A Tiny Little Tweak To Cut Off The Time And Effort And Quickly Create Blog Content

Handcuffed to laptop

The clock is ticking. You need to write your next blog post. You have the blog post idea and even the outline. But you keep writing it for the past several hours.

You are not able to complete that blog post in the destined time. The pressure builds up.

This blog post writing trend goes on and on; you are not able to create content for your own blog on a regular basis.

And you *really* want to do guest blogging. But your blog post writing speed doesn’t allow you to do the same.

You wonder how some bloggers always do it.

How come some bloggers write awesome content (usually in-depth, long and high quality posts) on a regular basis and still manage to publish guest posts on other blogs regularly?

Oh I had been there too!

Blog content creation – nightmare?

Blog content creation is a nightmare for most bloggers. I keep getting asked this one question from many of my readers: “How can I create blog content on a regular basis”.

I usually direct them to posts like this:

>>> How to write killer posts in less time

where I share tips on creating blog content consistently, quickly and so on. But that doesn’t seem to be enough.

They want more.

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And when I was doing some research on this topic and was analyzing my own pattern of writing blog posts, I found this one thing: most bloggers spend way too much time and effort on creating blog content – far more than they actually need to be spending.

That could include you.

Time – It is one of the most precious gifts we have. It cannot be stored and used at later. It cannot be got back. It cannot be earned. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can do nothing about the time that is lost.

And with most bloggers, time is one of the crucial things that they seek. Some bloggers are short of time and they actively seek time more than money.

So even though you are creating an epic post you need not be spending too much time on it.

The famous “lie”

The famous lie

Do you know the #1 famous lie bloggers say when they take too long to finish a blog post? “I need more information“.

What I would say is, we all have enough information already.

I totally agree that researching is absolutely necessary to write amazing blog posts; you need supporting content to develop on your ideas.

But you shouldn’t be spending a lot of time on researching. That is not needed.

And with the current trends in the online world, researching usually is sidetracked by distractions. How many times have you ended up without collecting any useful information but simply have spent the time on reading countless blog posts?

How many times have you ended up watching video after video on Youtube to finally land on watching a cute cat video? Be honest to yourself :)

Again, if you have awesome will power and self-discipline you can go into research and come back without getting sidetracked. But see that you don’t put yourself to test.

So what to do instead?

A *tiny little tweak*

This is a *tiny little* tweak that can make a BIG difference to your content creation effort. Research BEFORE you start writing. Let me say that again.

Research before you start writing blog content.

Here are the simple steps to help you do it quickly and properly (well, effectively).

Step 1. Decide on the title of the post.

Step 2. Do your research. Start with a timer.

Step 3. Collect information.

Step 4. If timer goes, stop researching.

Step 5. Start writing.

Now let me elaborate a bit more on Step 3.

Tweet out this cool tip to your followers:

Research before you start writing blog content. Cut Off The Time And Effort And Quickly Create Blog Content! – Click here to Tweet this.

Use an application like Evernote that syncs on all your devices and also has a browser clipper. Mostly “researching” leads to a 100 tabs that are open in your web browser (OK I am exaggerating a bit here, but still…).

If you do not “collect” that information you will have to keep all those tabs open until you finish the blog post.

What if you don’t finish the blog post in one sitting? What if you have to take an emergency break and continue writing the post the next day? Will you open all the 100 tabs again? That would be waste of time and resources!

Rather, use Evernote clipper to clip those web pages and save them on your computer. Of course, don’t save them all on one “Default” notebook – you’ll only be creating clutter over time.

Create dedicated notebooks in Evernote for different blog post ideas (you can create notebooks based on certain topics or categories) or whatever suits you best.

Now the great thing about this approach is that you don’t have to have internet connection when you really want to write your blog post.

And the great excuse (“I need to research”) and the following distraction can be totally avoided.

Are you the one who says “Oh but I always want to refer to resources when I am writing a blog post. So I can’t turn off the internet”? If you use this simple tip, you can turn the internet off and still have access to the reference material you gathered the blog post.

If you have installed Evernote on your computer, you can write your blog post with all the reference material intact even if you don’t have internet access.

When you turn internet back again, everything syncs. You can choose to write your blog post as a note inside Evernote or on your computer as a doc file (or whatever). If you write it in Evernote, your blog post also is saved online because of the sync feature.

Evernote is available for your computer, web, and on handheld devices.

Try using this little tweak and cut off a lot of time and effort in creating your blog posts.

Now, will you please leave a comment letting me know how you plan to use this tip? Also please do share this post in your social circle so more of your friends can benefit from this little tweak.

