Viral Marketing: Generate High Potential Viral Blog Traffic

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can exponentially increase the potential of your blog posts to attract traffic. The idea is to get people to spread the word about your posts and that they do it willingly. This is a very aggressive approach that has an extremely wide spread outcome, generating traffic that spans over multiple niches and covering various social groups.

It is safe to say that your posts will get better exposure and with right efforts, you can harness this traffic potential to collect more subscribers/leads. Here are some ways you can initiate viral marketing for your blog.

Please note that I am not only talking blogging/internet marketing niche here.

Understanding viral marketing in steps

The foundation of the viral marketing strategy is that your post content is shared widely. It is based on the theory of Metcalf’s Law. Roughly, this law states that the importance of each sharing person is proportional to the number of persons that he/she can further share on the information.

In simple terms, each time your blog post is shared amongst a network, it gains more value potential.

Interconnectivity and networking for viral marketing

Adding value to your blog post content, with the minimal cost, is the focus of viral marketing strategy. Social networking is vital to this strategy because the balance between the costs of networking to that of the value addition, is optimum in this case – given that you have a well established network base on all popular social networks.

With the wide variety of social media sites that are available and popular in the market, interconnectivity between your profile pages on each site is a necessary step towards viral marketing of individual blog posts. So don’t forget to interlink your social profiles wherever possible.

Types of content with potential for Viral marketing promotion

Not all content will go viral.

Blog posts which are informative are the primary type of content that can be virally promoted via multiple sites and using effective SEO techniques.

Video/Audio blog posts are more interesting than simple words. The effect is more interactive, but it also has the disadvantage of being bulkier in size. However, they remain one of the most common types of content to go ‘viral’ amongst viewers online.

Given the amount of audience that gather at Youtube and iTunes, there is definitely a bright chance that your video/audio content is easier to go viral than a regular blog post (provided the content is awesome!).

Interactive flash games, apps, and small-animated quizzes engage viewer’s attention. This is the primary reason why more people are likely to click on links to these content posts than any of the other available varieties.

Graphic information pieces (infographics) are small but interesting pieces of graphics that portray important information. The sole objective of these pieces is to attract attention and that is why they make excellent content candidates for viral marketing.

Effective ways to generate viral traffic

Interesting content is the foundation of viral posts. Even video/audio posts require some interesting description to encourage people to look through them. Keyword optimization takes the post to the next level. However, you have to create a perfect balance between the design, concept, and informative power of your post to take it to a viral marketing standard.

The structure of the post will have to include equal proportions of honest information, attention catching material (the more visual the better) and the part that is directly usable to the readers. The usability factor is the main reason why the post is recommended to the other viewers, so, pay extra attention to this detail.

Apart from forum posting of your viral post’s link, you can also share the post on as many social media sites as possible. Direct contact, via email, with the A-list bloggers as well as your top subscribers, can establish the success of viral marketing of your blog post.

Launching the posts on a schedule is necessary to promote them to the maximum readers. But please note that this viral marketing strategy should not be adopted for all of your blog posts. Only certain posts deserve this treatment, and you should know which posts are so!

You have to take stock of the popular social networking sites to understand the pattern of your viewers’ logging in, this way you can let the posts live around this specific period.

Various reasons might lead to massive sharing of your blog posts, deeming them ‘viral’. The relative emotion of the post needs to be calculative enough to spark viewers’ interest.

Your post can be comic to bring some much-needed laughter in to busy lives. It might have a touch of incredulity that might fascinate your viewers. Potential drama or extreme emotionality might also contribute towards viral marketing of the post.

The post might make some important life altering point or it simply turns wheels in your head. The entertainment value of the post needs to be substantially high to generate that amount of large-scale interest to attract ‘viral’ traffic rate.

What viral marketing strategies do you use for promoting your blog posts?

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  1. TusharTushar says

    Good informative post Jane.
    If you are able to make 1 out of 10 posts viral, you can surely expect a very good amount of both organic and referral traffic

  2. JayceeJaycee says

    Vlog is a great way to go viral. I bet to disagree on the Content part, I think content is still a vital factor why most gone viral. Content plus good marketing place like social media is a hit

    • Jane Sheeba says

      That’s right Jaycee, there’s some big traffic out there at Youtube and other video sites, plus presenting the information in different forms count a lot towards viraltiy!

