Blogging Frequency: Should You Publish More Or Less?

blogging frequency rules

Blogging is all about updating. It is about maintaining an open diary and updating it so that everyone can read it.

If you blog in order to promote your business or if you treat your blog (the website) as a portal for your business, then you need to be updating your blog regularly.

Yes “regularly” or “consistently” is the key. You need to find a blogging frequency which suits you (or your blog) and then stick to it.

Now I get some blogging starters often ask me “How to find the right blogging frequency?”. Although the short and easy answer is “by trial and error” I’m sure that won’t be an answer that would satisfy a newbie blogger who has started the struggle.

After all, blogging has so much more to worry about and if finding a blogging frequency is itself a challenging issue, frustration won’t be too far.

From my blogging experience so far, I can share some insights about this “blogging frequency” notion.

First of all I’d like to emphasize that one size doesn’t fit all. Choosing a blogging frequency depends on various parameters for different people.

Secondly, there’s no rule!

So it isn’t possible to come up with a “guide” or “tutorial” to find your optimal blogging frequency.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you without an answer. Let’s dive in.

Now, let me analyze the two extreme cases: 1. Publishing more, too much and 2. Publishing less.

Publishing more – When does it work?

If your blog is kind of a reporting medium, then you should obviously do more blog posts. Now “more” can mean publishing blog posts everyday or even multiple number of times per day.

For instance, lets consider Mashable. It is a tech blog which reports news and cool releases in technology and media to its readers. The blog has to pump blog posts multiple number of times per day because there is so much going on around.

There are lots of gadgets that are being released, there is so much to review and report, someone is being sued always, some software/products is being launched and so on.

So if your blog is going to be a news reporting site, then yes, you need to be publishing a lot of content – no doubt on it.

Publishing Less – When does it work?

Now, there can be various as to why a blogger might publish very less posts on his/her blog. By less, I mean less than once in a week.

The blogger could be busy, have too many blogs, have a day job and so on. Or the blogger might simply choose to update his/her blog as and when he/she wishes.

That said, updating a blog is totally up to the blogger. Anyone is completely free to choose their schedule.

BUT, the point is to choose a frequency that works well, if you consider blogging to be a serious business. Of course, if you are blogging for fun, it is totally up to you to choose any frequency that you might like.

Now coming back to the point of when publishing less works, it works when-

1. Your blog is pretty new. Yes, when there are not too many readers following your blog, there is no point in putting a lot of time in creating content. You must absolutely have some killer posts, but it will be bit of a waste to post too much or post daily when your blog is quite new.

2. You are running a blog in a niche that is not busy at all. Unless your niche is super busy and have lots of things to report, you can publish a post only when you have something useful to say to your readers.


How to go about getting the right blogging frequency?

Now I am back at it. I will tell you how I learned the way to choose a correct blogging frequency that suits me and my niche. I can tell that I did it wrong for the first time with my first  (serious) blog, the one you are reading right now :).

But now with the other blogs I have started, I followed this strategy and have found it to be working great!

The strategy to identify YOUR blogging frequency

Make sure you have at least 5-10 good quality posts when you launch a blog. Plus, some posts in reserve, scheduled at a rather slower rate – say one or two posts per week, certainly not more.

Why? Because your blog is new; unless you are already popular (even if you are), you won’t have enough readers to notice your awesome stuff you are publishing by spending hours and hours in production (researching, writing etc.).

During this initial time of about 1 month (or may be 2 months), focus on improving other aspects of the blog like developing a social media presence, investing in any necessary software/plugin, investing in any training programs, studying the niche and keeping up with the current events in your niche and so on.

After this time, start increasing the frequency of publishing. If you have been doing it once a week, now increase it to twice a week. Run your blog at this publishing rate for about 2 to 3 weeks.

And then, if you feel that you can handle publishing at this rate alongside other blogging activities (commenting, networking, guest posting, social media marketing etc.) then you may increase it to 3 times a week, say publish on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Blogging Frequency: Takeaway

Publishing daily is not necessary unless you have a very busy niche. You don’t have to kill yourself in pumping content in and out.

Plus, in publishing 3 times a week at this blog, I find that

  1. I have enough time to promote each and every post in a nice way, and
  2. My readers (you, my dears) are not overwhelmed with too much content; I give them enough time to notice each of my posts.

