optin form after your post by just choosing from 5 different designs, unqiue from each other and also the user can customize their own optin form.

Immediate list building pro also provides a sidebar option with 5 colours and with an option to customize the design for the form.

The plugin has added few features that are really creative such as popping up optin form when a visitor comments on your blog and the fields such as name and email address can also be made to be filled in automatically to really boost the subscriber rate.

It also provides the option of just placing a check box instead of a pop up window below the comment box such that any visitor can subscribe just checking the box.

The plugin allows you to send a thanking message to the first time commentor on any article through mail, along with an optin form so as to increase the subscribing rate.

Immediate list building pro helps in editing your display by just squeezing in your data and adding optin form with it by 20 varieties ( with 4 unique designs with 5 colour options in each).

Targeted features

Immediate list building pro smartly added the option to direct the users connect with you through facebook, so that you can share your new posts, create voting and activities to increase your viewers and thus your market.

In addition to this, there is also an option for the viewer also to share the post on his wall. It is never enough to just install the plugin and not maintaining or tracking them.

immediate list building pro facebook connect

To answer this, immediate list building pro has added a analytic form through which we can derive data such as how many users have subscribed and in which way they have subscribed ( through footer bar or pop up or by commenting etc.) to maintain a feasible design. Some viewers though interested in your blog, would not want to subscribe with you.

Thus, to satisfy that need, you can also allow the viewer to control your optin whether to display them or not at next visit. Once the user has subscribed with you, it is not necessary to disturb him with optin form again. So, you can disable the form for registered user for certain period of time (say 30 days, or forever).

Immediate List Building Pro allows you to add custom fields such as country, pin code, contact number, etc., in additional to name and email address in the optin form. You can also target on selective subscribers by fixing a delay period to display your optin form (say 1st visit, after 2 days, during 3rd visit etc.)

The plugin gives you freedom to place the optin form in required area by using post or template tag. You can also target the audience by selective placing the optin forms on various posts in blog, wherever you will is required instead of placing them in all posts.

Now, Immediate list building pro is easier as GUI (Graphical user interface) software in adding headlines, text box, bullets easily. You can also pop up a video from Youtube, Metacafe and Vimeo.

Additional features of Immediate List Building Pro

Users of Immediate list building pro can choose various types on optin for various posts. The plugin provides features to add videos in your posts within few clicks.


  1. Various features
  2. Easy and good user interface
  3. Several template options
  4. Analytic tracking
  5. Affordable rate
  6. Overall powerpack plugin


No disadvantage or drawback has been registered by an user yet.


Immediate List Building Pro plugin shows that they have really put in hard work keeping in mind various problems faced while hosting a blog and it has paid them.

In this current scenario, information is wealth and do not hesitate to update yourself to the current trend to be in the race and be smart and fast in designing your blog with Immediate list building pro.

Immediate List Building Pro is provided with 60 days of unbiased money back guarantee and believe me there is no return back till now that claims this product has a real value for money.

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    • Jane Sheeba says

      Saad yes, I have tried WP Subscribers and Pop Dom. Both have been really good. But this one takes over. I stopped using any other list building plugin since I started using ILBP. It has all the features bundled into one.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey John, what Suraj (from WP Smart Apps) says is right. Pop ups convert well. You have total control on how to set it up so that you don’t annoy your readers. But if you are too worried, you can simply turn that feature off!

  1. AdityaAditya says

    the user interface feature was quite good Jane,liked it.But is it so that it don’t have any cons….?? i mean nothing can be perfect 100%. Sometimes advantages itself take the shape of disadvantage.

  2. BhushanBhushan says

    Jane thanks for sharing this great post with us.
    Features options and add-ons are very good.
    thanks for this.

  3. manojmanoj says

    Nice review and this looks like a very useful tool if someone is into affiliate marketing.But at present i earn only via adsense,,,will definitely when i start doing aff marketing

  4. BeccaBecca says

    This tool is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about this tool.

  5. AmandaAmanda says

    E-mail list building is, of course, an obligatory part of any blogger’s success, and which should be done carefully

  6. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Hey Jane,

    These features are quite insane, and all under one roof. For me this is the first time of hearing about this plugin. I’ll be taking a closer look..

  7. NicoleNicole says

    These are such great tips! I really need to work on building my email list, it’s the one area I’m really lacking in. Thanks for the tools to make it easier!

  8. Shalu Sharma says

    No one can deny the fact that list is mega important in blogging and that is why it has been said again and again that money is in the list. Thanks for highlighting these plugins. They make perfect sense to use them. The immediate list building pro seems very promising.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Poor people in IndiaMy Profile

    • WpSmartApps says

      Shalu, with no doubt ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ is promising and mega tool that will help you to grab lots of subscribers.

