How to Perform Easy YouTube Video Optimization

Youtube video optimization

YouTube, the most popular video sharing website, is by far the 2nd largest search engine right after Google. Well, some might know about this fact, although others just don’t. Statistics have it that YouTube receives around 2 billion pageviews a day coming from people all over the world.

Talking about this popular search engine for videos, the concept of video marketing may just come into your mind. Since a lot of people search for some helpful information by way of watching videos and clips, it is a good thing to take into account video marketing as well as the means to promote it to the highest possible way.

But wait! Before you create your video and submit it to YouTube, it is best to find out first what are the most essential YouTube video optimization practices you should apply.

Right before uploading your video content to YouTube, you have to first consider the major elements that your video should have. Also, it is best to know about the main things you should do for these elements to gain full potential in terms of YouTube video optimization. Here are those key elements that you really should have in your video clip.

Title (Keep it catchy and straight to the point)

A title is indeed one of the most prominent elements that you can see in every web page around. Just like carrying out an onpage SEO process for individual web pages, it is best to optimize your video title both for the spider bots and the viewers. It has to contain the keyword(s) you are promoting for as well as some sort of overview about what your video is all about.

Whenever possible, try to come up with a title that will surely catch the viewer’s attention and suffice his needs for information. A good example would be “Surefire SEO Linkbuilding Practices 2012 for Your Business”.

Just take into account that the length of your video title should be no longer than 66 characters as longer titles will only be truncated in Google search.

Description (Summarize your video in a short but descriptive manner)

You have to keep your description brief but descriptive enough for the viewer to read and for the spider bots to crawl. Typically, it could go about 2-3 sentences and should contain your keyword(s) as well as its variations. In the description itself, you could be able to add a link pointing to your website by simply placing the full url of the page you want to be redirected to.

Placing the link earlier on the description is a wise option as the first few lines of it can be seen by default. Simply place the link in http:// form such as……

With this method, you will be able to drive back traffic to your website and for an even higher clickthrough rate, you should incorporate calls-to-action in the description which compels any reader to click on the link provided.

Tags (Pick out the best ones which suit your video)

For a greater YouTube video optimization score, it is best to incorporate around 5-7 related tags for your video. They will be the ones which will help your video show up on the results easily for a particular term.

Also, it will help associate your video with other videos having the same tags, thus allowing it to be shown as a “related video” below a particular video. It will greatly help your video gain more traffic from other viewers who have been watching other videos firsthand.

Video Quality (Post HD instead of SD and focus on creating more engaging ones)

Although this might sound to be old school and you may tend to ignore it. But before you do so, here would be something I want to tell you regarding the issue.

You might not know it, but YouTube gives credits to videos wherein people have been stuck watching it for longer periods of time. You might not believe me but it’s true.

The longer time spent watching as well as the amount of views on a particular video contributes a lot for your YouTube video optimization scheme. Yes, YouTube handles over credits to those videos which are more engaging and contains high quality as it is one good means of measuring the overall standard of a particular video.

Video File Name (Keep it the same with your video title)

Just like doing SEO for images, changing your video file name to exactly the same with your video title adds up credit for your video. If you are going to upload a video entitled “Easy SEO Methods for a Newbie”, it would be best to rename the video file name to something like easy-seo-methods-newbie.avi or something like that. It means nothing at all for the video viewer, but YouTube itself gives relevancy credit as it only shows that your video contains everything that your file name says so.

When creating a video, it is best to keep the length to around 2 minutes and try to keep all of the important details incorporated in that span of time. For the best YouTube video optimization techniques, taking into account these elements could mean a lot for any video marketing endeavor.

As always, your comments are appreciated!

Argie Monroy is an IT student while at the same time working as a SEO analyst for a home-based SEO company in the Philippines. Read more about the advantages of social networking and the likes in his blog – Internet Marketing Guide – seeking to provide help for newbie online business owners.

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    • Olawale Daniel says

      I love what Argie wrote in this article because it was great and helpful. It shows he really have more clue on optimizing Youtube video for better SEO.

      @Amit, nice comment man :)

  1. DiTesco says

    Awesome tips Argie and one that many should seriously consider when using videos as part of their marketing strategy. Aside from being a huge search engine, YouTube actually has its own “keyword tool” to further help YouTubers to optimize their videos.

    On a side note, the one thing I have not yet found (a decent one at least) is a tutorial on how to use YouTube’s video editor. Annotations, adding links to .. etc., will be good addition indeed :)
    DiTesco recently posted..Tips to Boost your Business with PinterestMy Profile

  2. IrfanIrfan says

    This could lead to the best in optimizing videos on YouTube. Really feels nice to read your tips. Thank you Argie Monroy.

  3. HarrietHarriet says

    Something that I think will also optimize your youtube videos is to be consistent with your titles, it gives an air of professionalism.

  4. Trung NguyenTrung Nguyen says

    I’ve not often made a video but this post is really nice that help me in future, you know I always want to make a personal video and share it to others.

  5. SheshnathSheshnath says

    Hi Argie,
    This is one of the best optimizing technique I have read for you tube videos,
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.

  6. Kay Lorraine says

    Argie, this was a very informative article. I can’t remember ever seeing anything quite this concise and comprehensive on YouTube posting. As a former film producer (long ago), I want to add my thanks for pointing out that HD quality really does matter. Unless it’s a once-in-a-lifetime video of something extraordinary, I think that uplinking a video that you shot with your cell phone is just crap-in-motion and most people will treat it as such. You should care enough about your audience to give them the quality that they deserve. That’s just my opinion, anyway.

