20+ WordPress Plugins to Enhance Commenter Experience


WordPress plugins make life easy. For those blogger who don’t want to get their hands dirty by editing codes, plugins are a blessing. And, I am more than 100% sure that there can be no wordpress blog that does not benefit from plugins.

Bloggers develop blogs for audience. And a substantial percent of your audience become your commenters. A blog with comments ensures that there are people reading and discussing your stuff. So every person who makes a comment to your blog is special. It is your obligation to make them feel warm.

So here you go!

1. Comment Redirect:

You can choose to redirect your first time commenters to a page of your choice. Since your first time commenters are your biggest part of success, embrace them with this plugin by saying a Thank You or redirect them to some other Welcome page. You can choose the page of your choice.

Download Comment Redirect.

2. Comment Relish:

This plugin allows you to send a ‘Thank You’ email to your first time commenters; and you can encourage them to subscribe to your RSS feed for instance. You can customize your message by adding tags like author name, name of the post, post url, author’s website etc.

This is a cool plugin which I use myself. However there seems to be a issue for blogs with a substantial number of comments per day. And there is a fix for this issue at Patchlog where Mihai suggests an alternate method to optimize this plugin.

Download Comment Relish.

Note: This plugin is not yet available in the WP official plugins directory. I wonder why!

Comparing Comment Relish and Comment Redirect – I think that Comment Redirect is being less intrusive. It just takes the commenter to another page on your blog, thank them and communicate with them. On the other hand Comment Relish gets too intimate and sends an email message. I personally use Comment Relish and not Comment Redirect for two reasons:

(i) I do not want the commenter to be taken to another page when they have finished reading a post. Let him/her choose whether to read related posts or browse the archives or simply leave my blog.

(ii) I indeed want to be intimate with my readers. So I prefer to land my Thank You in the inbox.

3. CommentLuv:

This plugin distributes the link love. Perfect for newbie bloggers to gain comments. If you install this plugin, and when a commenter types his/her website address, the plugin will automatically fetch the recent post at their blog as the comment is being typed. It can also display tweets or digg submissions, the commenter can actually choose that.

However, as your blog grows you might want to consider using this plugin.

Download CommentLuv

There is a premium version, which rocks (I’m using it on all my blogs. You can get the premium Commentluv here. This plugin has the functions of about 8 plugins incorporated in it. Read my reviews here:

Commentluv Premium Cashback Offer: Get $13.5 Off

Commentluv Premium Plugin: Genius Features Your Shouldn’t Miss

Premium Commentluv Plugin: Is It Really Worth The Salt?

4. Disqus Comment System:

Following are the features of this plugin

  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe and RSS options
  • Aggregated comments and social mentions
  • Powerful moderation and admin tools
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists
  • Support for Disqus community widgets
  • Connected with a large discussion community
  • Increased exposure and readership

Download Disqus Comment System

But make sure you read my post about using native and non-native commenting systems.

UPDATE: I am currently using Disqus on my sites as a personal preference and for some reasons.

5. NoFollow Free:

This plugin basically encourages your visitors to submit comments because you will no follow their links back.

Download NoFollow Free.

6. Subscribe to Comment:

You can offer a subscription to comments to the visitors who comment on your blog. This way they will be more engaged in the discussions. On the commenter’s side there are the following benefits:

1. Unsubscribe to certain posts

2. Block all notifications

3. Change notification email id.

Download Subscribe to Comments

7. Highlight Author Comments:

If you want to make it easy for your commenters to identify your (the author’s) comments, this is an ideal plugin. It highlights your comments with a different color, which you can change by editing the plugin style file to match your blog’s theme color. I use this plugin at this blog.

Download Highlight Author Comments

8. Thank Me Later:

This is similar to Comment Relish but it sends email to all commenters (unlike the first time commenters with Comment Relish) and encourages them to engage in conversations. You can configure the number of emails and the time they have to be sent after the comment is made.

However I have a bit of feeling that it may be a little intrusive. But if you are OK with sending emails to people every time they comment, this plugin will do the job.

Download Thank Me Later

9. Top Commentators Widget:

With this plugin the blogger can offer a more prestigious reward to the commenter by putting a widget anywhere, preferrably in the sidebar. The widget will automatically display the name, url and picture of the commenters who have made maximum number of comments in the decreasing order. You can choose the number of people to display, whether to display picture or not, whether to follow the url or not and so on. You can also set a custom message when there are no top commentators.

