What Makes Killer Content: The Characteristics Of Killer Content

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Welcome to the second post in the series “Write Killer Content” for your blog. In the last post in this series I discussed why we should create killer content for our blogs in the first place.

I discussed how crucial is killer content for your blogging career altogether and ultimately how killer content will help you become a problogger.

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In this post I will focus on defining the characteristics of killer content. After all, if we don’t know what makes a killer content, we won’t be able to create one, right?

I will discuss 4 crucial characteristics of killer content. After reading this post, if you go back to your blog and analyse your blog posts you should be able to know if your content is worthy to be called a ‘killer content’ or not.

Of course, I understand that you can also identify that from how viral your content has gone.

But still, not all viral content is killer content – certain types of content go viral for crazy reasons. This happens with most Youtube videos. Some videos go viral for no reason.

Everything that goes viral isn’t killer. But killers certainly do go viral

So let’s dive in to analyse the characteristics of killer content.

Content that fills a gap

You know, there’s always a gap that needs to be filled in any niche – no matter how crowded or popular the niche is. There’s always something that needs to be addressed, and that’s not addressed by anyone else yet.

Killer content identifies and fills that gap – or at least points out that there’s a gap and does something in an attempt to valuably fill it.

That is why it is necessary to write blog posts always by researching what’s “needed” in your niche. If there’s a scarcity for something and if your post addresses the issue, there’s no doubt that your blog post (or content in any form) will easily become a killer.

Of course, I’m assuming that you don’t just point out the gap but do something to help people to

(i) become aware of something crucial,

(ii) get some value out of it and

(iii) ultimately find the post useful and practical.

Content that is original

This may sound like a no-brainer, but most bloggers forget this very fact and publish re-hashed content hoping that it would become a killer pillar content for their blog.

Today, in an attempt to create cornerstone content for their blog, most bloggers start with the “popular blog posts” in a popular blog. Although there is nothing wrong with studying what the popular bloggers are doing, re-hashing their popular posts won’t result in a killer post.

Researching is different. And it should not end up rewriting what you learned from researching; although I totally understand the urge to do so.

Of course, if something is already popular, something similar has a great potential to become popular too, right? Wrong and Right.

A killer post can be attempted to be written based on an already popular post by a popular blogger, and yes it has a great potential to become a killer IF and only IF it puts forth a crucial missing piece. Or at least if it puts forth a different angle to the mostly sought after problem (see below for more on this).

Content that is sought after

Creating killer content should always start by identifying the most sought after topic in your niche. That’s how it should begin, technically and practically speaking.

If it begins with identifying what’s already popular in a niche it won’t work out as expected. If someone else has already done a killer on the topic, revisiting the same topic and rehashing will only make it duplicate.

Remember, when you copy (well I don’t mean verbatim copying or auto blogging here, but you get the idea), you’re not the first to do it.

Here’s how you can be the first to get an idea or a strategy out and make it a killer:

1. Find out what is the most sought after issue or a problem in your niche on which people are quite hungry to get the answers/solutions.

2. Identify who else is talking about the problem. Find out who else is providing a solution to the problem and creating a buzz on it.

3. Find out what those people (who offer solutions or address the problem) are still missing out? What more needs to be done to fill that gap.

If you’ve identified this, that’s your sweet spot. You can create an awesome killer piece of content

(i) that’s original,

(ii) stands out from the rest of the world,

(iii) solves a real problem and

(iv) fills a gap.

People will simply love you  for that.

Content that is comprehensive

Killer content is not an average 300-500 word blog post. It is not content that is written for the sake of it.

Killer content is comprehensive. It provides everything under one roof. I can quote hundreds of examples here but the one that strikes my mind right now is this post by Glen from Viperchill. The post is aptly titled “Wordpress SEO: The Only Guide You Need”.

It is not a surprise that the post covers everything about WordPress SEO under one roof; it is comprehensive.

Of course, as Corbett mentions here, epic or killer content doesn’t have to be long. Length of the post doesn’t correspond to the value it provides. But here we are talking about killer content which will be the pillar content for your blog.

Such content has to be comprehensive and somewhat complete. And I believe such an in-depth information cannot be conveyed in an average 300-500 word blog post.