  3. MartinMartin says

    Very Nice post. Love to read the whole things about Viral marketing. It really great way to market our blog post. Thanks Jane.

  4. MartinMartin says

    This is a very comprehensive article about viral marketing. I can’t think about anything else to add. I’m sure this post will help lots of people.

  5. junaidjunaid says

    The tips are good and making blog a viral is great as this will really help us to spread the blog as much as possible such as on social networking sites.

  6. Stan says

    Blog posts have low changes of going viral, unless they’re blatant lies, but very believable. I’ve seen a couple. And there are the news articles, but that has nothing to do with us because we’ll never be able to compete with newspapers. So we’re left with the rest, out of which the easiest would be the videos because Youtube has the greatest potential to make something viral.
    Stan recently posted..Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S Microwave Oven ReviewMy Profile

  7. khaja moinkhaja moin says

    Hi Jane Sheeba,
    I like the image on this post.
    Got a chance to know a new topic viral marketing thank you

  8. khaja moinkhaja moin says

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  9. Christian SaronoChristian Sarono says

    I’m really amazed with this post that it gave me a lot of information that are actually real. I learned many things which I never encountered yet. Kudos!

  10. Yeremi AkpanYeremi Akpan says

    Great post. These tips are especially useful for startup bloggers who may not have a huge marketing budget, but I think anybody with a presence online should find nuggets here.

    Well done, Jane.

  11. DPaul WaltersDPaul Walters says

    Excellent post Jane! Really interested in getting started infographics so I can utilize Pinterest effectively…

  12. Jim JenksJim Jenks says

    It’s so exciting to create something that even goes remotely viral. It’s easiest when you have a great product/service that you can have fun with as well as your target market being able to have fun a little light hearted. It’s exciting to get those creative juices flowing.

  13. AaronAaron says

    Viral marketing is essential ingredient needed to generate traffic. A site cannot think to survive without it. Quite informative article and very balance view given by you Jane.


  14. Anne says

    I think the most difficult thing is finding the headline and that catchy phrase that will make everybody click on it! When good content will reduce your bounce rate, but to be honest it’s your social media reach and influence and the headline you will choose for your content that will make it go viral!

  15. Anna Gervai says

    Great article, I’d be interested to know what’s considered viral though. My most recent blog article about what you cannot do on Facebook (for brand pages) has reached over 65,000 shares in under 3 weeks – pretty happy about that but would be interested in knowing what you consider viral. Thanks :)

  16. CrescentCrescent says

    I’d heard that shorter content tends to go viral a lot easier as well. Is there any truth to that?

  17. AndrewAndrew says

    I go for the manual link building process and put relevant comments. I enjoy reading anyway and I am learning a lot just by reading posts.

  18. AdityaAditya says

    “VIRAL”……the name itself tells the story.
    As viral fever spreads faster by every means,applying viral marketing concepts in blogging will surely help in great traffic and it adds value to our blog.
    Thanks Jane for sharing your ideas about Viral marketing.You explained it well.

  19. Benjamin says

    Unfortunately you’re right. Not all content will go viral.
    My recommendation is that everyone have to choose a very specific niche which is unique and is interesting for a lot of people.

  20. ZalajayeshZalajayesh says

    The tips are good and making blog a viral is great as this will really help us to spread the blog as much as possible such as on social networking sites. thanks for sharing.The tips are good and making blog a viral is great as this will really help us to spread the blog as much as possible such as on social networking sites. thanks for sharing.
    I go for the manual link building process and put relevant comments. I enjoy reading anyway and I am learning a lot just by reading pos

  21. Kristy JerrardKristy Jerrard says

    With a strong content and nice presentation blogger needs a suitable scheme to make a huge community for own blog and the ‘Viral marketing’ is looking absolutely perfect for it. Thanks for the detail of it.

  22. Wes AaronWes Aaron says

    I am loving all of these tips! Interconnectivity and networking for viral marketing is great and it’s something that I never thought about! I can’t wait to pitch this to my marketing manager and see how it goes. Thanks so much for the great article!

  23. Regina FloydRegina Floyd says

    I LOVE where you said ” each time your blog post is shared amongst a network, it gains more value potential.” This is where it pays for people to work together and makes blogging profitable. I’ve found it also helps to be using an excellent Viral Blogging System along with all the tips you gave above. Especially video.