Download Top Commentators Widget

10. Facebook Comments:

This plugin will import comments/discussions from your facebook profile to your blog. I *think* that it might slow down loading of your blog a little bit.

Download Facebook Comments

11. Twitter Mentions as Comments:

Finds out who is talking about your blog’s links at Twitter and displays them as comments. You may ask what benefit a commenter has from this; it is although obvious that the blogger has some extra comments from Twitter too. But for the commenter there are two benefits:

1. He/She is encouraged to see a handful of comments so that he/she is not alone.

2. If the commenter prefers to use Twitter for discussions then it is easy. That is, the commenter can choose the medium of conversation.

You can choose to keep your Twitter mentions as trackbacks instead of comments. You can also choose to exclude/include retweets.

Download Twitter Mentions as Comments.

12. jQuery Comment Preview:

As the name says, it works on jquery and offers a preview of the comment without needing a page reload. You may have to know a little bit of css and html so that you don’t mess up with the server load. As the plugin page suggests, it is better to not to connect css of the plugin to reduce the number of queries to the server; this comes as an option.

Download jQuery Comment Preview

13. Gravatar Signup:

Gravatar helps a lot in brainding blog comments. If a commenter does not have a gravatar (for the email he/she types in) then this plugin gives an optional checkbox to select if they wish to sign up for a gravatar. If they check the box this will initiate the process of setting up a gravatar. Handy.

Download Gravatar Signup

14. SEO Super Comments:

OK I’m on it. And I like it. But not everyone will. So here is what this plugin is about. It creates a dynamic page on your blog for every comment. The name of the commenter is linked to that page. And, the blog owner can choose to either dofollow or nofollow the links at that page.

Download SEO Super Comments

15. TinyMCE Comments:

If you are using WP 2.0 or above this plugin uses the internal TinyMCE library and turns the comment field from a primitive to a WYSIWYG editor. Little spice.

Download TinyMCE Comments

16. Comment Rating:

Let your readers vote for one another’s comments. Cool plugin for socializing with comments.

Download Comment Rating

17. Quote Comments:

Allows you to quote a full or part of the comment to appear in block quotes. This plugin is compatible with MCE Comments.

Download Quote Comments

18. TP – TweetPress:

Integrate WordPress with Twitter and offer your commenters the option to “Login with Twitter” and “Comment via Twitter”. Those who are used a lot with Twitter will like this feature.

Download TweetPress

19. Akismet:

This one is your defender. Stop spam bots and ugly human spammers from invading your blog. But how does your commenter benefit from this plugin? It would be really irritating to see a valuable comment among all the spam ones. Keeping your comment section clean is like keeping your welcome room of your house clean.

Download Akismet

If you use Commentluv Premium, you won’t need this plugin.

20. NoFollow WP:

You can optionally provide a DoFollow link to the commenter’s website. You can also choose between NoFollow and DoFollow for links in the comments.

Download NoFollow WP

21. Comment Reply Notification

This is such a sweet plugin. And, I am using it on Find All Answers here. What it does is basically to notify the commenter when a reply is posted. Now you can fine tune it to allow notifications at different situations like- (i) notify the commenter of all replies to his/her comments (or) (ii) notify only replies from the author of the post/blog.

This plugin therefore will make the commenter come back to your blog to check what the author’s response is. Also it makes the commenter feel warm that there is a response to his/her comments and a conversation is going on.

Download Comment Reply Notification

Feel free to add to any plugins to the list. Have you used any of the plugins above and have a thought/comment to add? Please feel free to do so.

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      • ShadabShadab says

        Hi jane,
        I never knew about “comment relish” that is awesome plugin for WordPress blogs which encourage me to use it on my blog. BTW, thank you for listed a nice info. about plugins.

        Best Regards!

  1. Jagan MangatJagan Mangat says

    Using many plugins slow down your wordpress,but you gave a lot of choice to your readers,they can select and read about any plugin they like.

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Ya you are perfectly right Jagan. This list is a reference to let people choose the plugins they want. I surely do insist to go with the minimalist approach when it comes to plugins. I have had many bad experiences.


