SEO Is Scary And Networking Takes Time

SEO is scary

If you are a blogger (doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an established one) there are certain tasks that you’re not comfortable with.

I mean, your blogging expertise won’t cut it. There are always certain tasks that you don’t like doing.

One of this is SEO. The other is networking.

Personally I still don’t like doing the former.

But networking is something I love to do, since I get to connect with people when I network. That’s cool, really.

The problem with SEO

With SEO, I hear most bloggers HATE doing it. Mainly because, the rules are always changing.

You never know whether you’re doing something right or wrong.

Even worse, what was right yesterday might be wrong tomorrow and you might be penalized by Google simply because you didn’t know you were doing the wrong thing (well, wrong in Google’s book).

A great example is this: You were told that you need to build ample links in order to boost your visibility in search engines. And you did so. You did not worry about anything but you targeted certain number of links for that money making page of yours.

And then one day your money making page was washed out from Google’s results because you were building links in an unnatural/spammy way (definition provided by Google!).

The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”, the objective is that your links are natural.

– Quoting Matt Cutts when talking about off-page SEO (link building).

There is indeed a thick line between natural/organic link building and spammy link building but most internet marketers think that the line is fine and hence stay confused!

Now what about networking?

This is the second most daunting task for most bloggers.

First – there are a lots of places to find like-minded people and network with them. The number of places is simply overwhelming.

Think about social media sites! They are also one of the most dangerous places to get lost in distraction.

But social media sites are the places where you can find like minded people to network with.

OK before we talk about where you can find people to network with, lets see “why”? Like, “why should you network in the first place?”

Coz networking is fun – don’t punch me on my face. That’s my personal opinion and it is the very first reason as to why “I” network with like-minded bloggers and with my readers.

Now, let’s be honest – the (second) most obvious reason as to why we all network is to get our stuff across to as many people as we can.

By now, you should be knowing that “build it and they will come” won’t work anymore. It worked a decade ago when content was rare to find. Not anymore.

So you need to connect with as many people as possible. Why? Because you need more hands to spread your content. You yourself can’t do it alone as a one man (woman) army.

The more people know about you and your content, its good for your business! Now if your connections (pals) find that your content is good enough to be shared, they won’t hesitate to share it with their friends – and this will go on!

I know you are less interested in the “why” part of the story – you need to know “how” right? Yup me too!

So how do you network with people (without getting burned out)?

Network without getting burned out

First, you need to get hold of social media by all means.

You cannot survive in the blogosphere without social media – I know that’s a BIG statement and many bloggers are against that thought.

My reasoning is this: Your target audience hang out in LARGE groups in social media sites. So you gotta be there too, to grab their attention.

OK so I hope you know “networking” doesn’t mean posting your blog’s links on your social profiles (sharing them with your friends/followers) and hoping that they will click through and visit your awesome site.

Networking just is making connections – simple. Hang out on social media sites, find like minded people, follow/friend them, help your friends/followers when they’re in trouble (when a question is asked, for instance).

Promote other people’s stuff (not ALL stuff, but the stuff you think that will benefit your readers and stuff that’s REALLY good).

A very important thing to note is that you need not (and should not) be networking all the time. You cannot just jump into social media sites at any time of the day when you “feel” like doing it.

After all, if you are tired and burned out with your blogging and need a break, sure you can go ahead and login to Facebook and watch cute puppy videos in order to chill out.

But networking is different. You cannot be doing it all day, whenever you feel like doing it.

There are two reasons for this

1. You need to know “when” your target audience are in a particular social media site. When you also login at the same time to participate in the conversations, chats, etc. you can interact with more people, naturally.

2. If you don’t allocate a specific time for your social media connection strategy you could be (and yes most probably) be dragged into various distractions that are abundant in social networks. This could hardly hit your productivity!

I actually login to social media sites and network with people at times when I’m tired and not very productive.

Why? Because when I am tired and dull, interacting with people refreshes me. That’s two birds in one stone – (i) I chill out and (ii) interact and build relationship with people (at the same time promoting my blog posts).

As I said already I don’t do it all day; I don’t do it whenever I fee like doing it.

I usually feel sleepy and dull after lunch. I can’t write content at that time; neither can I deal with client gigs.

So I jump in to connect with people in social media. A little bit of distraction is also fine for me at that time since it helps me get recharged from my dull/sleepy mood.

And, as I said earlier, I get more likes and more views at that time when I am on social media after my lunch time!

Actionable takeaway

Take networking easy. Make it fun. Make it useful for the others.

