SEO For Targeted Traffic In And Out Of Your Blog

SEO For Targeted Traffic In And Out Of Your Blog

SEO For Targeted Traffic In And Out Of Your Blog

Content is King – Well known and well established! What makes great content? Content which your readers and search engines appreciate.

If search engines appreciate your content, it is easily findable and can become easily popular. Now if your readers have to appreciate it, your content must offer quality. Period.

In this post I am assuming that you are offering quality content. If not you can stop reading this post; it will be of no use to you!

But if you are sure that your content is usable and is of good quality, then please continue reading.

In any case, if you want help with creating killer content I highly recommend you grab my FREE E-Course. Just click on the image below!Write Killer Content

In this post, I will give you 4 SEO tips which you can implement on your blog and outside your blog (not offline, still online but but not on your blog) to help you please the bots.

Optimize headings

It goes without saying that heading (aka title) is the first thing that gets into the eyes and head of your readers before the body of your post.

Heading is also the one which reaches the masses; the number is usually substantially larger compared to the number of people who really read your post.

And it is normally good (or even great) if there is no big difference between these two numbers. That is, if almost all the people who read your heading also choose to read your post, this means that your heading has served its purpose.

That is, if all those people who read your headings are convinced enough to click through your link and check what you have got, then you win.

But how to attract your target audience? Read more in your niche and write hot off the press headlines in your niche. Make sure you use less competitive keywords in your niche in your post headline.

Now, this is not an easy task. You cannot simply find less competitive targeted keywords in your niche unless you spend hours in researching. But don’t worry.

You can do it with the help of Long Tail Pro (aff link). I use Long Tail Pro to do keyword research for my blog posts. Honestly, this software saves me TONS of time since it is quite fast.

Read my honest review of Long Tail Pro here > Long Tail Pro video review.

Internal Linking

Two things- You need to do it, but shouldn’t over do it. Let me explain.

In order to make it easy for the search engine bots to crawl your webpages, you should do inter-linking of your blog posts. For those who have not heard about interlinking, here it is:

Interlinking your blog posts is nothing but connecting each post to one or more posts from your blog. You can use anchor (keyword) texts to do this.

Two plugins which help you with this process and indeed make interlinking super easy are: Insights and SEO Smart Links.

I used to use Insights, however now that this plugin has not been updated for a while, SEO Smart Links is a good option.

SEO Smart Links can make it a bit too much with linking if you are not careful with setting things up carefully – but there are ample settings available to help you take control.

But why you shouldn’t interlink too much?

(i) You may raise an alarm to Search Engines, which may think that you are trying to manipulate something.

(ii) If you provide a lot of links on one post page, that is flow of link juice. Even if the links point to another post on your own blog, it is still link leaking. So do not end up adding one link to every sentence of your blog post.

Guest Posting

Ya, it won’t be fair if I don’t mention guest posting in this list. You must be familiar of the standard benefits of guest posting, right from getting do-follow backlinks from high PR blogs to becoming a better writer.

I recently wrote a post on the topic. I highly recommend you to give it a read > How to guest blog like a pro?

How does guest posting help you with SEO for targeted traffic?

One of the top perks in doing guest posting is getting authoritative backlinks, among other things. Now, I say authoritative assuming that you choose well established blogs that offer quality content in your niche.

If your blog has such authoritative backlinks from many blogs, depending upon the number, search engines give you priority when they display results in SERPs.

So when you aim at less competitive keywords AND happen to posses a good number of authoritative backlinks, you will sure be ranked top in SERPs for that keyword (and many related keywords). The combination will give an extra push to boost your search engine rankings.

But ironically, you shouldn’t be doing guest posting for building links! Coz the term “link building” is not valid these days – if you are “building” it, there’s no point – at least according to Matt Cutts. Links should be earned naturally!

Social engagement

Social engagement

Okay, here goes the bitter truth for the ‘not-so-caring about others’ kind of people. You have to do this for SEO. I know we are all busy. We publish posts in our blogs, moderate the comments, deal with spammers and so on.

So where do we find the time to engage with other people?

Moreover, are social media sites the greatest distractions in the online world? Yes they are indeed! But you know who you are.

If you have a blog and not having a group of people know about it, your blog will not be found by search engines. Well, I may be exaggerating a bit; the search engines will find your content, eventually. But how about ranking higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Your links have a 95% chance of NOT being clicked (well, to be precise, not being looked by people) if you don’t happen to be on the first page.