  2. rohan says

    Nice list jane, i especially like the redirect ones, since it will kill 2 birds in one stone , it will reduce bounce rate and will surely get more RSS subscribers.

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Hi Dana,

      I know what you mean. But I have seen some blogs that use this plugin to redirect commenters to a Thank You for Commenting page. But yes, this can only be used for the first time. I personally wouldn’t use this plugin to redirect to my subscription page.

      It all depends on how we use it.


    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Hi Dani,

      Ya I know. Akismet gives the API key free for personal use, and I am sure most bloggers should be paying for it. Never heard about Anti Spam Bee. Will check it out.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Eric LortieEric Lortie says

    Nice, comprehensive list, thanks for sharing.

    I’m a BIG fan of Disqus and only learned about it recently. Additionally, I just installed CommentLuv based on your guest posts at problogger.net and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

    Also, while it’s not comment related, I’m a big fan of Sharebar (I see you use it as well) and I’ve found it’s a good way to generate discussion about your site elsewhere on the net.

    • Jane SheebaJane Sheeba says

      Hi Eric,

      Glad that you have decided to give out the comment love :). It builds good relationships. But I would suggest you to have a seriously good anti-spam plugin when you decide to go for comluv. You will attract spammers a lot. I suggest GASP for that. Otherwise, comluv is for building relationships and getting active discussions.

      Ya, sharebar is great too. It encourages social sharing perfectly for me since it follows down the page as the user scrolls.


  4. Oliver TausendOliver Tausend says

    Hi Jane,

    how we deal with commentators and their contributions determines their customer experience. Therefore, this post and and the plugins you share can’t be valued enough. My favourite one of these is comment reply notification.

    Great job !

    Take care


  5. BizzBizz says

    CommentLuv seems to be the one that everybody is gravitating towards, and for good reason. Spreading a little link love amongst fellow bloggers is cool, as long as people aren’t abusing the privilege.

    Of course, the premium version costs a little bit of coin, but it’s the only way to get listed in the database and truly get commenters to visit your blog…

  6. DiTesco says

    Wow Jane.. You got those comment plugins pretty much covered :) I think I used them all already and commentluv, by far is my favorite. As for the commenting system, I prefer to use WordPress native system and I have to admit that I am no fan of Disqus. Luv Twitter mentions as comments too…

    BTW, are you using SEO super comments? How is that working for you?
    DiTesco recently posted..Google Microsurveys, Private Blog Networks, FaceBook Search, SEO, Speedlink 13:2012My Profile

  7. Emma MallEmma Mall says

    Awesome comments plugins indeed! I have found commentluv premier plugin is much better to drive huge traffic. I like this plugin mostly conversation with the visitors and community bloggers. Anyway I enjoyed this post. Thanks a lot! :)

  8. Song lyricsSong lyrics says

    Just something a different to another site really its very interesting and good collection of the important information for seo.

  9. EhsanEhsan says

    Those are awesome list of plugins and almost all of them are useful for anyone who have a WordPress blog. I’m using Comment Redirect, CommentLuv, Akismet and Top Commentators Widget among that list.

    To send a “Thank You” message to first time commentators I use Thank Me Later plugin.

  10. alexstruassalexstruass says

    Hi Sheeba, am receiving your articles its so good to know the new things. And this enhancement article is acceptable. Am happy to share this informative post.

  11. Paul says

    Twitter mention plugin seems like a really good idea. I normally get more shares on there than comments so will be good to display these on my blog.

  12. abuayeshaabuayesha says

    Hi Sheeba,
    it was one of the wonderful article i was reading this morning. Infact, i was looking for a widget based unread comments on the post, unread comment reply notification. and you pointed out perfectly the solution:

    21. Comment Reply Notification

    Unfortunately this solution does not work in wordpress 3.5

    do you have any idea or solution for me? feel free to mail.

    thanks a lot!

  13. Jerrywhyte ObamwonyiJerrywhyte Obamwonyi says

    Huge lists of comment resources here on blog jane. Thank Me Later has done wonders for me on all my blogs after customizing the plugin to suite what oi actually needed

  14. Ahmad Rasheed says


    Currently iam using WP-Optimize Plugin. Great for single click spam removal and database optimization, without any signup… iam big fan of it… iam would recommend it to others as well..

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