Although I totally agree that if you publish daily or more than once a day, there is a higher chance that you will get more traffic, there is no point in doing it when you have no or very little traffic.

And, in my case personally, I have taken a decision that I won’t post daily, unless there comes lots of guest posts that need to be published on a time-sensitive manner. But for the posts I write myself, I won’t be doing it on a daily basis (see who else has also taken this decision).

But I will be doing it on a regular basis.

That is the key. You need to have some pattern in publishing your posts. Be it weekly, daily, monthly or three times a week – stick to that frequency once you’re all set.

So….. Whaddya say?

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  1. Pratap ReddyPratap Reddy says

    I am facing the same problem of frequency. When i started blogging in Feb 2011, I used to post twice a week. I have maintained that frequency for some months. But now , being a part time blogger i couldn’t maintain that frequency and i am very much worried about it. Now I have to plan the frequency duly considering the factors you have revealed. It may give solution. Thanks for your tips.

  2. Kimberly GauthierKimberly Gauthier says

    This is a fantastic post! I struggled with this for a while. I recommend thinking of the blogs you follow – if you’ve unfollowed someone, because you couldn’t keep up, then you know what “too much” is and can apply that to your blog as well.

    I settled on 3x a week for each of my blogs. It allows me to write good content for multiple blogs and affords me to the time to network with my followers and keep up with other blogs.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I wish I would have found this a year ago :)

  3. Stan says

    If i want a lot of direct visitors i publish more, and definitely regularly. That keeps the fan base hooked on information.
    But if i go for Google traffic, then it’s ok to publish a little less often, just as long as that one’s also regularly. Google likes consistency.

  4. Dan KellerDan Keller says

    When I first started blogging this was a topic that I always thought about. In fact, I became obsessed and thought that if I did not post every day then the world would end. What I have come to realize over times is, like you said, there are no rules. It really depends on your niche and your audience. I have 3 blogs now and on two of them I post 2-3 new pots per week. I am starting a new blog (2 days old now) so I am building my initial base of posts by posting once or twice a day. After a month or two I will probably get into a pattern of posting once a day.

  5. Giles WellsGiles Wells says

    Hi Jane,

    It’s definitely true there is no set rule for blogging frequency just as there are no two people exactly alike.

    The point you laid though will help new blogger set their frequency.

    As I have been blogging for a few moths it was a problem I worried about often but we all find the flow eventually and so did I.

    Thank you for you insight in this usually confusing topic.

    All The Best,
    Giles Wells III

  6. Theresa TorresTheresa Torres says

    Hi Jane,
    I remember my first blog. I used to post whenever I just felt like it. Sometimes, twice a month. Other times, nothing for two months. No wonder Google ignored my blog.
    I’m wiser now but I still don’t follow any frequency and that will be one of my goals this year. I’m going to see if what works for you will also work for me.
    Thanks for sharing your tips with us. Happy New Year!

  7. Bret says

    Intriguing post! Because we cover environmental news and stories related to nature/wildlife conservation, I actually wish we could publish stories more often than we do (usually 3-4 times a week). But, like you said, it’s a balancing act, because you want to make sure each post gets the promotion it deserves. Still trying to fid the right balance, I guess.

  8. Bojan says

    I didn’t know you were into science! What field are you working in? Let me know on Twitter when you reply.

    Best regards from Belgrade, and Happy New Year! May your blog flourish and your readers cherish!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Bojan, I’m a “Young Scientist” (well, that’s my job title :) isn’t that sexy?) in the field of Medical Physics. Did postgraduate in Physics and Ph.d in Medical Physics.

      Basically I’m into modelling neuronal networks with the help of physical/mathematical equations, simulating the model numerically to find out mechanism and explanations behind pathologies and cognitive brain behaviours.

      WOW, did I talk too much? Hope I did answer your question anyway :)

  9. IvinIvin says

    Hey Jane. I’ll tell ya, I’ve been on both sides and I learned that it depends on a lot of things; what do you want to achieve with your blog, what are your goals, what niche are you in? I run quite a bit of blogs and their standard and format stays pretty much the same. Content: different. Frequency: different. Audience: different. Purpose: different.

    Some exist to make money, others exist to drive traffic somewhere else, some are purely for fun, charity, and other are just tests. Can you believe I run some blogs just for testing.

