Easy WP SEO Review: On Page Optimization Made Easy

Easy WP SEO is one of the most effective plugins I’ve tried recently. Wow, how dare I say it?

As you may or may not know, I do invest in internet marketing tools to try and see what works and what doesn’t.

This way I can offer my un-biased views of the tool I tried. I’m sure most internet marketers at their newbie level have thin pockets. So if they go for a software or a tool believing that it will boost any particular aspect of their business and if it doesn’t I can exactly relate to their feelings.

SEO-ToolsI’ve traveled that road.

Let me come to the point.

SEO is a magical concept that ties up every person in the internet. Some understand it, some don’t; but no internet marketer can escape it.

It is highly important every blogger and/or internet marketer knows at least the basics of SEO. It is scary when it gets too deep, but it is worthy to dive deeper in this case.

But many bloggers are not tech geeks. And for those who don’t understand the A-B-Cs of SEO, what if there is a push button thing that takes care of SEOing their blog posts and other content of their website?

Yes there IS a push button.

Easy WP SEO, a premium WordPress plugin, is the push button I’m talking about.

With Easy WP SEO you can enter your preferences and let the plugin do the SEO thing for you. It doesn’t matter if you like SEO or not, it doesn’t matter if you understand SEO or not, you can use this plugin to super optimize your blog posts and pages.

I’m using the term “super” for two main reasons.

  • There is no other plugin which will help you optimize your blog posts for two keywords, primary and secondary.
  • Easy WP SEO will analyze the entire HTML document, not just the post/page content.
Easy WP SEO two keywords

Of course, these two aspects are just the tip of the iceberg. Let me take you through a detailed analysis of features.

Easy WP SEO features / highlights

There are loads of stuff I love about the plugin. So I will tell you only the most crucial ones here.

SEO factors

When it comes to on-page SEO, you need to make sure that you please both people and search engines. Writing only for search engines and ignoring people will take you nowhere. Similarly, you cannot ignore the SEO aspects that need to be taken care of.

Now, Easy WP SEO ensures that you write a post perfectly for people, and yet optimize it for search engines, perfectly.

The plugin analyzes 23 (yes twenty three!) on-page SEO factors to optimize your post/page. And you won’t feel the pain of doing it, I promise.

Visual score

This is an amazing handy thing when you are optimizing your post. You get a score board just by the side of your post editor, which tells you what is already optimized and what SEO factor needs to be taken care of.

Easy WP SEO Visual Score

The little green ticks tell you that you’ve taken care of a particular aspect and if there appears a red cross, it means that you need to take care of that. Similarly the “SEO score” and “Keyword density” boxes turn green if your score is “acceptable”. If they’re in red (as shown above) you need to work on your post to improve your score.


The plugin automates certain boring SEO factors like, keyword decoration, inserting keyword in the image alt attribute and so on. So it gets a lot simpler and quicker.

SEO report

Just at the click of the “Display SEO Report” button (see image above) you will be presented with the detailed SEO report of the post/page you’re editing, right at your dashboard.

Writing for people

As I mentioned earlier, Easy WP SEO makes sure that you don’t just write for search engines, but also that your post is “readable” by performing readability tests.

It presents you with readability scores as shown below.

Easy Wp SEO readability tests

LSI Keywords

….. at the click of a button

I need not say anything. The picture says it all.

Easy WP SEO LSI Keywords

And there are much more features – these are just the highlights.

Comparison with SEOPressor

I’m sure that since the time you started reading this post, you should have thought about your favorite SEO plugin. Let me give you a detailed feature comparison.

Easy WP SEO Review

Easy WP SEO setting and walk-through in action

I’ve made a 14 minute video about the settings of the plugin (how to set it up to make the most out of it) and also the behind-the-scenes of the plugin in action. Watch it at your leisure.

Easy WP SEO takeaway

“Don’t even think about running your WordPress site without this plugin” is the first line of their sales page and I agree 110% on this. If you are serious about running an online business, this plugin is a must. Nuff said.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this plugin, I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you buy this plugin through my link, I’ll earn a commission and you won’t be charged any extra bucks. However I strongly emphasize that this review is not dependent on that fact.

And, oh I forgot to mention that you don’t even have to decide now if Easy WP SEO is for you. You can simply download and use the plugin for 60 FULL days. It comes with a 60 days risk-free money back guarantee!

Feel free to purchase Easy WP SEO through my link – click here to do so! Thank you.

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  1. Praveen RajaraoPraveen Rajarao says

    Jane – This is new to me and I had never come across any other SEO plugin with primary and secondary keywords for a post. I think I should get to know this better. Thanks for writing about this and sharing all the wonderful facts and statistics about the plugin.

  2. MarkMark says

    I tried a WP plugin called Clickbump SEO before. However, this one seems more sophisticated. This way i can only concentrate on my offpage factors. Thanks Jane.

