Alexa Links: 2 Ways To Easily Increase Yours

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Few days back I made a post about Alexa links. In that post I talked about the importance of increasing a website’s Alexa links (number) and also about the difference between Alexa rank and the Alexa links.

Here’s the original post: Alexa Links: How To Get More Of Them

At the end of the post, I’ve made a promise to tell you how to increase the Alexa links number of your website. Well its time to tell you the methods I use to slowly and steadily increase my Alexa links.

I would like to mention here, at the very beginning, that this method is not a “quickie”. There is no push button.

If you carefully read by previous post on getting more of Alexa links, you’ll see that the “key” is to find new blogs to get backlinks.

Of course, backlinks can be obtained in many number of ways. But here I will concentrate only on backlinks that could be got through blog commenting.

If you’re overwhelmed with blog commenting and if you want a helping hand with that, here’s a post for you:

Blog Commenting: Do It Effectively Without Killing Yourself.

Now, the point with this post is to help you find new blogs in a slow and steady manner and build high quality backlinks (not just high quality but also natural backlinks as per Google!) through blog commenting.

Now the more backlinks you get from commenting on new blogs, the more will be your Alexa links!

Without bragging about it further, let me dive in straight.

Twitter for increasing Alexa links

Twitter is not just a social media platform anymore. It’s a business place. That’s a well established fact now.

Here are two ways in which Twitter can help you get more Alexa links.

Twitter Stream

If you’re following a lot of people and as well get followed by a lot of people on Twitter, chances are that you use Twitter lists. You filter out your most favourite bloggers, and based on the category of their blogs you create Twitter lists.

You always have a tab opened for that Twitter list either in your browser or in your social media dashboard (like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Marketmesuite etc.).

If you use Twitter like this regularly, you’ll be just following the tweets/updates from a handful of people (OK may be more if your following is massive). And, this won’t help you in finding new blogs to comment.

Rather, once in a week or better yet, once in two days, spend 2-5 minutes to skim through your Twitter stream (yes the raw Twitter stream!) to find any interesting updates with links.

This way you will end up in several new blogs apart from the ones you regularly visit. Now find an interesting post in each of those blogs and leave a comment.

If you could find up to 5 new blogs per Twitter stream scan, you can indeed skyrocket your Alexa links.

Twitter search for Alexa links

Alternatively, you can also do a Twitter search and find updates that contain a particular keyword of your interest. You can do this either on the Twitter website itself or better yet, use your social media dashboard like Tweetdeck, Marketmesuite or Hootsuite to get the most out of your Twitter search.

This way, you can find keyword targeted new blogs to comment on and hence increase your Alexa links.


The second and the most easiest way to find new (random) blogs in your niche is through StumbleUpon. If you’re on Stumble, you probably know how to stumble based on your interests.

If not, I strongly suggest you to join Stumble, plug-in your keywords (interests) and start stumbling.

You will find a lot of new (strange) blogs to comment on and thereby increase your Alexa links.


The two sources Twitter and StumbleUpon are really simple sources that you might be using everyday. What I’ve suggested here are little tweaks in the way you use them in order to find new blogs, leave comments and increase your Alexa links.

By finding new blogs like this on a regular basis will not only help you increase your Alexa links in a slow and steady manner, but also will help you in expanding your blogging network, make new connections and build on your blog traffic via blog commenting.

Can you suggest some more brilliant methods to find new blogs to comment (and hence to increase Alexa links)? Please share them in the comments.

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  1. Ilka FloodIlka Flood says

    Hi Jane,

    Great information! Learned something new today :) I had no clue about Alexa links, I only knew about Alexa ranking. I’ll definitely implement this in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this!


  2. DiTesco says

    Fantastic Jane. This are those types of tips that I like.. easy, actionable and yield results. Can’t beat that :) Love it really. As a matter of fact the method you highlight here is extremely interesting for a lot of things. Links aside, you can also build relationships and perhaps increase your reader base too. Definitely worth the 2 – 3 minute effort. Thanks, will definitely apply this on my schedule.

  3. DianneDianne says

    It’s amazing what you can find once you take the time to check out the Twitter stream. I found an article that was completely related to me which was great.
    I haven’t tried to find blogs on Stumbleupon though. Great suggestion!

  4. Ray says

    Actually all the info you need to benefit from Alexa is right there on Alexa. You just need to know how to access it and what to do with it. Although Twitter or Stumble can help, but so can any site.

