How to write a blog post in 20 minutes (or less)

How to write a blog post in 20 minutes

How to write a blog post fast, Jane? I get this question asked a lot to me!

Given that content is the life blood of a blog, there is nothing surprising that bloggers want to write a blog post fast! I’ve searched for tips to write a blog post fast when I was a newbie and I can still remember that.

The title of this post might sound too fishy, since it is like promising something that is unbelievable. But trust me, writing a blog post in 20 minutes or less is totally doable.

The tips I share in this post will help you write a blog post in 20 minutes – the part in bracket – or less – comes out of practice. If you practice to write blog posts fast, you will surely master the art quite soon and yes you can then write blog content in less that 20 minutes.

So let me start with the tips you need.

#1 Keep a running list of ideas

This is very important if you want to quickly create blog content. It can be really time consuming to think about a topic to write about, especially when you are ready to write a blog post.

So how do you keep a list of ideas?

Set aside a specific amount of time every week to do keyword research and collect the keywords. I keep a master spreadsheet on my computer right at my desktop.

And I use a combination of Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro to get some really good keywords. Once I find a keyword that I am happy with I collect it with some other additional information like the number of global searches, CPC etc. on to the sheet.

Now, I write for multiple blogs as you might know – Problogging Success, Tech Buzz Online, Slick Wellness, DoSplash Blog, Best Hosting And Design Blog and so on.

I add separate sheets within the master spreadsheet for separate blogs. And for certain blogs I concentrate on CPC, say if the blog earns a decent amount via adsense. For some blogs I don’t care about CPC but only see if a keyword is hot and is searched by certain number of people.

Long Tail Pro comes in handy to put certain filters so you can chop off keywords that don’t have a certain amount of searches or if they don’t have a minimum CPC that you specify.

Whenever I have a short period of time I can use to write a blog, I don’t sit around and think about what to write. I simply open up the master keyword spreadsheet and I will choose any topic.

And since I write for multiple blogs, I find it really helpful to just choose a topic that I feel like writing at that time. If I am not in a mood to write a blogging related post, I can write a wellness tip or a tech tip – I got an advantage here.

#2 Do your research prior to writing

If you have the habit of using your early hours for writing blog posts, do your research the previous night and collect your reference material. And if you have the habit of unplugging the internet connection while writing, you might want to use Evernote. Have the Evernote Clipper extension installed on your browser (it is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer).

And download Evernote app to your computer (available for Mac and Windows) or Smartphone (iPhone or Android).

Now everything you clip while you’re online will be synched to your app on the computer (or smartphone) – you will have the entire page clipped so you don’t need internet connection in order to refer to a related blog post or a Wikipedia page.

#3 Outline your blog post first

Outline your blog post first

This is the best tip ever that usually helps me everyday to write more than 1000 words, consistently. Whenever I put up a working title for a blog post, I outline the post right away!

This is helpful in two ways:

(i) Usually, when you record a blog post idea and come back to it later, you might not get a hold of the initial matter you wanted to convey (this happens to me a lot! I wonder what that particular title has to do anything with my blog when I visit it a couple of days later).

(ii) Once you have the outline, you can simply start to fill out the bits inside every title – so your draft will be completed faster, without much effort).

#4 Do not attempt to write the intro first!

This is a biggie. I’ve been a victim of this style of writing. Whenever I used to start working on a blog post idea, I used to start with the introduction. And I’d work really hard to make it compelling (of course!).

Writing the introduction first will make you spend a lot of your time on thinking about how to make your readers read the rest of the post and how to make it promising. Attempting to do this first will slow down your writing process.

Plus, you cannot write a good intro without knowing what you will be actually including in the post (not what you thought you will include in the post while you planned to write it – there is a big difference).

There are many occasions where you start a post with a particular angle and you end up adding content on different angles and/or expanding the post (in ways you didn’t think of).

There are some people who can write the intro first. If it is you, great. If not, my suggestion is to stay away from writing the intro first.

You can write the intro later.

#5 Focus on writing and writing alone

This might be a no-brainer but seriously, how many of us do this? This is one of the major factors that slow down most bloggers.

