Case Study: How To Improve By 50% Resulting In A Win-Win-Win Situation When Launching A Product

Remember the term “it’s a win-win situation – he gets what he wants and I get what I want”? This is the ideal situation to be in.

Some people like to give but even more people like to receive. We all like to receive.

Personally I do believe that the more you give the more you automatically receive but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

The fact is that we all like to be in win-win situations in our online businesses, projects, or ventures. Relationships with influential people as you may know are probably your biggest assets as an online entrepreneur – that applies to all bloggers, freelance writers, self-published authors, internet marketers, social media experts, you name it.

What better way to build good and sound online business relationships than being in partnerships or joint ventures with others which creates the perfect win-win situation?

If you are familiar with win-win situations and like being in them then for obvious reasons I may make the logical but inevitable statement that you would absolutely LOVE being in Win-Win-Win situations, right?

“Ruan, what on earth are Win-Win-Win situations?”

After giving it some thought I am sure that you could have come up with that if a win-win situation involves two parties, then perhaps a Win-Win-Win situation involves three parties? If you did, you wouldn’t be wrong at all.

However, you would be missing some important details if you were to leave it there…

What is the ideal win-win-win situation when launching a product?

The ideal win-win-win situation when launching a product firstly involves the creator or the founder of the product – this could typically be YOU if you’d like to create your own products.

Then secondly without a doubt it involves the consumer of the product. The person buying the product from you and using it.

The third party involved in a win-win-win situation is the expert or source around which your product is created. This could be a panel of experts, or a series of articles or even physical material OR a combination of all those.

The concept behind the win-win-win situation is only different from the typical win-win situation because it involves a third element instead of only the two.

“A Win-Win-Win situation improves your win-win situation by 50%” – click to tweet

Now listen to my logic around my statement of improving your win-win situation by 50% and play along nicely, will you?

The normal win-win situation in its completeness equals to 100%. Agreed? In effect each “win” part of the familiar win-win situation equates to 50%. With me?

BUT since we’re creating a win-win-WIN situation, we’re in theory adding another 50%! How cool is that!

Yes, I do believe that my theory is much more exciting than the fact that in reality each “win” is only valued at 33.333% but I asked you nicely to play along, remember?

Allow me to share with you my personal case study of how I improved by 50% when the result was a win-win-win situation when I launched my latest eBook. Of course this could apply to any product you launch, membership site or coaching and even training program.

Case Study – A Win-Win-Win Situation Improved My eBook Launch By 50%

When I started online just over a year ago, I literally knew absolutely zero about making a successful full time living online. At that time I worked full time as a Systems Administrator grafting 16 hours per day in server rooms, listening to hysterical clients when their mice won’t work or the printer won’t print for some or another reason…

…all the while working behind the scenes on my own ventures with every chance I could find…

I began following influential people like Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe and even offered my services to her as an assistant just to gain experience working behind the scenes of an A-list blog, while building a solid relationship with an influential person in a niche of interest. Of course she was only one of them and many more followed.

Although I am still admiring and following Ana Hoffman in everything she does, that assistant job didn’t last as long as initially planned as I took on more responsibility than I physically had time for.

I became too busy with my own ventures that we later decided that it’s not helping either of us. This is another reason why having a good business relationship is of vital importance, as this decision could be made and concluded without things getting uncomfortable.

Fast-forwarding time a little further I met our very own Jane Sheeba through the comments section on Ana’s traffic magnet, Traffic Generation Cafe.

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was actively following Jane and the work she does all over the place (of course her guest blogging being right at the top). This was the start of another good and valuable relationship.

“Has this post shifted from Win-Win-Winning to relationship building, Ruan?

Not a bad topic though, but maybe a better one for another post. So what has building these relationships have got anything to do with win-win-win situations and improving any normal win-win situation by 50%?

Allow me explain…

The first element of a Win-Win-Win situation – YOU

Indeed one of the elements of your ideal and also part of the normal win-win situation is indeed you. You are launching a product for yourself, whether it’s to help as many people as you possibly can, whether it’s due to a dream you have of becoming a product creator and having your own products or coaching programs or even if it’s purely another source of income for you – you are doing this for yourself. You are aiming to gain something from your product launch.

Personally all the factors I mentioned above make out to be part of my list of reasons why I launched my latest eBook called The Best Website Traffic Generation Strategies By 10 Top Bloggers | A Tribute recently.