How does social engagement help?

1. You make loyal friends who will be willing to promote your content.

2. Your content is everywhere.

3. You content gets backlinks from all popular social networks. Remember, links from Twitter and other social sites matter a lot, whether do follow or not.

But in order to achieve these results, “engagement” is the key. You cannot just create social media accounts and start posting your links everywhere.

It is about relationships and making people share your stuff out of trust, feeling being helped and welcomed and sometimes simply out of love.

So make it happen!

How to engage in social media sites for effective off blog SEO? That’s story for another post; coming soon!

So what do you think. I hope I have given you something to think of and implement. Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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  • Liver Cleanse

    Wow, thanks Jane for all the great SEO tips. I never even thought about a lot of those! :)

  • Christian Hollingsworth

    What’s helped me most is social media engagement. There’s so much more value, in my mind, of a trusted reader and fan then any other form of traffic generation. When someone loves your content, they’re more willing to share, post backlinks, and get the word out into the public. When you’ve got many of these people sharing your stuff- then it’s quickly going to be plastered ALL OVER THE NET.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Christian,

      Completely agree with you on benefits of social media. I am getting some good healthy addiction of it :)

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • hiren

        Hi Jane
        nice article in current time for any website seo is most important. and your tips are very helpful for any bloggers as well me too. thanks for sharing.

    • Jon@Business Online

      I’m with you on the value of social media. Part of my plan going forward is to spend more time driving value and building relationships there on FB and Twitter. Lately, it’s been about creating the content (and catching up) so now I’d like to focus on people more.

      @Jane – great article and spot on advice. Proper SEO is highly important and necessary to learn. Thanks!


  • Jeanine Byers Hoag @DressingMyTruth

    Jane, these are great tips! I’ll tell you the two that struck me most. One is to use less competitive headings.

    I had never thought of that before and will have to keep that in mind. I was only matching headings to keywords in the post.

    The other is about internal links. I didn’t know there could be too many and will watch it from now on so I don’t have more than four.

    Thanks for these great tips!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Jeanine,

      You have to find a balance in the competition of the keyword. For highly competitive keywords you have to be busy for your life to build backlinks and push its ranking up. The keywords with least competition may not be searched my anyone, so there is no use in ranking #1 for those. The key is to find the balance. And Keyword Winner gives us the keyword competition and the number of backlinks needed to get that post to #1 on Google, right from your dashboard. Handy!


  • SEO services India

    The post is excellent and makes a fantastic read. i am waiting for your next post on engaging social media sites for good off page optimization.

  • Marcus Baker

    Thanks Jane, excellent tips here!

    I keep on hearing good things about Keyword Winner so must give it my attention. I usually just look for relevant long tail keywords which can take some time and we all want to save time!!


    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Marcus,

      I chose Keyword Winner primarily for its handy feature. It is a great time saver and I am ranking #1 for many posts for whose titles I spent 1/2 to 1 minute. Isn’t that great?


  • Devesh

    Another interesting post you’re sharing Jane.

    Internal linking is great and insights & seo smart links are great plugins. Now i don’t think isnights is much useful, as wordpress comes with a default internal linking system.

    Guest Posting is another cool but very effective way to get targeted traffic. I’ve done 10+ guest posts so far and have great success them.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.


    • Jane Sheeba


      10 guest posts is a good number. Guest posts cover many aspects including traffic, popularity, backlinks and gives a great social feel.


  • Keith Davis@Pubic Speaking and Presentation Skills

    Hi Jane
    I’m always interested in SEO posts.

    I’m pretty good on what might be termed “old fashioned” SEO.
    Domain name, title tags etc but I’m hopeless at the social media bit.
    I really need to make a start on that side of things.

    I use Market Samurai for my keyword research etc.
    Pretty good and only a one off paymene, no extras for updates.

    Any tips on making a start on the social media side?

    BTW – my first time here.
    Site looks good and content useful.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Keith,

      Welcome to my blog and glad that you like it. I designed the site by the way :)

      Regarding Market Samurai, I can only say that I completely agree with you. It does more stuff for the money we pay and yes no extras for upgrades. I use it for much more things in addition to keyword research (I am making a post on it tomorrow).

      I can promise a post on starting with social media engagement… quite soon.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • Keith Davis@Pubic Speaking and Presentation Skills

        Hi Jane

        “I can promise a post on starting with social media engagement… quite soon.”