  5. adam says

    Hi, Jane at first I only do effort on increasing alexa ranking but with this post of yours I now begun to appreciate building alexa links. Thanks to your post worth the time reading this.

  6. kurukshetrankurukshetran says

    Thanks jane.your information is very and my blog learned new info today.your blog is doing great work in blogging community.

  7. Nick says

    I have been working on commenting on other blogs and my Alexa Ranking is going up a ton. Try to set a number of blogs you comment to per day or week and stick to it!

      • Nick says

        No problem. It really does help relationships. Some top bloggers know me simply because I comment A LOT on there blogs. Obviously, these comments are well thought out and not just spam.

  8. LalitLalit says

    Hi Jane, thanks for sharing excellent tips to improve Alexa ranking and I think that twitter tip can really be beneficial.

  9. somyatranssomyatrans says

    Thanks for Useful information about Alexa.
    How can you enhance your Alexa rank? Alexa is a contributory of It is a ranking method based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed.

  10. Mike WearMike Wear says

    Hi Jane, This is my first to your blog , Great tip and information about how increase Alexa link numbers, i will surely implement this technique thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Geoffrey HaleGeoffrey Hale says

    Jane, I love StumbleUpon! And I’m growing quite fond of your blog. I just remembered – a reminder for all of your readers – don’t forget to submit your blog at StumbleUpon! Thanks for the techniques. I’ll have to get to the Stumble-commenting in the morning. =)

  12. Mortgage RatesMortgage Rates says

    Thank you so much for this information! I am going to use the stumble otion for this….. very helpful!

  13. Geoffrey HaleGeoffrey Hale says

    Jane, just stopping by to personally thank you for contributing to my recent jump in Alexa rankings. I’ve cut my world rankings by half and my US rankings by 100k!!


  14. MachfudzMachfudz says

    I’m a beginner on blogging..
    this very help me to learn about blogging and about alexa link…

  15. MichealMicheal says

    Really interesting posting about the alexa ranking and the link rank. It change my mind about the blogging and alexa. Thanks a lot

  16. subhorup says

    stumbleupon is good for discovering new blogs and sites, but for those using stumbleupon submissions for link building, it definitely pulls down average time on site and bounce rate. enjoyed your posts. i reached this one after a couple of other posts by you on twitter and alexa.

  17. Atish says

    I think to get more alexa links one needs to build links on new sites because alexa counts only one link from a domain however you have 100’s of link from there.

    By the way nice tips.

  18. FahadFahad says

    I was thinking that alexa rank is based on only number of visitors. I did not know that it also depends on the numbers of back links.

    Thanks for sharing…

  19. Paul Steele says

    Love the way you have led into showing it as a more social activity than simply hunting links. Indeed many new friends are found using Twitter and Stumbleupon that involve reaching out beyond your own usual circles. Thanks for laying it out. P

  20. Rakesh PherwaniRakesh Pherwani says

    Someone asked for a method of only returning Alexa pagerank. One method is to type the following into your web browser:

    Be sure to replace “” with your own website. I used my website as an example for clarity.

    Of course this method can be used in scripts and the output parsed.

    The interesting data returned would be returned as:

    Again, data returned will match your website given instead of the example website. “123456” will represent the actual ranking returned.

    Keep in mind that if the site you submit is not ranked on Alexa, you will not receive any “POPULARITY” response. For reference, my website currently has no Alexa ranking.

    Other interesting items returned:

    Where “123” will be replaced with the actual number of inbound links to the given searched site.

    Other information such as owner information, etc. may or may not be returned depending on what is saved on Alexa databases. Experiment around with the link and see what interesting information you can extract. Use a script language of your choice to make better use of the data. Good luck.

  21. PaulinePauline says

    Skimming the twitter feed with a keyword is a great idea, I felt overwhelmed with it but will go have a look right now, thank you!

  22. Abdul RazzaqAbdul Razzaq says

    Thanks for sharing a great idea about getting Alexa links and I sure every one can get easily links and can increase links, Thanks again.

  23. Juste says

    Many thanks for the article. Easier said that done. Based on Google Webmaster, I have over 100 backlinks (root domains), however, Alexa shows only 17. From other websites that I am running, my experience is that Alexa also only indexes 10-20% of total backlinks indexed by Google and I have no clue why.

  24. Mansoor says

    Hey Jane,

    I would like to add some aspect to get traffic so that your alexa ranking will increase.

    Youtube marketing
    Forum Posting is also good way
    Dont forget about Question and Answer sites

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