I wanted to become a self-published author, I continuously want to help as many others as I possibly can on a large network like, I am building a reputable and trustworthy name for myself and I sure am looking to create many more income streams through my writing or the work I publish.

In short, I Win (1).

The second element of a Win-Win-Win situation – Your Audience

As mentioned earlier in my list of why I have and will definitely launch more eBooks, coaching programs, podcasts and many other materials and resources is the fact that I absolutely love helping people if it’s within my capabilities. Who doesn’t?

Besides, creating anything and launching it is worth a little less than zero if it wasn’t created for a specific audience or aren’t satisfying the needs of at least one person. Yes you read that correctly.

You need to find your one person in order to make a bigger impact, as explained by Danny Iny which you are more than welcome to go and read if you’re interested.

The Best Website Traffic Generation Strategies By 10 Top Bloggers | A Tribute was written with a few goals in mind, of which one of them was to help ordinary people like you and me to drive traffic like highly-successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs with proven and tested track records are doing, being shown step-by-step how to do it, with no fluff, no shenanigans, in easy-to-understand language without being overly smart or too technical that you need a computer science degree in order to understand what I’m talking about.

The information in my eBook is written and created with another element of the Win-Win-Win situation in mind, which is that your audience Wins (2). They get what they paid for and more!

The improvement of 50% and the third element of your ideal Win-Win-Win situation – your Project Partners

Win red dices

When you are planning to launch a new product or service, coaching program or anything else you are working on, a sure way to add a 50% improvement to the normal win-win situation is to partner with others in your project.

Contact them, tell them briefly about your idea – try and convince them how this indeed could be a Win-Win-Win situation which includes them.

This has been done successfully on many occasions and the first one that immediately comes to mind is Danny Iny with his Engagement From Scratch which included 30+ co-authors!

Let me explain to you how I did it…

As my online career took off and I began learning the ins and outs (I hope that will never end) of good and bad practices of building a successful online business, of course traffic generation had to (it always does) cross my path.

Of course you may have noticed how traffic generation is being promoted by almost every online marketer or content creator these days with each one of them claiming to have the perfect never-seen-before solutions which “you absolutely have to have or you’re lost!”

I was no expert when I started out. In terms of traffic generation, even less so.

BUT, I wanted to change people’s point of view of traffic generation, which in most cases, include one or even most of the following:

  • “You need to create new content EVERY single day on your site, the traffic will come”
  • “Get as many followers on Twitter and Facebook as you possibly can within the shortest possible time – they’ll buy eventually”
  • “Keep your best work to yourself and do not, listen carefully, do NOT have your best content published on other websites, you need the good stuff on your own site”
  • “Getting traffic is easy, just pay someone $5 on and they’ll blast out 10k+ links back to your site within the next week.”
  • Bob’s uncle: “Pay me $5 and I’ll send out an email to my list of 20k+ subscribers which will get you hundreds of sales within 24 hours!” Joe Soap (or nut?): “Sure, let’s do it!”

and many more…

I engaged experts in a certain expertise where I wasn’t one

Remember all those people I started building connections and business relationships with back then?

Not only do I consider most of them my friends in my online world at this point in time but those relationships paved the way for me to have them be part of my eBook The Best Website Traffic Generation Strategies By 10 Top Bloggers | A Tribute.

How did I convince them to be part of it?

That is probably worthy of another post on it’s own but the short version is that I contacted them with my idea, made them see why I wanted to do what I was planning and finally how it would not only benefit myself, my readers but also THEMSELVES in a few ways of their own.

Name me any successful person out there who wouldn’t like to be mentioned in a book or a product having the potential to go viral in a very short time (yes that CAN happen), reaching even more than they bargained for?

Not many I’d figure…

This indeed makes them part of the Win-Win-Win (3) equation. They win as well!

That’s how you create the ideal Win-Win-Win situation and improving your product launch by 50%.

Key Win-Win-Win Take-Away

  • You are the first element of any successful product launch.
  • Your audience is the second element of a win-win-win situation.
  • An expert authority is the third and final element of any successful win-win-win situation.

Start by making sure you know your personal reasons why you are creating the launch that you are, in other words make sure you win first!

Secondly, make sure you deliver what your one person person wants and needs, satisfying and over-delivering on the purpose they came there for in the first place.

Finally, have your expert win by giving due recognition and value where it is appropriate. Convince them why involving them in your product launch and project is such a brilliant idea.

