How to Get Your Readers Emotionally Engaged in Your Posts

emotional engagement

Compelling content has to be more than just interesting or informative. It has to emotionally engage with your readers. Otherwise, it falls flat, and readers have no reason to keep coming back again and again.

Creating content that emotionally engages your readers will ensure greater interaction with your readers, including comments, social media shares and likes, and opt-in e-mail subscriptions. All of these increase your ability to connect with readers on a long-term basis, promoting your brand and your products and services as needed.

Here are just a few ways you can write content that emotionally engages your readers:

Challenge assumptions

Everyone likes to have their opinions validated, but you won’t get readers coming back if you only ever tell them what they want to hear.

Challenge the conventional wisdom, and you will incite readers to challenge you back. Even if they disagree with you, at least you know they’re engaged with you.

Consider the most commonly held beliefs about your niche. How can you challenge those beliefs to create a new conversation?

Write about something at stake

Your readers all have something they want, and they have something to lose. When you identify what your readers have at stake with your blog, you can connect with them better.

Perhaps you write about search engine marketing or working for home, and what your readers want is to find ways to make more money or to get more exposure for their brand. Discussing these topics is more than just offering useful information or solutions to problems.

For your readers, they hold the keys to their future success, which automatically makes them more emotionally engaged with your content.

Take a controversial stance

controversial stand

Whether readers love you or hate you, at least you know they are emotionally engaged with your content. Controversy is polarizing, and it works to incite these strong feelings of love or hate in your readers.

Take a controversial stance on an issue, and you will be sure to engage your readers for good or bad. You’ll also be sure to draw in lots of traffic to your blog!

Sometimes, even writing about a controversy can be enough to get that reaction from readers. Even if you are taking a reasoned stance, the controversy itself will be enough to polarize readers and incite their strong emotions.

Use a good story

A good narrative can help you connect with your readers. This can be a story from the news that illustrates something about your niche.

Or it could be your own personal story and how it can help your readers. It could even be a story you make up to illustrate an important point that you want to make.

Stories help pull your readers in and to become emotionally engaged with your content. Stories invite your readers to feel empathy and to imagine themselves in the roles that you describe.

Share your passion

When you are passionate about what you do, it shines through, and others who experience it can’t help but to feel some of that passion themselves.

Don’t be tepid in your posts. Reconnect with the passion that led you to start your business and your blog in the first place, and make sure that passion shines through in your posts.

Sharing your own story is also helpful here. Readers want to know more about you as a person, and learning about what motivated you to create your business can give them an additional appreciation for it and you.

Get them excited about your business by showing them what got you excited about it.

Finding ways to get your readers emotionally engaged with your blog is critical to the long-term success of your blog. Click to tweet if you agree!]

If readers don’t care about what you’re writing, they don’t have a reason to return to your blog. Use these strategies to give them a reason to care.

How do you get your readers emotionally engaged with your writing? Share your strategies in the comments!

And if you found this post useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!

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  1. NawazNawaz says

    If a writer knows the psychology of the readers, he can easily engage them in contents. Always write according to market trend and within the scope of niche.

  2. Khaja moinKhaja moin says

    To engage readers I believe we need to write in a way we talk.

    And use ‘You’, as though you`re writing for that person. And images, yes images makes people engage. Best example for that is this blog. Images here attract me very much!

  3. SamSam says

    Yes this is big challenge to””Engaged”” people with your blog post. If you are not getting success to attract people on your every new blog post then it means you are lacking somewhere in blogging. So keep try to get more polish your article.

  4. AditiAditi says

    Hi Catie,
    I must say that getting your readers emotionally engaged in your blog is not an easy task to do. For that your post needs to be very fresh and unique so that visitors gets attracted to it. Yes, I like the points that you have shared of using a good story and also using passion in your content is definitely the best way of engaging visitors to your blog. Thanks for the share!!

  5. AdityaAditya says

    Engaging with the readers will take a lot of effort to start with.One has to be very careful in providing the exact information reader is looking for.replying back to him or giving the right environment to the reader will also help.

  6. StevenSteven says

    It is much easier to write content that evokes an emotional response if you have a passion for the subject, it is not quite as easy when you dont.

  7. Ehsan says

    The best way to make your readers emotionally engaged is to provide them with heart provoking content and to provide them with heart provoking content we must use our passion for it. If you don’t passion about something than you can’t provide good content and your readers will not be engaged.
    So in my opinion that is the biggest trick.
    Ehsan recently posted..10 Awesome Ways For Finding Blog Post IdeasMy Profile

  8. Jeremy HowieJeremy Howie says

    Awesome post Ryan!

    It can be difficult to step out and into our power and be who we truly are.

    Your post says it all…and like Jack Trout’s book…we must Differentiate or Die!

    Way to engage your readers man!

    Liked and shared.

  9. georgegeorge says

    I always try to write content with human experiences and only publish them if I feel that i have written something which readers would find emotionally attached to. However with this blog I have a complaint that your list building strategy is not good. You are giving away free e books but you aren’t mentioning how is that going to help us. Its not compelling enough. Take John Chow for example, he gives away an e book telling the exact strategies which he used to take his blog from 0 to $40000 per month. He uses emotional attachment to his content.

  10. SimmeonSimmeon says

    Invoking a reaction in a reader means you have hooked them, its just a sensitive issue of making sure you get your point across as well and cause an emotion to be filled inside them.

  11. Bhavesh says

    it really a good article… if any readers emotionally engaged with us so he/she defiantly visit to our blog daily …thanks for sharing this …..!!!!!