        Look forward to it.
        I really have to make a start.

  • Samyak

    yet another great post for beginners like myself. your tip above reg. post headings in particular. umm.. i am going to revisit some of my posts and revise their title rightaway.

    thanks a pile.

  • Janet @ The Natural Networker

    Jane, aloha. Terrific post. Absolutely love the picture you selected for this–right on target. And, knowing you as I do, even though you didn’t mention it, I am sure you optimized the picture tags for “SEO for Targeted Traffic.”

    Since SEO is not yet a strong suit for me, what I have found to be most effective is social engagement. It has made a huge, huge difference for me. Through comment sections both on my blog and others, I have met bloggers who have become friends and supporters. Through their tweets & RTs, I have met their friends and followers. To me, Jane, the reciprocity that I see with bloggers is never ending and, actually, can be quite inspiring.

    Best wishes for a terrific weekend. Aloha. Janet

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Janet,

      Yup social engagement comes as a salvation for those who don’t know much about SEO. That is how I started too. But social engagement itself helped me learn a lot about SEO since I was keen to learn it anyway.


  • Samantha Bangayan

    Loved these tips, Jane! Like Janet, I’ve mostly focused on connecting with other blogs, but that’s probably partly why my page doesn’t show up on Google. =) I’ve brought my Alexa ranking down quite a bit, but I think it’s definitely time to start focusing on SEO tactics. Thanks for recommending Keyword Winner! I’ll download it right now!

    What’s your take on using the same tag for each post? For example, if my website is about “living in Peru,” would it hurt me if I used that tag for most of my posts? Would really appreciate your expert input! =)

    Thanks again, Jane! =)

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Samantha,

      Tags actually help in forming swarms or clusters inside your blog so that each cluster is identified by a common thing – the tag. It will be much useful to use tags just like categories. There is no use in using 100 tags in your posts while only 20 tags have posts in them while the remaining tags just have one post in them.

      Correct usage of tags play a major role in your site structure which in turn plays some role in getting you sitelinks (this I am not *so* sure but I know that much). So less tags with more posts on them is always recommended and best practice rather than having numerous tags.


      • Samantha Bangayan

        Loved these clear tips, Jane. Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify that so thoroughly with me. =) Your blog is such a great resource for a newbie, such as myself! =)

  • Suresh Khanal@Bivori

    Nice article and worthy suggestions Jane. I like the image at the top of image, how amply it speaks the message of your post.

    I’m also using Insights but it needs a bit more posts when I can start interlinking them.

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Suresh,

      Yes you need quite some number of posts to get insights to work.

      BTW you are using the URL in the Twitter field and it won’t work. You simply have to enter your Twitter ID without @.


      • Suresh Khanal@Bivori

        Damn! this autofill Addon for firefox. It kicks me when I don’t care. Going to uninstall it.

  • Jayne Kopp

    Hi Jane, I always include my specific keyword in Headings of my posts. I had never considered that it would be of any use to use less competitive ones in my Headings. Hmmm

    I do not do a great job at socializing on the networks lately. this is definitely an area where I need to improve.

    I also did not realize that too many internal links could be negative.

    You’ve given me lots tothink about!



    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Jayne,

      I know how everyone feels when I say about ranking for less competitive keywords. You really have to find the balance. The competition should not be tough (in which case you need to build a big number of bacnklinks to make it to first page and at the same time, it should not be the minimum so that no one is searching for it.

      You have to find the balance between the competition and the number of backlinks. Keyword winner helps you to decide that from your WP dashboard.


  • Dr. Bob Clarke@Part Time Network Marketing

    Hi Jane,

    These are great SEO tips! I really do pay alot of attention to my headline, but maybe not enough to my subheaders. As I was reading your post, it occurred to me that this was EXACTLY how I read a post…. first the headline attracts me enough that I open the post…. then I skim the headers and subheaders to get the gist of the post. Only then, if intrigued will I read the entire post.

    Haven’t tried Keyword Winner yet, but I will definitely check it out. I am all about leveraging time, so this could be a huge time saver!

    Thanks for the lead!


    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi Bob,

      Many thanks for stopping by and telling about how you read this post in analogy with what I am speaking here. And yes Keyword Winner is a big time saver; that is one of the vital reasons I went for it. Takes me max 2 mins to get my heading optimized and my post goes to first page within minutes.


