Blog Content Creation Doomsday: 4 Smart Excuses Bloggers Make


Oh no! What if all bloggers stop creating blog content? That will mark a doomsday in the blogosphere, won’t it?

And I am not talking about any movie that is in the work. I’m talking real.

You can even say that I’m venting out my feelings towards lazy bloggers who’ve started a blog but cannot create content.

Or those bloggers who re-hash the content that is already available, make it “unique” according to Copyscape and fill the blogosphere with a truck load of BS.

Content creation is not content spinning. I am not talking about creating a masterpiece with every blog post. But I am talking about being useful, at the least possible factor. I hope you get the idea.

Blog content creation has become a pain for most bloggers. If you try very hard every day to find blog content ideas and make those ideas into wonderful blog posts, something’s wrong.

I would say either the passion or the seriousness factor is missing in your blogging business. You either chose to blog on a topic in which you’re not passionate about.

Or, you are not serious about your blogging business; if you’re doing it for fun, that’s fine. But if not, and if you’re expecting a decent income from your blog, you need to be creating content on a regular basis.

Think about this: will there be a blog or a online business or a product without “content” in it? Content is the life blood of any online business and you have to be prepared to create it on a regular basis, no matter what.

Well this may sound bitter, but that’s the truth.

I will discuss 5 smart excuses made by some of these lazy bloggers.

Don’t skip this post at this point thinking that it will not be of use to you. Sometimes you might be making these excuses to yourself unknowingly and that could hit your blogging success very hard.

Let’s dive in….

I am suffering from writer’s block

OK OK, writers block. I would rather say that there is on such thing as writers block but you might not agree. Actually there isn’t a thing called writers block.

But what we think as writers block is writers laziness. That’s it. I myself used to think that it is writers block. But it is not.

So what is this thing about? – Not being able to write! This is not a great thing or an obstacle. You can indeed kick on its butt by following any of these simple tips:

  • Have blog content ideas in your reserve
  • Don’t write on only one topic – that’s the reason I have many blogs on different niches. If I’m bored on a topic, I write on a different topic and that gives me some fresh air. If you have only one blog, have a private blog or an online diary where you can write on different topics just for fun.
  • Write in blocks – a.k.a. work on multiple posts simultaneously.
  • Go read a book or read other blogs (don’t overload yourself with information, though).
  • Go take a walk or do a workout – you will see ideas rushing through your mind while you’re on it.

The possibilities are endless and you can totally overcome the block. I mean, it is doable.

I have no time to create blog content

I am busy

Well, then make it. If you are doing a business, and if you want your blog to generate an income, you gotta put your butt on a chair and work for it.

You cannot find success without working for it first.

Think about this – there are countless jobs that want the workers to stand under the hot sun and operate heavy machinery; there are jobs where the workers knock countless doors to get the target sales numbers. There are jobs that require the workers to travel to various places and deliver goods.

Blogging is not like that. You sit at your comfort and just create content. I am not telling that this is the easiest job in the world. But at least, I consider myself blessed to be blogging.

And with this thankfulness, every blogger should find the time to sit down and work on their blog. Make the time to create content. That’s it.

I am not good at writing

No one is born a writer. I was not. Writing is a skill. A skill is something you develop by training yourself; by practicing it. The more you practice the better you get at it.

If you think you are not a great writer, write more. If you are bored on a topic, write on a different topic.

It is in general good to have a personal blog to get some fresh air. As I mentioned already, I have a few on different topics and then my personal blog. A few (of those few of em) are given below.

Problogging Success – This very blog on blogging/internet marketing niche.

Jane Sheeba – My personal blog.

And then I also write guest posts.

No I am not tooting my own horn here. Nor am I asking you to start 8 blogs. I’m just trying to convey the point that writing on different topics helps me stay motivated and fresh.

If you can’t commit on creating content for 8 blogs and some more, maintain a private blog or a diary where you dump some offbeat content to shape your writing skills, or as a hobby.

You can try for this.

I cannot find ideas to write

You can only get more ideas to write than you can actually write. We are in that kind of an era. We are loaded with information. There is nothing as lack of information, I would say.

You can get information just about anything with a little bit of research. And when you do your research, make sure you use this little tweak and make your writing process faster.

Don’t forget to capture every blog post idea that occurs to you. That is the key to your content creation success.


what is your excuse question

Are you making any of these excuses? If so, you are contributing to the blog content creation doomsday.

