How Depositphotos Can Make Your Life Easier As A Blogger?

How Depositphotos Can Make Your Life Easier As A Blogger?

So you have finally finished writing the latest addition to your blog. Now all that remains is to find some wonderful pictures to complement your article. You head over to Google and after a few clicks you have at your disposal hundreds of images to download and use.

However, do you know that, you can be breaking copyright laws if you use some of those images in your blog? Many images available on the internet are published under copyright. The owner, of those photos, is legally entitled to lodge a case of copyright infringement against you if you do not take his or her permission before using those photos.

In many cases, you may have to purchase those photos before using them. The only way out of this mess is to use images which are free from royalty payments.

Now, it is actually quite difficult to know whether you have a photo which is under the protection of copyright laws. This is where Depositphotos come into the picture (no pun intended).

What is Depositphotos?

Depositphotos is a stock photos agency which hosts a large number of photos and pictures. It was founded back in 2009 with its headquarters located at Florida, USA and is the fastest growing agency for stocking photos.

The agency has its presence in over 192 countries. The basic task of Depositphotos is to provide a platform for people to purchase and sell high quality photos and videos.

Highlights of Depositphotos

Search options

The search and filter options offered by Depositphotos is simply incredible. The search is very comprehensive and there are a number of filters to choose from. You can search by the colors of the photos, the orientation, and the size or even by the name of the contributor.

If these advanced options seem too much for you, then simply search via the keywords. Moreover, they have thousands of categories to choose from.


In order to get the best out of Depositphotos you need to subscribe to their plans. However, unlike other websites, the subscription plans of Depositphotos are flexible. It really makes no sense whatsoever to pay for millions of images when ultimately you are going to be using a few.

This has been taken into consideration by Depositphotos. They have three plans each of which suits a different clientele. There is a daily plan, which is perfect for those who need to download only a few images every day.

If you think that your needs tend to differ each day, then you should opt for the monthly plan. There is of course a limit to the number of images you can download each day or month.

However, the good news is that you yourself can select the limit and pay accordingly. You can also set the duration of the plan. If these plans are not good enough, there is a third option. It is simply, pay-as-you-go credits plan.

Here, you only pay for a number of credits. Using these credits you can download the images whenever you want and the number of images is limited to the amount of credits you have.

A point to note is that, each image costs a different amount and the minimum number of credits which can be purchased is 30. If you aren’t sure whether to invest or not, then there is a 7 day trial available.

Become a seller

A very cool feature of Depositphotos is the ability to sell your photos and images through them. There are three ways to earn money from Depositphotos. Firstly, there is the option to refer a photographer.

Each time the photographer’s images are bought, you will get $0.03. The second option is to refer a customer. When the person you referred makes a purchase from Depositphotos, you will get 15% of the sale value as commission.

The commission you get is calculated after the contributor’s fee is deducted from the cost of the files bought. The last option available is the contributor promotion program. Here, you can get paid for every image you upload or contribute but you have to get selected.

There are people monitoring the contributions made and the persons with the best contributions are eligible for this program. It does not matter, if you are not chosen at first. The program is a continuous one and you might get selected the next time if you keep up your regular contributions.

You will however be paid the standard rate of commission for each upload. There are also chances for promotion and your commission increases each time.

Easy Payment Options

In order to purchase items from Depositphotos, you do not need to hand over your credit card details. Depositphotos accepts payments from PayPal, Webmoney and Moneybookers. Thus, you do not need to worry about the security of your credit card details as you do not have to use it at all.

Parting shot

There is no doubt as to the usefulness of a stock image repository like Depositphotos. There are many professions which need stock photos at a short notice and it is not always possible to check for copyright issues.

Depositphotos removes that hassle forever. Moreover, Depositphotos also offers a wide range of stock vector images and videos. All the images they have are of the topmost quality and everyone can find something which fits their requirements.

Have you ever faced the need for stock photos but were unable to get good ones due to copyright issues? Do share your story with us.

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  1. James H.James H. says

    Thanks for sharing this! The potential for copyright infringement is becoming more and more common. Even nationally accredited news services like Getty Images was sued for $1.2 million recently for using an image from a photographer’s Twitter account without his approval. That’s some serious money!

    I only wonder how Depositphotos compares to Shutterstock in areas of cost. Would you happen to know which is more affordable? Depositphotos doesn’t let you see any prices for their subscriptions until you sign up first.

  2. Jijin MohanJijin Mohan says


    Amazing review! toe be honest here I haven’t used depositphotos yet as currently I’m happy with few stock photos. Looks likes despositphotos are really easier way to use photos on our blogs and it will make things really easier.


  3. Mohit FarswanMohit Farswan says

    Hey thanks for sharing this. I had been using stock photos for a long time, And it has a large collection of photos as compared to Depositphotos. But I have to use it because I just have to see once that which has better quality of photos whether Stock photos or Depositphotos. However, Stock photo has nice collection and quality too. But lets see if I get better than this.

  4. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Hi Jane,

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Fair and honest breakdown here. I need to find a spot where I can upload my travel pics. Always on the lookout for good sharing sites. It is neat that I can make a few bucks too AND find images for my blog posts.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tharun says

    Hello Jane Madam,
    Thanks your informative article on deposits photos review. Thanks for pointing out clear information about Depositphotos.

    Really buying and selling photos is an awesome idea that would surely be a good way of income for professional photographers.

    As per @Ryan said, having pics from different places, with different idea give awesome bucks to push them into pocket. Any how its time to join this service and paid for my pics. Thanks for review
    Tharun recently posted..Security Tips : Prevent WordPress Site or Blog From Being HackedMy Profile

  6. Pritam NagralePritam Nagrale says

    Hi Jane, Its very informative article on using the copyrighted images for your blog as these companies may take legal options. But what are the charges towards the subscription. Is this affordable if I use 2-3 images a day. What about other sites. And if I want to use free images then how can I be sure that its not a copyright image.

  7. Jeremy NortonJeremy Norton says

    It is just recently actually that I learned more about copyright infringement issues on photos over Google images. A friend of mine got a problem with it and I wouldn’t want to experience the same. Thanks for sharing about Depositphotos.

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