The more you help people out (in social media, comments etc.) the easier it is to gain genuine connections.

Stay tuned for my next post where I talk about search engine optimization (yes of course, without scaring you out!).

And if you found this post useful, please share it in your social circle. I’d appreciate that; thank you!

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  1. Reeja Mathews says

    Yes Jane, most of the bloggers worried about SEO and Panda or Penguin or other updates. but the reality is whatever you do the traffic from search engines is less than 15% for most of the blogs.
    So you can leave SEO if you are running a blog (Ok if it is a website you should take extra care)
    Networking is not that easy but it is fun
    Reeja Mathews recently posted..Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google SearchMy Profile

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Yes you bring up an important point Reeja. And it is also important for us to keep the share of search engine traffic to be less than 25% so that we don’t go broke when something big hits.

  2. Okto says

    Hi Jane,
    Encouraging issue you bring up into the post here. SEO seems to have many bad side effect for bloggers these days. That’s because many bloggers still think networking is not a priority.

    As you said we bloggers should not worry on SEO to much if we have a good networks. So make sure we start build our on networks and think SEO when we are ready.

    Thanks Jane
    Okto recently posted..How to Create New Posts that Bring More Traffic into Your Blog Eventhough You Have No Subscribers Yet.My Profile

  3. SamSam says

    As we all know Google is giving punish to that sites who are buying or paying links for their site. So if you will do all technique of SEO according to new rule of Panda and Penguin update then i don’t think so you will need scare more about it.

  4. AdityaAditya says

    Hi Jane,
    I am pretty much assured that doing SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea.A blogger cannot give time to both Blog and SEO work at the same time.And even if it gives time to both consequently it may happen that one of two will get affected with bad results.

    Networking on social media sites can do half of the SEO work when one shares and likes your pages/posts.Traffic automatically comes when the post is unique and liked by lots of people.

        • Jane Sheeba says

          Hey Aditya, nothing is personal :)

          Nope I haven’t approached any SEO company to do SEO for my blog. But I have done some basic SEO myself, both on-page and off-page.

          Like setting up meta stuff for the blog home page and other pages/posts, doing keyword research, SEOing blog posts, building links (white hat – blog commenting, guest blogging etc.). And that’s it.

  5. Andreas FairnieAndreas Fairnie says

    Hi Jane,

    I agree with what you say. The blogger must concentrate on making his network strong and think about SEO only when they are ready. Thanks for the interesting update.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Andreas, yes, both SEO and networking are needed. Even if the blogger doesn’t do it on a bigger scale, it is very important that they know the basics and do it.

  6. Alan says

    I think that most people over think seo and thats what scares them. If you write good content, comment on other blogs that you enjoy reading with GOOD comments, write your blogs with on-page seo in mind, and promote your blog in social media then you won’t have to worry about seo because you are already doing it!

    I fear guest blogging. I have not been able to work up the courage to guest blog quite yet, but I am working on it.
    Alan recently posted..Primavera P6 Release 8.2 and the Index Performance PortletMy Profile

  7. Guy LisandroGuy Lisandro says

    I think, there is no doubt that,without SEO, it’s impossible to internet marketing. So, i need to learn it from your excellent article.

  8. George says

    Jane instead of hanging out on social media sites and looking for that single needle in the haystack why not rather join blogging communities which already have a pack of like minded people. Some points which left out. Find people who are like minded by seeing the comments on a popular post or blog. Here i find many people with whom i can network. Some are newbies while some not but then we can always find. Next seo is a hard nut but i think your strategy of finding small blogs and guest blogging with your anchor text brings more consistent targeted visitors on any blog. Even zac johnson does that.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey George you probably got me wrong. I am not inclined towards social media marketing, although I will not completely take it out of the equation. There should be a good mix of all these – joining other blogs, blog communities like bizsugar, blokube etc., social media and SEO (which will help people find you).

      Basically you should make it a point to grab the attention of your target audience wherever they’re gathered. This also changes upon the niche. On some niches, blog communities are very less and their peers and audiences only hang out in social media.

  9. SamuelSamuel says

    SEO isn’t as hard as it is.

    Way too many people are passing around the “idea” that SEO is hard and complicated, which isn’t entirely true.

    You can get by with just basic SEO and see great traffic from that. Stick to basics if you don’t want to fail with SEO.

    Thanks Jane!

  10. QamarQamar says

    Although Social signals have not directly impacted your search ranking but works like a prediction for search engines that how much and contents are heavy, healthier impactable.Any way seeing a good post from you

  11. dustindustin says

    Nice article! The truth is I hate SEO, it consumes most of my time blogging, than writing. The updates also annoys me, because I don’t know if I am doing the right thing or not.