And you’re letting the chances of building a successful blogging business slip through your fingers.

And you’re letting yourself become yet another failed bloggers; a drop out.

Don’t give yourself any room to make any of these excuses. Get over them; get moving; get into action and reap the results.

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  1. Sarah ParkSarah Park says

    Hi Jane,

    Great post! You are right! There are really bloggers who tends to be lazy in the middle of their work. But I guess, doomsday for blogger is quite impossible. I believe there are still bloggers who are still dedicated in their online business.

  2. SamuelSamuel says

    Stupid ideas!

    I am glad you have written about them Jane!

    You clearly show how to work around them and have no excuse on accomplishing on creating content for your blog.

  3. SapnaSapna says


    This is my second time on your blog and I don’t know I landed here.
    I have seen bloggers,writing once in a month, it seems they are not really interested in blogging or they have something which is better than blogging.In most cases they are losers in blogosphere but doomsday for blogger is impossible to think of.


  4. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    Hi Jane,
    I can’t agree more on this post because i was ones a victim of this. Those days, i kept giving unnecessary excuses to why i can’t write at a giving time, my most popular excuse being that i always say that i don’t have time to write but will do it later of which the time will never come.

    I believe this post will be of help to most bloggers facing this writing issue.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    I just finished reading your ebook and its really amazing. I will publish a review on it this Thursday. I really enjoyed the book.

  6. Shalu Sharma says

    Indeed there is no excuse for any sort of laziness or excuses in the ever competitive world of blogging. Those who are not serious about their blogging business then they will never make it. They have to be more pro-active in their approach.
    Jane, I had a look at your other blogs. I have to say, you have got great content and each one of them are winners. Well done.

  7. Okto says

    Hi Jane,

    What a complete guide. I guess that’s the important point is, don’t make excuses even if sometimes we get burned out :). Finding an encouraging post to avoid procrastination is a must if success is your goal in blogging.

  8. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala says

    Hello Jane you are absolutely right about it. Even i does the same things, i have a blog which i created recently, but sometimes i feel lazy to write the content on it. Reading this realized me, thankyou very much Jane for sharing it.

  9. CalvinCalvin says

    Hi Jane, I think I’ve used these excuses more than once. I think every blogger or writer looks for excuses somedays. It’s best to not this get into a habit though.

  10. LaurentLaurent says

    I read i really fantastic book about people who makes excuses everytime, about everything, named: the slight edge, and learn how this people goes to bankruptcy so easily.

  11. KevinKevin says

    Hi Jane,

    First of all I would like to say you thanks. Now a days I was becoming one among them who make excuses but your article took me out of this.

  12. Hamza SheikhHamza Sheikh says

    Hi Jane!

    Amazing piece of content! You really outlined all the lame excuses most content writers and bloggers made on asking. I have been working with a company on their blog, and believe me its a completely new session of blogging to me. I am learning several new things that I want to share with my readers, and therefore from last several weeks I have not faced any writer’s block or content stopade.

  13. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    I think the laziness comes from people who see blogging as a quick money making scheme, and not as legitimate work that takes time and effort. Thankfully these people are popping up less and less, but there are still many site owners who think they can simply create a site, do little to no work, and make thousands and thousands of dollars a money with no effort at all. Creating blog content that gets viewers takes time and effort, it’s real work, it can be hard at times, and it is becoming increasingly demanding. This stuff is hard work too, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

  14. JulianJulian says

    When I look in time, several years ago, I understand how much I’ve grown as a writer. From my int of view, we just have to be diligent and research a lot on a topic. If we are motivated, the articles are already written.

  15. erwin says

    So, the conclusion is that every blogger has a major problem in creating content for their blogs. It looks easy, but actually quite troublesome. That’s what I often experienced.

  16. Dara Khajavi says

    I love the blogpost! Content is so important. All the social media or SEO efforts are uselss if a blog does not have quality content. Sometimes I struggle with creating unique content with each post. This blog gave me some great ideas to keep the creative juices flowing and my content strong.

  17. Atish says

    very nice write up. I think this problems happen with part time bloggers as either they have a day job or school/colleges. But if a full time blogger says that he/she doesn’t have time to write etc then this is not done.

    If you are doing it as business then you have to work very hard. Thanks Jane Di for post.