Your expert opinions desperately wanted

What do you think of the Win-Win-Win situation? Would you love to be part of one? Anything you’d like to add to that?

Don’t be shy, share with me in the comments how you think we can create more excellent situations when launching our next product!

As always (first time here though), my best of freelance writing success to you!


Special Bonus Win-Win-Win-Win that involves YOU

Since this is my very first post on Problogging Success and hopefully of many more to come, I have Jane’s special permission to make you guys a decent deal on my eBook I’ve just launched.

If you are any type of content creator or online business owner I know you want more traffic, we always want more traffic, don’t we?

Better yet, how would you like to drive traffic like the real pros without needing to spend countless hours at it on your own just ending up reaching out for help anyway?

Like I’ve explained earlier, traffic generation is not something I am an expert at. Yes I am familiar with the basics and yes I do optimize my content as best as I possibly can but the truth is, I can’t tell you that what I am currently doing in my efforts generating traffic is all that wonderful as I don’t have the desired results I’d like to share with you yet.

The important part is, I found out who do and you heard, I made friends with them, clever I know! You can thank me later.

BUT for now I’d like to share with you one single resource containing proven and tested traffic generation strategies shared by 10 top bloggers, guys and ladies like Derek Halpern (Social Triggers & DIYthemes), Jon Morrow (Boost Blog Traffic & Copyblogger), Darren Rowse (Problogger), Ana Hoffman (Traffic Generation Cafe), yours truly Jane Sheeba (Problogging Success) and the difference between these and 10 of these in total!

The best part is, they have fine-tuned all strategies for you, over years of trial and error. They show us step-by-step what they each use and how they use but even where they use it in order to drive the massive amounts of traffic to their content that they do.

So here’s the deal…

Go to the following page and follow the simple instructions on how to get your copy at a total discount of $8:

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That’s all there is to it… Please don’t let me have you all worried about the instructions, it ain’t that big a deal but merely a way of making sure this special offer to you exclusively is not being abused by unwanted elements.

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    • Ruan OosthuizenRuan Oosthuizen says

      I have to agree with you, Samuel. Getting targeted high-converting traffic to any of your content for that matter is not just a walk in the park.

      With that said, I do believe that relationships and connections are just as if not even more important than the content itself. With the right connections and relationships with influential 800-pounders, you sure are paved to drive that targeted high-converting traffic a lot easier than if you were going at it on your own.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Gaurang JoshiGaurang Joshi says

    As usual Jane, awesome and I must probably say one of the most unique post ever written by you.

    Well , I’ll be now focusing on win-win-win concept, rather than win or win-win concept. :)

  2. Jack TylerJack Tyler says

    Your right Samuel getting those traffic just to check products is not that easy task. Gonna need an expert authority now.

  3. Vivek | Negative SEOVivek | Negative SEO says

    The very first task is to create a product. Now this take lots of time. Then you have to focus on traffic. This will surely take a whole lot more time. I think your article is perfect for every new marketer who want success in their work..

  4. Paul LeePaul Lee says

    I agree, the use of an industry expert or specialist in something like this is becoming increasingly helpful. We love hearing from experts. We trust what they have to say. It has a way of validating everything you are saying, and can give people a much greater sense of trust and confidence in what you are saying.

    • Ruan | FreelanceWritingTacticsRuan | FreelanceWritingTactics says

      Indeed you are correct, Paul. I can’t thank the experts enough I am following since I started. The skills and experience I’ve gained since following experts that are actually in it all to help as many as they can.

      I have learnt very early how to identify someone’s intentions when sharing something with me. If you pay close attention you can quickly pick up what it is that the person’s intentions are.

      I believe if you always over-deliver on your promises you are set for long term relationships by far exceeding the value of once-off “larger” business transactions.

      All of the best to you!

  5. Sajith says

    The Win-Win solutions are best solutions to manage a conflict. Similar to that products comes in Win-Win category are the best products that can easily market. Customers always willing to buy these products since they have an additional benefits from it.

  6. LuisLuis says

    Raun, incredible article! Informative, captivating, and overall motivating! This was certainly worth the read, I feel ready to go out and create win-win-win situations for myself!

  7. SarveshSarvesh says

    Hi Raun,

    Well the Win-Win products is an awesome idea where it starts from dealing with selling of products and yeah the next strategy would be the growth in our business.

    However its an marketing strategy which consumes some time to get easy results.


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