5 Ways To Write Blog Content And Impress Your Readers

Impressive blog content

Do you religiously create blog content everyday? Yes I do!

Does your blog content impress your readers (and help making conversions)? Um… can you tell me the question again?

Most bloggers create blog content day in and day out. Indeed, if you are into blogging business you have to create blog content on a regular basis.

But with the alarming number of blogs that prevail in the blogosphere (and the ones that are started every day) how are you going to stand out and make an impression?

Here you go… 5 ways – you can pick and apply one of them or all of them. The choice is yours.

Strike a chord

If you use your blog as a marketing tool (which should be most likely the case) then you should have a business model, right?

You should have something to sell or promote via your blog, right?

If so, you should have a target customer group, right? If you haven’t found your target customer yet, that’s pathetic.

Just ask yourself to whom you are writing your blog posts. What kind of people are you targeting so that they read your blog posts and other promotional stuff from you and buy your products?

Picture your ideal customer.

Then do your research on identifying topics that will strike a chord with your ideal customer.

If you can show them a solution to a problem, you’re golden. Give them that “aha” moment.

Find out what your ideal customer is desperately looking for. Find out their problem. Find out what they are interested in.

Research as much as you can to find out the interests and needs of your ideal customer.

Then craft your blog content to strike a chord with your ideal customer.

Engage them emotionally

Emotional engagement works great especially in the online world. This is one of the most easiest ways to impress your blog readers.

Create content that will make them emotionally engaged.

Want to know how? Here is the post for you:

How to get your readers emotionally engaged in your blog posts?

While you’re at it, make sure you treat your blog readers warm so that they feel home.

Do not be annoying at any cost.

You will provoke their emotions in the wrong way and they will run away from you.

Give them (at least) one useful thing to take away

Writing an in-depth post on a topic is a great thing to impress your readers – assuming that post is full of value and is a definitive guide (or sort of) on the topic.

But writing definitive guides do take a lot of time and effort.

Plus not every blog post you write can be a definitive guide.

But you can impress your readers on every blog post you write. Make sure every blog post you write helps your readers go away with (at least) one useful tip.

One useful tip is far more effective than giving them a list of 100 things to do. They will most likely do nothing.

Rather if you give them one or two actionable tips to take away from your blog post, they are most likely to take action and see the results for themselves.

And when they see results, they will certainly remember you (and of course be impressed) because you gave them that tip!

Hurray! You earned a loyal follower.

Create that one spark they need to start doing something

Sometimes (or most of the times) all your readers are looking for is a “spark”. They need that spark to help them start on a very important thing that they’ve been putting off for ages.

May be, your reader didn’t know how to write a killer blog post; may be they don’t know how to optimize their Youtube videos;

May be they don’t know the secret to doing a win win win product launch; or may be they don’t know how to build an email list fast.

If your blog post educates your reader, you could help them overcome the hurdle and give them a reason to start working on their pending task right away.

Or all your reader needs is just a little motivation. If you share your success story, or a case study, that will boost their confidence and kick them to start their task right away.

Over deliver

Wow your blog readers

There is nothing so impressive as giving more than expected. When there is more value in a blog post than an average reader of yours could expect, it is very easy for you to impress them.

Usually the pros don’t hold back on giving. They’re generous. Coz they know content marketing is a stable form of SEO (and is not affected by search engine algo changes).

Over deliver (in terms of value, not simply on length) on every blog post you write.

Also make sure you deliver what you promise in the headline of a blog post.

After you finish writing every piece of blog content, step back for a while, get into the shoes of your blog readers and see if the post has delivered what was promised, in the first place.

Then see if the post has *some* element that fills over the top, like a cherry on the top of the cake. Or a surprising element.

For this, you can try adding additional forms of blog content – like a video or an (informational) image (that can eventually be made viral on Pinterest, what do you say?). Or a pdf of a tutorial blog post that is available for download.

Something more that will give an extra edge to your post. This will surely impress your readers, trust me!


I have given you 5 things to take away. 5 could be a BIG number for some; a very little number for some others.

It doesn’t matter if you have religiously read this post; all it matters is if you are willing to take action.

Reading a blog post will give you knowledge on the subject – you now surely know how to impress your readers.

But taking action will help you get the results. You can actually go out, create awesome blog content and impress your readers.

So, please take action. That is what I expect from you as a “thank you” to me for writing this post. I hope you will 😉

Even if you don’t want to work on all the five ways, pick up one or two ways which will be easier for you to do.

Please leave a comment below letting me know which one you picked and come back again to comment, when you see the result!

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  1. Chimezirim OdimbaChimezirim Odimba says

    “Picture your target customer”

    It is a fact that anyone who’s still selling to everyone is selling to no one. Having an ideal customer makes it super easy to craft messages that resonate with your readers. After all, it would be a conversation between two — Yourself and your reader.

    • Chuck Bartok says

      For the past 50 years I have always “drawn” a profile of my ideal “customer” regardless of the business activity. Spending time researching where that “ideal” fan,follower of reader hangs out is valuable.
      Those parameters will be different for different business venues of course

  2. Roberta BudvietasRoberta Budvietas says

    Jane, as always useful and practical. I think the one thing that helps me most to do all that you suggest is when I picture someone who I am writing for and then do all these steps and write for them

  3. ZeeshanZeeshan says

    Readers engagement for a blog is very important, and yes it depends on how we write to engage them.
    Agree with Jane that many blogs are coming out every day and it`s been difficult to survive for those blogs which solely depends on SERPs. Now it`s time to start this more reader engagement, now no need to worry about Panda/Penguin.

