Guest Blogging: 5 Effective Steps To Guest Blog Like A Pro

Guest Blogging: 5 Effective Steps To Guest Blog Like A Pro

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful techniques to get people’s attention to your blog. In my opinion, every blogger should guest post on other blogs.

It is a fact that guest blogging is quite abused by spammers who do it for just link building purposes, however, one cannot deny the fact that guest blogging is a great way to reach out to your target audience at a larger level.

What are the major benefits of guest blogging?

Guest posting has so many benefits, some of which are as follows:

1. You can develop a good relationship with fellow bloggers with mutual benefit.2. Free advertising for your own blog.

3. Guest blogging improves your writing skills.

4. Makes you think out of the box, and makes you write for a different audience.

5. Increases your accountability.

6. Makes you feel confident and improves your credibility online.

7. Increases quality backlinks for your blog and improves your ranking in search engines.

Well, these are very few of the benefits of writing guest posts. There are much more.

I simply enjoy writing guest posts once in a while, that makes me feel refreshing. Without making you to wait more, I will just tell you how to do it effectively.

Step 1: Find your stage

Find out high quality blogs in your niche. You should look out for blogs whose readership is quite very big; it should be either quite bigger than that of your blog or almost of the same size at the very least. Find out the number of subscribers of that blog, or find out about the blog’s value with Google Page Rank finder and Alexa rank.

I have installed the Search Status Firefox plugin that gives me the rank details of any webpage. It may take a while to find out the right blogs, be patient. Do a Google Blog Search for keywords in your niche. Find out a handful of them and bookmark them. Spend 30 minutes every day to read updates of those blogs.

Now make a list of those blogs by name in the order of your preference. Type the list out in a word document and save it in your desktop. ‘Your preference’ can be any one of these (i) descending by relevance to your niche, (ii) descending by Google page rank, (iii) descending by familiarity/popularity of the blogs and so on.

Personally I wouldn’t pay much attention or give more weight to the numbers like Page Rank or Alexa Rank. If you find the blog to be of good quality and if the reader engagement is good, just go for it.

Step 2: Study and establish contact

Closely read those well-established blogs, leave valuable comments and develop a relationship with the blog’s owner if possible. Spend about one month in studying the blogs you have bookmarked, if you are going to do a guest post for the first time.

If this is not the first time, then you probably would have spent enough time in studying these blogs already and you can skip this step. During this time, learn about the style of posts in the blog, get to know the community and if possible cast in your voice with valuable comments or intriguing questions.

Don’t try to attract attention by being controversial. Develop a friendly relationship with both the owner of the blog and the community. Rather than just leaving comments to the blog posts, you can reply to comments already made by others. The readers of the blog will notice and identify you this way.

Step 3: Create killer content

Create killer content

Once you are comfortable with the information you know about the blogs come up with a killer article for submission as guest post. It should be a killer article literally and your best article. Put extra care and effort to write one. Do extensive research if needed.

While writing the guest article be more accountable for any information you share in it. Cite any books or other blog posts appropriately. Give credits to information used from other sources.

Do not copy paste from any other site; however if you have to quote someone use their words in quotations and clearly indicate the same.

Give credits to any images and see that you don’t violate any copyrights.

Get access to my free e-course: Write Killer Content to get help on this area!

Step 4: Format your killer content

Format your guest post carefully so that you make it easy for the blog owner to publish. Let him/her just copy paste it. Give them no more work. If possible send them the html format of the guest post. You can do this by typing the post in wordpress posts page, then switching to ‘HTML’ view (the default is ‘Visual’) and then copy what you see.

Use heading tags for subheadings. Don’t forget to leave an intro line with a link to your main page like ‘This is a guest post by [your name] of [your blog name hyperlinked]’. Attach the necessary images in the format prescribed.

Your author bio at the end of your guest post is your magic spot. Make it interesting, intuitive and attractive.

Use the right anchor words and keywords. Don’t just leave a link to the main page; rather leave a link to one of your killer contents in your blog or your RSS subscription link or link to your FREE Ebook page if you are offering one. Don’t use affiliate links, your guest post will most likely be rejected.

Once you feel that your guest article is ready, shoot out an email to the blog owner, starting from the top of your list of blogs you have found to guest post. If the blog has a ‘Write for us’ page read it carefully and check if your article complies with the guidelines. If you are not sure if the blog owner accepts guest posts or not you can contact them via the contact page to find out.

Step 5: Follow up

The least remembered and the most important step is this. You have given out your content to a different group of people and you receive their reactions.

Intimate them that you are listening by responding to all the comments to your guest post. This way you make readers more and more engaged, you help them by answering their additional queries and you make friends too.

Be honest, modest and patient while answering. If there is a comment that triggers your anger, deal with it diplomatically. Let your comment smile on everyone. Okay I am done. Now it is your turn. Start guest posting.