  12. Okto says

    Hi Catie,

    Just make one as you suggest, ‘challenge assumption and controversial stance’ on my latest blog project : monthly reports. I have discussed blog progress, social signals, traffic progress and income from product sales (social signal marketing) and adfly income reports.

    I think using adfly in blog is quiet provocative these day in term of keeping the readers in your blog. But I am sharing my passion in the “reports”, just like you have stated here.

    Okto recently posted..Make Money Online from Blog: NotOrdinaryBlogger Monthly Report – August 2012My Profile

  13. Jyothis Thaliath says

    I like the idea of arguing with my readers 😀
    Because, lets face it, your opinion is not always perfect. There are thousands of people who can thought out a better solution than you. Unless you are the so-called AUTHORITY in that topic, you must face arguments.
    The usual practise is to delete such comments without dealing with it. This is not engaging! I always allow every kind of opinion whether it picks my side or not. That is essential for healthy engagements.

    • Jackson Perez says

      Amazing! This one is basically looking one of fabulous featured post about blogging. I have found key features to improve blogging from this post. We always write according to demand of our readers. It’s really promising way for blogging. The conception of this post is vitally essential for every blogger. Thanks for updating to us.

  14. Amy McManamonAmy McManamon says

    I read in one website that a credit card company gained maximum exposure for their content by innovating a story. It made it sound so real that people who were interested in credit cards read and shared the story in social networking sites. This further increased the popularity.

    So I guess a little bit of imagination and foresight can play a vital role in promoting business in a big way.

  15. SwapnilSwapnil says

    Emotional Attachment of a reader with the blog is more important because if the reader is emotionally attached to your writing, he/she may read and comment on your blog regularly because they get some good tips and also good reading from your blog.
    If the blog is written with the third party point of view i.e, keeping in mind the public interest, than the chances of public getting emotionally attached to it becomes more, Some may give a positive response, while others may have a feeling of having a debate on the topic, however, in both the cases, they are directly attached to the blog and they therefore are willing to share their emotional touch to the blog which helps to make blog popular, and the writer in turn become popular. Thanks for writing this post.

  16. Arun ThomasArun Thomas says

    its always good to emotionally engage users so that they get the touch from your articles. they tend to come back to read more.

  17. RobertRobert says

    A story is a best way to make readers feel comfortable with you. They will think that “Oh! I have the same story”. It makes them feel like being in a conversation, where you two share mutual feelings. And they are more open to you.

  18. RowanRowan says

    We all are full of emotions, some of us try to hide it and some just can’t. So the the fact of engaging emotionally with readers means greater interactions with readers and a blog is all about interacting with their readers, isn’t it?

  19. RonRon says

    Emotion driven blog post often times results into lots of comments and social shares. Even outside the blogging world, if you can take a good look at those viral images circling around Facebook pages and groups, most of them are emotion driven: either it makes a certain mad or happy. The secret sauce here is, emotion triggering.

  20. AaynaAayna says

    It is imperative on the part of the blogger to get the audience connect with the blog emotionally to gain success for the blog. In my opinion, a good content and sharing own experiences is the best way to connect with the audience.These are a great set of tips for engaging the audience emotionally. Thanks for this wonderful share.

  21. RaviSingRaviSing says

    It is tough job to “Engaged” people with your blog post. Today blogging is worth to reach your customers and increase your business usability on Internet. I believe that quality and content and sharing its thoughts is the best way to connect the audience. In this way, your article is very helpful for us. Thanks.

  22. FatimaFatima says

    Content management is the foundation stone of a successful blog.Keeping the content emotional, interesting and something that involves readers’ stake will definitely get greater traffic to your blog. These are great tips to follow and I’m glad I read your post. Thanks for the share.

  23. richaricha says

    These are great tips, Catie. If you are able to touch upon the emotional chord of the readers half of the task is done. Thanks for this great share.

  24. Greg Lohr says

    I’m definitely seeking ways to engage the reader better. I’ve been complimented many, many times on my writing style, yet I’m not getting a lot of comments. As the primary blogger for the team at Mindset Daily this is one area I definitely need to improve.

  25. Shawnna LosierShawnna Losier says

    I definitely will be using these tips, as I sometimes struggle connecting with my readers, I’m good with writing but for some reason I cannot engage with my audience so thank you for sharing this!!

  26. Anirvan says

    Hi Catie,
    I must say that getting users emotionally engaged is a great task to achieve.But I have gone throughyour shared article.These are great ideas.


  27. Chris AdamsChris Adams says

    Te get readers emotionally engaged, it is really important to write something to Them. You can also get to know your reader via the comments or previous comments on similar topics. This way it is clear what kind of style commenters use and which topics they are interested in. You can see a lot of small signs within a writing and these signs will give you a picture. This strategy helps a lot, because you can get to know the readers and you can form your text according to their taste.

  28. SteveSteve says

    I also in favour to Use a good story obviously a good narrative always help to connect with readers But I’m totally disagree to use emotionally engaged. Content shouldn’t be emotionally engaged. It should be attractive & senseful as well as Content readers choice not like emotionally engaged.

  29. Ivan Aliku says

    I read about adding humor to our writings and now I’m seeing a blog post on our writings emotional. I must confess that these are the best tips I have seen this week. I have been using some of these tips but ever really gave a thought to it. I read most of my post and found I actually adhere to them but unconsciously. But now that I know how important they are, I believe they would really help boost my writing skills. Thanks for this post . You’re the best. I sharing this post on my page as the blog post of the day.

  30. Ganeshan NadarajanGaneshan Nadarajan says

    Creating content that emotionally engages your readers will ensure greater interaction with your readers, including comments, social media shares and likes, and opt-in e-mail subscriptions.

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