  4. ClarkmartinClarkmartin says

    Hi Jane
    Awesome Post. This article is so true. Our first priority should be the readers who will read and be engaged by our content. Even though having good search rankings is highly desirable, it should really be a positive side effect of having helpful and comprehensive content. Thanks Jane

  5. Iqbal Ferdous says

    Hey Jane Sheeba, I want to know about your this line “Engage them emotionally”. How it works man? just tell me something more. I am interested about it 😉

    Thanks advance

  6. Santosh says

    Hi Jane
    Excellent Post. These are great ways to win the respect of your Readers. What they all have in common is showing your Readers how you bring value to the company. This is something you’ll also want to do when looking for a new job, whether using a video resume or talking to employers in an interview setting. Make sure employers know what you can do and what’s so special about you.

  7. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    I will certainly try to use some of the pieces of advice you mentioned and then will let you know about my achievements and their usefulness)
    Nevertheless, thanks a lot)

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Amazing Showcase of HTML5 Facebook Templates for Any Purposes

  8. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    It is always good to find out what your readers really want from you that way, you will always give it to them. Engaging them emotionally is also a very nice tip.

    Thanks for sharing Jane and do have a lovely weekend.

  9. Sohil R. MemonSohil R. Memon says

    Hey Jane,
    This is the second article I like the most. I like your points :
    1. Create that one spark they need to start doing something : Optimize your blog post with some bulletins, quotes, and video is the main thing in it. If a person does not understand by reading, Video is playing the main role for them.
    2. Over Deliver : Many bloggers writing too much that it is difficult to read and if the content does not have any interesting points then it’s over delivering.
    By the way thanks for your great post again!
    Sohil Memon

  10. NirmalaNirmala says

    Neat post Jane. Yes, every blogger should have these tips in mind while writing the blog content to impress and engage the readers. Thanks for sharing, will follow these and hope i would write good blog posts for my blog.

  11. soniyasoniya says

    Dear Admin

    I am new in this field of Blog via internet…was searching in Google about it and i landed on your blog,Learnt a lot of tips on it.Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

    Thanks for share the great information..!!!

  12. Raja NaeemRaja Naeem says

    Jane today i found your site and i am very happy that I find a quality blog. I am a new blogger and will follow up all your guidance and suggestions. This is my first comment on your blog and hope that you will approve it.
    Raja Naeem

  13. fatimafatima says

    Some visitors come to blogs for takeaways while others actually come for that ‘something new’ which you post everyday. It is must to add something to the blog on a regular basis because as you rightly said, it keeps the spark. Great post..

  14. DannyDanny says

    Some simple yet, great tips, Jane…

    The two that stand out for me are,

    Give at least one important tip(advice, etc).

    The other one is the “create the one spark” to take action…which sounds like the “call to action ” step we are advised to add into each post…
    Admittedly, I have been quite slack in some areas, and sometimes do not get the “call to action part” done properly…..

    I will give one tip which I think can make all the difference, and that is “the website or blogs presentation”….Eg: design, appearance, font size, etc,etc…..

    Yes, content May be King! Yet, I have seen tons of sites with Mediocre content(at best) yet, they are doing great…..
    On the other hand, I have seen some really great content, yet , the sites are not doing too well at all….(the sites presentation, design,etc.. does not stand out)…

    This is something I am having to work on now(designing site, coding, logo designing, etc,etc…) having just changed my theme design, and realizing how bland it tends to look…

    A good design can make a lot of difference for the website owner and for visitors….

  15. Joshua Ray Malone says

    I agree, if your going to take the time to have a blog, then you really should write articles that engage your readers and provide value to them. Otherwise you are just wasting their time and yours. That being said, appealing to your readers emotionally is challenging especially doing it on a consistent basis.

  16. LaurenLauren says

    choosing the Appropriate Tone for a Blog is really important ! Every blog has a target audience it’s written for. Before you start writing blog posts, determine who your primary and secondary audiences will be.

  17. Chris Cole says

    Hi Jane, I just loved the clean look and layout of this blog post. That in itself is something that many forget. If you ensure your posts are clean and do not look like blocks of messy text, then people will hang around for longer and read.

    For me, large chunks of text = back button :)


  18. DerekDerek says

    Hey Jane the tips you mentioned here are all Good, Aside from what you wrote here, i know that writing Articles with Compelling titles also helps alot .

  19. MajaMaja says

    Thanks Jane for this fruitful post. This is direction for newbie blogger to forward in the field of blogging.
    Your comment reply are also short tutorials that is something for readers.

  20. AkramAkram says

    i have been blogging from last 6-8 months so actually i am a new blogger. your point which says that we should provide much more then user’s expectation that is the key point. i would really implement this in my next blogs.

  21. sofiyasofiya says

    Excellent post. You really dialed that in. It’s the simple principles that worked for people that have already been where we are heading and desire to be that we should pay close attention to.Thanks for keeping it real and I always look forward to your next post!

  22. koundeenyakoundeenya says

    Excellent! Giving them something more will always help in better engagement. I think you have written what you have personally implemented on this blog. PBS really has a good readership and I can see that. Of course, I am one of your loyal readers. Waiting for such great posts

  23. Sarvesh says

    Awesome post as usual, we using an attractive image in post will impress reader firstly and then if we had shared any practical experiments regarding the article will help them in becoming loyal readers.

    thanks for awesome post

  24. Jennifer lopezusJennifer lopezus says

    Writing plans and tips are unknown to me and i just start blogging business. I think this are useful to me.Updating content by regular information and posting relevant article can engage visitors to site.

  25. Amal RafeeqAmal Rafeeq says

    Amazing Article Jane! Hats off. You really gave me the idea of impressing the readers and giving away something for them when they leave.

  26. Matt KennedyMatt Kennedy says

    Hey Jane !
    Well I totally agree with you on all the points. Although these are 5 ways, But these are solid ways to impress our readers. Really liked “Create that one spark they need to start doing something”
    Matt Kennedy

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