    Thanks for a great article!

  24. SamuelSamuel says

    It usually starts from social media. Always. Or it will be picked up by a high Profile and share on his network.

    At best, always have good relationships on social media. This can help very much. Great article Jane.

  25. Mike MooreMike Moore says

    Interlinking your social media profiles seems very important. I would like more information on how to do this? I am using social bookmarking but have not learned about interlinking.

  26. DanDan says

    Great article, Jane! Writing a piece of content and make it become viral is really a challenging task so every content you make must be planned well.

  27. Colleen WaddellColleen Waddell says

    If there’s one thing I learned over the years, that would be the importance of the internet today. And if you’re starting an online business or even just a blog, there are a lot of resources that you can use to your advantage. Since I studied IT back in college, I would say developing your own website will be a great idea. This will be the best combination to what you’ve just mentioned in your post. Imagine how powerful it’ll be to market your own website, and generate traffic for it. Not only that, you can also turn it into an online business and actually get income for it.

  28. sumon says

    I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. I have read most of them and got a lot from them. To me, you are doing great really i am impressed from this post. Social media training

  29. HarryHarry says

    Thanks for providing further information to help my articles. Im really new to this whole blogging thing, I hope that it is not a fad, trying to hold on and keep at it.

    Great post Jane!

  30. ayeshaayesha says

    Good info especially for marketers.. First of all writing a good content and then it becomes viral it’s really awesome.. When traffic increases it makes more money.. Thanks for info..

  31. JoeJoe says

    Hey Jane,

    As you know I am new to your blog. I am finding the content to my liking and it fits my needs and concerns for my own blog. Like Shadab above, i am in the process of launching a YouTube page hoping I can get a few of my videos to go viral and produce more traffic to my blog.


  32. Erick Trejo says

    Great info!! I think the main problem about posting viral content is that we think “in viral” based in what we think and want; but we don’t realize that the fact something looks really amazing for you must be the same for others. The possible solution is that we need to think out of the box and of course a good idea is to track the trends on the web and base our content on it. What do you think?

  33. Terry WrightTerry Wright says

    Love the layout of you blog Jane. You’ve a lot of great advice here. I need to spend a bit more time here checking out your other posts.

    There are some great comments here as well, which I found very helpful.

    I’m pretty new to blogging so its a bit of a learning curve for me to be honest.

  34. nishagarwalnishagarwal says

    That very informative to know about Viral,facebook,Twitter is the best place to go for viral.

  35. AaynaAayna says

    Hey Jane,
    A very informative post!Viral marketing has become the new talk of the town. The entire procedure for indulging in viral marketing is described in such straightforward and lucid manner that the entire process seems to be such an easy task. Thanks for providing this great insight.

  36. JasonJason says

    Hi Jane, another great post. Viral marketing is not easy, been trying it for a while now. This post will help many bloggers.

  37. JasonJason says

    Hello Jane,
    Thank you so much for this very informative post. Now i have more idea on gaining traffic on my blogsites. Looking forward for your more post. :)

  38. Jenny PaulJenny Paul says

    Vlog sounds like a really powerful and useful tool. Thanks for giving details about it. Would be great if you can upload an introductory video for beginners.

  39. chetan Balichetan Bali says

    Found your article very interesting, well represented and yes Viral marketing really needed to get unique and high number of users in quick time.

    Thanks for sharing

  40. JessieJessie says

    This can be tricky thing to do as achieving Virality is difficult most of the times for any blogger. I think social media plays a big role to help you achieve virality.

  41. Mahesh balanMahesh balan says

    i am a new blogger have created new blog,but i was wondering how to get more taffic for my blog.after came across with your article,i got some ideas to improve my blog traffic as facebook and Twitter play vital role in viral marketing,thanks for sharing ur tips

  42. JamesJames says

    Found your post very helpful, well represented and yes Viral marketing really needed to get unique and high number of users in quick time.

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  43. OlgaOlga says

    Very informative post. This is the greatest aspect of modern technologies and the Internet…that what we have created (written or recorded) can go VIRAL with no so much effort on our side.

  44. Yaron PeledYaron Peled says

    I have to admit that this is my first time visiting this blog, and from this post, I can tell that I’m going to find a lot of wonderful resources here. Thanks for the hard work.

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