  • DiTesco

    4 simple steps and yet they account for near 100% of what is need to get ranked well. I use all the plugins you mention although WP 3.1 comes with its own internal linking system, I prefer Insights as I finf it to be more “accurate” when searching for linkable posts. SEO Smart Links is great too and I use it heavily in my blog. I do have the business edition though as it provides more control over your links and keywords. I do recommend a new plugin though that has been recently gaining popularity that is a great alternative for SEO Smartlinks and Related post. If you are interested, the plugin is SLRP (for short) and can be found here:

    • Jane Sheeba

      Hi DiTesco,

      To me too, Insights is kinda more accurate than SEO smart links. I stopped with 4 steps because, I really did not want the readers to overwhelm, since most have already expressed that they are learners and newbies when it comes to SEO. Glad that it almost amounts to 100%.

      Thanks for letting me know about SLRP. I am checking it out.


  • Tisha

    Hey Jane,

    About a few months ago I made a project folder in my bookmarks, and I have been adding the plugins that you suggest into it. I like the keyword plugins that you suggested here on this post. I’m going to play around with them to see which one works best.


  • Joyce Oladipo

    I haven’t really being successful with search engine. The bulk of my traffic comes in through facebook and twitter.

    Because have managed to build a really good relationship online, people are willing to share my content.

    But still i need to improve my SEO skill to get more traffic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Tosin

    Hey Jane,

    I used to find SEO posts scary when I first started but now I enjoy reading them.

    I use a couple of the plugins you mentioned and will try out the others. Thanks!

    I love social engagement and I use it alot especially facebook. And it is working very fine for me. Looking forward to your post on it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jane!


  • White Magick

    This posts helps a lot, but right now I am stuck at around 30 visitors per day. I think I did the basics pretty well, but do you have any follow up strategies for more traffic?

  • Dan

    I need to learn a lot about SEO. So that’s why I’m here. I will come back often to learn from your expertise. Thanks.

  • sibin

    Thanks nice info.Is there any other Keyword software.I have only Blogger blog.I can’t install plugins.Help me.

    All your posts are good.I read your Guest post on Rojish[dot]com

    Both posts are excellent and Informative ……

  • bbrian017

    Hi Jane, I think I’ve got the social engagement down lol but where I lack is creating articles with targeted keywords. I think we talked about this in your last post. I’m going to start focusing on this in more detail as we move into the ladder part of 2011. I have full intention on improving the SEO of Blog Engage so our members can benefit more. One of these things will be internal linking and a more targeted fashion.

  • Kuldeep

    SEO has always been determined as a backbone of a blog! I appreciate the information provided here! Nice Share!

  • Laura-Lee Walker

    Great tips Jane! This is SEO the way it should be done. Like anything else it’s all about establishing good habits and time management. Very inspirational.

  • Kokz

    You’ve got some wonderful tips out here to boost up the traffic for a blog. SEO along with unique content, nothing could be better than this to reach out our word to the masses. Nice post, a must read :)

  • David

    nice post ..this is the way it should be done to get successful results . thanks for sharing ..

  • Ajnabii

    Excellent information , lots of helpful tips, I have been raking my brain trying to find ways as to how does one invite traffic into my blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • abshk

    really very informative tips . It will help a lot to new bloggers

  • Peter Palme

    Excellent post. Was not aware of some the practices you described such as the importance of interlinking. Thank you!

  • Pivot Digital

    Hi Jane,I never know about guest posting and how it will help in improving ranking and traffic. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful posting.Regards,Brenda.

  • Joan

    Nice. Your ‘becoming a better writer’ link appears to be broken – have you written a blog post on this? I’m trying to build on this, you might have a great idea for a guest post, loads of information, but if it’s not written in an engaging fashion it could lose the readers attention. Thanks!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Thanks for the headsup Joan! I’ve fixed the link now :)

  • arul

    in india, one cannot force anyone to sell his product unless needed even if it is free information will not be taken seriously

  • Hanging Hyena

    Another thought about targeted traffic – don’t be afraid to edit an article / page once it has been published to rotate your keywords. There are often secondary / tertiary version of your target phrase which can drive a 50% – 100% increase in traffic (since there is no leading ranker in that area, eg. you can rank in top 3 quickly) once you prove you are a player on the main phrase.

    I picked up #4 rank literally overnight for a medium sized search by adding a couple of extra words to a page where I was already in the top 5 for it’s larger cousin (one word difference).