  18. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    In my opinion, people who do want to achieve success and who work as bloggers, won’t say all these excuses. It’s better to make a short break or to go somewhere, and it will give you inspiration to develop your blog further more and more

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Catchy Facebook Pages of Top World-Known Brands

  19. AshleyAshley says

    Great post. I think I have personally suffered from all of the above, or maybe its just laziness, but lets face it coming up with unique and great content is not the easiest thing in the world.

  20. AaynaAayna says

    Hey Jane,
    I like the manner in which this post has been molded. Must say, when people fail in some endeavor, they start blaming the other random possible things, instead of ameliorating where they lack. Bloggers, to a large extent suffer from this phenomenon. If they write something which is next to a disaster, they often end up blaming the phenomenon of writer’s block. Whether a blogger suffer from it or not, he just can’t serve his readers with a bad post. If one looks for ideas and remain motivated , he never has to make such excuses for a bad post. Thanks for the share.

  21. AditiAditi says

    Hi Jane,
    Yes these excuses are really very common and I really like the way it is highlighted. But all I feel that blogging is very common and it do depends on the passion and interest of the blogger. Then these excuses won’t be any more. Blogging is all about interest and people whatever busy they are definitely gets interest in updating their blog with exclusive content for their readers. Thanks for the share!!

  22. Philip AlexPhilip Alex says

    Hi Jane,

    I’ve found my self in the position of not knowing what to write next on my blog, but I’ve managed to find some inspiration eventually.

    Whenever I lack inspiration I go to and browse through some ebooks from my niche and that always gets me inspired on new posts I can write for my blog. I don’t think I would have the time to manage multiple blogs, it takes a lot of time to manage one.

    I really enjoyed reading your post, have a nice day Jane.


  23. ShirleyShirley says

    I feel the same way about writing sometimes. The writers block is a state of mind. For instance if I feel too lazy to write, I sleep it off and when I wake up I feel the same way. So now, what I do is I visit random blogs, read through some posts and get some idea (note: not plagiarize) on what to write about.

  24. Andy DomonkosAndy Domonkos says

    Than again, when your writing about something prosaic such as blogging, its pretty easy to generate content. Blogging about…anything else, might not prove as easy.

  25. sara says

    Hi Jane, Thanks a lot for the awesome article. I think, every blogger has his own mental look to blog. It is his or her independence what he or she should write or not.
    Thanks Sara

  26. Salman AhmadSalman Ahmad says

    Very Awesome Post Jane !
    People actually don’t Manage their time in a right way,and they say we are busy,we are this and we are that !
    You are right that no one is a born writer.Skills Comes with time ,Do not think yourself a nerd,Just keep working and learning to accomplish your dreams !
    Have a Nice Day !

  27. Sai Kumar says

    Hi Jane, Awesome article. I am very lazy in writing the content and sometime i won’t get any idea on what to write. As you said i have start another blogs with a different niche’s and start writing on the interested topic when i get’s bore. Thanks for Sharing the Awesome tips

  28. igbalaye Olayemiigbalaye Olayemi says

    The truth of the matter is that there’s no focus and this bring about the excuses because if you know what you really want to achieve as a goal, then you will put all your effort to make the goal a reality and with that no excuses can come your way. thanks for sharing

  29. Viola Tam says

    Hi Jane,

    “Content is the life blood of any online business” I absolutely agree. Many people talk about traffic is KING. I would say traffic is QUEEN on condition that the content is KING.

    I love your real life excuses! Just a few days ago, a business friend of mine asked WHERE I found the time to write all those blogs. You are right! I just make time for it. I am running my blog as my main source of lead generation. Besides, I am happy to share my past experiences to help others. Even if there is not a dime to be made, I would still be blogging!

    Igbalaye talks about focus. Very true! My experience is that our focus can drown all those excuses. Just focus and do it! As you mentioned, the more we do, the better we are. Loving your term ‘blogging laziness’!!

    Well done, Jane!

    Viola The Business Mum

  30. Matt KennedyMatt Kennedy says

    Hey Jane !
    In my opinion, lack of passion cause boredom as you have also mentioned above. You are absolutely right. Moreover, I know my friend who says that I can not write well. Now he is practicing a lot to be a good writer and interesting part is, he is improving. So, through hard work every one could be a good writer.
    Thanks for solution of such excuses.
    Matt Kennedy

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