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The consensus view among search marketers is that content marketing is the optimal strategy to building long term success of a website. Content marketing is essentially a strategy that relies on what you create, rather than boosting results from external sources.

Readers tend to share quality content, and successful websites typically provide interesting and succinct content that doesn’t appear to be financially motivated or masquerading as a sales pitch.

The strategy does, however, assume that readers across the web will do your dirty work for you, and share your content on blogs and social media sites. Unfortunately, content marketing isn’t always as easy as it seems.

The search marketing experts who write for popular online marketing themed websites always make it seem so easy. They will tell you to simply create interesting content, and let the links and social media shares pile up. All you have to do is conduct a Google search for search engine optimization, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Knowing Your Audience

But what if you are writing about a topic that is, well, boring? You shouldn’t become discouraged if you face the task of writing and creating content on a subject that is hardly shareable.

You just have to be strategic and do a little research. Read blogs, articles, and websites related to the subject matter at hand. Figure out what kinds of things that might interest the site’s readers. Learn why they might be interested in the site in the first place.

The “excitement factor” of your content will depend on the subject about which you write. Perhaps you choose to write about, say, economic forecasting.

Think about the numerous reasons why a user might search for this kind of topic. Chances are in this case, that some of they might be a business owner or financial executive, and need information helpful to solving a problem. This is where a little creativity can go a long way.

For example, a marketer should consider writing some basic do-it-yourself instructions on preparing budgets and forecasts. He could write about ways others subjects that might interest managers and financial decision makers, or how others have solved similar problems, the products they used, and success or horror stories.


Another tip for improving content is to invite reader feedback. By adding fresh, new, and unique voices to the conversation, your subject matter will instantly become more interesting. Their personal takes and experiences will add value to the overall discussion.

Heck, you might even learn something from readers who have been faced with the issues your article addresses. An added benefit is that users who have commented on your article are more likely to return to your site to see what others have said.

Readers who return to your site will help you establish a relationship that will deliver additional occasions in which they might share your content with others.

Maintaining Credibility

But you should always remember some fundamentals of content writing. You must be sure that your copy is free of grammatical errors, poor English, and improper sentence structures. This is especially true if your content isn’t all that exciting to begin with. These kinds of unforced errors can create a bad impression for your audience, and keep them from returning or sharing your content.

By adding value to your readers’ visits, they are more likely to spend extra time on your site, return for more, and hopefully, share your content.

Someone out there will know a friend who faces a dilemma of this sort, and forward your content along. And, if it is truly helpful, they might post a link to it on their own social media platform or blog.

Dan Granbury is a former strategic planning executive, and currently contributes to a Marketing Outsourcing blog.

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  1. SamuelSamuel says

    Interaction to figure out who is interested in your content is one of the steps you can take to spice up your content.

    After figuring out that, then take what they need and find solutions to them.

    Now say, how would it be non-duplicate to rewrite some boring content on a site?

    • DanDan says

      There’s little more boring than duplicate content. I’ve found that the best thing to do is to find creative and new ways to look at existing ideas.

  2. JafarJafar says

    Hey heading is Interesting so I read the whole post and enjoyed it too.
    Nice and interesting article Dan.

    Keep it up and keep giving us such useful stuff @Jane.


  3. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    I think knowing our audience is the most element to build a successful blog/website. If we know who we are talking to, I think we will easily interaction with them and of course, we will easy get their feedback without asking for this.

  4. JaneJane says

    The title of your post is very inviting. I guess the biggest challenge for a blog writer is to know his/her audience and connect to them. Can you tell me what’s the best way to know your audience?

    • DanDan says

      A great way to understand your audience is to connect with them via social media. You’ll learn what interests them enough to share.

  5. prestopresto says

    Knowing the audience is really important,and interacting with them does help,,,,if the blog readers want to know about subject A and you write about subject B(which none of ur audience is interested),it wont make sense

  6. MajaMaja says

    If a writer keep himself in touch with the running trends, he will always write informative and interesting contents that is the requirement of the market today.

  7. James MartinJames Martin says

    Writers must be consistent to whatever their article is. They must check everything before sharing it to your readers. Just be meticulous all the time.

  8. Elena AnneElena Anne says

    I just read an article about how you can get out of a funk of writing boring blog posts. It was interesting because he did the shock your system approach by ranting or picking a side on a controversial issue. Something to interest the reader to see what you have to say about it.

  9. John MakJohn Mak says

    Hi Dan,

    Knowing your audience is a very important thing. By researching on what you promote and what are your audience needs is a step ahead to success! Becoming an Expert provides you with 80% more knowledge than other regular competitors on your niche. Thanks for sharing with us!

    John Mak

  10. KnojiKnoji says

    Blogging is the most popular activities of young and old using the Internet it is because there are many things to do in blogging such as sharing contents in texts, images, and videos. Most contents on blogs written are facts and experiences of the blog writer or administrator of the site. It seems that it is just easy to blog online but I believe that there are many things that we have to consider in blogging such as keywords, useful contents, entertainment, etc. Of course, we should not disregard the importance of personal touch of our blog contents. Thank you for sharing this nice article, I really learned a lot.

    • DanDan says

      That can be true. It just depends on just how interesting/boring your content is, and the intensity of interaction.

  11. Nick Stamoulis says

    Not every piece of content that you create needs to be “exciting”, in fact most of it won’t be. All that matters is that it serves a purpose. If target audience members will find it beneficial in some way, it is worth creating.

  12. mattmatt says

    Aside from providing quality well written article to the readers, bloggers should try to consider adding humor to their written blog post. In that way it will look interesting and informative.

  13. andrew says

    Try to be relevant as well as specific about the content you are adding into your corporate website. For instance, if you have to write content on the section “About Us”, then you can give an introduction of your company, its core values, operations, etc. along with a bit of its history.

  14. Gary Bembridge says

    Thanks for these tips and advice.

    I think the key is also ensuring you are clear about what your blog positioning is – and what value you are adding. I think the key always is about what you have in content or point of view that is on target for your blog position/ promise and gives a unique and differentiated perspective on the topic versus other blogs and commentators.

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