    So, at the end, it depends on a lot of variables. Less usually means more quality, and more means the idea is increasing traffic and traffic rank. But more should never mean skimping on quality.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ivin, I totally see what you mean. I too run some blogs simply for fun and to diversify the topics I write. And I do not maintain the same writing schedule for all my blogs. Lots of variables, indeed!

  10. bbrian017 says

    Hello Jane. For me, it’s generally influenced with when there’s news and tech happening, when there are developments, when I run contests or when the community feels inspired. These days I thin you shouldn’t just blog, you should make it count and do it properly. There’s so much competition that you gotta do your best every time, frequent or not.

  11. Lisa says

    Interesting – When I first started my inspire to thrive blog I did not plan on posting daily – it just sort of happened. And when I cut back during the holidays I noticed the visits were less. Is it because I posted less or because it was the holidays? I do skip a day here and then now if there is nothing of importance to post. No use posting if there is no real content to post or if I’m in such a hurry to just get it done.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Usually when you transit from posting more to posting less, you will surely find a drop in the traffic. That’s simply logical. But make sure you don’t reduce it drastically. Otherwise you should be totally fine!

  12. Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph says

    Hi Jane,

    Super tips!

    From my experience, the more you create the less you compete. Writing daily helps me generate more creative ideas and even if no one was around to read my first few hundred posts – yeah I know, pretty crazy 😉 – I perfected my craft in those days.

    Keep writing. Keep creating. Add value, and you become quite valuable in the eyes of others.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Jane Sheeba says

      Ryan sure what you say perfectly makes sense. Writing daily is pretty much an art and it takes a lot of commitment. As to blogging there is no doubt that it means more valuable content, traffic and authority!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Maninder says

    Sheeba – Well I myself never ever given a thought about blogging frequency at all. As you rightly said there is no one single formula working for everyone. But then in real life, the frequency gets defined automatically – based on how often do you get ideas for writing your next good post. Examples like Mashable may not be applicable to majority of bloggers like us wherein one person is managing the blog whereas blogs like Mashable are controlled and edited by a big team. So obviously, they have better resources to keep updating multiple times in a day.
    As a thumb rule, I would say that even if you are not able to write on daily basis, in no case you should have a very low frequency of submissions. Ideally, you have to have at least one post per week if not more. That’s also important from the point of view of keeping your interest alive in blogging.

  14. StacyStacy says

    “Publish less” is never recommended – bloggers need content, it’s one of Google’s imposed conditions if they want to gain authority. Too long posts are not good either, because readers may not be so patient.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hi Stacy, welcome to my blog. Yes indeed publishing more helps gaining authority easily, but again its never to be taken as a rule. Coz if we push ourselves to publish daily when we actually can’t then the quality of the content will be miserable – something that Google and people will never appreciate!

  15. adamadam says

    When it comes to blogging frequency as much as possible I blog everyday. Since it will enhance my writing skills at the same time it will make my website strong in the sense that additional topics will be included on my blog. For me publishing less become effective if your topics are high trend and low density and also depending on your niche.

  16. DiTesco says

    You are so right about this Jane. There is really no “formula” to best calculate a posting frequency. What does matter is that you need to find the optimal point and stick to it. For example, one way that I found out about my own frequency is that it is better to post 2 – 3 times a week, and in particular never on Sundays. I found that Sundays is not worth the effort as the “feedback” is very low. In addition, like you said, if you are not in the “news” type niche, I think that posting way too much can actually be negative as we need to give time for our visitors to “digest” all the information out there. ..

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Fran you’re right about Sundays! I used to publish on Sundays when I was doing alternate days posting. But found out that the Sunday posts, no matter how good they were, they go so less attention!

  17. JodyJody says

    Excellent post. I am a fairly new blogger so still not quite sure about frequency of posting. When I was traveling over the holidays I posted nothing for 12 days and still got hits. Go figure.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Jody, well, things might always work sometimes :) That’s a good thing for you :)

      Although posting more means more traffic, it doesn’t mean that your traffic will fall steeply if you don’t post for a while. Especially if you manage to have some decent readership, being away for a short while should be OK!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  18. bilalbilal says

    i think its the quality rather the matter of more or less …. quality material is best what else the frequency is

  19. Stacy Claflin says

    Hi Jane,

    This is always an interesting topic of discussion! I have read various opinions on the topic of blog post frequency. Some people believe that you MUST post daily for a successful blog while others swear that daily posting will kill your blog.