    M Mark

  3. Pratap ReddyPratap Reddy says

    Hi, i am using all in one SEO plugin. This easy WP SEO plugin is new for me and as per your illustration, the function of this plugin is amazing. Such type of plugin is required for any blogger for top listing. Thanks for introducing such a multi functional plugin .

  4. Maninder says

    Nice Review Jane. Do they not offer any free trial version rather than money back guarantee. I had tried SEO Scribe earlier but had to ask for refund of money as I didn’t find it quite useful. It didn’t do anything which I was not taking care of manually already. So didn’t find it worth the money I spent.
    Maninder recently posted..Best Social Applications In Nokia Ovi StoreMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Maninder, unfortunately there is no free or trial version. But the money back guarantee is really a guarantee :) I know about Chris :)

      I know it is an extra work to “ask” for a refund, but still!

  5. mike says

    Guest blogging and commentluv work well… I read and commented on your back link guest blog with CommentLuv and it brought me to your site. Have recently begun using SEO Pressor and enjoy it very much. I’m always a bit shocked when I apply to a blog that had been written last year… Always displays the big difference between just blogging and blogging with a purpose. I’ll give this a look as you give a strong argument with the side by side comparison.
    mike recently posted..Your Brand is About EmotionMy Profile

  6. PritamPritam says

    A very nice post. Most wordpress users don’t put emphasis on SEO. The best and easy way to do it is get the best plugin which has been user commented and people have tried. All aspects have been covered well but here is a question, for a struggling blog, who will become a guess writer ?

  7. WilliamWilliam says

    You have a huge mistake in your page.
    You say that SEO Pressor’s cost is $37 and Easy WP SEO’s $97.
    It is exactly the opposite.
    It seems that you putted the tittles in the wrong place

  8. WilliamWilliam says

    Now it looks good, congrat ! and no worries, that could happens any body.
    Now let me take advantage of this and ask you. Is this plug in compatible with auto blogging?

    • Jane Sheeba says

      You mean blogging with automatically pulling in the feeds? You would still need to do the manual editing (according to the suggestions of this plugin) to optimize your posts.

  9. JoeJoe says

    Wow, WP Easy SEO offers many more features than SEO Pressor.

    I wonder though, I use many individual SEO plugins because I like to control everything including dofollows, noindexs and meta data. Will a plugin like this interfere with plugins that help me achieve the aforementioned points or is it strictly for analyzing your post content?


    • Jane Sheeba says

      Actually it doesn’t interfere in a fatal manner with other plugins. But you could get fake zeros on the SEO elements.

      For instance if you’re using Thesis theme and All in one SEO or Yoast SEO plugin, and if you enter the SEO (meta) details only in the plugin boxes and not on the Thesis SEO box, Easy WP SEO won’t count it and will give you a zero score on those particular aspects.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Adriana, as far as your blog has editable blog posts, you should be fine. Although if you have an amazon niche site with WPZon builder (or something of that kind) you won’t have actual content to edit. In WPZon builder if you click the “Edit post” button all you see in the content box is [amzn_product_post]

      In this case you won’t be able to optimize the content there with this plugin. I’m not sure if this is the kind of site you’re talking about. Please feel free to ask more if I didn’t answer your question.

      • Adriana says

        The blog is not ready yet. It will be run off a WordPress.org platform, that much I do know. What info can we give our designer to be able to use this plugin? Jane, thank you very much!

        • Adriana says

          Hi again Jane! Is this a one off payment of $37? By the way, do you know of any similar software that can be used to optimise an ecommerce site that is not designed on a WP template? Thank you!

          • Jane Sheeba says

            Yes Adriana, this is a one time payment of $37. Hm… I’m not sure oh any other similar software of the kind you ask for.

            As to the info to your designer, make sure that your site has editable content (unlike the WPZon builder example I told you). If so, you can always go with doing SEO. The rest of it is fairly easy and obvious – the plugin will tell you what to do to optimize your post for the keyword of your choice.

            • Adriana says

              Jane, thank you v much again! Is it a download? Can it be used on more than one WP site? i.e. we have an external WP blog site & are designing an internal on site WP.org blog. Can we use this plug in for both? Thank you very much Jane!:o)

              • Jane Sheeba says

                Yes Adriana it is a download (zip file) – a wordpress plugin. And you would just need to install it just like any other wordpress plugin.

                If you click this link http://www.probloggingsuccess.com/loves/easy-wp-seo/
                you will see a video on the sales page where Chris shows you as he buys and demonstrates how to install it (it is the last video on the sales page; so you need to scroll down a bit.

                As to the multi-site license, until recently Chris was offering multi-site (and I am almost sure it is so now). But as the sales page says that this offer could be taken down any time, I can’t guarantee that!