Well I am not going to claim that I’ve completely defined what a killer post is. But these are the signatures that you need to look for, if you attempt to write a killer post. After you’ve conceived the idea for the post (and before you start writing the post itself) ask yourself these questions:

  • Will my post fill a gap in the niche?
  • Is my content original? Although it might have been started based on a popular post do I end up offering something novel?
  • Is my content sought after? Are there people who are hungry about the topic? After all, if you’re writing about something that no one is interested in, there’s no point.
  • Is my content comprehensive? As I said, its not about the length. But do you offer a comprehensive or a complete solution/insight or an angle at the post?

Time to get to work!

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I appreciate your comment as always!

PS: I highly recommend Danny Iny’s Write Like Freddy training program to give yourself a kick in the butt and start writing killer content both for your blog and for other blogs (guest posting).

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  1. SamuelSamuel says

    Sought content is the way to go down the path of killer content. We can say that evergreen content is the same way.

    I like the step by step list to take in order to figure out what you should take as the next step. Many will find this very useful…

  2. Rahul kuntalaRahul kuntala says

    I totally agree with the point 4 Jane. Killer posts should be comprehensive, we can’t convey our readers within 500 words always!

    The best example for a killer post is obviously Corbett’s “Epic shit”. I don’t know how many times that post got linked, tweeted and shared from others, I can see it everywhere in the blogoshpere!

  3. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Hi Jane,

    Comprehensive content, awesome stuff.

    Your content needs to help, to be valuable, to bridge the gap between the reader’s problem and a solution to their problem. It must be usable. This means readers can read, digest and put your value to the test in a minimum amount of time.

    Feel free to write longer posts IF your content is helpful. No need to stretch out a post unless the entire post is valuable. Add value. Become valuable.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Susan Cooper says

    Such great advice. It all seems so simple but in the end it takes some effort to make it all come together and get noticed. I liked #2 “Content That Is Original”. I truly prefer reading something that sounds new, fresh, from the heart and is original. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts. :-)

    • Hm Adnan says

      Your content needs to help, to be useful, to we-blink the gap between the reader’s issue and a remedy to their issue. It must be useful. What this implies is visitors can analysis, process and put your value to the assess in a tiniest period. You can create a longer period content IF your content is useful. No need to develop out a publish unless the whole publish is useful. Add value. Become useful. Thanks for sharing me..

  5. Waqas Ahmed says

    Jane killer post is the post which contians all the necessary information so that users don’t have to go here and there. Rather than just creating four to five posts on your keyowrds its better to create one post with all data in it.
    Waqas Ahmed recently posted..Data Entry Jobs in PakistanMy Profile

  6. Rose says

    Good perspective on how to get out in front. For one client, I write an HR newsletter–my area of professional expertise. We’re always looking to provide a new, fresh perspective to the myriad issues facing HR today.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes Pete, I don’t think 300 word posts deliver any value (apart from exceptional ones, like those of Danny Brown for instance!). They don’t even do justice for article marketing.

  7. Ciara F. says

    Great steps here Jane! I was a bit surprised to find how many identical articles I came across on the web when researching a certain topic. I’m unsure if they were published by the same person or if they were in fact duplicated, but either way, an article loses value if you find it published in multiple places; that’s just my opinion.

  8. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    Hi Jane, I really appreciate this post which I got the answer for my last question to you “What is killer content” – I also love the quotes “Everything that goes viral isn’t killer. But killers certainly do go viral” – Keep sharing, Jane.

  9. Gamis KaosGamis Kaos says

    I agree with you there, Jane.
    Well researched and origial content is what makes you stand out in SERP.

  10. RobertRobert says

    Maybe you start with a popular topic (killer content), but the way you convey your message is unique :) It’s great to hear from your experiences and know that I can improve my content by learning characteristics of killer content

  11. Rahul Tilloo says

    Hi Jane,
    I feel sharing helpful and creating a list kinda article do help to make it viral.
    But If you want to write killer content then boss Viperchill is the best example for it. I think your content should be first original then informative then helpful and then interesting. 😀
    This is a perfect recipe for creating a killer content.
    Rahul Tilloo recently posted..What Is Link Building & How To Build BacklinksMy Profile

  12. Felipe Veiga says

    Thank you for making a compreehensive review of the tactics of a killer content. I believe that should be a plugin for wordpress to have a checklist with your content.