    Like you I agree that it depends on the person, the blog, the niche, the readers, and other variables. There is no perfect answer for anyone. There are pros and cons to each answer and it’s up to the individual blogger to decide what is right for them!


  20. Andy MooreAndy Moore says

    Jane, thank you for this. I am just starting to question my timings with my posts.
    Initially, 3 months ago, I was posting almost every day or every other day with my new blog. This was mainly because I was learning something new and found it ‘went in’ better if I watched the video then wrote a post about it.
    So it was mainly for that purpose and it’s worked because I did learn it.

    Now, whilst I continue to learn a great deal, I feel the time is right to slow down and produce far more interesting content than just How To’s. I want to be more me and let my follower see what I’m really like.

    Time to get going.
    Thanks for this, Jane.

    Best Wishes
    Andy Moore

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Andy, yes that’s the usual pattern. But its bit ironic, that we write more when no one is reading our blog. At the same time we should not forget that at the earlier stages more content is good for the bots to crawl!

  21. johnbjohnb says

    Thanks for that. Every article I have read on this said that I MUST blog at least every 2-3 days! The problem I have with that is that my target audience is corporate exec’s who simply don’t have much time to read blogs – their time is a very precious commodity. So I limit my blogs to around 250 words and publish every 2 weeks. I would like to blog weekly, but I think I might struggle, and this way I maintain consistency which is important for me.


  22. AlokAlok says

    Hi.. Jane ! You have shared a useful opinion about blogging frequency. Although it is quite difficult to maintain a good frequency if you alone are managing your blog. It needs sincere commitment to maintain the right frequency. I assume that due to fierce online competition, consistent efforts are required to succeed in blogging arena.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hi Alok, what do you mean by “good frequency”? IMO it is something that suits your niche and yourself. If you are not able to maintain a particular frequency, you can certainly downgrade to a certain frequency that is comfortable to you. Coz it actually doesn’t make sense if you push yourself so hard and publish poor quality content!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  23. HajraHajra says

    Hey Jane,

    I have been very irregular with my blogging schedule. Though I made it a point to do it at least twice a week but somehow my work always seems to get in the way. Recently, I missed from the blogging scene for over a month! And it showed in the responses further on!

    Having a blogging schedule is tough to pick on but it is more of a personal choice and what works for the blogger themselves!

    Thanks, will try to incorporate some of the things mentioned here!

    Have a nice day!

  24. Sylviane Nuccio says

    Hi Jane,

    In my case the frequency at which I publish my blog posts has increase to once a week (it was less than that before), and the reason why it would be very hard to do more is that I have four blogs and I am trying to guest post quite a bit as well these days. Now, that doesn’t even include my freelancing :)

    So, as you say it really depends on each personal case as well. Thanks for this :)

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Hey Sylviane, I can relate to you. I too write for 4 blogs, other niche sites, guest blog and freelance. So whatever we feel comfortable should be it :) Kudos to you for managing multiple blogs :)

  25. Blogging TipsBlogging Tips says

    This Article Cleared all my doubts regarding blogging frequency.. I was very worried how can we update twice or thrice a day but here i got the real idea.. thanks..

  26. Easther SudhartaEasther Sudharta says

    Hey Jane
    My blogging has been really consistent now than when I first started blogging.
    You just got to keep that momentum going in posting frequently.

  27. DianneDianne says

    I’m blogging, guest blogging, writing articles, writing reviews and I usually am researching. I work to post at least 1 -2 blog posts per week each site and 1-5 articles on various other sites. On Sundays I try to catch up some more by responding to those new followers on Twitter. It’s all about scheduling and not getting too overwhelmed…and taking a break when you really need it to avoid burnout. This blogging thing is NOT for wimps!
    Great article

  28. Barry D.Barry D. says

    I personally allocate 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day to writing a blog post. I try to blog daily except weekends. Your so correct in that ” stick to that frequency once you’re all set”. Blogging more or less does depend on the niche market you are publishing to.

  29. Bhavesh Sondagar says

    I am spending around 8 hours daily to maintain my blog and schedule my post to maintain posting frequency and regularity.I think regularity affects our SEO structures as well as Pagerank.
    Wonderful information,Thanks for sharing.