And this happens a lot when you try to research for a blog post while you are in the middle of writing process. If you don’t understand what I mean, read this post:

Why information overload is a BIG hurdle to your blogging success?

where I talk about how bloggers fall into the trap of getting side tracked and becoming overwhelmed in the name of “researching”.

This is why I encouraged you to do your research prior to writing.

And do I have to say that Facebook hopping, Twitter hopping, texting and other silly activities are prohibited as well?

#6 Set yourself a timer

This helps with writing faster and also helps you to keep yourself focused on writing and writing alone. When the time is running out, it is a really nice push to help you write fast.

You could use any online timer. Or you could use a browser extension. But if you are into offline writing you could use Focus Booster, an AIR based software that can work on Mac and PC. Or you can Google to find out any timer software that can help you stay focused and make you write faster.

When you start writing a blog post, simply fire up the software, and focus on writing so you can complete it in a given time frame – in this case, 20 minutes. And then start rolling.

See below my screenshot of Focus Booster while I started writing this very post (in Scrivener).

How to write a blog post in 20 minutes-focus-booster

#7 Don’t edit while you write

This is one of the most common mistakes made by bloggers. Do not edit while you are writing, ever! This will slow down your writing process a lot and will also deviate you from your point.

In addition, you will be interrupting your creativity and the flow of words, which is really bad for your writing.

If you want to write a blog post fast, you simply have to allow yourself in the direction of the flow without giving yourself additional distracting work (editing).

Write first. Edit later.

Now you can write a blog post in 20 minutes

I hope I have given you enough tips (out of my own experience) to help you write a blog post in 20 minutes (or less, if you do it consistently and make it a practice).

I write a minimum of 1000 words per day – in fact, 1000 words are quite rare. I go well beyond 2000 words because I create content for multiple blogs.

I’ve never found myself stuck or stressed out in the name of content creation and I must say that these tips have helped me gain control of my writing.

So, I now challenge you to put these tips to practice and start writing your next blog post right now and finish it in 20 minutes!

Which of these tips did you like the most? I’d love to hear that!

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  1. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Jane,

    Loved the post, and a motivational one as well :)

    Well, honestly speaking, I’ve never written a blog post that fast! But yes, if one follows all that you said I think you can easily do that. I usually don’t plan things out the way you do and that takes time. Like looking for the keywords, though I use good old Google planner only and nothing else, so it should actually go faster – and the little research.

    Yes, with a variety of topic on my blog too, getting ideas or writing long is never the problem – it’s just the keyword hunting and research work that might take a little more time. I liked your idea of the spreadsheets for this and would try it out when time permits – that is another huge issue.

    I don’t use any timers actually as I feel that makes me concentrate on the time instead of my writing! But I can understand you need to do that if you have lots to cover for so many blogs or for those who really want to write within a set time period. My posts, depending on the research and topic, usually take about 2-3 hours to write but that’s along with research and keyword hunting. And then another 1-2 for images, quotes, setting it all up – ah…never ending process!

    I’ve yet to try Evernote, though I registered long back and know of it’s power – so that’s also on my to-do list.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Harleena, thanks for your wonderful comment (as always). Yes I do understand that it takes a lot of time post writing, which is why it would help if we can speed up the writing process :)

  2. Munna says

    How to write a blog post fast, Jane? I got the answer here. Usually it takes 40 minutes or so to write a blog post to me. I am really going to try out the tips you listed here. Actually “Outline blog post first ” is in my top priority.

  3. NigelNigel says

    Hi Jane, beautiful article.
    I’ve being looking into Market Samurai, long tail pro.
    Currently mastering the art of picking the right keywords.
    Could share your master keyword database?
    Would love to learn what data you store in there?
    Thanks for this useful blog.
    Regards, Nigel

  4. Vishal Bohara says

    Ohh.. Finally I Got It..
    Harleena, Thanks A Lot to Share the Awesome Post. I wrote daily 3-4 articles for my blogs And its too low for those bloggers who have started the new blog. SO right now i have 2-3 article writer also and they have increased their writing speed with me after reading the post. :)

  5. Samir says

    Nice tips for writing a blog post in 20 minutes. I’m trying hard to reduce my writing time and I’ll surely try all your tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Olamosh says

    Hi Jane,

    I really enjoy this article post and i learn alot from it. i do spend hours in writing article for my blog and sometime it take me days to get a post title for my new post.