    Nice job!
    Kay in Hawaii

    • Argie MonroyArgie Monroy says

      Thanks a lot for your remarks Kay. I do agree with you that taking crap-in-motion videos will just simply make your videos as crap as it is. People who watch videos in search of information wants to see it clearly as it will tend to give them the precise information they really need. And on the other note, much like writing a blog post, yes, we have to make our video in high quality as possible since we are not only marketing it into YouTube but also we are marketing it to a wide range of users all around the globe.

  7. Sherryl PerrySherryl Perry says

    Hi Argie,
    Thanks for the great post on optimizing videos for YouTube. I have not embraced video yet and I really need to. I’m grateful that I read this prior to diving into the process. Thanks so much.

  8. majamaja says

    The coming age is of video blogging. In one video we can deliver a lot of information. This article is one of the great achievement about the YouTube video Optimization.

  9. Ritesh says

    awesome post
    no doubt youtube being largest video sharing community holds a vast potential to get exposure.
    Thanks for those great tips :)
    Regards .
    Ritesh Warke@PSE

  10. BizzBizz says

    I managed to find a great gig on Fiverr that makes my videos for me. Some things I’ll always just be a newbie at, and videos is sadly falling into that category…

    Great post, as always…!

  11. AzamAzam says

    I have found the right tutorial about the video optimization about which I have visiting many blogs. You have solved my problem.

  12. Jens Berget says

    Hi Argie,

    Great tips. I have tried to add the url to my site in the very beginning of the description, and I’m not sure if this is a good thing when it comes to SEO, but I have received a lot of extra traffic from it.

  13. Ileane says

    Hi Argie, great tutorial for YouTube optimization. I like how you included the tip about changing the name of the file you upload to match your keywords. I see so many people that will leave the file name as the title of the video and they even leave the file extension like .mp4 in the title. Thanks for sharing your tips with everyone.

    • Argie MonroyArgie Monroy says

      Thanks a lot for the compliment Ileane. It is true that a lot of people tend to overlook this optimization tip in which they have to incorporate their keywords in the file name itself. In fact, this one is much more like optimizing the whole title of the video itself.

  14. BethBeth says

    SEO is very important when it comes to on improving online existence. In this way, you could actually make sure that you can totally maximizing the benefits you will get from creating your own video.

  15. technetechne says

    Nice sharing. Video optimization is very important. All these points are very helpful for you tube video optimization. Agree with the comment that Something fresh instead of site’s or blog speed optimization.
    Thanks for this info.

  16. BrainBrain says

    Video optimization is important for effective result on website by video submission on YouTube. As given information Title, tags, website link and description are very important. The additional requirement is that add title and summary in video properties before submitted video.

  17. ShivkumarShivkumar says

    Hi ArgieMonroy,
    Such a useful guide for youtube video optimization, I have my own youtube channel but I was not aware of the points you covered in this articles.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Argie MonroyArgie Monroy says

      Thanks for your comment Shiv. Well, I guess the points covered herein will surely be great for your optimization scheme. Best of luck!

      • ShivkumarShivkumar says

        Thanks for reply, I have tried this trick and also followed each and every point in my video optimization. Thanks for sharing once again.

  18. Mhelgie Garcia-VictirioMhelgie Garcia-Victirio says

    Thanks for sharing this post on how to optimize youtube video. This is really a very helpful post in which you people who are using this social media will be more aware on the features and tools they can use to have a more good video.

  19. Kenda says

    Some easy and effective tips on video optimization which are easy to follow at the same time. And youtube is becoming very popular these days, so it is quite important that you submit optimized videos in Youtube to get the maximum benefit from Youtube for your website.
    Kenda recently posted..Social Media Video Marketing Boot CampMy Profile

  20. ManinderManinder says

    This was the good one. Though I am not using youtube much but after reading your optimization tips, I think it makes sense to make the most out of youtube videos even.

  21. Nick Stamoulis says

    There is a lot of opportunity with video marketing. Not every business is utilizing it as part of their strategy. A marketing video needs to be professional, but it doesn’t need to look like it was made in Hollywood. As long as it serves a purpose and provides target audience members with something beneficial, it is worth creating, optimizing, and publishing on video sharing sites.

  22. Argie MonroyArgie Monroy says

    Hey there Nick. I do agree with your points. Although a lot of people tend to overlook such strategy which is indeed very beneficial for them. Also, a professional video simply has to be simple for an average user to convey the message embedded inside. It does not need to possess a lot of effects just as long as the graphics are all visible and clear.

  23. abhizabhiz says

    Great optimization tips. Youtube is really a good traffic machine, if we understand about its optimization that can be a great plus point.

  24. Rizwan SultanRizwan Sultan says

    Thank you for such a fantastic Youtube SEO guide. It looks you are an expert in your field. Many people will find this information helpful. Keep up the good work continue.

  25. Val AdamsVal Adams says

    Now we can optimize videos on Youtube. I just wonder now how to optimize Google video search. I tested a certain keyword using Google video search and a video link from Dailymotion is at the number one spot. That’s another challenge for sure.

    Anyway, thanks for the tips Argie. Very useful indeed.

  26. Matt KerrMatt Kerr says

    Great information Argie. I have not really looked into YouTube yet as i always like to master one technique completely before moving onto the next. YouTube is next on the list.

    I have bookmarked this post ready for that time. So thanks in advance :)

  27. Pat says

    dear Argie,

    I stumbled upon your article as I am looking
    for ways to optimize my videos..I love the clear
    and concise way you have laid out your plan..:)

    Many thanks and keep up the great work..!!

  28. Edwin says

    I just began doing more YouTube videos, and of course the question is “How do I now get people to find it?” This shed a lot of light for me on what I can do to become much more effective and optimizing my videos. Thanks for the help!

  29. Angel Spence says

    Posting relevant tags is a very effective way to get more views in youtube. People search with different keywords which may not match with your title or description always. Adding tags increases the chances of your video to appear in different search results.

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