  30. Bryan RingBryan Ring says

    Hey Jane as you know I do fall into one of your categories “Business Blogger”. I am a slow poster as both of my niches take up so much time. But I do love reading blogs as you may have started to notice. Whenever I get stuck with my work I read blogs, and It just gives me the inspiration to keep on.
    Admiration of what “Real” writers do on a daily basis, consistently amazes me…yes I am speaking of you. Thank you!

  31. Mohsin AliMohsin Ali says

    I my view bloggers should have post less because if you are publishing too many posts without being attracted by visitors or with very few comments than its not going to help your cause. The main purpose of any blogger should be to present his or her articles to their readers so that they can easily read it.

  32. JeanJean says

    Content freshness and constantly updating it, has been one of the factors by almost all search engines in determining where your site will be in SERP. By following the guides presented on this post, we could be assured that our efforts will not be wasted and we could see the results afterwards.

  33. Barry D.Barry D. says

    I was blogging daily but I feel that the little vistor I have are missing out on my beginning blogs which are my killer blogs. I thought it necceasy to blog every day for SEO ratings. I am now going to publish 3 times a week and hope it won’t effect my ratings.

    Great article that makes sense of blogging frequency. Thanks Jane

  34. Ruan | EbooksTutorialsAndGuidesRuan | EbooksTutorialsAndGuides says

    Jane dearest!

    Not particularly because you and many other A list bloggers suggest this (a huge thumbs-up to you just by the way for thinking alike :) ) but I have myself chosen the Mon-Wed-Fri frequency simply because it gives me enough time to firstly research, then to plan and finally to construct my next post that will ensure top quality that I believe in.

    It also gives me enough time for other writing (eBooks, guest posts and of course giving my 2 cents and interacting with dear friends like I am doing now :) ) and also to engage in other aspects of the life of a successful blogger like personal improvement and training, social interactivity and marketing and also keeping up to date with what’s going on around me and my competition (very often dear friends of me as well).

    I tend to write slightly long-ish posts that contains a lot of information, so I believe this also gives my readers enough time to firstly digest and secondly to implement anything they’ve learnt.

    Thanks a mil for the valuable share Jane!

  35. Angel RamosAngel Ramos says

    Jane I found this article to be invaluable information to a new blogger. I must admit, there is a huge learning curve when it comes to blogging. There is just so much information out there with no right or wrong answer. Thank you for sharing this article.

    Angel recently posted, 5 Best Ways to Utilize LinkedIn Groups

  36. JaiJai says

    irrespective of the no. of updates, I prefer to follow a discipline and I think it is the best one to follow.. don’t u agree with me..?

  37. caroline says

    Hi Jane this is an excellent post about blogging frequency, especially this point “If your blog is pretty new, when there are not too many readers following your blog, there is no point in putting a lot of time in creating content.” well said…

  38. Adam Alvarado says

    Ah a constant struggle for me. I like looonger and more epic posts and its hard to write them as frequently as I’d like. So I always feel guilty when I don’t get something up. Gotta just find a schedule and stick to it. Thanks!

  39. Anne says

    For me the most accurate way to know if i post to much is when i post pieces i’m not proud of. I mean everyone who has a blog have at least thought about posting an article that doesn’t add so much value to the blog. So, that’s my metric. If you post good, interesting and unique content people will like it and read it and share it, regardless the frequency of your posting. On the other hand, if your article is not that great be moderate and try not to annoy your readers.

  40. MelissaMelissa says

    I belong to that number of people who prefer quality to quantity, and that’s why I think that it’s better to publish posts not very often. I guess, that 2 or 3 in a week will be ok

  41. Veer ModiVeer Modi says

    Hi Jane, I was confused about this thing from long time. But now I got my answer about blogging frequency. Now it will be very easy for me to decide my blogging frequency. Thank you.

  42. Timon Weller says

    Hey Jane and others, I went though this same issue as well quite a few times, at first i was doing 4 or 5 post a day however soon realized that was way too much for readers so i cut back to one post a week, every blog is different, however once a week allowed me to do the other things while also bringing readers back once a week that had subscribed..

    Depending on the niche this is an important factor..

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Timon that’s right. It depends on the niche. For instance, if your blog is on a tech niche you need to be updating news more frequently. But for an internet marketing niche I think once a week is decent. Thanks for stopping by.