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  1. Akos FintorAkos Fintor says

    Hey Jane,

    Cool tips.
    I usually pick the topic and clarify the message then I start writing about it. The last thing I do is the title.
    People say to me all the time that I do things backwards . :)

    Great post!

  2. ClarkmartinClarkmartin says

    Hi Jane
    Great post thanks for share it. All posts have something to learn. Your work is very good and i appreciate. you and hopping for some more informative posts.

  3. AasmaAasma says

    It’s crucial step to research before writing any article, however you must give it specific time. Every type of information is easily available online, so it won’t take much time to gather them all. Once you have required information then you can merge them all to come up with complete and informative post.

  4. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hello Jane,

    Very nice tips you have shared. You are right we already have enough information.
    We can check other blogs for more information.
    I have not use EVERNOTE yet, I’ll give it a try.


  5. Theodore NwangeneTheodore Nwangene says

    Hi Jane,
    Happy new week, hope you enjoyed the weekend.

    Prior to this post, Creating content on a regular basis has often been a problem to most bloggers. But ones you understand how to go about it, you’ll discover that its not as difficult as you thought.
    I love the method of researching before writing of cause, but you must as well love what you are doing, make sure you’re very passionate about your choosing niche because that will also make it a piece of cake for you.

    Thanks for sharing jane and do enjoy your week.

  6. Harleena Singh says

    Wonderful tips Jane!

    I was smiling from ear to ear as I could so well relate to all that you wrote. :)

    You are so-so right about the excuses most of us make, including me where research is concerned. I for one, DO spend time on researching matter as I want to give my readers the most there is to a particular topic, though I know I can lessen and share it in another post and am working on that part of me now.

    And just as you mentioned about Evernote and saving the matter there, I normally research my matter and bookmark the few pages I need to refer to whenever I sit to write, though you are right, one needs the Internet that time and the distractions DO harm the flow or work. For that, now I’ve started opening up the pages I want and closing the Internet when I write as that was one way that worked for me.

    I never knew you can use the clipper option to save links and use them without the Internet, that’s just what I need then – but isn’t the clipper a paid option as compared to the bookmarks that we have free?

    Thanks for letting us know about it all :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How Much Water Do You Drink DailyMy Profile

  7. Sharyn SheldonSharyn Sheldon says

    Hi Jane!

    This is exactly the process I use, once I have a topic I know I want to cover. I LOVE Evernote and don’t know how I ever survived without it.

    One tip: Make sure you use tags when you clip any web pages. I like to tag research in a couple different ways. If I’m writing about something like content marketing, I’ll use the tag “content marketing” for a web page clip. If the research is for a blog post, I’ll also tag it as “blog post notes” so I can see different things I’ve been working on. If the web clip also has information I might use for other topics in the future, I’ll also use a relevant tag. For example, if the page has information about useful blog plugins for content marketing, I might use a tag like “WordPress plugins”. That way, the research is easy to find for future posts too.

    No more little sticky notes and scraps of paper for me!!!!

    – Sharyn

  8. Brian Hawkins says

    Nice tip Jane. Like Harleena, I can completely relate. I use Pocket myself but I’ve had so many tabs opened at once I’d have to be extremely careful to open each one as far the the left as I could so I wouldn’t hit the closing ‘x’. A few times I’ve had so many tabs opened I’d use two or more browsers at once and accidently closed the wrong browser and lost all those tabs. lol Talking about a bad day! 😉
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..What Is Facebook EdgeRank And How Does It Affect Bloggers?My Profile

  9. Gaurang JoshiGaurang Joshi says

    Well that’s really a great Idea Jane. Setting up a time for researching and if time expires then shoot on. Gonna implement it in writing posts from now onward.
    And I agree about the Famous lie. It’s very common to hear the similar lie everytime from the probloggers.

  10. susan beesley says

    Jane that was another fantastic post. Like you I am a passionate blogger and write a lot of posts on several sites every day and can remember all of the things you talk about in this article. It is good to be reminded of how difficult it can be when you first get started. Thanks again. Keep the tips coming Susan

  11. Georgene HarknessGeorgene Harkness says

    This information is excellent, except for the fact that offline content is only available for Evernote as a premium (pay) feature. The price is absolutely SOOOOOO worth it, and I’d pay for Evernote even if they didn’t have offline content available (just to keep them encouraged to keep the service running), but your readers need to know that this feature isn’t free.

