Swift To-Do List Review: Boost your productivity and peace of mind

When it comes to a product that claims to boost my productivity I’ve always tried it. I am not joking.

Given that I am managing more than 15 blogs and the associated promotion, the content creation and other stuff will make me go crazy if I don’t have a “system” in place.

I am in general a very organized person. I plan things and execute them according to the plan. I set priorities, I set long term and short term goals, I procrastinate rarely and in general I’m good.

To-Do List Review

But when you have too much in your plate and when you have only 24 hours in a day things can go overboard!

And even in the “organizing” part, I had some flaws.

I started using multiple tools; my to-do lists got scattered all over the place. I tried web-based apps, desktop tools, cloud-based tools and many more.

And if you’re a person who spends a fair amount of time online, there are so-called distractions that come in the way and side track you, make you unproductive and make you forget what you need to be actually working on. So here’s the task management software I found!

Introducing Swift To-Do List

Swift To-Do list (aff link) is a “complete” piece of to-do list management/productivity software that lets you put the bits and pieces of your personal and business life in an orderly fashion, in one place, so that you can stay in peace, really.

Now I have all my to-do lists – business and personal – on Swift to-do list. Let me discuss some of the cool features of this tool.

Swift To-Do List Review

Sub to-do lists and sub-tasks

This is one of the coolest things I love about Swift to-do list. I can have two major lists, say Business and Personal and then have as many sub to-do lists within the major lists.

This tree can go to any level! That is, I can add any number of sub to-do lists and sub-sub- to-do lists. This is an analogy of maintaining folders within folders and get super organized.

And here’s another cool thing. I create a task and then I can create one or more sub-tasks to it. I love this because I can put up a big task and then split it into chunks – the bite sized chunks – and then each chunk or the individual step that needs to get the bigger/major task completed.

I’m sure you’d know the importance of splitting any task into bite-sized chunks to actually get it done! This software rocks in that particular aspect.


The first and the foremost thing I look for in a time management software is the availability and efficiency of a reminder. If a to-do list tool or a time management tool doesn’t have a reminder feature, it is crap (believe me there are so many tools out there that don’t have this crucial feature).

See, you and me are just human beings. It is not enough to have our tasks listed in one place but also to be reminded about the task at the right time.

Swift to-do list does a great job with that. The reminders are not “just” popups but are far more than that!

Time tracker

This is a cool option which helps you track. You can either use the in-built timers or you can simply start tracking your time and start doing a task. This will help you to track how much time you actually spent on a particular task which is really cool.

Siwft To-Do Lost Time tracking

On the tasks list, I can see how much time I’ve spent so far on an incomplete task or totally on a completed task. I can pause the timer in between and start it again if I have to take a break. The timer is a small one, not on your face and can sit at the corner of a screen.

Time tracking-1

Other features at a glance

I can talk all day about the features of this tool. Let me cut short it for you –

1. You can easily create recurring tasks! The picture tells you the choices available


2. You can add or edit tasks at once (in batch).

3. Facility to email tasks to either yourself or your team members.

4. You can easily filter out which tasks you can see on your screen. For example, you can filter out the completed tasks and can only view tasks that are to be done.

5. You can set priorities and choose custom colors for your priority labels.

Feature Roundup

  • Subtasks
  • Ability to show/hide columns as needed
  • Ability to add multiple tasks at once
  • Ability to edit multiple tasks at once
  • More powerful printing & export
  • Archive for deleted tasks (you can restore your already deleted tasks!)
  • View modes (view all tasks at once, tree branch, etc)
  • Full and customizable print and export
  • Ability to print or export a single task or task selection
  • “Clean Tasks” feature
  • Database encryption
  • Notes formatting, including bold, italic, underline, bullets, images, more
  • Notes DOCX/HTML/RTF/ODT import and export, as well as PDF export
  • Tree numbers counting tasks in each to-do list
  • Ability to email tasks
  • Online sync features (in Beta)
  • Mobile web-apps (in Beta)
  • Email reminders and recurrence notifications
  • Ability to rename columns
  • Task attachments (embedded attachments supported)
  • Ability to attach emails to tasks (from Outlook and other email programs)

Take Swift To-Do List for a test drive

Yes, pricing of a product matters a lot, right? Swift to-do list is available for download at various price levels starting from just $44 for Swift To-Do List Standard to $199 for Swift To-Do List Ultimate Pack (1-user-3-PC).

