A Definitive Guide To Successful Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads – A Definitive Guide To Successful Facebook Advertising

Facebook, as a social media site, offers an exceptional brand promotion platform. It is a platform that effectively serves the needs of entrepreneurs with a small marketing budget. Besides this benefit, Facebook advertising is fast proving its reliability. It is, thus, worth trying it if you haven’t already.

Success in marketing on this great platform, however, requires planning. Remember that not planning is planning to fail. A well planned advertising campaign on this platform is supposed to yield benefits.

One of the ways that, as an advertiser, you can make use of Facebook advertising is making good use of the 11 targeting factors provided by the site.

One of these factors is location. For small entrepreneurs, their target audience is not spread throughout the world. Instead, their audience can be found within a city, a metropolitan area or just one country.

The good news is that Facebook allows you to filter your target audience according to location. It is upon you, thus, to decide the geographical range within which you want your Facebook ads to reach.

The second target factor that Facebook provides for your use is age. This is a standard demographic factor that you should make great use of. As a rule, you should know your audience, as many marketers do.

In this way, you will only be targeting a small, but reliable audience. A few clicks by this target audience are likely to convert to sales as opposed to targeting a large undefined audience that is likely to click your Facebook ads without taking further action.

The third, and one of the latest target filters, is birthday. There are many products that can be advertised to people who are celebrating their birthdays. Wish someone a happy birthday and suggest to them a gift that they can buy for themselves.

Sex is another filter that you should make maximum use of. If you are selling unisex products, this filter may not be very important.

However, if you are selling a product that targets either males or females, then the filter comes in handy. Make good use of it to avoid incidences where many people click your Facebook ads without buying what you are selling.

Keyword is another filter element that helps advertisers target users with certain profile information, including favorite books, TV shows, and movies among others. Included in keyword filter is users’ job title.

Other important filters include education, a critical element to be considered by those who target customers depending on their education level; workplaces, a feature that is quite useful for those who target employees working in certain organizations; relationships, a filter designed for use by advertisers who care about marital status of their target audience; interested in, a filter that is useful where sexual preference of the audience matters; language, a filter that ensures that you your English Facebook ads are not seen by Chinese speakers; and connections, a recently launched filter that ensures that you do not duplicate ads on pages that you own.

Marcus Ho is a highly sought-after Social Media Strategist who specializes in revenue-driven campaigns on social media for businesses. Well known for his cutting-edge, fresh insights and proven strategies, Marcus has successfully helped over 200 corporations and SMEs to rake in hundreds of thousands within very short periods of time.

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  1. Saqib RazzaqSaqib Razzaq says

    Hello jane,

    I have recently advertised on Facebook and even though it was the first time, I am impressed with the results. And, I am willing to advertise again pretty soon. I am sure your post will help me a lot into it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Biswajit says

    Now a days Facebook is most powerful and popular social networking site. If we promote our business through Facebook then it will be beneficial. Thanks dear for this article.

  3. humayunhumayun says

    Nice informative sharing,Facebook is the best social media t o promote any niche of business or social network its 100% true .thanks to share in very detail the real face of Facebook.

  4. Kelly Land says

    I’m glad I found this article because I am just starting to approach paid advertising in 2014. Because my budget is tiny – I am trying to read up on as much info as possible in order to get the most bang for my buck. Knowledge is power! I didn’t know you could be so targeted with ads on Facebook. Thanks for the info — it helps me so much.

  5. vishu sachdevavishu sachdeva says

    You have shared great useful information.I will surely share such an important information in my circle.
    Today Facebook is one of leading social sites which helps you to grow your business….

  6. Masik says

    Great Information Jane, After Google Adwords, Facebook makes a remarkable hit in online advertising also which is helpful for many businesses. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Emmanuel says

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for the insight you’ve shared with us on Facebook ads. Facebook I learnt will be third largest ‘country’ in the world if it wee to be a country.

    It has a lot of opportunities to offer and therefore working smart around it will be bringing in those expected results.

    Thanks for the share!

  8. Hiten says

    Hi Marcus,

    This was an excellent post, indeed!

    I’ve tried Facebook ads previously without much success. However, after reading your post, I’m inspired to try again.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  9. SamirSamir says

    Hey Jane,

    Well recently got an ad coupon from facebook for advertising and I was searching for some good tips for getting good outcome from it.

    thanks for tips!

  10. Mitch says

    Thank you for the information, but my question is: why invest in Facebook not in Google+ ??
    for SEO purposes i think a better optimized Google+ page is way more useful than a Facebook page.
    and speaking of targeted audience, i don’t think it would get any more targeted than keyword search on Google with Adwords.
    i know Ideally, you’ll want to implement both Facebook advertising and Google advertising,
    but if you’re on a budget and you’ve got to chose one, i still don’t understand why Facebook over Google Adwords??
    Many thanks and Happy new year!

  11. Matthew says

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the tips. I have had some success as well as some challenges in marketing my products on Facebook. The one large drawback that I had was with their CPC advertising. If a potential customer “likes” your Facebook page they charge you for a click, even if the customer never made it to your website. I was having issues because I was getting likes but not website traffic from my advertisement.

    Thanks again for the great information!

  12. Bruce says

    Facebook is a very popular and effective social networking website for advertising and business promotion. Nowadays Facebook contribution to improve business marketing has become quite significant and I really like the advertising suggestions provided above. To make successful Facebook advertising campaign I hope here provided ways are going to help me out a lot. Thanks.

  13. Tharun says

    Hi Jaane Madam,
    This is awesome guide for facebook advertising. The points mentioned above are really useful for us. I have not tried facebook advertising but surely I am gonna try it soon. The above filters gave me good knowledge. Thanks for sharing madam.

  14. Anchit Shethia says

    Unfortunately, the payment method that Facebook uses, I have none of them, nor Credit Card, or Debit card. I want to give Facebook ads a try but lets see if someone gives a helping hand in providing their card.

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