    The tips you stated above will surely improve any blogger/writers skill and also reduce time consumption.

    Kindly keep up the good writing, i have bookmark your blog so as to always visit it with a single click.

    Have a nice week

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on

  7. Sunday says

    Hi Jane,
    Its a good article but since the moderating team needs the time of publication, I suggest it be provided. It will help make KINGGED.COM a place for sharing recently published rich articles.

    On this piece, writing an article in 20 minutes would be great for content providers or bloggers. However, while doing so, the quality of the content must not be ignored. After drafting for 20 minutes, it is important to make it valuable at the time of editing!

    This comment was left in – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  8. Arun KallarackalArun Kallarackal says

    Hi Jane,

    You listed some very effective tips and suggestions. I can say that some of them are all about boosting efficiency and productivity, when it comes to writing. :)

    #4 is something that I found to be much interesting. I have been doing it wrong all this while. I know the importance a good introduction holds. So, in a bid to make it as creative as I can, I end up spending lots of resources and time behind it, thus negatively affecting the rest of the article.

    Nice suggestion regarding that matter. Will definitely keep in mind the suggestion you made. Will see off the article first and then dedicate time to make the introduction as compelling as possible.

    #7 is also a similar aspect. These two aspects may seem small. But believe me, they have a big overall impact on writing productivity.

    Really useful article. I found the link to this article on Kingged.


  9. Nirmala says

    Hi Jane!

    Great post as usual :)

    I am following some of the ways which you’ve listed here but I feel bad that am not doing KW research properly. Hope this might be the reason for my low traffic. So, I’ve decided to follow your writing tip of collecting kws, then will write.

    Yeah, you’re very exact. Writing the intro first sucks lot of time and I never do that. I used to write what I know, them will refer some reliable resources to add key points in the introduction and conclusion.

    Thanks for your tips to write fast posts Jane, keep revealing your secrets with us :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Keywords are highly crucial Nirmala. If you write blog posts without having a good knowledge about the keywords you are using, you could be wasting your efforts!

  10. Rohan says

    Well with all the tips, you mentioned, one can write a blog post in 20 minutes only if good amount of time have been dedicated earlier on the keywords and the research.

    All of the tips sounded familiar to me, except the one about writing the introduction later. It happens with me most of the times. One should develop the intro from the post and not otherwise.

    Sometimes, if one is too much proficient in a niche, then one can develop a post from nowhere in 20 minutes, but it will still require some finishing afterwards though.

    Great tips, I found the link to this post on kingged and I kingged it.

  11. Swadhin Agrawal says

    Hi Jane madam,
    this is very informative n inspirational post. Yes if we divide our research and writing and editing then 20 minutes is ok. I always edit at last but writing intro at last was something I never did and am excited to do. Hope it helps.

  12. Rahul says

    hello jane

    this post really motivational for me. i will try your suggestion in writing post and i am totally agree with you post intro write first and i have also read lot time post intro is good way to write post content :) thanks jane for valuable & informative post :) 😀

  13. ameena says

    Great article! I really appreciate #4 and #7 because I have gotten so stuck by beginning with my introduction and constant editing as I write. That is a perfect way for me to spin in circles. Thank you so much!


  14. vino says

    Hi jane,

    Posting content frequently helps in getting good search engine ranking but if we found lack of time it is impossible to write frequent contents.These ideas of writing a blog post within 20 minutes is a needy post for everyone and I must say that this is an evergreen post as content plays a main role in a blog’s success. Appreciate your Good work

  15. Ann07 says


    Writing a blog post for just less than 20 minutes? That’s cool.

    When I’m writing an essay, I used to make an outline first and it took less than an hour. I think if I’ll do the same thing in writing a blog post, it may also take less than an hour and that time is just for writing an outline!

    Well, unless I’m writing a short –form content, maybe it may take less than half an hour.