      Also i guarantee new up-coming version will blow your mind because we are adding such cool stuff on ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ that has not been seen till now on the market.

      Best part is our support team will be available 24/7 to help you when you need us more :)

      Founder & CEO

  9. Adrienne says

    That was a great review Jane and I was going to say that I like the opt-in box in your header. I’ve been wanting something like that at the top of my page and actually won a contest where someone was suppose to be creating me new opt-in boxes. Problem is, he did the contest for his benefit and never followed through.

    I’ve heard of this plug-in but just didn’t have time to really look at it so I really appreciate you sharing this with us. I’m definitely going to save your post and when I have some free time I’ll go check it out.

    Great review.


    • WpSmartApps says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Please contact us on our support center or via community forum if you have any question on your mind regarding ‘Immediate List Building Pro’.

      We love to answer all of your question and walk with you on your install process for ‘Immediate List Building Pro’.

      Best Regards,

      Founder & CEO

  10. EhsanEhsan says

    Seems really interesting plugin. I must thank Adrienne for sharing this at her FB page. These days I’m willing to buy anything list building plugin, but after reading a lot of review I’m little confused on which one to go for.

    • WpSmartApps says

      Hi Ehsan,

      Lets make it easy for your :)

      Immediate List Building Pro is ONLY ONE MEGA plugin on the web that has all features’ you are looking for, plus plugin is REALLY easy to use and it holds power to increase your subscribers rate by 500%+ OVERNIGHT :)

      Also i will offer your 100% MONEY BACK, If ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ doesn’t help you achieve your LIST BUILDING missions.


  11. JasonJason says

    Hi Jane,

    You’re welcome!! Keep it up with the excellent blog and well designed website!! Good luck with everything.


  12. Kamran says

    Hi,A great information Jane your share on your blog, It give more power to the blog and many seo expert get good knowledge from this content and the good point is Building Pro is provided with 60 days of money back guarantee. Keep it up, you done a great job.Thank
    Kamran recently posted..Thank You!My Profile

  13. RohitRohit says

    Is this a genuine plugin? I hardly see any founder and CEO replying in a post or comment. Do wpsmartapps have a team or is it a ‘one man army’? Also, i did a small research and found that all the plugins developed by wpsmartapps is very similar to the plugins developed by maxblogpress. So are they a copy cat???
    No offence to wpsmartapps and JK but just finding it quite weird.

    • WpSmartApps says

      Is this a genuine plugin?


      Could you define the word “genuine”… for me every software is genuine till I’ve got life time support, continuous up gradation and it’s under a proper registered company. Please correct me if I’m wrong but as far as i know software is not genuine if someone has the patent right of the product and one is distributing the same or someone’s using EXACT code within the licensed software. Let me give you a more clear picture. We are 100% genuine and registered under the company Pixel Ace Pvt Ltd and we register software process and name before we go live.

      Also you can take advantage of our live ticket community support 24X7; 365 days a year

      I hardly see any founder and CEO replying in a post or comment


      All of us including the founder and CEO consider your post, comments and feedback very valuable.

      Do wpsmartapps have a team or is it a ‘one man army’?


      Wow “One man army” i love this sentence.

      Wish i was “One man army” capable to crash few org on the market that’s on my target list

      (But yes i am “one man army” when it comes to developing software, managing sales process, generating ideas)

      I did a small research and found that all the plugins developed by wpsmartapps is very similar to the plugins developed by maxblogpress.


      Define “similar”

      Rohit, there are lots of product on the market both paid and free that does the same JOB that you’re planning to implement on your WordPress Blog. Product that makes your work easier. The question here is which one is the best amongst them?

      I have read some post and email where Jane, saying she had used ‘Subscribers Magnet’, ‘Popup Domination’, ‘WpSubscribers’ and now she end using ‘Immediate List Building Pro’.

      If i am not wrong all 3 smart plugins does the same JOB (but please note you can’t call it similar) i.e collect user email using WordPress Blog but the real question is why is Jane using ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ now and not other products…. answer is simple ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ is making Jane’s work more simple and other plugin is not capable of what ‘ILBP’ can do.

      – Jane please correct me if i am wrong… but i believe i am 100% right over here.

      Rohit, what really matters to me is are you happy with the product you’re using??? Would you invest $$$ when it’s of no use to you.
      Last word.. research is good but not as great as using our product and finding out the difference within the first 10 seconds

      Best Regards,

      WpSmartApps Team

  14. ShaneShane says

    The target email sending which rappidly increase visitors on the blog. The Difficult step is identify needs for person.

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