There are various ranges in-between. However before you even spend a single penny you can test drive the software for 30 days – no catch; you can choose which level you want to try – Standard, Professional or Ultimate – during your trial!

So go ahead and try Swift to-do list at no cost.

PS: Swift to-do list, along with Swift Mind Freedom will take your productivity to a new level.

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  1. celiceli says

    Very simple and to the point. I used to concern myself excessively with what others are thinking but realized that it can send you into a tailspin of self deprecating thought and I think you really made a great point that they are usually concerned with what other people are thinking about them. Thanks Jane.

  2. EvanEvan says

    Looks like a great soft. I will try it coz also have some problems with managing my blogs, well, not problems, some difficulties. I was looking for some Time tracker but when it’s all together it’s really awesome. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Patricia Weber says

    Well I went over to check this tool out. It only works for Windows systems? Or did I miss something. So I’ll continue to stay with the Pomodoro technique for now. I started using it last fall and so far, it’s keeping me task oriented.

    Thanks for the information review.

  4. khaja moinkhaja moin says

    Time management is very important for a blogger, as we don`t know how much time we spend online browsing.
    Thanks Jane for the excellent review.


  5. SamuelSamuel says

    Productivity on the internet can be quite difficult at times.

    Too much work and not knowing how to organize is a time for you to get help :)

    By the looks and the nice “time” feature of this software, this help can make your expectation rise.

  6. Shalini ChauhanShalini Chauhan says

    Time management is very important thing for a blogger. If he or she can manage time than it will be easy to run the blog successfully.

  7. Jay YadavJay Yadav says

    oh my GOD time tracker is the good thing , I think this will make us more efficient in our work . Thanks for sharing such an informative article .

  8. Narender ChopraNarender Chopra says

    From starting I am fan of To-do List Softwares. It helps me a lot to manage my work. BTW Nice Review Dear Jane.

  9. Sana says

    Hi Jane
    Posting for the first time at your site.
    I appreciate the content details. Full of information that really has a practical value.
    I remember this quote (I think from Sally McGhee’s book on Productivity),
    “Productivity is not getting More done, but geeting Right Things done!”
    Wish to come back to your web place again and again.
    Keep posting good stuff.
    Sana recently posted..How Vital Is It To Try Search Engine Optimization For A New Website?My Profile

  10. Mohad says

    I was completely blown away by the content – usually I see spam on Facebook groups but this was awesome.. didn’t even finish reading yet, but you really got ideas pumping in my head right now.



  11. Gaurav ChopraGaurav Chopra says

    To do list is manage your time and work & its remind you about your work , its very helpful to mine professionalism

  12. OlgaOlga says

    I sometimes have problems with organization even though I am generally also a well-organized person. I tried many different apps but this one seems really nice. Thanks for your post. I am definitely going to check this app and report how it improved my efficiency and organization! :)

  13. AaynaAayna says

    A great tool. Time management is a great agenda for any blogger and this tool can provide the much needed relief as far as time management is concerned. Thanks for sharing the post.

  14. FatimaFatima says

    Wow! This is a great organizer for a much more planned work activity. I’m glad to have read your post. Thanks for the share.

  15. RuchiRuchi says

    Oh yes. How could I forget about such a tool. As a matter of fact I too have been facing the same problem of managing the mulitple sites and tasks and quite often it is getting out of control. Such a tool could be of great help to bloggers and is a must for bloggers managing multiple blogs. Will try this out.

  16. Julia SpencerJulia Spencer says

    Reminders are definitely the best features of such products. They help to have everything under control, and do everything in time

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Reasons to Send Email Newsletter On a Regular Basis

  17. LeeLee says

    Hi Jane
    We all know that productivity is everything. I know it is really important and have commented before how I am more productive when taking short breaks regularly. Still though I find myself drifting back in to snail mode. Going to give a to do list a go a put times in that what has to be done by then to speed me up.

    So thanks Jane for more great tips lee

  18. Jannie Taylor says


    Your post is an eyeopener. Most of us are unaware of these things. We are human and it is not possible to learn everything at once. Most of us do not realize.

    Jannie Taylor

  19. Andrea H.Andrea H. says

    15 blogs? That’s amazing, at times I find hard to deal with just one. :)

    Interesting tool though, have a great weekend!

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