    I guess when it comes to SEO no one is right or wrong :-)

  12. smartkathysmartkathy says

    Hi there. Some how you are right. But not 100%. Rules are changed frequently only due to spam or black hat SEO. Quality sites have never affected by any change. And the main thing is quality back link and unique content. I love SEO dear……….

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Smartkathy, I don’t understand on what you disagree with me :) With all the search engine updates I can say that only the black hat techniques are targeted. White hatters who follow the basics always stay safe. Anyways I’m so glad that you love SEO.

  13. Ashwani Ahlawat says

    The like I liked the most in the article is this Jane “Even worse, what was right yesterday might be wrong tomorrow and you might be penalized by Google simply because you didn’t know you were doing the wrong thing.”

    It’s damn true. Personally, technically and practically it’s true enough in case of blogging especially SEO tasks.

    Thanks for sharing Jane. :)

  14. Anirvan says

    As you said that SEO is a scary process I am as per with it but it would be most appropriate if we say that it is a long term professional process rather than scary process.Thanks for your views.

  15. JoyJoy says

    Hello Jane! It’s always been my goal to acquire genuine connections that eventually translate to sales and lasting business partnerships. Although SEO is an essential factor in amassing leads, I recognize the fact that it could never stand alone. Thanks for the enlightening read.

  16. KristineKristine says

    I couldn’t agree with you more that SEO is often inevitable–there are no constant tried and tested techniques that will work to your advantage every single time so to ensure that my efforts are supplemented efficiently, connecting with potential clients through various social networking sites is a great alternative. Thanks for sharing!

  17. OlgaOlga says

    Hello Jane,
    What a nice post. You have made here very good points. I think that it seems that people focused on SEO too much, which resulted in many of them being penalized. I am afraid that now we should focus on networking and make SEO just an additional from-time-to-time task. For me networking seems more difficult than SEO (especially at the beginning when our position is not established yet). I am wonder is there is going to be something else after SEO and networking… let’s say in a few years’ time.
    Thanks for a great post.

  18. Mas HgnisMas Hgnis says

    Thanks very much for such a good write up. But I always feel SEO, getting back links is such a pain full job that i ask myself is really worth. Sometimes it seems to me that I am working more Search Engine and less for my site.

    As rightly said you can change the world as per your wish and it’s better to flow in the direction river is flowing.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Mas, don’t focus on “getting” backlinks. Focus on earning them. Work on your site smartly. Investigate what people are eagerly looking for and fill up your blog with top notch content on those topics; you should be good.

  19. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    It is true, SEO is constantly changing and evolving, but there ARE established tenants that can be applied to any of these changes. The basic functions of SEO remain consistent, and by learning those you can apply them to any of these new changes, and not feel so overwhelmed. There are many resources out there teaching the fundamentals of SEO, even google has a pdf document explaining what search engine optimization does, and how it works.

  20. UsmanUsman says

    Hi Jane !

    Your post was interesting, but reading through your post and going back to title I found very less stuff on SEO is scary, you discussed networking in very good manner.

    I was thinking that you might be going to share the things we should not do to get slapped by google.

    Well I think If anyone is doing SEO in natural way (which is always slow) then there will not be any problem, even if the method used is not being used any more.

    We need to promote and share relevant things according to time and audience, then there will not be any issue, and if you do like this, you will definitely get slapped.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      That’s exactly my point Usman. SEO is not anymore “a big thing”. We don’t have to follow any special tactics to get it done. Just optimize the post with the basics and that’s it.

  21. Gatwick says

    There is always a problem with seo , you correct one problem and the other come to see our face . The updates also confuse me, because I don’t know whether I am doing the right thing or not.

  22. abhishekabhishek says

    Great post, Jane. SEO is indeed tricky and you have to keep updating yourself about the changes that are on their way. It might be a bit of difficult task for a blogger. Building quality links natural way and high quality content is the key to SEO. I have been doing SEO and it must be difficult for a blogger ot concentrate both on blog and SEO.

  23. KellyKelly says

    How I wish I could get back to blogging and do SEO in it. I have long been waiting for a chance to come back! This article inspired me to actually try!

  24. StaceyStacey says

    Networking is a very tedious task to do. SEO is something bloggers do to get traffic. Come to think of it, only 15% of the traffic comes only from search engines and we do get easily irritated when Google has algorithm updates. Essentially, providing good content is the key!