    I frequently refer to Evernote as “my brain” because without it I am sure I’d forget my own name. :-)

  12. Mark BrookMark Brook says

    Hey JaneSheeba,
    This is really nice post you have made again I am writing every thing what I know about product. Now I am thinking to write a story what information I was looking I found it here as I never use evernote but now I think everynote is good for blogging and some time we need continuity for a blog.
    Thank you for sharing this information.

  13. Vishnu (linkstoweb.in)Vishnu (linkstoweb.in) says

    Thanks for this cool tips Jane.Yes this will defiantly help me on Blogging. I could so well relate to all that you wrote.Thanks again and keep up the good work :-)

  14. RobertRobert says

    I tried your tip today, and wow, I am really impressed with the result. I won’t fluffing around on the Internet anymore and it takes less time to write a blog post.

  15. Luana Spinetti says


    I love your method! I plan to give it a try starting next week, when I’ll start to write December content for Writer’s Mind.

    I use a different method, which works so far, but to have an alternative ready in my hat can only add good. 😉 My method is as follows:

    – I draft my piece with what I know and what I feel about the topic
    – I leave ‘ABC’ holes where points need research (example: “I enjoy cooking chili dishes! Even ABC does, in fact she uses the ABC method and I may give it a try, too”)
    – I start my research and take notes, carefully noting down the URL and source’s name, too
    – I replace the ABC’s with proper data, proofread then publish.

    I have installed Evernote but haven’t used it yet. :) Guess it’s time I start. LOL.

    ~ Luana S.

  16. JasonJason says

    ow I am also thinking to write a story what information I was looking I found it here as I never use evernote but now I think everynote is good for blogging and some time we need continuity for a blog.

  17. Edna R. AluochEdna R. Aluoch says

    Hey! I like the Evernote idea although have not used it before. Will definitely use it for my next writing. Thanks.

  18. Suresh Khanal says

    That’s really nice suggestion and yes it can improve productivity. I’d like to know your views on writing blog posts as .doc file. If you are doing this, how do you format the post. Because when you copy and paste the post from MS Word into WordPress, the Word adds a lot of format tags which will totally change the look of post. It requires more time to remove those unnecessary tags. And what about images you composed in Doc file?

    I’d like to learn your way of composing posts and publishing. It would be great information if you could share it. Looking forward.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..WordPress Malware Removal Tool Sucuri!My Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Suresh, yes Word to WordPress had been a problem to me. But now I use the paste from Word or paste as Text option (you can find it in the kitchen sink option in WordPress editor). This way WP wont’t add any extra formatting :) This also applies pasting from other apps like Zen Writer which uses rtf format.

  19. Rae says

    Great tips; thank you for sharing. I’m pretty good at collating information beforehand and saving it all to a file because yep, I’m one of those cute cats on YouTube watchers if I’m not careful!

    Thanks for the reminder to reel ourselves in.

    I know I can write a blog post in a fraction of the time if I’m laser-focused and get rid of all distractions.

    One of the things that works for me is knowing my own most productive time of day – it’s around 6am, before the family get up, before the phone starts ringing, and before my clients are sitting at their desks. I get a good 1 1/2 hours of time then to be productive and creative…

  20. Okto says

    Hi Jane,

    Interesting title. The little tweaks you give us is important. It just what I am discuss about on my latest posts. Some alternative ways to create blog contents fast is to change your writing style.

    Here are some more idea about changing writing style
    1. Write a short posts (but to the point)
    2. Write a long posts (but detail)


  21. Carl says

    Another excellent article, Jane. I think the key is to stay focused and write few articles in advance. For sure writing everyday can be a bit stressful, especially if you have full time job.

  22. richaricha says

    Great post Jane. Some very useful tips you have shared here. Creating quality content regularly can be a tiring task. Investing too much of time in doing research is surely a waste. Thanks for the share.

  23. Kari says

    I think this would work really well for me. Right now I have 11 pinned tabs that I need to keep pinned or I will forget about them. Yes, I could bookmark them, but pinning them seems to be easier. I will check it out and see if it makes life any easier.

    BTW – from this post I found your blog Merry Relationship…I didn’t know you have a relationship blog. I’m not even sure how I ended up there lol. It’s great you are having success in many different blogs. :)

  24. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    *little tweak* is really cool 😉

    This five step process that you’ve stated is really cool and easy to follow. It will definitely help in creating content in very less time.

  25. AshleyAshley says

    Yeah I guess when you look at it that way writing a blog post is kinda like writing a paper. You want to get your research done before you sit down and write it. I also like the idea of the timer to keep you from getting lost in the internet because we all know that it is too easy to get sidetracked when you are researching something interesting to you.

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