    In addition, setting a timer seems to add much more pressure in writing, which may lead to decrease of your writing quality. But I guess it depends on the character of the writer. The tips that you’ve shared are helpful.

    Thanks for the post! :)


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  16. Amy Hagerup says

    I think my favorite tip here is to keep a running list of ideas. I believe this will help me a lot. As different ones of my followers ask me things, I can keep that on my list. Thanks, Amy

  17. metz says

    Write first. Edit later.

    That is simple and can make you work faster. Just keep writing, let the words flow, but never forget to proofread and edit your post.

    The post is very inspiring and it motivated me to, Jane. Thanks for sharing this awesome piece here with us. I truly appreciate it. Simple and helpful.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  18. RahulbRahulb says

    Personally I am able to write a 1000 words post in about 2-3 hours. This takes too much time and my further work remain pending. All the tips you have provided will surely help me to save my time on writing post. Thanks.

  19. Ghulam Mustafa says

    Hi Dear,

    A BIG bouquet of thanks! I have just gone through the guide and it’s really awesome. Thanks for sharing your guide. I always love getting freebies and this one will definitely help me out with my own blogs. I’m a new blogger therefor this post is helpful for me.

    This guide is loaded to the max with invaluable tips and resources. I love this post because it is useful and

    informative for me.I have shared and tweeted it. Always enjoy your posts. :)

    Thanks again !!!

  20. Rudd says

    TIps no 7 is a really powerful one. I’ve been doing this for quite sometime and it drastically helps me to reduce my time of writing. Usually I’ll write whatever I’d like to write and edit as well as include any media at the very end.

    Regarding tips no 4, I tried this method on my latest draft article and it works perfectly. True, writing an intro is always the hardest part although writing the body is usually quite simple since I already know what to write about.

  21. Lasisi says

    Wow, wonderful tips. You’re quite right. I haven’t write any post within that given time frame though. In as a much the proper tools are put in place with proper planning, the writing skill and efficiency improve.

    The importance of keyword research prior to writing is a proven fact for me. Many forms of distraction, we face during writing as you said, include finding more information or editing at the middle of writing.

    Thanks for sharing

  22. Tracy Donovan says

    If I have not spent 5 hours writing that means I have not started but I realized that I really don’t write for 5 hours but introductions and distractions take the better part of the entire time. I have just downloaded Focus Booster you mentioned and hopefully, I will comeback and let you know about my improvements. Thanks for these tips

  23. Sourav says

    Hi Jane ,

    Great piece of work, this post! Very tasty :)
    There is nothing more to add , you nailed the game behind writing blog post swiftly 😀 My technique is quite similar to yours , Firstly, I search for the topics and then dot them up in a doc. and then research,read similar articles and then finally shoot the goal. As you said, writing the intro paragraph is time consuming since we never get satisfied with what we write in the opening paras. We always want to make it more catchy and interesting.

    I never tried using a Timer. Well, do we really need it ? I think we would be in a hurry to get our post completed. Well, I’ll give a shot to it and check whether it’s working for me.

    Thanks :) Keep writing , I’ll be around 😀

  24. Edward Beaman says

    I think the timer tip is an excellent one. I’ve used this system in my own work where I write for 30 minutes non-stop and then rest a bit before going back to edit. One needs to do the research beforehand of course but once you have all the info in your head, just get it into words.

    The timer kind of makes it a competition with yourself. It focuses the mind like nothing else. Plus, it tends to help you overcome that dreaded procrastination we all wrestle with.

    Write first, edit later. Another great tip. So important.

    I like your blog very much.

  25. sangeetha menon says

    I am one of those who keeps on editing while writing. But trust me as you said it wastes a lot of my creative time . Like Nirmala said , I too have never focused on the keyword researching part , is there any post of yours which helps to guide me in this area.

    I do not want my efforts to be wasted Jane .. Thanks for writing this amazing post.

  26. pankaj karnwal says

    very nice article for those who are struggling in writing blogpost. i am also struggling. i am also write article for my blog daily 5 article. my speed is too low. this article is very useful for me after read this i am increase my speed.

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