  25. DishaDisha says

    Hello Jane,
    yeah I am 100% agree, SEO rules are always changing. Its totally tuff to know what comes to happen in SEO & whatever is being done. Is that right or wrong in my point of SEO.

  26. Michal Clark says

    SEO known as Search Engine Optimization has become quiet common among us. As a part of the internet business we should be well aware of it. SEO is time consuming and at time really really hard to get results when you have top competitors.

  27. MikeMike says

    Hi jane,

    yes this is true that SEO is a long term process but if you do it slowly and make it natural then you can get a lot of benefit from it. Search engine traffic is free of cost !

    Thank you

  28. MajaMaja says

    Google has performed many appreciable acts for ranking of the sites they are named as Google Panda Update and Google Penguin update. Before the introduction of these updates, fake sites were getting the ranking because of many black hat activities but the scenario is changed

  29. AaynaAayna says

    Hi Jane,
    A great post!!!! In my opinion, SEO has become an indispensable part of the internet marketing process. It is indeed significant that the website should make good and strong links. A strong market presence can be achieved by impressive SEO techniques. Thanks for sharing this post.

  30. NarenderNarender says

    Without SEO your content does not matter much in view of SERP .Really nice article dear Jane .You have pointed some critical issues .

  31. Rahul KuntalaRahul Kuntala says

    Hi Jane,

    Getting links from other sites is REALLY great. It indirectly means that you’re writing something fascinating.

    About SEO?? Well I’m not a master in it, so I can’t stress it out how to do properly, but what I personally feel is: search traffic is really important if you want to make an authority site. Great connections can help you do that.

    Great share!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Well said Rahul. Connections do matter a lot these days. Ironically, the more we think of competition it becomes (indirectly) necessary that we need to connect with those competitors.

      I personally hate to think of any blogger as my competitor. But that’s how things are, right?

  32. abhishek guptaabhishek gupta says

    Encouraging issue you bring up into the post here. SEO seems to have many bad side effect for bloggers these days. That’s because many bloggers still think networking is not a priority.

  33. Tommy Griffith says

    Yes! This is a great post. Your takeaway at the end is absolutely vital. Creating genuine connections is the key to all of this. I understand bloggers trepidation with SEO; it’s frequently changing, it’s not always clear, and it can be confusing at times. That being said, if you can create great content, and make genuine connections, much of it will take care of itself.
    Tommy Griffith recently posted..Get to the Top of Google with the ClickMinded Online SEO Training Course!My Profile

  34. KrishnaKrishna says

    Yes, you are completely right and I truly resemble to you that rules in SEO world is changing with great pace, Today! the title and slogan is For better SEO forget about SEO

  35. FatimaFatima says

    I’m impressed by the way you have put down all connecting thoughts and hold the reader’s attention to the topic. Thanks for sharing these pointers.

  36. LindaLinda says

    Good morning, Jane.

    I’m going to hold my hands up and say I’m no expert on either blogging or seo, but my mentor (whose blog is one of the top one’s in his niche, with plenty of competition) advised from the start – write useful, interesting content for your readers and don’t worry about seo. That’s what he does and it most certainly hasn’t harmed his site. And lest anyone think that the site was around in the early days when there was little content around for anyone to read anyway, so ever likely to get to the top quickly – it wasn’t.

    Admittedly, having ‘friends’ in the blogging world helps. To that end I would thoroughly agree that networking (both on and off-line) is extremely important. As yet my blog isn’t big, nor do I have many friends. But I’m optimistic that whatever Google does or does not do, the advice I have been given will turn out to be a winning formula.

    And I so hope I might make a friend or two along the way…

    Kind regards,

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Linda, your mentor, although I don’t know who he/she is, is indeed wonderful. That is a golden advice. Create awesome, useful content and don’t worry about SEO. Make a friend or two along the way and you will have a nice network of wonderful pals who will help you spread the word and build the links :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by Linda.

  37. SandraSandra says

    There have been a lot of people who enjoyed the benefits of knowing SEO and employing it to their blogs and internet marketing. I would love to try this sometime soon.

  38. CalraCalra says

    Search engine optimization is one of the main skills one has to master in order to be successful in network marketing and blogging. Thanks to this article for pointing out the value of SEO in an online business.

  39. DanielDaniel says

    I think the underlying theme for SEO is to build relationships and truly be nice to people. It’s all about connections.

  40. TaranTaran says

    The problem with seo is that no one can tell what’ s going to happen.Search engines keep on changing there rules.

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