    Obviously, you don’t want to trash your article or otherwise mislead your audience but still – slipping a couple of extra phrases in the article after you’ve got it ranked can significantly increase your traffic. Google isn’t very good at making associations between words… They sometimes need a little help :)

  • Joydeep

    Hi Jane,
    You have definitely shared some vital insights on how to optimize a site. I have seen many webmasters who do not use the internal linking intelligently and I think this is one of the most important factors in properly optimizing a website. Internal linking not only helps in passing the link juice but also helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

  • Ryan Kaufman

    hi Jane

    I like your photo… it has your URL, for branding purpose, that’s smart!

    Is that a royalty-free image I guess – where do you get them from?

    I like myself…

    Regarding search engine optimization — you’re right: there’s no SEO without quality content. Quality in my opinion helps the user either make an informed buying decision or provide him or her with a how-to guide or data for his wants & needs…

    Regarding optimizing your headline/title, it is recommended you use keyword first when starting the title… that’s called keyword proximity, and it’s a factor favored by Google (still)

    I use keyword proximity model when sending emails as well – it’s natural (if you don’t over do it) and works wonderful.

    I don’t think Google has a problem (hit you with a penalty or something) for inter-linking your pages… the worst that could happen is they won’t take into account heavy inter-linking, but I heard Matt Cuts saying it shouldn’t be a problem, unless your side bar is full of the same links, over and over again…

    Hope it helps!

    • Jane Sheeba

      Thanks for adding your insights Ryan. Yup that’s a Royalty free paid picture. I have a subscription at Deposit Photos :)

  • Deirdre J.

    Great post! I am extremely interested in reading the upcoming post regarding engaging with social networks. So I’ll hold you to it and look for the email. I would love to see how you incorporate social media into your off page SEO strategy…

  • Helene Poulakou

    Hi, Jane

    Regarding interlinking and losing link-juice: wouldn’t adding the attribute rel=”nofollow” (at least to a perccentage of those links) help with this?

    Thanks, and… keep blogging! :)

  • julie vidales

    Writing a guest post is something which is really very healthy activity but using it with social media is more important as bringing traffic on GP give benefits not only to you but the person who have you GP on his/her website.

  • Lisa

    Jane, how many links per post are too many? For example if a post is 300 words, would it be 1%, 1 link or more? Curious on that. I did a post with almost 1000 words and linked out to about 5 and used 2 internal links. Great tips on the header and look forward to your next one on social engagmenet Jane.

  • Martin

    Stating the obvious that we always seem to miss when working on this stuff….. I was a a floral show and was amazed at the number of people who had not claimed their google place.

  • Abrar Tariq

    Heya, excellent Post Jane.! I’ve seen some people rank very high using guest posting for low searched and high cpc keywords. Even 3/4 guest posts are sometimes enough to rank in first of for such keywords with searches less than 600-800 per month. that’s really great.

  • Gautham

    I think Social engagement is the most important aspect we need to concentrate on these days, because it seems to have a lot of ‘weight’ in search engines.

  • aziz

    nice article,well written,tips are great but social media and socil networking tips are awesome,social media is a great platform for enhancing the quantity of traffic,this tip is great for newbies.Thanks for sharing.

  • Logan

    Hello Jane !
    This post is awesome, indeed. Attractive heading are always important for attracting the people to read. But one thing I found the most important aspect to attract the traffic is “design”. The design is always there to grab the attention of the visitors. This is equally important with all these aspects.

    Thanks for the post

  • Anthony

    Jane, your article is just an eye opener for newbie blogger like me still learning a lot in the blogoshere. I will make sure I try all the tips you gave in your post. I have been misusing that of the interner blog linking before, I have never heart of it that it spread the link juicy of that particular post to other post link within it. What I only knew before is that, it help search engine to properly craw other pages on your blog.
    I have learn something today, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • shahalam khan

    Guest posting is the idea of getting more traffic for SEO, Awesome article very nice points you share with us, thanks for posting.

  • Susan Neal

    4 great tips, Jane – I try to do all of this apart from guest posting, due to time constraints. I try to optimise my headlines but sometimes find this frustrating as SEO requirements can cramp your style when you’re trying to come up with a killer title!


  • lauren

    This is a really useful article. I’m only just getting started in blogging and some of the information on what you ‘should’ be doing with your blog is so overwhelming! I think this has given me a good starting point – thanks.