  43. JenJen says

    I can’t wait to start my own blog but I’m new to this! Any good tips or links? I have to download your guide.

    Google +1 this blog


  44. MichelleMichelle says

    Frequency is closely related to quality. Sometimes you may find yourself on a niche that involves posting daily or more times a day, yet it can alter from the quality. Also, if you post rarely but very good materials, you may as well trigger your readers’ interest who will be anxious to read your novelties and closely monitor your activity in between posts.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Michelle, you’ve got it very right. There is no point in publishing crappy content everyday. If you publish hard hitting content, people will wait for yours to be published, no matter how many weeks it takes!

  45. saad naeem says

    i think that it depend on direct visitors you are getting , when you start getting more direct users than search engine than start posting everyday or hire writers.

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Publishing every day might work for some and not for the others. But if a blog or niche demands publishing everyday (like if its a news or a tech site) hiring good writers works!

  46. Genevieve WindsorGenevieve Windsor says

    This is really true. You should always be consistent in updating your blog. Once readers love your posts, they tend to visit more often and once they see that you really are not much update your blog then they have to find another blog to visit. Always have time for blog that is one of the best ways to earn visitors and also traffic to your sites.

  47. BellaisaBellaisa says

    Interesting. I’ve been struggling with this, because I have other things that tend to besides my blog. I used to have 3 blogs that I would update daily. It was stressful, to say the least, and I ended up selling them. Back then I thought I had to update everyday, but I see your point, if you don’t have many readers, then why work your ass off researching and writing? Your time would be better spent getting readers to the posts that you have written!

    • Jane Sheeba says

      Oh thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure many bloggers would have experienced the same when they started out. My suggestion is to create content on a regular basis but publish less until you get enough traffic and your writing becomes better :)

      Plus you could really be generating buzz by creating content for other blogs (guest blogging).

  48. PurnimaPurnima says

    Hi Jane.
    Your have indeed chosen a wonderful topic to share your thoughts . Determining the blogging frequency is undeniably complex . You have very efficiently explained when to publish more and when to publish less . This post of yours will help me to plan my blogging frequency considering the factors stated by you. Thanks for the share.

  49. Malia says

    My goal is to publish at least every other day, although there are days when i do post more than once. When i first started i posted just once or twice a week, but as I gained followers I started posting more. I think it’s great to have more content as long as it is GOOD content.

  50. Lee says

    In my opinion, consistency is more important than frequency. You don’t have to write blog post very frequent, you just have to be consistent. It’s easier for your regular readers to check out your latest blog post, when they see that you don’t have a consistency of post updates, they will be more likely to be lazy and slowly they leave away.

    I used to set myself a time frame for the blog post updates, but sometimes it’s difficult to follow due to some unforeseen matters. Anyway, I’m still trying to follow my scheduled time frame which is 3 posts a week (each 2 days or 3 days).

    • Carl Potts says

      I partially agree Lee, I think you should only blog when you have something actually worth saying, you dont want to be ‘full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing’

  51. SamuelSamuel says

    It is all about how to structure your plan in order to get everything in.

    I was writing too much and was not able to promote more then necessary.

    It all depends on person to person and how to manage it before it takes too much time than necessary.

  52. JustinJustin says

    I follow the simple fundamental. Quality always wins over quantity. Write quality content an then quanttity will never bother you. Write 1000’s of bad quality content and Pandas and Penguines will always bother you.

  53. FilippoFilippo says

    I always struggled about this topic and I agree with you, there’s no exact rules. Anyway thanks for your post and suggestions

  54. David WebbDavid Webb says

    I agree with Steve Jobs, who said, “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

  55. ManojManoj says

    Blogging frequency depends a lot on the niche o the site,if the topic is about blogging tips or any tips there is no use publishing tons or article ,focus should be on the quality and one or 2 post per week is enough,,but if the niche is technews or news then even 10 posts for day is not enough

  56. ayeshaayesha says

    Updating blog is very much important . Always try to provide something new and basic which grabs visitor’s interest. As users want to read something new , different and basic so it’s very much important.