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  1. Devesh says

    Hi Jane,

    Awesome post and thanks for submitting it to Blokube.

    Guest Posting is something that i have great success with. It is great way to get quality traffic, links & connect with blog owner.

    Btw. I see you’re very active doing guest posting. Keep at it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kostas says

    Guest posting is a great way to build your brand on your niche especially if you can get your posts published on quality blogs with a lot traffic but this is something that cannot happen if you just send randomly emails and waiting your posts to be accepted this can be done only if you network with other bloggers on your niche and follow the advices in this post
    Kostas recently posted..Finding Guest Post OpportunitiesMy Profile

  3. kurukshetrankurukshetran says

    your posts are really mesmerizing jane……you are like a mother for a newbie bloggers…..your clearly their doubts in a step by step method……..i love this method……….i am gonna follow these methods and post my first guest post……..hats off to jane……

  4. Ryan WardRyan Ward says

    Well put Jane. Guest posting is a great way to build your relationship not only with other bloggers but with their readers too. You have to provide good content so that they want to get more of your posts.

  5. Sayan says

    Yes, presently guest posting and web 2.0 both are the most effective ways of improving the ranking of your site …i have been doing the same thing for a long time and it works really great. I liked your post. Its awesome!

  6. Deirdre JonesDeirdre Jones says

    Great tips! Guest posting is an excellent to get more traffic and build credibility within your niche.

    Here’s another tip guest bloggers/posters may find useful: Don’t just limit yourself to blogging in your niche. If you are knowledgeable in other subject areas and are skillful enough to connect these subject areas to your niche, do it. Having a range of diverse sites linking to you boosts your presence.

    Also, when considering guest posting for a site, be sure to send a unique query and a few samples of your writing so the blog/site owner has better idea if you would be a good fit for their audience.

  7. AnkitAnkit says

    Thanks dear JaneSheeba to share these wonderful tips about Guest posting. Actually I was looking for some tips that can help me to gain more benefits from my guest posts. Should I put my own link in the content except bi-line? Should I put links in first paragraph? Please reply ASAP.

  8. Quynh Lan says

    I can’t agree more with you about advantages of guest blogging. Guest blogging will help you a lot in supporting for your writing. Thank you for your tips also. It’s not easy to have a killer content and follow up is important also.

  9. Nirmala says

    Nice post which neatly explains the benefits of guest blogging Jane :)

    Yeah, am familiar with these points and so I continue to submit my guest post on various blogs.

    Wanna write a quality one for Probloggingsuccess too, will do it soon.

    Thanks for presenting an useful post Jane, keep doing it!

  10. Valentine Belonwu says

    Hello Jane,
    Guest posting is really good and its also a free traffic as you said but in recent time, people started abusing it and sometimes, if proper care is not taken, it can cause a site more harm than good. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community..


  11. Ankit says

    Really a great article on Guest blogging.

    Guest blogging have much more to give us in return if we do it correctly and effectively.

    You are points gives us a lesson on how to get popular via guest posts.

    Thanks a lot dear for these killer tips 😉

  12. jossef saljossef sal says

    You are an amazing blogger Jane, I have seen you and read your content all over the web, you are inspiring. Hope one day you will share with us some of the resources you use to promote yourself and your content and how you can write such content.

  13. Sakshi says

    I have read your earlier posts on guest posting also. This one again proves to be quite beneficial for the bloggers. I think, you have some eBook also on the same subject.

  14. Prajith kvPrajith kv says

    Yes we should not write Guest Posts only for Promoting our blog we should write the original and keyword rich article to get it approved by the blog owner and we should take the same interest in writing guest post as we take to write article in our own blog.
    Thanks for sharing the Points above.

  15. Pst BlessPst Bless says

    Guest posting is very good, but it has its own side effect, just as everything that is good can be bad, guest posting can be deceptive some times.

  16. AshiAshi says

    Hey Jane,
    Well I think guest posting and commenting are two most common and successful ways to get backlinks and actually drive referral traffic on your blog. I have written few posts on some other blogs. Shoutmeloud, Comluv and few other blogs. I wrote some post there and keep on trying to spread more.
    Thanks for the amazing tips.
    Keep up the good work

  17. Martin says

    Good Points you covered it very well!! Guest blogging is a great way to get readership and quality backlinks to our websites. And it is the duty of guest blogger to reply comments on his post, by the way he could become more friendly to the readers and surely those readers will visit his site too!

  18. ataurataur says

    Hi JANE,
    Thanks for your valuable and helping information about guest blog post. I was very happy to have found this site. This post is equally important. This post is very wonderful resource.


  19. Diego MartinDiego Martin says

    Great post Jane! Guest Posting is sometimes underestimated and it is very powerful. Very informative post indeed. Cheers! Diego

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