  13. WadeWade says

    This is so true. Thinking of great content is a way to keep on top of the blogging industry as a whole. Do you find it hard to write great content every day? I do, and probably the reason I’m not a pro blogge yet, but to those who do I give kudos!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Indeed Wade, all of us are not super humans :) I don’t write killer content everyday. For me it happens once in a while (short while, luckily) and I do them in bulk!

  14. MatthewMatthew says

    Create killer content is not easy. You have to be an expert on the subject on which you write, and at the same time your writing must connect with people.

  15. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hello Jane, Very informative article. I like your suggested idea to be the first to write a killer content.
    Another thing Jane, you gave example of killer article of ‘viperchill’ that is killer but your this article is also a killer which called comprehensive article, includes all about writing killer content. Thanks!! :-)

  16. JamesW says

    Great post, I also think that content that stay out of the crowd can make a huge difference and bring positive results. People don’t like look a like content all day long.
    thanks for sharing

  17. MajaMaja says

    This post not only useful for newbie bloggers but also have a great learning tips for experienced writers.
    I am sure that now I can write killer post for my blog.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes I didn’t say that you should only write long posts. Just take as much words that are needed to deliver the message, without beating around the bush (to the point).

      Thanks for your comment Mohsin.

  18. Andi Minion says

    Hi great post, I agree that 500 words is never enough, I hate getting a Google alert for something promising then finding it only has 500 words and an image, it is rare that you learn anything from a post that size, not that a post should be a novel however lets get real, serious bloggers who want to learn will do so at what ever length a post is. Viperchill and Pat Flynn don\’t post short posts and they are huge in the industry. A novel generally has 90,000 words, 1-2000 words in a post isn\’t going to kill your eyes now is it? :-) besides, it\’s the long paragraphs that people don\’t really like not the length of the post. (Put that in for the anti novelists out there) :-)CheersAndi

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Andi, that’s so true about Google Alerts. I’ve clicked through various headline links from Google Alerts only to end up on a page with 300-500 word garbage. Unfortunately many people write killer headlines and cheat!

  19. abhishekabhishek says

    I really liked your, it makes a good effect when the content is killer and comprehensive. Nice post, thnx for the share

  20. AllenAllen says

    Hey Jane, I think sometimes lack of industry insight on your part or your client can seriously hamper your creative juice. It is easier to create great contents in some niches with less research work than others. Also some niches have a very limited use for fantastic content driven approach to link building. But in any case, I believe you need to develop or hire subject matter expertise if you wish to develop contents which set you apart from the competition, attract links and impact the bottomline.

  21. paulpaul says

    Killer content is that attracts visitor and catch them again to the site. I prefer to hire a good writer for your website.

  22. GodsonGodson says

    Thank you Jane for this amazing point-wise explanation of killer posts.
    Definitely killer posts are a must to grab a huge amount of traffic.
    Quality > Quantity. It’s true…

  23. LynnLynn says

    I do have a question. We have a website and a blog on the same domain. Is that ok or should we separate it. The reason I ask is because when I do say an xml sitemap via one of the sitemap generators out there, it will always see our website, but not the blog which is obviously /blog
    Anyone know?

    Also, what about Google? Does it like both or does it prefer one or the other?


  24. Carl Potts says

    Brilliant Jane! Thank you. This gives me a much clearer idea, all to often my own blog content leaves me a bit underwhelmed, your blog is one of the stickiest I have yet encountered, its too interesting to leave easily :)

  25. MikeMike says

    These are some excellent tips. I agree that we should write posts by which we fill the gap in the niche. There is always something which is not covered by other bloggers. Instead of producing same content like other bloggers, we should look for problems people are facing. After that, we should give a solution to the problem by our post :-)

  26. vaibhavvaibhav says

    hey admin..!
    I am new in blogging line so m spending time learning and researching..
    I love the way you write and presents ua posts…
    I need a lot of help regarding my blog..can u..?
    waiting for ua feedback and reply..

  27. sangeetha menon says

    So well said Jane. Often we try to put everything in 300-500 words which can’t b e possible. I guess the series posts with parts could help here helping readers as well to get a track of your series articles.

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