  57. KoundeenyaKoundeenya says

    Consistency is not a problem if we entirely depend on search traffic. But if we have a huge number of loyal audience who are waiting for our posts, we should definitely maintain a consistency

  58. Jacob says

    Iam afraid i lack this consistency… What i do is to wait for my post being indexed by google.. Once the post is indexed, i start working on the next…

  59. Naser says

    You are right Jane. Tech bloggers need to post regularly but there isn’t just one author who posts on the site. Take Tech Crunch for example, it has many updates daily which are posted by different authors. I don’t know exactly when the owner of Tech Crunch last published a post written by him/her.

  60. georgegeorge says

    I absolutely think that publishing less frequently, but with a higher focus has been one of the best moves I’ve made!

    You made a great point that productivity seems to lag when we have 10 different things going at once – your quality suffers and so that overwhelming feeling comes in.

    Quality first, quantity second.

  61. HassanHassan says

    Article is awesome but I can’t understand One thing how much post is required daily. Because my niche is news & telecom so whats your suggestion about it and my blog is 1 months old

    • Mark BrookMark Brook says

      Hi hassan as you said your niches are news and telecom for that you need to setup reviews about news as you know if you are covering all the general news from the world you must cover up all reviews of them and about telecom you just need to wait for there new technology and the updates according to them.

  62. AaynaAayna says

    Hey Jane,
    The title of the post speaks volume about the blog post. This is one question which has become a stress for many bloggers these days. The post aptly describes the myriad situations in where more blog publishing works and in situations where less of blogs is the need.Thanks for throwing light on this niche.

  63. devinder says

    I have a social media blog, which is not a money making tips blog or how to blog, my blog is all about social media, how, what, where and why something interesting is happening in social media is what we post about.

    I personally feel that 2 posts a day is minimum fuel my blog needs to keep up with readers and alexa rank otherwise i loose traffic.

    So, it really depends upon on which niche are you writing, as you pointed in the post.

  64. Kashish JainKashish Jain says


    I wanted to ask that if I have a new blog (easy to go niche) with a lot of ready to publish articles which I have prepared in past few months then what should I do ??

    Should I publish articles everyday so that I can get more organic traffic (as it will create more no. of keywords) or should I publish articles at a frequency of two per week ?
    I have a lot of articles on this niche so content is not an issue, the main objective is to drive-in traffic. Which frequency should I follow.

  65. JoeJoe says

    Hey Jane,

    i have been away for a little while but I am back and on your blog reading more great information to help me produce a great blog.

    Thanks for sharing these tips. When I first started blogging it was 4-5 time per week. Now i am down to once a week. We shall see where we end up.

  66. aufaaufa says

    Hi Jane
    Yes, that is my problem. I can’t update my post regularly. I don’t even have any idea to update my blog. But, should we have to post more article? What if we don’t have an idea to post every day? Maybe you’ll give me a suggestion

  67. alexstruassalexstruass says

    Hi Sheeba,
    Nice information on posted here, i think so many bloggers have waiting for this moment. This post gives full length of information on articles stuffing. Thanks to share this informative post.

  68. AustinAustin says

    I am facing the same problem of frequency. But after to read out your article most probably i solved my problems.i am really glad to become a part of your article really i mean it. being a part time blogger i couldn’t maintain that frequency and what is the part of frequency in blogging.Now i am understand about to solve the problems.

    Thanks for your tips.

  69. JohnJohn says

    Isn’t it a little crazy how what started as a fun way to journal your thoughts has ever grown to the point where it has intricate rules and guidelines.

    I’d imagine that the regular posting pattern for most bloggers would start off high and taper off as motivation/inspiration and creativity inevitably dwindles somewhat as time passes by.

    I agree though, Jane that the best path to take is the one that fits best with you. If you like to post a lot because you have lots to say then do it – your readers are there for your personality so show it. The same goes for if you like to post less frequency but with more depth in each post. The guideline should be that as long as you’re being true to your site/work then you’re doing it right.

  70. krishnakrishna says

    Hi Jane
    Yes, that is my problem. I can’t update my post regularly. I don’t even have any idea to update my blog. But, should we have to post more article? What if we don’t have an idea to post every day? Maybe you’ll give me a suggestion

    Read more: Blogging Frequency: How To Choose The Right One?

    Thank you

  71. vletuknowvletuknow says

    I follow the simple fundamental. Quality always wins over quantity. Write quality content an then quanttity will never bother you.

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