  10. WilliamWilliam says

    I bought the plug in and want to know if I can optimize a blog with several posts, and more coming periodically, without having to go post by post?
    just from a central page or dashboard ?


    • Jane Sheeba says

      William, you should actually go post by post. There’s not such option to optimize all posts from the dash. Its because you need to optimize every post for different keywords and its not just the post alone but also the meta data. So you should really go back and optimize old posts.

      I know this is overwhelming. But you can do one post a day for the old posts, while doing from now on the new posts you publish hereafter. That’s how I did it.

  11. PhilppePhilppe says

    I think the information would surely help most of the people. It has been seen that Easy WP SEO is a Word Press plug in that helps you optimize your posts for on-page SEO. According to me, a well optimized site will have a much easier time ranking for competitive keywords than one that is not. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Bryan RingBryan Ring says

    Thanks a lot JANE! I found this post too late, I have SEOpresser..lol I actually love it and yes this tool should not be relied upon for all SEO. It is great for formatting articles/posts and most of SEO needs, but not all.
    However, my opinion, no plugin is full-proof and would suggest not to use as “The end all be all” solution for anything.

  13. Andrew WalkerAndrew Walker says

    Hi there, Jane. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I got a friend who’s working on SEO, and he told me that he’s a bit confused to manage his time to do easier SEO. I think I can give him the link to this article so that he can read and might get a good use of it as well.

  14. LalitLalit says

    Jane thanks for the nice details. At present I am using SEOPRESSOR and I am seriously thinking to go for WP SEO. Thanks for the detailed cmparison and I will also go through the video also.

  15. rakesh kumarrakesh kumar says

    That seems to me a great wordpress plugin. Though most of the features you have mentioned in your review is already available in Yoast SEO except LSI keyword. That is a great feature in this plugin and in current scenario a great help to any wordpress enthusiast.

  16. AbhijitAbhijit says

    Thanks Jane for this post. I have SEOpressor and I also use all in one seo plugin for meta tagging. And frankly to say I just love SEOpressor. But this Easy WP SEO plugin review just make me crazy about this.

    Thanks once again Jane and take care. Have a nice day.

  17. Shalu SharmaShalu Sharma says

    This is a very interesting plugin. I came looking for SEOpressure alternatives and found this. I think the comparison between the 2 tells us which one is the one to go for. Thanks for this review.

  18. JarvisJarvis says


    Thanks the screenshots and the video. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give ability for me to use since I am not on wordpress.

    I might try wordpress after seeing there are a lot of possibilities!


  19. SamuelSamuel says

    SEO is an art that needs to be mastered by each blogger. It is free, and why not take advantage of the freeness it offers.

    I looked over the plugin and looks very legit. Many reviews on the Warrior Forum and it seems to satisfy many who are using it. If you have the funds, this a highly recommended SEO plugin to use.

  20. RDawsonRDawson says

    The Easy WP SEO sounds interesting. The Visual score feature is really awesome that shows the SEO Score and the keyword density. I think its going to be of great help. I have a problem in connecting to the link that you have provided. Is there any other link available to download it?

  21. David WebbDavid Webb says

    I’m amazed, I must say. I always think SEOpressor is the best seo plugin, but this Easy WP SEO plugin review forced me to change my opinion.

  22. VivekVivek says

    Hi Sheeba, Thanks for the review. Every where I am seeing the posotive review of this plugin.

    But can you help me:
    Whenever I try to fetch the LSI words, it gives me ” No results Found “. I contacted my hosting provider for this and they told they have linkback connection on. Do you know how to resolve this problem. Or I am the only suffering from it..

      • Chaitanya says

        Hi Jane, First of all thanks for the detailed review. I am using this plugin for my blog. However I am also facing the same issue, whenever I click on LSI keywords, it says “No relevant keywords found”. I get this error for each and every keyword, I tried.
        Can you let me know whether you are facing this issue or not, also, let us know which version are you using currenlty?
        Thanks in advance.
        Chaitanya recently posted..SEO checklist: Search engine optimization tipsMy Profile

  23. Mohanraj says

    Thank you so much for this great informative article i learned something new from this blog . I like this blog very much awesome writing keep it up thanks.

  24. Agrodut MandalAgrodut Mandal says

    I am using Yoast SEO and Online Backup for WordPress for many years, and yes, they are very useful for my blog.

  25. Abid Omar says

    Hi Jane,

    Nice Review. I was searching for some cool premium wordpress SEO plugins today and i found this review. I didn’t used EasyWPSEO on my blog and i didn’t thin that this plugins is essential and much effective.

    Last day i found a new plugin named WPFullSEO and wondered when saw it’s features. It is an all in one wordpress SEO solution that have many features than other SEO plugins. Really worthy.

    I wrote an in-depth review of WPFullSEO on my blog today morning.

    Have a look and convery your views :)

    Abid Omar

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